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Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 5

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My what big teeth you have there.....
Weee! 4 posts in one night. GO ME!!!! I may or may not be pissed at my laptop though. It might not be its fault though. It is rather old....but still. I would like it to download anime the first time I asked...not the third. Because that is a lot of wasted hours. And now it is doing this weird thing that the husband says has to do with the graphic card. It didn't sound good. Hang on little laptop. Don't die on me now. :( I don't want to use the main computer...hates the keys. Hates them!! But as long as the laptop holds on I can keep on going. So here is Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 5. Spoilers for a new girl coming to hang out with the gang. I am sure she isn't a witch at all. What? We already saw her harnest? Well never mind...
 photo gokukokuepisode5_zpsf1a0bd2c.jpg
Don't we LOOK like club members to you?!
Episode Summary: Kotori hands Ryouta her club form and everyone stares at her. Kotori nervously smiles and tries to introduce herself to Kazumi. Kazumi is pissed that Kotori has huge boobies. Ryouta tries to point out this is what a boobie fee should entail and Kazumi beats him up as Kotori looks nervous. She moves on to Kana and asks if she is a member. Kana is like um I am the mascot and mascots don't move duh. Kotori decides to ask what the club does as that seems like a safe question. Ryouta is like errr....what do we do? Yeah we look at stars and maybe go on trips to see stars..on the mountain! Kazumi and Kana are like that sounds boring....Ryouta is like we will ALL have fun. He is overwhelmed by feelings of how nice this is because no one is dying from lack of pills. Kazumi tries to ruin the moment by being sexual. Neko tries to ruin the moment by making it obvious she is a witch. Kana has to potty so Neko takes her. Kotori follows them out and promises to be back tomorrow. Ryouta takes the time to yell at Kazumi for being so sexual all the time. She tries to talk a good game but Ryouta is like you are a virgin so......Kazumi gets all blushy face and says she is trying her best...and the sentence cuts off. For some reason Ryouta asks Kazumi about Neko losing her memories when she uses magic even though he already knows the answer. The next night it is time to see the stars...higher on the mountain! Kazumi is barely wearing any clothes despite being told to dress warmly. Kana wants to go back as she is bored and doesn't want Ryouta to feel put off carrying her. Ryouta says she isn't heavy and not to worry which makes her blush. Neko then starts sprouting off random star facts that she probably shouldn't know and concerns her. Ryouta is like could she really be Kuroneko?! So onward to the stars they go. Kotori goes first and tells Ryouta she is looking for aliens. When she bends down her harnest is obviously showing. Ryouta is like MOG YOU ARE A WITCH. Kotori is like what and Kana calls Ryouta over because she is being so slick. Kana has just received a vision of a dead Neko and Kotori standing over the body. Things get...special as Ryouta runs the 5 feet to Kotori to buy the others time as they gather around and stare. Ryouta is are a witch aren't you? Here to kill my friends. Kotori is like how do you know? Where are witches? Why is everyone so angry? I really did transfer in here innocently. Look at my lab power to”teleport” i.e. change spots with someone else. And she gets hung up every time she uses her power. SO AMAZING. The others aren't convinced but Neko decides to be nice to the girl. Ryouta follows suit and soon everyone is looking at the stars and what not. When they walk back to the conservatory Kana tells Ryouta he will die in her vision instead of Neko.
 photo gokukokuepisode516_zps1e82dcd1.jpg
Wait right there. We will get there at the very last second to save you. Promise.
Elsewhere there is a runaway witch who apparently can understand animals. A random cat tells her danger is coming so she and the cat book it. A short while later the area is blowed up. The next day Ryouta takes the early bus home to ask Kana about her vision. She explains she sees Kotori standing over the dead body (either Ryouta or Neko) smiling near a lake. Kana acts concerned for only Neko but Ryouta muses to himself she is concerned about him too. Ryouta is like well since we know the location of said death we just won't go there today. The rest of the girls arrive and after they yell at Ryouta they sit down to talk about Kotori. She almost earns points when she explains she escaped with a girl that Kazumi knew...but that girl is dead now. Kazumi suspects it was over pills and Kotori smiles nervously. Ryouta starts to realize that things don't add up about Kazumi being a killer. Suddenly Kazumi gets a call from the cat whisperer witch Shino. She says an AA+ witch is after her near the lake and to please hurry. Neko runs out of the room while Ryouta tries to stop her. We got to help friends indeed! Kotori runs out of the room too. Kazumi stays put, offering to help for free. She hacks the security cameras near the lake so she can see Ryouta trying to protect Neko. Suddenly Kana sees who is the hunter witch. A girl named Kikako who only has one kind of magic but it's powerful. Neko refuses to leave as Shino is a friend and all the escaped witches are B's and under. They need to protect each other. Shino tries to make a break from her hiding spot and she acts like she has something up her sleeve. So when Kikako opens her mouth and out comes a fire's really not surprise the girl loses half her body. Neko stands there in shock as this is no joke. THE END!!!
 photo gokukokuepisode513_zpsa0832597.jpg
Is this a trick question? Don't ya'll want your cake?!
Well then. I am glad that our heroes are still young teenagers and are capable of making mistakes and doing stupid things. Or this is really like a horror movie, one for the audience to yell at the screen WHAT ARE YOU THINKING STUPID?!?!?! Yeah that is how some of the episode went down.
 photo gokukokuepisode54_zps9c65b184.jpg
Neko...just...I don't know about you.
Ryouta and the other girls continue to stare at this girl who wants to join the club. Kotori. Is this show only going to have people with K names in it? Apparently. Kotori is a very nervous laugh kind of person. Like wow this is uncomfortable, I will giggle and smile and stare blankly at you. I WONDER IF ANYONE PICKED UP ON THAT. You know since that was the first thing she did and all. Kotori probably started off her intros wrong with Kazumi. Kazumi is the kind of person to molest another girl because they have giant boobies. At least Kazumi didn't mention the fact that having another exchange student within a week who wants to join the astronomy club is awfully weird...
 photo gokukokuepisode52_zpsb70e7838.jpg
Kotori didn't seem to pick up on much.
Kotori moved on and tried to introduce herself to Kana. This is when things got weird. Neko mentioned the word witches and Kotori didn't catch it. How brain dead is this girl? Of course Kotori didn't ask about Kana, a girl who probably doesn't go to their school due to obvious reasons yet is in the club room right now. She is the mascot people. OKAY. Gosh stop asking these hard questions. Clearly this is all just a big coincidence that Ryouta was the only member of this club last week (well maybe two weeks ago given how long ago the beach trip was) and now there are 3.5 members who all magically just transferred in. None of which have any idea of what the astronomy club does. Kazumi is there for the free room and food I guess. She heard there was cake.
 photo gokukokuepisode55_zps460fdeab.jpg
I will sexually harass you if I want you. Stop questioning it.
Ryouta decides that this is a good life, the girls have pills and now maybe a normal girl wants to join the club too. Here sign this paper. He had a bit of a sad moment when he saw Neko taking Kana to go the bathroom. Obviously the girl needs help with everything in the world so I guess he had a moment of specialness. He wants to help out no matter what and that is an area that he really can't. Kazumi of course as to ruin the moment and Ryouta calls her out on it. Which is quite surprising. He nipped that perverted behavior right at the beginning of their relationship. Like um I have known you for a day, why are you acting like this. Not letting this go on and on for weeks and then finding out she is doing this because....well we don't know why. She is apparently trying her best to.....what? There were interruptions so we didn't find out. Best to get pregnant? Get Ryouta to like her since Kazumi has poor communication skills? Ryouta tries to save the conversation by not pressing that subject and instead asking about Neko's lack of memories and why she forgets them when she uses magic. I am sure that made Kazumi feel special.
 photo gokukokuepisode57_zps8caef4c1.jpg
We are in this together!
So instead of being super suspicious of this new girl Kotori and having Kazumi use her powers to research said girl...everyone marches up the mountain the next night to look at the stars. It is what the club does after all. If there was a meeting with the witch girls, discussing how they have to be super careful around this normal human girl it wasn't shown. Nope just a happy climb up the mountain, with Kana blushing because Ryouta is carrying her and plans on doing it from now on. He will take care of me? So shocking! Also shocking is that Neko was listing all these random star facts like a pro. Could she be the one? The girl he has been searching for? No.....Neko can't be Kuroneko. Better fall in love with a random sea witch instead. The girl wanted to see the ocean, knew about the stars, and looks exactly like Kuroneko. Can't be her.
 photo gokukokuepisode58_zpsf45c2455.jpg
So very smooth.
So 5 seconds into the trip Kotori accidentally reveals that she is a witch. Is there a reason why none of these witches have a scarf? I know most of them are dirt poor and literally have nothing but can't they just steal some fabric and tie it around their necks? Maybe something slightly fashionable to not draw suspicion to themselves? Maybe style their hair in such a way their necks would always be cover? You know, act like that they are all on the run and need to be careful and on guard at ALL TIMES?! No? Okay then. Kotori you just bend down to look at that telescope and reveal your harnest. And Ryouta, it is best to react to this news with shock and announcing it loudly. But since Kotori really is THAT special she didn't hear him. Nor did she get suspicious when Kana is like COME HERE NOW RYOUTA. The other two girls must have been fluttering in the woods. Just....a lot of special with this episode. These girls are being hunted. Can we get a sense of urgency? Being on guard or something?
 photo gokukokuepisode510_zps4a17fc7b.jpg
This is Ryouta's grand plan on protecting them.
Guess not. Kana switched her little communicator to whisper mode and tells Ryouta that Kotori is going to kill Neko. Oh okay. That was rather quick. We will just whisper this to Neko as she has an attacking power and the rest of us will book it out of here. Or or...Ryouta will automatically confront Kotori like he is going to save all the girls because he is a boy and duh that is what they do. All the rest of the girls will gather around and look at Ryouta defend them with....his ability to memorize anything he looks at? Yeah we are totally going to win this. Take that Kotori!
 photo gokukokuepisode511_zps5cee451a.jpg
Classic is this real life face.
Instead Kotori is like you know I am a witch? How is that possible? Wait there are other witches here? Oh you think I am going to kill them? I would NEVER do that. You have to believe me, the magical transfer student that came right after Mr. Creepy told the audience that an AA+ witch was coming to kill ya'll. Honestly I am too dumb to be a threat. Now if I were them I might have taken the time to oh I don't know...hit her or push her, tie her down. Everyone just stood looking at her while she volunteered to show them her powers on how she is not a threat. I think all these witches need to steal some guns. Weapons that were magically laying around at the plant of many pills. Kotori's power of super lame teleportation makes everyone....X__X Like in theory this sounds like a cool power but all Kotori can do is trade places with people. Um yeah. That doesn't really sound that dangerous to me. Unless Kotori is in danger and transports Neko to the danger if she killing this girl?
 photo gokukokuepisode512_zps131ed945.jpg
Sorry your feelings are hurt. But it is time to bounce.
Oh probably because Neko is the most trusting person on the face of the planet. She was basically like stop being mean to this girl, she is scared of us now because you were MEAN to her. She isn't going to kill me, she is a witch. And when is the last time a witch tried to kill me? Exactly! Come and we will watch the stars together Kotori. Yes that is basically how the conversation went. The fact that Neko is still alive shocks me. Maybe her flashback from the crash in episode 1 happened the day before. Kana takes care of Neko just like Neko takes care of Kana. I can understand wanting more friends that understand you situation. I can. But if your future seer is like um this girl kills you it is not the time for hugs and stars. Even Kazumi was like...well I will try to understand this for now. They are all going to die folks. All of them. Getting caught up in the beautiful stars and what not. Kana does tell Ryouta on the way back to the conservatory that her vision has changed from Kotori killing Neko to Ryouta. While Kana does have visions I wonder how....accurate they are. Not talking about the obvious detail that Kana is overlooking. I mean how much of the future does she see. Because if Kotori does kill Ryouta instead now I am sure it is because the boy pushes her out of the way. But what is stopping Kotori from killing Neko right afterwards? Does Kana see the entire event?
 photo gokukokuepisode515_zps5dffc01f.jpg
Kotori smiles all the time, at weird moments....HMMMMM?!
Surprisingly Ryouta asks the same question the next day. Like haha new friends, you take the second bus home. I am going to see Kana before any of you all can. I like how Kana has a whisper mode on her device. If I were the girls I would have yelled at Ryouta for leaving us behind. He needs to come up with better lies if he is going to be friends with girls from now on. Anyway he wanted to talk to Kana about her vision. What exactly did she see? Oh a smiling Kotori standing about a dead Neko. HMMMMM. Again Ryouta figured out what was going on and didn't take the finally plunge into the answer. Like hmmm Kotori smiles all the time, even when she is nervous and being teased. HMMM Kana didn't see Kotori kill Neko. What could this mean folks? That Neko is killed by someone else and Kotori happens upon her body. Seeing her new friend dead on the ground and Kotori did that nervous smile thing. I would ASSUME whoever killed Neko would kill Kotori next so there is the answer. Kana does not see the entire picture.
 photo gokukokuepisode517_zps795750c1.jpg
Neko is like Ryouta. Someone is in danger so she has to save them!
Right when Ryouta decides that the easiest way to save Neko is to make sure she is not near the death site...a call comes in. All these girls have walkie talkies. A witch named Shino called in asking the gang for help. We saw her running around earlier, listening to a cat for help. Another witch (the actually AA+ that Mr. Creepy sent out) is chasing her. She looks hardcore. And since Shino's magic is understanding animals...she might need some saving. So of course Ryouta's plan on keeping Neko safe goes out the window. She runs out of there to help the girl because that is what they do. They are all B and under class witches. They have to stick together. Kotori runs out of the room too, I guess to help out but Ryouta seems confused on where she went. Kana obviously stays behind to see things and call if they change. Kazumi might look like a wimp but her powers are better where she is. Not that she doesn't want to go off and help.
 photo gokukokuepisode518_zps20dc0332.jpg
Well I think it ended badly. I can't really tell....
The episode ends pretty badly. This time there will be no reversing time by one minute. Neko tries to explain to Ryouta why they have to help this girl. I am sure they all had different friendships and what not at the lab. And even if they didn't all these girls were tortured together. They have a sense of bonding. They have to try. Ryouta was just pointing out that Neko needs to worry about herself sometimes. Protect yourself so you can better protect others. Neko's heart was in the right place but the warning that the AA+ witch in question was Kikako. And her power is to have pointy teeth and shoot a lazer beam out of her mouth. Poor thing only has one power. Whatever shall she do? Oh lazer off half of Shino's body? Yeah girl is dead. And now the other people that went to rescue her might be next. :( Will they at least save the cat? :( Poor Neko. I guess ALL of us want to help others but if three more people die in the process.......What a happy note to end this on. Rest in peace Shino....Kotori got her name cleared?

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