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Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 3

You would think with my special addictive personality I would have no problem drinking coffee. But I have never had coffee (or beer..) in my life. Sometimes I wonder if I would be more productive I did. Like wake up in the morning and have a cup BAM get things done. Instead I am slugging my way through life. Still down about the job loss obviously. I can really see how this can weigh on people, causing them to go into depression. XO But I don't think I need to start drinking coffee. Not only is it expensive but...yeah I rather eat my calories than drink them in a drink that doesn't taste that great.
 photo gokukokuepisode316_zpsa3ed3e87.jpg
MOG SPOILER ALERT! Who saw this coming?!
So I shall power myself up with pudding!!!! Wee chocolate pudding help me stay away right now. We got anime posts to get through. Up now is Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 3. Spoilers for pills, people acting like pills, and "colds" aka blood all over the place.
 photo gokukokuepisode33_zps698795ca.jpg
Well hurry up and take them?! X___X
Episode Summary: Ryouta readies himself to have the sads, that Neko has lied and isn't coming to school when she appears in the doorway...covered in bandages. Like all over beat up girl. Everyone is like X___x and she is like I can still go to the beach, I just have a cold. The next day Neko fails to actually show up to school and people start to gossip. Ryouta decides he will go see what is up at the broken down house. While he is walking he hears Kana's machine screaming for Neko. Ryouta rushes the building and finds Neko in a pool of her own blood. She wakes up and asks Ryouta to take her to the kitchen. Once on the floor she reaches for a tiny bag and takes a pill. Then it is time for the wonderful story about witches and how their lives suck. Whatever has happened to them they have become dependent on these pills. They must be taken every 24 hours or else their bodies start to break down. First the skin breaks and blood bath city takes place. Things generally get pretty bad until hour 36ish until everything starts to melt on the inside. Super fun time. Neko takes a pill and doing a quick count of the small pile means that there are 5 days left for Kana and Neko. Ryouta starts to feel bad as he realizes Neko was stretching the pills out to go to the beach...for herself, not him. Neko decides to take a nap on the floor while Ryouta goes to see Kana. She confirms this is all true and asks Ryouta to bring them cake for the next 5 days since life sucks. She also sends him to do chores since there is nothing else he can do. Neko wakes up a little while later and finds Ryouta cutting firewood. She tells him that they aren't going to be around long enough to use it all. Just so every minute is filled with sadness. Then POOF the house is on fire. Neko left some water boiling and in 5 seconds it started a fire. Neko is sent to blow up the fire (yes folks) and Ryouta goes to rescue Kana who seems to think it is more of a molesting. The house shakes in explosion as Ryouta gets Kana out of all the smoke. Neko is now crying on the ground because she accidentally blew up all the pills. Kana hasn't had a pill since yesterday and if on cue starts bleeding. Kana tells Neko to not blame herself and to kill her before the organ thing starts happening. Which should be now but whatever. If by magic Ryouta reveals that he has a super power as well. He has the most amazing memory on the planet. He reads off the drug code and remembers facts about what the code means. Basically he has all the information to locate what plant has these pills. He gets said for a moment when he thinks about Kuroneko, saying he wishes he could forget things. Neko counters him, saying forgetting important memories is worse. They make their way to the conservatory, with Neko explaining she only has the power to break things and can't really help carry Kana. They make Kana comfy on the couch and look up the location of the plant. Ryouta gets frustrated at the security. But wait Kana and Neko have a witch friend on the outside that is a wiz at computers named Kazumi. The problem is that Kazumi only takes payment in these magical pills, like when she got Neko into Ryouta's school. Ryouta realizes that means Neko and Kana sold some of their life away to save him and has a moment.
 photo gokukokuepisode314_zpsf35cb971.jpg
See? I am not a cold hearted bitch.
Neko decides to make the call anyway and says they can pay the price once they get the pills. Kazumi is not impressed with Ryouta being there and lecturing her. But she does agree to take HALF the pills in return for her help. Suddenly Kana starts freaking out. Elsewhere in the lab Head Creepy Person has gotten word someone went on Google to look up the drug. Immediately Mr. Head Dude tells a witch named Saori she is going to handle this mess or else. Back at the conservatory Kana is freaking out because she is seeing Saori cut Neko in half. Oh. This leads to a conversation about witch rankings and how all the girls present are B and under while Saori is a AA. Oh and she has two powers, one of which can cut things into pieces at a close enough range. Still Neko wants to go when she learns Ryouta will not be killed. Now that they know the future they can find John Conner and fix it all. Oh also Neko gets into some nonsense crap about what the plug on the back of their next can do. It is called a Harnest and there are three switches. One can limit power use for a day, one can turn witches into instant ooze, and the other is so horrible no one knows what it is. Oh okay. Neko and Ryouta leave on the next train with Neko writing something at the speed of fast. Kazumi is also seen for the first time and she has run out of pills herself thus her harsh nature on the phone. So Neko and Ryouta get to the plant and Ryouta talks about how he will go from behind and get her harnest to hang up aka unable her to use magic. Neko thrusts a note at Ryouta and tells him to read it inside. They take off in opposite directions and Neko immediately runs into Saori. She tries doing a we shouldn't be fighting at all speech but that doesn't work too well. Saori starts using her powers and soon Neko is hurt and losing clothes fast. Ryouta reads the note and basically it says that Neko is going to face Saori alone and Ryouta needs to take the pills and run, to save Kazumi and Kana. Ryouta is not down for this suicide mission and takes off running. Neko eventually gets cornered and Saori takes her villain time killing her. Enough time for Ryouta to show up and see the scene. He sees that Neko is actually Kuroneko, that the moles are actually on her boobs now as she has grown up and that the words of Kana make sense now. That Neko loses her memories when she uses too magic THUS she doesn't remember him. But that's okay. He will just make new memories with Neko. He runs inside the room just in time to see Saori cut Neko in half. Ryouta loses his damn mind but then is like no no, it's cool. We can still do this! THE END!
 photo gokukokuepisode318_zpsd1acda41.jpg
This blur vision would be Neko being cut in half. Thanks for censoring that for me Japan land. This season of anime has a lot of shows moving quite fast. Quite fast indeed. Whatever happened to the days when the baddies died and all the good guys lived? Oh wait that was American cartoons and my husband then boyfriend SOBBED all over the damn place halfway through Fushigi Yuugi? I see.
 photo gokukokuepisode3_zpsfc06fb08.jpg
Err....being a witch and getting sick looks awful.
So the last time we saw our sorta heroes Ryouta had the sad because Neko hadn't made it to school. Like um you promised to fill out the form and go to the beach, where you be? Surely Ryouta will just go after school and see her so there is no problem there. Oh wait Neko just walked in guys. Covered in injuries. She has a cold folks. A cold. Is this chick married? Do we need to call the cops for domestic violence charges? That is usually what happens when woman lies about serious injuries. Please note that while everyone looked shocked no action was taken. Nor did Ryouta go home with Neko THAT day. Good job homeroom teacher.
 photo gokukokuepisode32_zps59dab75f.jpg
Me thinks she lied about the cold....
Now when the next day rolls around and there is still no Neko Ryouta then cares. Because homeroom teacher can't do anything about it. I think here in the United States parents get in trouble if their kids skip enough but missing 2 out of 4 days at a new school? I don't know if that is cause for alarm. Anyway Trix are for kids and so are animes. Bring on the teenagers saving the world. Or at least Ryouta. I think that in the future Kana should not be...well loudly broadcasting their location, especially if the “lab” is hunting “witches”. Ryouta was going to make it there anyway, so much dramatics as Kana was RIGHT there and didn't need to yell that loud for Neko to hear her. So why was Kana screaming? Well Neko fell again. Fell into a giant pool of her own blood. Cue the ambulance calls.
 photo gokukokuepisode34_zps1cabc551.jpg
What a lovely bedtime story.
Just kidding. Neko magically woke up when Ryouta got there and requested that she be taken to the kitchen. Now I might have asked Ryouta to bring the object to ME, not asked to dragged to the location. Gotta save what little strength I have left. Remember the pills Neko was talking about from episode 2? Yep we already get to know what they do. Moving right along this little anime. Kana was not kidding when she said they didn't have long to live. Short story shorter is....if the witches don't take the pills every 24 hours their skin breaks and by hour 36 their insides explode. And considering there are enough pills for 5 days....byebye beach! Yeah I thought it was going to have to with some sorta of vitamins or shots. Everyone is dying these days. Ryouta takes a minute to be upset because Neko allowed herself to get all bleedy so she could stretch the pills out so she could go the beach with him. X___X Next time she might want to do that with the pills in hand....
 photo gokukokuepisode36_zps8ab90915.jpg
So instead of having enough pills for 5 days we have enough pills for...hours.
So because this show has a super flair for the dramatics the kitchen goes up in flame. I know the house is old and falling apart but really? In the time where Neko walked outside and Ryouta had his moment of MOG don't give up the entire kitchen goes up in smoke? I think the situation was bleak enough all ready with the girls having 5 days left. Now that all the pills are gone and Kana will be dead rather quickly....yeah it was very dramatic. Ryouta could have spent the next 4 days worrying and trying to research things but......I guess we really need to speed things up with this show. We got plot points to hit and people to kill.
 photo gokukokuepisode38_zps428ed6a8.jpg
Ryouta is special too...I see.
Oh but wait. Ryouta is special too. He has the ability to remember and memorize things once he has seen them. Just once. By glancing at the pills and remembering some book that taught how pills are labeled (okay then) he knows exactly where they can get the pills. Because Ryouta can remember everything folks. And it is hard remembering everything. :( Unlike Neko who can't remember anything. I am not sure what is more special about this situation. Ryouta having this gift or the fact that this super secret and awful lab would outsource where their pills were made. I mean...I think I might just have them made on site.....seems like a lot of questions should be ask. Like hmmmm this combination of chemicals is off, let me question why. At least have this plant ON THE LAB GROUNDS!!!
 photo gokukokuepisode312_zpsa251ad76.jpg
Quick send in the one security measure we have in the building!
So since the pills are at some local plant we can just go in and steals them. It is a bit of a moment when Ryouta realizes that security might be a problem. You think? Just really? And he was just talking about the cameras, not that the fact that these pills are for witches and why wouldn't this super evil organization leave the place unguarded?! For now Ryouta is worrying about security CAMERAS. Now the girls know another witch that escaped that is a computer hacker. Her power is the Matrix I guess. All these witches aren't working together because I guess it is easier for them to get caught? Even though they would probably stand a better chance together? But now it is clear why a bunch of witches might not want to work together. The pills. It looks like this break out wasn't well planned. They were all up for termination so I am sure it was a fly by the seat of your pants moment. So...they didn't grab enough pills for the next 60 years for everyone. That would be impossible. So all these girls are scared and living out their last days counting pills and hours, all the while bleeding to death.
 photo gokukokuepisode310_zps627ca37d.jpg
Talk is cheap, pay me in pills.
So the witch that they know who can do computer things, Kazumi...I really can't blame her for her steep prices. Yeah they all should be in this together but things are looking bad for a lot of them. Take the pills and run. Neko and Kana know their time is slowly coming to an end and wanted to help others rather than live a few more days. Sorta heroic if you think about it. Ryouta sees it as a negative since they paid Kazumi to get Neko into school to save Ryouta (and pool girl). Ryouta has to have a moment. He can't change the past or thank them enough so he yells at Kana via the walkie talkie when Neko calls for help. He has to take it out on someone. Neko is more focused on getting things done like getting the pills. And apparently paying Kazumi half of them. X___X
 photo gokukokuepisode313_zps50ddc2c6.jpg
This seems awfully complicated just to give girls powers.
This can't go smoothly. It is really creepy how Kana gets her visions, with her...laying there and suddenly having an inner twitch. Kana sees Mr. Creepy sending out an A witch named Saori to kill them. Well only Neko. She gets slightly cut in half. Since Neko is going to die anyway without these pills and Ryouta isn't going to die at all Neko sees this as a good risk. Since time is of the essence clearly everyone should stop and explain to Ryouta the ranking terms and different kinds of magic. The lab sounds special, trying to kill all these witches just because they aren't as awesome. I mean some people with lame powers like fireworks still get to be X-Men!!! Something that was brought up was the harnest. There are three different flips on the thing and one will lock a witches power up, either by using too much magic or manually. Another turns the witch into goo as the harnest is removed. And the third is a secret. Wouldn't it be magical if that “cures” the witches yet they have been scared into not touching it at all?
 photo gokukokuepisode315_zpsa5b9cece.jpg
Yeah Ryouta is just going to let you die. I totally see that not happening.
Anyway Neko and Ryouta head out while Kana stays behind to watch the unchanging future. Kazumi helps as well but it is shown that she wouldn't give Kana a pity pill simply because the girl didn't have any left. The plan was to get to the lab and Neko would be bait. Distract Saori while Ryouta sneaks up behind the witch and hang her up. That is the term for turning the switch on the harnest. I am not sure how amazing this plan would have gone since one of Saori's two magics are to cut people/anything up within 6 feet (meters?). Still Ryouta agreed to this. Neko pretended to. She writes Ryouta a note then runs off to do her part of the plan. It turns out she wanted Ryouta to steal the pills while she died/bought Ryouta some time. Um yeah. Again this plan sounds like fail. If Saori is that powerful Neko could be killed super fast and off she goes to Ryouta. But since Kana didn't get a vision change I guess she thought this plan was okay. Because Ryouta isn't the kind of guy to run off and save the girls.
 photo gokukokuepisode317_zpsf1a8a26a.jpg
We will be together forever now!
OH WAIT HE IS! Off Ryouta goes to find Neko. Several things happen in the course of just a few minutes. 1....Saori is super strong. 2 she likes playing with her prey. Or you was totally necessary for Neko's dress to get cut in such a way to give us a bit of fanservice and allow Ryouta to see the moles. THE MOLES PEOPLE! Instead of rushing in the moment he saw Neko in trouble Ryouta had to think to himself...oh the moles moved! This is Kuroneko. And according to Kana Neko loses memories when she uses too much magic. All of this makes sense I have found the girl of my dreams! Everything is awesome!!!!
 photo gokukokuepisode319_zps3bc0740d.jpg
How can you give me this glimmer of hope and take it away?!
Then Saori slices Neko in half. I guess it is a good thing that Ryouta paused before going to save her since they both were going to be cut in half if they were in the room together but damn. Ryouta was thinking to himself they were going to make new memories together and dead Neko all over the place. Might be hard to make memories that way. Now I thought that Ryouta would have flung himself on the ground with a never ending NOOOOOOOOOO. I mean really lose his mind. I mean he did...for like 5 seconds. Then a calm came over him. Like no we will be okay, there is still time. Err time for what? Can Neko glue herself back together? Because where I am standing...they is screwed. Sorry dead censored Neko. You got Mamied. Until next time...for everyone else.
 photo gokukokuepisode320_zpsc72cd3fa.jpg
How can this be okay?!


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