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Black Bullet episode 6

Can I throw a brick at my neighbor? Because really folks. Really. Our doors are about 5 feet apart and every single day of my life this woman has to slam her door every five seconds to smoke a cigarette and talk loudly on her phone about how everyone in life sucks. Everyone in her family hates her for some reason. And she can only relay these important messages in 5 hour phone calls at the top of her lungs. Does she not see my door? Does she not realize how LOUD she is being? I counted today. In a one hour period she slammed the door 15 times. What the hell?! Why would you need to go in and out of your house that many times in one hour?! And it's just her and her husband, no kids. Can you imagine the noise if they had kids. :( I want my old across the hallway neighbors back. Even if it turns out they were wanted fugitives...
 photo blackbulletepisode67_zpsa7046ae4.jpg
No no no, a sniper is way too much to deal with my neighbor problem....
In between all the door slamming and cursed laced phone calls I did get a tiny bit done today. XD Go me. My grand plans tend to make more sense in my head and never make it to reality. But it will be okay. I guess Golden Week helped me catch up a bit yes? Thanks for taking a break Japan. Up now is Black Bullet episode 6. Spoilers for violent girls with giant weapons.
 photo blackbulletepisode65_zps364fdaa5.jpg
That might put a damper on your new friendship. Just saying.
Episode Summary: Rentarou and Tina both look out from their respective spots, wondering who the other is. The next day Tina calls wanting to hang out with Rentarou...right then and there. Show her around town. He is rather tired from his busy week but comes anyway, bringing her food and eventually feeding it to her. He thinks to himself about the bodyguard work, who could be the sniper and how it can't be any normal people who have set death threats to Seitenshi. Tina thanks Rentarou for today. Since her parents have died life hasn't been too much fun for her and he seems to care about her. Rentarou gets slightly touched and says if she needs him again to just call. Before things get too mushy Tina gets a phone call and skips away. It is her Master saying he knows who the sniper belongs to. Or really what organization. The president of said company is Kisara so obviously this is bad news. Later in the episode Mr. Master calls again about more details, like Rentarou's name, but due to crowding issues Tina drops the phone and is unable to hear. Sometime later Rentarou goes to see Miori and Kisara is not happy. She ready to shot a cap in this girl's ass, head, and chest but Miori simply takes Rentarou inside and locks the door because can Kisara afford to pay for damages? Didn't think so. Inside the student council room (where Rentarou went to see Miori) is some secret room that has some grade A machines and what nots in there. Of course this is all located at a high school. This area of Japan is run by a teenager, why not have the defense be run by one too. Miori puts aside her love for Rentarou long enough to be professional. She explains with some computer programs what type of weapon was used and from what building. Given how things went down Miori concludes this is a very dangerous person. Miori also puts her two cents in about how Seitenshi's other bodyguards suck and she will probably die soon. Rentarou asks Miori to use her connections to learn about Sogen. Since he is a pretty high up there individual Miori is hesitant but then decides that she can charm her way into Rentarou's pants so she agrees. Kisara senses something is wrong so she breaks into the room ready to kill. Miori lies and says that Rentarou is going to join her organization and leave her behind. YAY TENSION! Rentarou goes to see Sumire and at first the conversation is all about Kisara and how Rentarou needs to put the moves on her. Then they get down to business. Sumire congratulates them moving up in ranking (like to 1,000....considering where they were at). But she warns them things might be dangerous from here on out. Sumire was part of a 4 person organization that was supposed to help save the world by making mechanized soldiers. Helping people who got injured by the Gastrea. The New Humanity Creation Plan. When Cursed Children became an easier weapon the project was abandoned by there are sill people like Hiruko out there, many Promoters at high ranks. She warns them to be very careful. She dismisses Rentarou as she wants to talk to Enju in private. When asked later Enju doesn't seem to understand what her meeting with Sumire was about and it is not mentioned again.
 photo blackbulletepisode616_zps13ff765c.jpg
Thanks. I think he knew that.
Kisara has made it to her office where she hates Rentarou forever for talking to Miori when Tina knocks on her door. Tina has been watching all the Terminator movies one too many times and takes out some sorta of machine gun to kill Kisara. Every single bullet misses and Kisara has the sharpest sword in the world that disables Kisara's main weapon. Despite having some skill Tina is stronger and soon Kisara is on the ground demanding answers even though her death is seconds away. Tina starts to shake, as she doesn't want to really kill anyone but strangles Kisara anyway. Rentarou rushes in and immediately attacks the intruder. They go at it for a bit until Tina and Rentarou realize who they are fighting. Tina becomes deeply upset as does Rentarou only he recovers much faster, like oh so this who you really are. Tina tries to explain but Kisara cuts the floor, causing it to break and Tina to escape. Before Kisara can question Rentarou about this girl she collapses to the ground. Rentarou rushes her to the hospital where Kisara has to have her kidneys taken care of. Rentarou questions why Kisara won't have a transplant and basically she has a lot of reasons that make no sense. Kisara and Rentarou try to have a moment together holding hands but Enju comes by and spoils the mood. They regroup and Kisara tries stating the obvious on what is going on and orders Rentarou to guard Seitenshi and stop the assassin. Seitenshi and her death wish self takes on another meeting with Sogen because there is not PROOF that Sogen sent the assassin. Seitenshi also tries to state some crap that dying for her cause might be a positive thing if people could see the peace in it but Rentarou declares that also stupid. Seitenshi agrees to let him protect her...and they immediately almost die the second they arrive at the meeting. Tina is setting off rockets again and some nonimportant people are shot. Rentarou gets Enju and Seitenshi back in the car but is slightly injured on the way. He directs the driver to the nearest parking garage as there will be no line of fire there. Enju says she can go after the sniper and reach them if she goes alone right now. Rentarou allows this, thinking since it's a sniper Enju would have the advantage. Seitenshi runs out in the open, telling Rentarou that she ran the name Tina Sprout (as he growled in earlier) in the data base of amazingness and she is a mech Promoter ranked 97. Rentarou calls Enju as she will surely die but Tina answers the phone silently and Rentarou panics. THE END!
 photo blackbulletepisode611_zps84e11e4a.jpg
And then it cuts to a commercial.
Rentarou is sorta like a bad luck charm. Like Alice in Resident Evil. She makes friends with someone...they die. Or get kidnapped. Or have a giant spider brain washing thing stuck to them for 4 years. Either way Rentarou is talking to people and BAM they either die, get maimed, or turn out to do the dying/maiming. Such is the life of an awesome person.
 photo blackbulletepisode63_zpsba345861.jpg
Shooting people is hard work, feed me!
Since Rentarou and Tina didn't know who did the attacking against the other the night before...they really had no idea what was going on the next day. If it were me I would be tired like Tina. YAWN!! All that trying to assassinate people is hard work. Rentarou seems to soldier through things, even staying up later to read through piles of I hate Seitenshi and her equality ways. I thought it was a bit special that Tina asked Rentarou to show her around town. Tina's Master (Sogen or is he a red herring?) should have sent her maps and the intel of the area. None of this find a local boy and have him show me the ropes. She should have already had that information.
 photo blackbulletepisode64_zpsb7e3aadd.jpg
Quick on with the hugs!
As for the other issues..I was okay with them. I mean Rentarou should have put together she is a Chosen Child by now right? She always seems alone and out of it. And she was going on this episode about dead parents and never having fun/life being hard. Rentarou taking care of Tina in that moment was sweet though. I guess he can't think every minute about who is out to get him. Sometimes it is nice to be kind to another human being, especially if they are a cute girl who has a hard time getting food from the plate to their mouths. I thought Rentarou might have asked more questions about the girl though. Like if your parents aren't around how are you getting by? Rentarou might be like my husband though. He doesn't tend to ask a lot of questions, just give you want you need. So since Tina seems like she needs a friend that is what Rentarou offers. Tina is happy with how things are turning out. Seems like the right time for her Master to call and give her PARTIAL information on who stopped her assassination attempt last time. Because if Tina was told all the info up front what fun would that be?
 photo blackbulletepisode66_zpsfed06e0b.jpg
Don't be talking to my man!
Since Rentarou's good deed of the day is done it is off to see Miori. Nothing can be that easy though as Miori and Kisara are fighting over the man that is Rentarou. I would think that Kisara would hold her tongue more since Miori's dad is supplying them with the means to make Rentarou a Promoter. But with Miori flaunting her power and....assets all over the place I guess it is hard to blame Kisara for her jealous face. I know later in the episode Sumire tells Rentarou he needs to step up his game but maybe Kisara does too? After all she has probably known him for longer and things haven't progressed yet.
 photo blackbulletepisode68_zpsff36dcf6.jpg
Sure but then as payment I want you to ravage me.
Putting that aside and the fact that this high tech lab is at a normal high school and not someone's private residents...Miori seems to know what she is talking about. Maybe I would too with all that fancy equipment. I doubt it though since it took me 3 minutes to figure out how to get a game out of the PS4 system. My husband kept saying to press the button. In my word a button is a button and not a regular part of the system completely hidden. But I digress. Miori has a bit of info on the sniper. Basically this person is awesome and Rentarou should be careful since Seitenshi is being guarded by flying butt monkeys and Rentarou can only do so much. I like how Rentarou thanks her with asking more favors. I am not sure how much damage can be done by researching Sogen. Like does he have his phone set to something that when people google his name he gets pings? In any event Miori agrees to help. I am not sure if Sogen really is out to get Seitenshi or that would be too obvious given his rant last episode. What I do know is that Miori can only be serious for about 5 seconds before hitting on Rentarou and making Kisara jealous. At least she tried.
 photo blackbulletepisode610_zpsa53853f2.jpg
So why was Hiruko so shocking if there are MANY people like him?
Rentarou went from two crazy girls to have a meeting with one crazy girl and Enju. Whom is pretty okay in my book. I know her love for Rentarou is a bit much at times given her age but....when she isn't being a pervert she is a cute kid. And it's not like she does that all the time. Sumire is just odd because she is going on and on about Kisara and romance when there are other matters to discuss. And no not Enju's impending doom. It is about how...if Rentarou wants to explore his past he better be careful. This was all news to me of course since Rentarou wants to know what the hell is going on with the tricycle in a box. I didn't know he needed to know anything about his past. What is there to know about HIS past? Parents died, Gastrea injured him, and he was raised by someone who hates Chosen Children. Sumire should have said this was about the origins of the Gastrea...but her information wasn't about that either. It was about how Rentarou was CONFUSED and LIED TO when this whole Hiruko is the legendary soldier from the New Humanity Project thingy. You know, when Rentarou had his surprise face on, like Hiruko was new and interesting. Sumire goes on and on how there were 4 scientists heading this project and she was only one of them. And the other soldiers that are no longer needed because Chosen Children are easier weapons went on to be Promoter partners. Clearly this is info Rentarou needs to know now as he ranked up to such a high position. Since everyone else DIED! Yeah I am not sure why this conversation was even taking place. I know that Shougen was an asshole but are people really going to kill Rentarou now because he is a higher ranking? And people who have mechanized parts are more likely to do this? It just seemed like more info the viewer was supposed to know and there wasn't a smooth way for it to come across so Sumire flat out said it.
 photo blackbulletepisode612_zps2d592ca3.jpg
This weapon can fit in a musical case. How dare you doubt that!
While this nonsense is going on Kisara is hard at work yelling to herself because Rentarou sucks. I am glad she gets to be president of a business that barely has any business. Before Kisara can think of ways to kill/fire her only real worker Tina comes in. Sarah Conner? I would be like um no bye but that is not how anime works. Anime works by having a tiny girl carrying a weapon bigger than her into a building that houses many other businesses. I guess someone was karoking away and didn't hear the rapid gun fire. For a sick girl Kisara is able to hold her own. And for a thin piece of metal that sword was able to cut through that gun like it was nothing. Tina even looked a bit...shocked. Now if I were Tina I would have rocket launched the entire know on the streets. It seems Tina has a hard time killing people when she has to be personal about it so that could help in future murders. Kisara put up a fight but Chosen Kids are strong you know.
 photo blackbulletepisode614_zps5f97941f.jpg
:( Rentarou's really sad face almost makes me want to cry.
Rentarou senses when girls are in danger so he was able to save Kisara before anything truly horrible could happen. I thought Rentarou would have recognized Tina right away. Like the first dramatic fly away scene. Rentarou gets there and fires at the baddie, Tina hears him at the last minute and pushes away, and during those two movements Rentarou and Tina “fly” away and catch each others eyes. I think that would have been better but instead they interact for a few moments. Just a few but enough for me to go hmm. I guess the adrenaline was kicking in for the both of them. When they did realize who they were fighting it did tug at my heart strings. Like no....not my new friend. Tina said herself not many people are nice to her and Rentarou seems to feel bad for little girls in general, especially those girls who are Chosen Children and are forced to do things against their will. I think Tina was more upset than Rentarou. He seemed...disappointed. Almost like he was lied to. Or he should have known. I don't think he was mad per say. Like he knew Tina wasn't really behind this, she was just the tool. He got his mind back into this is the enemy, just because I know who she is doesn't change things. However it might explain why Rentarou didn't really go after Tina. Like nope she escaped.
 photo blackbulletepisode615_zps804856e8.jpg
And killing all Titans? Errr I mean Gastrea.
Rentarou didn't have much time to be pissed off at Tina because Kisara was injured. Well more like she is sick. I sorta forgot about that tiny line in the first episode. Kisara has bad kidneys due to the Gastrea attack. I am not sure what that is all about but I guess it is possible. In a world with metal limbs that function real one would think Kisara could get some new kidneys. Well apparently she doesn't want new organs. I thought she was going to say something like organs come from Chosen Children, I won't put those girls at risk. Instead she goes on about how she has to erase names from history and what not. She wants revenge but...shouldn't she want revenge on the Gastrea? I don't know, seems off to me. This doesn't get much screen time because Kisara magically recovers at the speed of fast and needs to hit on Rentarou, because she is still mad about Miori's earlier actions. HOLDING HANDS! That is the ticket ladies. And then Enju shows up and there is no hand holding. Oh and then Kisara orders Rentarou to stop the sniper. Because she has to say's not known?
 photo blackbulletepisode617_zpsf325d92d.jpg
We can't accuse bad people of doing bad things. That would look...bad.
Rentarou is continuing his mission to protect Seitenshi. Probably from herself? Because she doesn't want to believe Sogen is the one behind these attacks. I know she is the leader of this area and it would be bad form to accuse someone else, a leader, without evidence. Political reasons. However in this age can't they just communicate by computer? Seems like a safer route to go since I am sure they would have to travel outside safe zones to get to the next area yes? Oh and the last meeting with Sogen didn't go that well. It was basically useless. There really was no reason to have another meeting putting aside the fact that Seitenshi nearly died at the last one. Seitenshi wants to be a martyr without saying the world martyr. She stands for peace and how will it look to the people if she resorted to violence. Rentarou rolls his eyes. Sure I will be the bad guy while you get to look like the victim. He didn't really say that but that's basically what happened so....
 photo blackbulletepisode618_zps2f456a48.jpg
Lets make Enju the bodyguard. She never gets shot or bleeds all over the place!
Surprise Tina attacked Seitenshi right before the meeting started. Hommie doesn't waste anytime. Rentarou gets slightly injured but that's nothing he can't handle. Peace out you useless bodyguards, we got places to be. Too bad that these pairings don't work together. Like Rentarou has some friends he can call on that were waiting on the roof in case this would happen. But nope. It's just Rentarou and Enju protecting the most important in the area. The only person in Japan that can protect Chosen Children. See if this was regulated or something the other girls could have come and helped. But since everyone is afraid of them they don't bother to help anyone out. This leads to a bit of an unnecessary car chase and some hiding. It will be okay folks.
 photo blackbulletepisode619_zps655e95a7.jpg
Ah yes owl. I like how I pick up on the weird, maybe throwaway words of the sentence...
Or not. After getting Seitenshi into a parking garage Enju immediately wants to chase the girl. I don't think Rentarou told her that he knew the girl. She does get a bit suspicious about things. Rentarou probably didn't want to due to the emotional factor. But Rentarou thought things would be safe since Enju excels at close combat and Tina seems to like to kill from far away. I like how 5 second after Enju runs off Seitenshi appears with important information. Rentarou saying the name of the sniper made her look up the name in 5 seconds flat. dangerous. DUH! Something about Owl Initiator so that means Chosen Child which means she is super awesome. But since she is ranked 97 in the world I guess that was the warning part of the message. Quick call Enju back, it's only been 30 seconds. She wouldn't have gotten far. Yeah the episode ends with Tina holding Enju's phone and Rentarou looking in shock so....doesn't look good does it? Guess we will have to wait until next episode to see if Tina comes to the light side or if Rentarou has to take her out with tears in his eyes.
 photo blackbulletepisode620_zpscf2d1b20.jpg
How did you beat Enju so fast?!

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