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Isshuukan Friends episode 4

And then I posted my anime posts late at night again. I am such a slacker. I always have the best intentions. I even woke up early today! I am actually trying to get use to it since I have grand plans for the 24 hour Disney day. I might be a zombie though if wake up call is at 5 am though.....
 photo friendsepisode45_zpsa4a5d514.jpg
How can Yuuki get mad at this face? I guess we are about to find out.
Putting aside my lazy slacker self who hates the mornings with a passion...has an anime post!!! Up now is Isshuukan Friends episode 4. Spoilers for fight club! And by fight club it is more like....a minor issue filled with apologizes and weepy faces.
 photo friendsepisode42_zpsce461199.jpg
An innocent orange juice box was murdered in this scene....
Episode Summary: Yuuki and Kaori continue on being friends. On rainy days they eat lunch in the stairwell. They always return to the classroom at different times as...well just because. One day after returning some students ask Kaori if she is friends with Shougo and ask Shougo the same when he returns. He says sorta which gets him the death stare from Yuuki. Yuuki continues on after school, saying he was friends with her first so why are people noticing Shougo and Kaori? Is something happening he doesn't know about? Shougo points out he is acting jealous and that he should just talk to Kaori...as she walks away from them. Yuuki sighs, as he had been waiting to reveal their friendship at the right time. The next day Kaori greets him warmly on the roof and asks where is Shougo as she was concerned about these class rumors. Yuuki tells her not to worry and asks her to explain how she even has the roof key. Turns out their math teacher gave it to her since...she is friend challenged. Yuuki smiles, thinking how nice the teacher is. Kaori says that she can tell her days have been better because of Yuuki. Her diary is nice but maybe one day she will have her own memories. She goes to thank Yuuki for helping her make friends with Shougo but he gets uncomfortable and changes the topic to some seal that has appeared near the river. He suggests they walk home together to try and find it. Kaori suggests going with Shougo, then goes on and on about him in class and how she hopes to talk to him one on one eventually. Yuuki gets all dark and asks Kaori if she has feelings for Shougo. She is like he is YOUR friend. Yuuki is like well talking about him is boring lets talk about something else. Kaori starts crying and stomps away all upset. She leaves school and ends up walking home by the river instead of taking the train. She sits near the water until it starts to rain. She is accidentally knocked down by a bicyclist and in the process loses her diary. She runs home but is soaken wet and has become sick. Before she can write in her diary she passes out on the floor, knocking down her friend note on the door. Yuuki returns from lunch and cries to Shougo about the fight. Shougo is like...well she will forget anyway. Just say sorry.
 photo friendsepisode413_zps5ea0576e.jpg
Then she really wasn't the friend for you.
By Tuesday Yuuki has lost his mind because Kaori is still not at school. What has happened? She walked home in the rain because of him, woe is his soul. Suddenly Kaori appears in the classroom. Yuuki immediately races her into the hallway to apologize. She glares at him, asking why he is treating her like this and who is he? He tries explaining the diary but she says she has no diary and the only person she talks to at school is Shougo so GOOD DAY! Yuuki makes it back to the classroom to cry at Shougo and to suggest skipping 1st period. They go into the bathroom where Yuuki says Kaori must hate him and threw the diary away after the fight. Shougo points out Kaori is not that kind of person and suggests the diary got lost instead. Yuuki is like okay it's lost...I am going to find it!!! He talks off and Shougo is like....hmm. During lunch Shougo goes to see Kaori and she remembers him. He tries talking to her about omelets but she doesn't remember. He then asks her about what happened after school once. She knows he went into the classroom to get something for her but she can't remember what it is. Shougo goes to tell her but she gets forceful, saying she has to remember for herself. Shougo says well Yuuki is looking for it right now so talk to him when you see him. She does see Yuuki running around town after school but doesn't call out to him loud enough for him to hear. Kaori returns home, thinking something is off. The next morning she wakes up early to make omelets and her mom comments they are for her friend. What friend? When she arrives at school Yuuki is not there. She eats lunch on the roof alone when some flying fluffy flower things makes her look towards the river. Suddenly she remembers that the river is important. She runs off towards and finds Yuuki covered in dirt and cuts, looking in the grass. She tries to be formal when she calls out for him, asking what he is looking for. He is evasive so she explains she thinks she is missing something from her memories and wonders if it is the same importance. Yuuki asks if she thinks she threw this important thing away and she says no. She waits on the stairs while Yuuki looks. He has a klutz attack and she calls out to him in a friendly way. That warms his heart but not as much as when he finds the diary. He hands it to her but she says she doesn't need to read it now as she knew this is what she was missing. She gets a bit emotional and clearly things have been worked/forgiven. Yuuki smiles too as he realizes they have survived their first fight as friends and are stronger for it. Shougo watches this all from a bit away and thinks he is owed lunch. THE END!
 photo friendsepisode410_zps456fdf95.jpg
This notebook is so magical it survived a rainy day plus 5 nights in the dirt. X__X
Jealously is the name of this episode. This anime is so cute it is hard to feel angry at Yuuki for being overly emotional and jealous because you can tell his heart is in the right place. That he might feel he has EARNED the right in Kaori's life and Shougo intruding on it isn't fair. But obviously jealously is an ugly emotion. It can lead to awful things. Not in this fluffy show but still. Bad Yuuki.
 photo friendsepisode4_zps1e90a073.jpg
I wonder if my husband would like it if I made him lunch. I guess I could pack him 5 dollars.
I am glad there is a contingency plan on rainy days. That would be sad if their week was cut short because of weather. Especially since the rainy season lasts so long in Japan. Almost like Florida. Sunshine state my butt. Things would be easier if they could talk in the classroom but that is not how Kaori rolls. Things start to get a little hairy when people ask Kaori in class if she is friends with Shougo. In front of Yuuki. And then Shougo is asked the same thing. Yuuki is like what about me?! Don't they see us being friends? Um no they don't actually. They know you disappear for lunch everyday but so do a lot of other people. Shougo on the other hand defended Kaori in front of two gossipy girls so....they gossiped about it. People wanted to know and asked questions. It is obvious because of this event that Yuuki was aware of was going to get talked about before Yuuki's nonknown relationship with Kaori. But this started to plant the seeds of jealously in Yuuki's head.
 photo friendsepisode43_zps59ab7515.jpg
Yuuki is handling things well isn't he?
One can't really blame Kaori for bringing the topic of Shougo up at the next lunch. Of course I was kinda wondering why Shougo wasn't there himself for her to talk to. I know she doesn't consider him a friend yet since she still has the ability to remember him but I thought after he defended her last time he was brought into the circle. Clearly I was wrong. But yeah since people were gossipin in class about her and Shougo and Shougo isn't on the roof to talk to I can understand her talking to Yuuki about the issue. That is HIS friend and Kaori is very down for friendships. She wanted to make sure things were okay with Shougo.
 photo friendsepisode48_zpsda91fa56.jpg
She was talking about him a lot.
But then things continued on the Shougo route. Sure they talked about how she got the key to the roof, showing that the teacher might be a hard ass when it come to Yuuki's grades but that might be because he is worried about the boy. He cares about his students. They also talk about the diary. Kaori is happy with her diary but she seems to be implying it is Yuuki doing the real work, not the diary. But each time they talk about something Shougo's name comes up. Like oh okay we should do that...but with Shougo. Thanks for helping me be friends (maybe) with Shougo. I don't want to walk after school with you...but maybe if Shougo was there it would be okay.
 photo friendsepisode49_zps56ef7e74.jpg
How dare Yuuki not understand girl logic!
So Yuuki got jealous. Because he likes Kaori. I mean he wants to be her friend too but clearly he likes the girl. So he got a little jealous. Can you blame him? It was turning into a Shougo fest up on the roof. Now was that Kaori's intent? No. She was just trying to connect with Yuuki in a different way. Hommie only has one friend and by sorta mentioning Shougo she has TWO friends. She is lonely. Plus she likes Yuuki too and just doesn't know it. She just knows that on some level being seen with only Yuuki would be embarrassing and she wanted a bumper between them. Plus wouldn't it make Yuuki happy if he had BOTH his friends around? So Kaori was just trying to help and Yuuki was naturally jealous. Almost like no one was to blame. And Yuuki really wasn't that awful. It was more like....do you like him? Why are you always talking about him? Smile. Let's change the subject. It wasn't...mean but this show is big on feelings and what not so Kaori cried and Yuuki felt awful forever.
 photo friendsepisode411_zps02459be3.jpg
The rain is so powerful in Japan.
Because anime is anime Kaori was able to just LEAVE school and walk home. Ain't no one going to stop her. And yes she walks home. During the Shougo fest Yuuki had tried talking about near the river and how a seal appeared in it. I am such a big Pokemon nerd I keep typing seel and getting pissed when spell check underlines it. Anyway Kaori normally takes a different way home but in her anger she does home this new way, subconsciously because Yuuki mentioned it. This leads to a serious of unfortunate events. Since she took a new way home it wouldn't dawn on Kaori to come back to this area. If you know...a bicyclist knocked into her and her diary was lost in the grass. I do believe Kaori would have gone back and tried to find said diary. But in Japan land when it rains people need to take a shower right away or they will get a cold. Obviously people. So...Kaori spends a few minutes in the rain and instantly ends up sick. She might have been stressed about the day too but still that was a fast sickness. She passes out on the floor which causes her to fall on the door and her Yuuki poster becomes lost under the bed. Like a string of HMMM events that lead to OH NO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.
 photo friendsepisode47_zpsa002d204.jpg
Shougo all over the place!
Yuuki instantly regretted his words to Kaori, as gently as he could do with being upset. He cries to Shougo a lot. So maybe I am back on the Shougo fence. If he can deal with Yuui's constant problems he must be a good person yes? Although Shougo's answers to problems seem to be too simple. Like oh why didn't I think of that....OF COURSE I THOUGHT OF THAT! It just isn't as simple as you make it out to be. So Yuuki was a bundle of nerves waiting for Kaori on Monday. She will just forget about the fight anyway says Shougo. X__X That is a special way of looking at the situation...But yeah Monday rolled around and Kaori was sick. PANIC! So much panic things will never be okay again. So when Tuesday happened and Kaori arrived at school Yuuki sorta broke the rule about interacting in class and brought Kaori into the hallway. He wanted to get the apologizing out of the way and not wait all the way until lunch. Sure starting off their week with a rule break might have been a no no in Kaori's book but she was would appreciate him apologizing for a fight she probably didn't write much about.
 photo friendsepisode412_zps7a700f69.jpg
Not the glaring eyes!
Well since all those NOOOO events happened Kaori looked at Yuuki like he had two heads. Like I have no idea who you are or why you think it's okay to drag me into a hallway but um no. We are not friends. I can only talk to Shougo at school. Let me look at you with my glaring eyes. Yeah heartbreaking for Yuuki. Worse than if Kaori hadn't forgiven him over this fight. I really thought Yuuki was going to break down and start crying on the stop. He decided to at least get himself to the bathroom with Shougo before he lost it. I like that this anime shows a boy having a lot of emotions too. It is okay to cry boys. But yeah I thought that Yuuki was going to take a lot longer in this moment of upsetness. Like cry about it right then and there and stare at Kaori some in class, thinking about what he did wrong. Start that process over again the next day. But Shougo nipped that in the bud. Like really, you think Kaori just threw your friendship (the diary) away over the first sign of a fight? Surely that is what someone does who is so desperate to keep a friendship to begin with. She probably LOST the diary. Use your brain.
 photo friendsepisode414_zpsebeecc92.jpg
Now he sees. At least he is there trying of course. Kaori can be a little confusing with her memories and emotions.
Well...Yuuki took that idea and ran with it. Literally out the door because you know no one cares about students. Now thinking back wouldn't it make sense that Kaori lost her diary in her room? Maybe her mom accidentally filed it away or something. But yeah Yuuki left school determined to find this notebook that Shougo only thinks Kaori lost. So even though Shougo doesn't want to get involved I think he become slightly touched that Yuuki left school that day AND the next to find the diary. Enough to go up to Kaori and talk to her. Which seems normal to Kaori because she thinks they are friends but not normal because she should feel nervous. He tried to make her think about WHY they were friendly. What did he do for her after school that one time? He got something for her but what was it....Kaori physically got hurt thinking about the issue. Don't help me, I will figure it out. Shougo was doing all of this to tell Kaori that the crazy boy she thinks is really crazy is actually trying to help her and if she just shot a kind word his way it would make his day.
 photo friendsepisode415_zps5700d47a.jpg
Well a lot of important things are missing from your memories but you know....
With Shougo's idea planting, mom asking about omelets, and flowers making her look towards the river Kaori started to feel things. She can't remember everything exactly but she knows something is important. It is time to skip school and figure out what Yuuki is doing. Why he is digging around near the river looking for Kaori's diary. He doesn't allow Kaori to help because she is a delicate girl who got sick from the rain, who knows what the grass will do. They have a cryptic conversation about memories and what Yuuki is looking for. Like they didn't want to say it out loud because it would ruin this moment they were creating. Plus they technically weren't friends yet so that might have made Kaori uncomfortable.
 photo friendsepisode417_zpsb6b9aff5.jpg
Everyone say awwwww!
In the end everything worked out. Yuuki did find the diary but at that point it might not have matter. Well of course it does matter for future weeks. But at that point for this week it might not matter. Kaori saw how hard Yuuki was looking. That whatever he was looking for was that important to him and it dealt with her memories. He must be a friend. He said his apologizes and understood where he went wrong with the issue. So Kaori happily took the diary and smiles. Enter the flowers and happy blushy faces. Walking to the train station and starting over the ritual of will you be my friend this week. Shougo did a good job. Yuuki could even look back on this experience with positive eyes. Like okay we fought but we grew from this experience. I think anyway. Since they never did discuss why Kaori wanted to talk about Shougo so much. But yeah. He seems to think it ended well. At least he knows that they can fight and make up. It won't be all doom and gloom, friendship ending. People can have minor disagreements and still be friends. This was minor in one sense but major as Kaori probably hasn't experienced much fighting with friends. So yay Yuuki. You might fail school since your grades already suck but you made your friendship with Kaori stronger. Go you!
 photo friendsepisode416_zpsdf381d9a.jpg
Are you still saying AWWW? Because what a lovely and cute fight this was.

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