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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 7

 photo kamisamaepisode75_zps82c31a2f.jpg
MORE LIES?! Say it ain't so!
Le yawn. How is it already almost time for bed on Sunday? Another week at work. BOO BEING AN ADULT! Here is one more anime post to tide you over til tomorrow. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 7 anyone? Spoilers for Ai going to school and maybe not being the weirdest kid there.
 photo kamisamaepisode7_zps377963c6.jpg
Nope. No happy school life for you!
Episode Summary: Ai arrives at a bell tower where Mr. Boy from last episode is sitting. Alis talks to Ai and gets her all worked up and upset at him. Ai then starts up with her saving the world bit again as Alis and his ghost girl Dee look on. After the opening song it shows us how Ai came to be at that tower. Yuri asked Ai if she wants to go to school. Because if she does she needs to go now. All elementary schools have been closed and soon middle schools will be too. Ai decides to give it a whirl. Yuri drives them to a town where he has connections. He goes to use a pay phone (WTF) while Scar holds her sleeping baby in the van and Ai is kidnapped. Some old lady explains that Ai was kidnapped by the Gola School. Ai is blinking at her new surroundings, briefly having a memory of the teacher/headmaster Manita talking to her. Earlier in the episode there was talk of a school festival and what not. But as Ai cleans the classroom with two girls (Tanya and Volrath) it is quiet. Ai seems in high spirits while the other two girls are like um no you were kidnapped. Ai goes through her series of events about how she came to be here. The girls both confirm to Ai this is kidnapping. That the school gets paid by the government per student and it's a special school. Ai is like um no I got things to do, like save the world. Before Ai can leave Manita appears and tells the girls to take a bath at gunpoint. Scared they run off to a ridiculous tub. Ai is quite scared of all the girls and attention on her. Ai explains it is due to her growing up in a dead village that she is nervous around living people. She also throws Yuri's advice in the mud and tells all the girls that have gathered that she is half gravekeeper/half human.
 photo kamisamaepisode72_zps84a650b5.jpg
That would be Ai saying that....
Instead of being shocked all the girls are like OH that's why you are here. It is explained that all kids with abilities end up at this school. These abilities came from making strong wishes....okay. Tanya is blind but can see sorta. And paint with all the colors of the wind. Ai looks like a sad and ignored moon rainbow. Volrath is super strong. Run the creeper can breath under water. Or in the water. Mimieta and Memepo are twins that were triplets but now the dead one is inside of them. Ai is like oh how wonderful, a school full of freaks....I mean lovely people. But then Ai remembers her mission. Before things get too deep a loud noise is heard. They watch as the floor/wall collapses....and out pops Alis and two other boys. The girls are upset and shocked. They beat them for a little while and takes them hostage. Volrath is dating one boy named Harley while the other boy is Totogi and is actually an adult but slept for a long time. The girls want answers and Alis explains that the boys are digging a tunnel to freedom but their bomb was too strong. Bomb?! The girls are shown the underground tunnels and how Alis was trying to connect his tunnel but SOMEONE messed up. Harley was able to use his ability and eat all the dirt and debris but still. Alis says his ghost girl is what messed him up. Ghost? Some purple hair girl named Dee appears. She says she messed Alis up on purpose to get the girls involved sooner. Everyone freaks out when Alis refers to Dee as a witch. Dee says she is not a witch...but a witch. It is explained that Dee goes around granting wishes, small and large. Or really whispering in people's ears things that are helpful to them. Alis says she has been haunting him for a while and followed him as he wanted to be with Ai. Ai calls Dee Whisper instead of her “witch” name and Whisper...whispers to her that it is destiny that they are all together now. THE END!!!
 photo kamisamaepisode712_zpsa928f1c7.jpg
Wait wait...I still need to learn all your names. Don't leave yet!
X___X So many new characters. My poor little brain. Of seems much easier for me to blog this show with new names that Realist. That show just has me all confused when it comes to most of their names and it demotivates me to blogging until I do catch up on that episode first. So...really...this was a lot of new names but then again in a normal school show you would be thrown all these names at once. Like BAM episode 1 has blown your mind. Maybe this isn't so bad.
 photo kamisamaepisode73_zps7a50b0f0.jpg
Is there a sleep mist in the car or something? WAKE UP!
First off...Scar is pretty useless. Or special. I guess we can go with special. She did save Ai when Hampnie got his ass kicked. But yes. Why are we sleeping in the face of danger? I am starting to doubt what these gravekeepers are. Or really maybe I don't know what they are and what I think is wrong. They can die, they can get sick, they can have emotions, they can have kids....basically they on;y can bury people and send them off to heaven. Not really some super natural angels. More like a human...who wishes to help other humans pass on and of course wishes are bad. But yes...Scar...please be staying awake when Ai gets kidnapped. Thank you.
 photo kamisamaepisode74_zps4201cb97.jpg
Curses. I knew I shouldn't have driven so close to such a dangerous place with a girl who believes everything is cupcakes and rainbows!
Of course Yuri has a hand in this too. He has told Ai how dangerous this world is. And that she shouldn't be running around with her I am a Gravekeeper Sorta shirt. It's really not his fault she is special. During the very tame zombie apocalypse? I mean I guess it's okay to have hope for the future. That if things DO change there will need to be smart adults around to aid in the rebuilding of the world.! Ai?! Yes lets give this girl all her hopes and dreams. Experience a fun school life. Let me just walk up to this phone that is still working because it is a SUPER tame zombie apocalypse and call my connections. I'll be right back.
 photo kamisamaepisode76_zps1f71cd0e.jpg
Yeah this isn't normal sweetheart.
I was going to rag on Ai...but hasn't this girl been through enough? No? There should be more suffering? Well...I can see how Ai wasn't a total moron. Granted she could have put up more of a fight when kidnapped and maybe wondered why Yuri just...left her. But given Hampnie's colorful definition of school I can see how she confused this prison with one. I mean, don't all kids mine the earth as one of their classes and they are cut off from the outside world so maybe being kidnapped is part of the fun!! Poor Ai. Everything in her life is a lie. Have some new friends to dry your tears. But I am sure they are all lies too.
 photo kamisamaepisode77_zps22c45a37.jpg
Break it down slowly for Ai. She is a bit slow.
So what do we think about Gola? Creepy yes? I am sure there is something else going on. Because with this show there is always a catch. Like actually we are performing experiments on your kids to find out how to change this no kid wish. We are really trying to impregnate you all, since your wishes have been heard before. Also Manita is the best teacher ever. Threatening to shoot the kids and all. I have you a uniform and the chance to have a school festival. Take a bath now before I blow your heads off!
 photo kamisamaepisode79_zps8b09683c.jpg
Just slide that in there Ai. Way to go.
So yes....what the heck did happen 15 years ago? Because I am really doubting anyone knows the truth. Just pieces here and there. Made up stories to make themselves feel better. But not the whole truth. Because really...God left them but people still are able to ask him for things. And recent things, more recent than 15 years ago unless everyone is asking for wishes from the womb. No no...this world is seriously messed up. Or really picking and choosing who to listen to.
 photo kamisamaepisode710_zpsd373f01c.jpg
Okay that actually sounds useful.
This school is full of people who had “wishes” granted. Kids who have special abilities. Perhaps the school is trying to learn why these wishes were granted and not others thus the kidnapping? Like collectively all humans must have a wish to not die. So that makes sense why everyone was affected that way. Doesn't explain why there are no kids but still. Why are OTHER wishes granted and not some? Some of these wishes seem odd. Like made in a moment of pure terror. The twin girls didn't want their sister to die, Run was dying and needed to breath under water, and Tanya wanted to see. Some of the other wishes or abilities seem a bit odd but...I am more concerned about why some people get wishes and others don't.
 photo kamisamaepisode711_zpseaca7f11.jpg
:( No zombies, woe is me.
Either way no one is judging Ai and her special self because everyone else is special. And it seems tired too. Like yep we are special and have been kidnapped. Let's just take a bath and let all these bad things happen to us woe is our souls. We are all way too special for this world. Oh wait there is Alis breaking into the girl's bath. I thought they were going all Resident Evil on us and some REAL zombies were going to come in and eat people but NOOOO I never get my way. :( Never. Ever.
 photo kamisamaepisode713_zpsa2b5c671.jpg
Don't interrupt Alis, he has things to say!
After the girls got the violence out of their system it was time for Alis to explain. He has been here a week and he wants to escape. He has bombs and POOF they will make it out of there in no time. Things got a little confusing to me. Alis was seen spying on Ai from a great distance when they left ZombieCity. He wanted to be with her. Yet he came to this school to be with her BEFORE she got there? Am I remembering things right? Does this make sense? Breaking out makes sense, Alis being there and knowing about Ai doesn't.
 photo kamisamaepisode714_zps50711297.jpg
Finding lost toys, leading ancient wars...HMMM I see. Also Whisper must be old.
Oh and Alis has a ghost girl. That part of the show wasn't weird. Maybe she was off spying for him on Ai which would make things make more sense. Her name is a lot of things but at the end of the day I will go with Whisper I think. But yeah....a ghost girl. HMMM. Well she says she is a witch and maybe she is. In a time where no one can die how can she be here? Maybe she died a long time ago. And her spirit was like I wish to help people. You know, find their toys and kill rotten people who deserve to die. That kind of help. I do not think she is the witch that created Kiriko. Must be a lot of witches running around though...
 photo kamisamaepisode715_zps442312ba.jpg
Destined to meet? What is this craziness?
In the end all the kids were like um okay so everyone is weird we got that. It is time to escape and put aside we are afraid of a ghost girl. Which is weird. We have dead people running around but a ghost girl is scary. But I guess since Whisper does seem....odd I can understand that. I thought the cliffhanger was a bit weak, this was destiny we came together. Well duh...Alis planned this did he not? I really need to blog things the minute I watch the episode so I can remember things better. Goober me. Time to break them out of this popstand ghost girl!

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Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 6

This weekend was so jammed packed with actually having a life and doing practical grown-up things I feel exhausted. Also I learned that a free oil change is never free. Apparently I am driving around a death trap that will soon blow up as if I was straight from a Transformers movie. Basically the only oil in my car that is safe IS the free oil change. Surely I will blow up. XD
 photo realistepisode611_zps362ef7b4.jpg
Oh Sytry and his hair. Makes it hard to focus on what he has to say.
So in between trips to ScammerCarPlaces and a super long trip to the mall/grocery store/birthday party...not much anime got watched. Or blogged. I had a few things waiting in the wing and must finish them up no. I must be more productive this week after work to catch up. XD Up now is Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 6 though. Rejoice for William meeting new and awful demons weee!
 photo realistepisode6_zpsba4a3463.jpg
Why won't you rescue me!!!!
Episode Summary: Sytry and Dantalion are fighting over William and William calls out to Kevin for help. Kevin the douchebag ignores William which causes the boy to have the sads. Isaac is like why so sad Kevin, you usually don't care about people, why is Kevin so special? William really doesn't have time to talk about that since it is family day. William has dead parents and a runaway Uncle so no one is going to come and visit him. Swallow runs up and says he needs to bail on his Prefect duties because his dad is coming for a visit and haha they aren't getting along. Daddy recently had a terrible carriage accident and hasn't been himself lately, wanting Swallow to join a military school. William agrees to help out Swallow, probably because it ill help him in the long run later. He thinks about Kevin though, how Kevin (looking exactly the same as he does now...) has always been there for him. William tries to walk away from the crowd to pout in peace but Mr. Swallow follows him. William is pretty freaked out but hides Swallow's hiding. Mr. Swallow acts weird but ends up inviting William to his house. Kevin walks by which startles Mr. Swallow away from William. Kevin does not stick around to talk to William. Dantalion is like um he ditched you didn't he? William walks away in a huff and Sytry points out the irony. They then talk about how weird Mr. Swallow is and who did it? They decide the fly “Beelzebub” did. Sytry reminds Dantalion not to get involved with other demon's drama as it is law. Later Swallow really invites William over to his house as the invitation earlier was not formal enough. William agrees as this will make him be in the same room as important people. Still William is pissed about going and that Dantalion and Sytry are in the carriage too. Kevin is seen back at the church, talking with someone how things are serious now and that they must make haste. There is a weird scene with Astaroth talking to Beelzebub about all this mess in the human world and what it could mean to the demons. Once at the party William greets Mr. Swallow warmly and then starts cozying up to all the elite. Swallow thinks that William is there to support him and it is sorta sad he isn't. Dantalion is all glaring at one of the servant boys but since this episode is all about glares does it matter?
 photo realistepisode613_zps270dbb0b.jpg
You should assume the rest of your life will be weird. Sorry.
At dinner William gets a PING, that something is off in the force. He talks to Swallow later who is worried about his dad's stance on the war. Swallow is taken away by his mother and the servant boy tries to help William out by serving him booze and finding him a place to rest. William lays down and thinks about Kevin, about maybe he held Kevin back in life. He wakes up to find Mr. Swallow talking to other important people about going to war. William seems to be okay with this string pulling behavior until Mr. Swallow gets up and says they need to take care of William AKA Solomon. Before things can get too ugly for William Dantalion appears and takes a protective stance over William and forces Mr. Swallow to reveal his is really the female demon Eligos. Eligos is one of William's pillars of course and Beelzebub ordered Eligos to kill Mr. Swallow and take his do things. Swallow walks in during all this conversation and is shocked. Eligos decides some of the plan has gone to pot but for now he can at least kill Swallow and give his soul to her love Beelzebub. William demands that Dantalion save Swallow. Sytry is like that will be going against the rules of demons. Dantalion agrees to take on this punishment if he is chosen as King. Suddenly the servant boy from earlier appears and starts throwing holy water on Eligos. This causes her to escape and Swallow to look on in horror as the Mr. Swallow body falls apart. But he gets super better fast, talking about how he and his mom are healing and he knows the truth. William then decides to find out something super why is Kevin ignoring him. When confronted Kevin is all like TEEHEE I have been betting on winners in the school and were afraid you get mad if you weren't picked. William is like what?!?!? What a silly misunderstanding. Only when William leaves it is revealed the servant boy and Kevin are some kind of angels sent here to protect William from all the demons. THE END!
 photo realistepisode617_zpsb759a239.jpg
I got this bro. But probably not.
So once again that was a special episode. Le sigh indeed. The overall mood of this show is throwing me off. Like look something awful happened but it will be all smiles anyway woohoo! Weird.
 photo realistepisode63_zps274fb145.jpg
Just lala have no family lala. No one cares.
Parent's day for instance. This should be a very sad time for William. Even if his parents died a long time ago he could still have looked a bit...:( and then tried to cover it up by saying yeah having connections would be much easier with parents. You know, to not look too weak. William did mention his Uncle but saying his Uncle was on the lamb and not here...yeah wasn't enough for me. Weird. William should be mad at him. Mad that there is no fortune and that William is all alone in the world. But no. This was not to be. Nor was it to be that people questioned Dantalion and Sytry on their lack of family.
 photo realistepisode64_zps94d9d54e.jpg
Well at least you HAVE parents...well sorta.
While William is more upset about his manservant Kevin than his nonexistent family a wild Swallow appears. Oh what a name. See Swallow actually has a family and he wants to avoid the Mr. Father Swallow on parent day. Understandable since Mr. Swallow wants Young Swallow out of this school and not in this one. Swallow of course needs William to lie for him. Or do all the work since Swallow is a prefect. Swallow. Because I am 12.
 photo realistepisode610_zpsa0541e40.jpg
Maybe Swallow needs new friends...
William agrees to this helping thing because William operates under what can you do for me in his life. Like hmmmm this person is important in life so I will help them. I think this rule doesn't apply to Isaac as William as friends with him before he understood just how well to do Isaac's family is. Or it applies but William still had to like the boy given how...special Isaac is just to use him. In any event William had words Prefect William tattooed on his face because Mr. Swallow found him. HMMM time to act not suspicious Mr. Swallow. Not suspicious at all.
 photo realistepisode68_zpsde362cc6.jpg
The episode of glares....
In fact that seems to be the theme of the day. Everyone having shady eyes and glances at everyone. Like HMMMM look over there. And HMMMMM I must draw the audience's attention to this part of the episode so there is no question things are going down. HMMM FOLKS! Look at the squinty eyes. Everyone needs glasses weeeee!
 photo realistepisode614_zpsf166ac66.jpg
For...someone else right? Not yourself?
I have had a hard time keeping track of everyone! I think the names are too hard for me and my spelling deficient self. So I thought that Dantalion, Sytry, and Camio were being supported by the same person. Or the same group anyway. My bad! Of course it makes no sense whatsoever. Why are other high power demons sponsoring other people to be King? Why don't these other demons want to be king themselves? Does that make sense to anyone? I didn't think so. Neither did the not interfering rule. Like I am pretty sure there is tons of interfering going on all the time. Like trying to kill each other? Craziness.
 photo realistepisode612_zps702933a4.jpg
Um don't you want to be my friend?
So at the dinner party a lot of things went down. William actually...had a feeling. A feeling that something was going to go down. All on his own. William is grown up and maybe accepting his reality. There is a random servant boy of Kevin's roaming the halls looking suspicious. Swallow is probably a little sad that William isn't a better friend. Sytry is having a bad hair day. And there is some random demon running around in the darkness that no one can do anything about because there are rules. RULES! William make sure to make connections weee!
 photo realistepisode616_zpse322b6d1.jpg
Wait I can get behind money but not this Elector stuff!
What happens? William takes a nap to think about Kevin (because Dad and Mom and Uncle are chopped liver) and wakes up to a meeting with Mr. Swallows and some of his friends. Only these friends are important people who want to start a war and stuff. Which is okay with William for some reason. What is not okay is when all of these people, including Mr. Swallow, turn out to be demons. I think from now on William should expect anyone new around him to be a demon. I'm just saying folks. War is okay, demons who hate Solomon are not okay.
 photo realistepisode69_zpsfd3f0985.jpg
Because that would be BAD!
So....for some reason...all of this is to gain Beelzebub more power. All of it. I am not sure why any of this is happening. I mean if this was a normal war for power it would make sense. Get some humans to do shitty things and take advantage of it. But it the real power lies with William/Solomon picking the new King why go this roundabout way as other characters put it? Should have just threatened Swallow from the start yo? XD I am sure this all makes sense, I just lack the attention to see it. And look, another Solomon demon. SO SHOCKED! Pillars for all. If one of the three main demons are being supported by Beelzebub why not inform them of this plan?
 photo realistepisode618_zps78cd3970.jpg
Okay done being sad, time to move on.
I would like to point out that Swallow is now aware of the demonness of William's life. That his dad has been dead for a while and the person being his dad was treating him awful. Yet by the end of the episode he was putting on brave faces being at school and such. What the hell? Did everyone erase the demon memories in him? Just left him with the knowledge that dad is really dead? Either it feels like a big deal to me. Probably deserved a bit more time to. Poor Swallow indeed. Me thinks he does still retain the demon information, is all too much. He needs to be watched now right?
 photo realistepisode619_zps941581d5.jpg believe this?!
Who does need to be watched? Kevin. Kevin and his lying self. Dantalion was unable to save William this episode due to RULES. Well he was going to save William but the servant boy that reminded William of Kevin saved them. No questions asked. Really no questions asked folks. William rather learn about why Kevin has been mean to him lately. X___X Priorities, William does not have them. Like in a Sci-Fi movie deciding to have a pout when something huge and hungry is chasing them. Now is not the time for feelings, it is time for running.
 photo realistepisode620_zps960e4cec.jpg
Because you're mine!
For the record Kevin is an awful liar. And William is sorta dumb for believing him. Almost like William is so desperate to having Kevin back in his life he is willing to believe anything. Even a lie about betting slips. In reality Kevin is some sort of angel? He has one wing so maybe he is half an angel. His little servant boy is probably an angel too. Servant boy doesn't want to be on Earth but Kevin wants to help Solomon. Everyone does weee. Now maybe next William closes his eyes he can see that in his memories Kevin has been the same age forever? Just saying.

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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 19

Weee one more anime post before I go to bed. It has been a super busy week at work. I think the shift I work will always be super busy. Le sigh. But working at work is what should take place. Do my best and whatever happens happens. I think I need to learn to let things roll off my back a bit better. But yes here it is Friday and my grand plans to blog an episode a day....well never happened. XD
 photo titanepisode197_zps7f7e724d.jpg
Having a humanoid Titan chasing me through the woods, killing all my comrades isn't having my life in danger? OH OKAY THEN!
So what anime post is up next? Why Shingeki no Kyojin episode 19. Spoilers for seeing Eren's lovely time with Levi's squad.
 photo titanepisode194_zps8f2117cc.jpg
Oh Eren...things can get so much worse.
Episode Summary: After a slight recap of how awesome this scouting mission is going things come back to Eren and Levi's unit of nervousness. They keep on riding the horses. The cover your ears thing was Levi shooting up a noise thingy thing into the air. Eren is confused on why this is going on and how come they aren't stopping the Titan. More enforcements come to stop the Female Titan and they are quickly squished. Eren is starting to get pissed but the rest of Levi's unit has decided to stop looking nervous and just follow Levi despite the fact the Female Titan SHOULD be on their heels. A few more reinforments show up and Eren demands that they help them out and fight. One is killed right away while the other fights on. Eren keeps on screaming to be allowed to help. When he is told to run on he is like screw you I can fight alone. Eren then magically remembers he can turn into a Titan and does he really need permission to save someone. He goes to bite himself when Petra freaks out, reminding Eren that he can only do that if his life is in danger. X_____X Okay. In other cases he needs permission. She begs Eren to believe in them, Levi's squad. Levi is like do what you want. This shocks everyone but Levi tells Eren he needs to take the path in life that will lead to the least amount of regrets. Levi won't stop him but tells Eren to either believe in his individual powers or the powers of the entire Levi squad.
 photo titanepisode193_zps05f839fa.jpg
To be a human punching bag?
Eren looks...well like a lot of things as it is flashback time. It was when Eren first joined Levi's squad. 1 whole month ago ya'll. Hange and her crazy ass self wanted to study Titans some more and to do that Eren needs to transform. Levi is around to get the job done if Eren goes crazy again. Eren is lowered into a well so Hange can study him in a safe environment. Eren's main concern is keeping control of himself during his transformation. He goes to bite down on his hand and.....Hange and Levi wait. And wait. And wait some more. They finally ride up to the well and find Eren with tons of bite marks on his bleeding hands and him shaking, saying he can't transform. Eren is obviously super upset at dinner time. Levi doesn't make Eren feel any better by saying the entire take Maria Wall back plan revolves around Eren the Titan and if Eren can't be a Titan... When Eren walks away the rest of Levi's unit tell Eren that this is okay. That now some of them think Eren is less of a threat and more human with this news. Oluo (dude one site said his name was spelled a totally different way) Petra, Erd, and Gunter each say their own piece about the matter. Eren almost feels better but vows to transform again. He drops his spoon on the ground and struggles to reach it without actually leaving his seat. Then POOF the tell tale signs of Titan smoke and ground shaking appear. Levi makes his way to the dinning area to find Eren...sorta transformed. He is still there but connected to his real arm is Titan parts. It looks like ribs but everyone else says hand so what do I know. Eren is clearly shocked and NOT in the Titan itself. Yet Petra, Erd, Gunter, and Oluo, all these people who were just saying super nice things about him, have their weapons drawn on Eren. Levi tells everyone to calm down and steps up to protect Eren which touches the boy. The rest of the squad starts screaming that Eren is a danger, a traitor, a monster, ect. They tell Eren all sorts of things, yelling so loud and over each other it starts to not make sense. They are clearly afraid of Eren. Eren yells at everyone to be quiet so he can think.
 photo titanepisode1910_zpscff26954.jpg
Question: Can Hange leave me alone please?
Hange emerges from the woods and sees Eren's arm and runs up to it to probably make love to it. She examines it for a bit but Eren is not liking the attention so he pulls his real arm free from the situation, causing the Titan arm to fall apart. Hange is upset but sees that the Titan arm is holding a spoon. Later that night Eren is really down and Levi goes to talk to him in a surprising feat of humanity and compassion. He explains that his squad are the best of the best and only are this way based on experience. They have to make split second decisions and sometimes come across as harsh. Yet Levi knows that deep down they still see Eren as a human and feel bad for the way they acted towards him. Eren starts to understand the situation and is lead to the rest of the team. Hange appears with the spoon and explains to everyone that Eren needs to injury himself (draw blood) and have a focus so intense in his mind to transform. IE kill Titans, protect Mikasa/Armin, plug the hole. Eren is pretty upset that something so minor could cause him to transform. However everyone else in the squad realizes that Eren has been through a lot and didn't mean to hurt them/scare them. They all bite down on their hands as a sign to Eren that they want and give forgiveness and they will trust him and he should trust them. Eren is then brought back to the present, with the Female Titan chasing them. He goes back to bite his fist again when he sees Petra's face. Levi asks Eren what he wants to do and Eren dramatically says he will trust in the team. A few minutes later the group runs by a specific group of trees and Erwin is like FIRE!!!!! Everything starts to rain arrows and explosions. Levi's group runs on, trying to calm the horses now. Eren and all realize they were leading the Female Titan into a trap to capture her alive. Levi leaves Eren in charge of the group, as they are to take to the trees and hide Eren. Levi then joins Erwin as the Female Titan has been pinned hundreds of time. She has managed to protect her neck but she is stuck in place. Levi says the plan worked only because many people died allowing them escape. Erwin deems it necessary to find out who is the Female Titan. THE END!
 photo titanepisode19_zpse20dda00.jpg
This is Eren having faith face weeee!
Holy crap folks. The summary once again went out of control. When I am able to find 5 seconds of break at work I write what I can down in my notebook and since I can type much faster than I can just ends up being shorter. Like okay my hand is tired and I am on the other side of the page now, time to wrap this puppy up. But on the computer it is type type type. Woe is my poor summary which is more like line by line.
 photo titanepisode1917_zps4c588b53.jpg
A flashback to us bonding. This must end well.
Earlier in the series I said I was quite happy with how they went in order...chronological. I felt as if we got to know the characters a lot better that way. I mean it was after the attack we saw the cadets go through their training and why Marco being dead was actually a big deal. Like oh okay now I have learned all your names! But most of this episode was devoted to a flashback, of Eren getting to know Levi's people. Should that too have taken place in a flashback? Part of me wants to be like YES all of it should be in chronological order except if a character is remembering a 30 second scene. However it did work well in this episode. The way the situation ended up.
 photo titanepisode192_zps376d7fd7.jpg
Can we please fire bullets at her head please?!?!?!
But first in the now. Levi only fired a noise bullet...thingy thing. And magically that made the others in the Levi Unit calm the hell down. For some reason. Maybe because he actually did something? Not sure why but Petra and the others decided to keep their mouths shut and ride on. Levi acknowledging the situation was enough for them. We now know that Levi was calling either for more backup to be used as 5 second meat shields or to let Erwin to know where they were.
 photo titanepisode195_zpse8e50096.jpg
I would be admirable to try and save them...but really Eren you were all going to get squished trying.
Eren was not happy with this one gesture of calm the hell down. No no, he grew more and more upset. natural. Watching people die all around you and doing nothing to stop it is awful. I don't think Eren was aware that the Female Titan was specifically after him or it would have made his rage worse. Still logically it looks like anyone who went up against the Female Titan was screwed. At this point though it was fight the Female Titan and die or run away and die 5 seconds later. At least die helping your comrades yes?
 photo titanepisode196_zps3633c936.jpg
Took you long enough.
I am surprised that it took Eren so long to realize he could be the only one to take on the Female Titan. And if I hadn't read the manga I would be screaming that too. Like oh this was the plan. Lure the Female Titan to Eren so he can Eren Titan it and take it out. That must be Erwin's plan. Because really who else could take out this monster? But NOOOO apparently Eren needs to trust in a plan he doesn't know and not use a power that could guarantee a victory or at least save whoever is left in the squad.
 photo titanepisode198_zpsd3c6f837.jpg
And will that regret only last 5 seconds because um things ain't looking so great for anyone.
This is the part of the episode that Petra told Eren to trust them, the Levi squad. Which is kinda odd since you know...the rest of those fools have no idea what is going on either. Just Levi and if he opened his mouth and told them the truth then the plan will fail. Um no but okay. Hard to trust people not telling you what is going on. I like that Levi gave Eren the choice. Like think this through because you need to deal with the consequences. Part of me wonders if Levi was hoping Eren would be like PSHT I ain't listening to you, doing the opposite of what Levi wants lalala!
 photo titanepisode1914_zpsfda08938.jpg
Yay happy memories!
Time for a flashback that lasted most of the episode. Well at least half. This time it was to show how the Levi squad functions. I guess it makes some sense. These people aren't from Eren's past. I guess they still could have shown it in chronologically since it was only 1 month ago but meh. I guess it proved/served it's purpose. What with the last lines matching up and all. A walk down memory lane while we are riding horsies away from a scary looking Female Titan!
 photo titanepisode199_zpscb3c042b.jpg
Why are you crying about your limbs? You that attached to them or something?!
Levi is slightly scary. I guess he is always scary but you know. Most people would be upset at the idea of having their limbs chopped off. Levi was just speaking so causally to Eren it was almost maddening. Like um we all suffer through this life because of Titans, suck it up buttercup. Well this might be true but I think Eren is suffering the most. When other people lose their limbs that's it. No more arms or legs. Or both. Not for Eren. Eren can regrow his limbs so Levi can potentially hack them off over and over again. I might be slightly upset there too Princess Levi.
 photo titanepisode1911_zpsd48adf42.jpg
I don't see Titan people....
I sorta felt bad for Eren when he couldn't transform. So much pressure on this kid to perform. Perfom something people fear but when he can't do it, it's a disappointment to mankind. Eren the mission and possibility the answer to mankind's Titan problems rest on you controlling a power you had no idea you possessed until a month ago. Hurry up and master it or else. Or else the leg choppin will commence. So much pressure. All those bite marks on Erne's hand....painful. Poor Eren and all this pressure on him to do a task he has no real control over just so he can be experimented on.
 photo titanepisode1912_zpsa5daab64.jpg
I am confused because people aren't hating on me. How do I handle this?!
While Levi didn't out and out call Eren a loser who is letting down humanity....he might as well. In his own Levi way. Pressure....but the truth. I mean Eren should be taught how to take down the Colossal Titan as that IS the most basic and biggest threat against humanity. But yeah. Stopping Titans by walking all the way back to Eren's house is important too. However the rest of Levi's unit tried to cheer Eren up. It ranged from slightly helpful (you're not a total monster...) to really trying to make Eren feel better. Like Eren...this is new. And weird. It is okay that you can't magically do everything. We are Levi's unit and we will support you. Here, have a spoon for our treat of friendship.
 photo titanepisode1913_zpsfd1ef52b.jpg
I thought I was one of you?!
5 seconds later the spoon and shit hit the ground. What treat of friendship? Eren is a monster and must be destroyed! Flip floppers! I mean...yes Eren did transform without permission. However it was just the hand. Like what was Eren going to do with it? I know the limbs weigh nothing but still. Eren was struggling on the ground. He wasn't throwing it around like a crazy person. Chill. Levi and his violent self was the one who calmed everyone semi down. I mean hello everyone was talking at once. Hange was lubbing herself up to make love to the hand. Eren looked just as shocked as everyone else if not more. Why so angry?! If anything make Eren the lizard and cut off his human arm yes? So much confusion and angry faces. No more treats.
 photo titanepisode1916_zps5f166e1c.jpg
And this is good news...why?
Surprisingly Levi is the one who tried to tell Eren the truth. On how to make it better. Like don't take it personally kid, they are trained Titan killers. They had to reach that fast. Okay maybe Levi wasn't making him feel better. He was just telling him the truth. Still a nice gesture. Oh and Hange explaining how this wasn't Eren's fault was a nice touch too. Like see are just a grade A freak. You need a goal and some blood and you can be a Titan. I like how this made everyone else feel better...but Eren. Like really?! I can be having...a good time with someone and one nail scratch and POOF Titan. Glad to see Eren saw how horrible this news really was.
 photo titanepisode1918_zpsad09eba6.jpg
We can do...whatever this plan is Eren. Just believe!
The rest of the Levi ground did not. They were like OH NO!! We have totally let Eren down. We told him this was a happy group full of light and love. With treats. How dare we doubt him and not believe in his super scary uncontrollable powers. We are ashamed. And we shall bite our hands in a show of remorse and camaraderie. So Petra can say to Eren trust us and breaking away from the flashback Petra can say it again. Believe in us Eren. Believe in us even though we have no idea what is going on. Believe in us because we are sorry about doubting you once.
 photo titanepisode1919_zps6272f53e.jpg
Say hello to our little trap!
So Eren does. Because he is a good soldier!! And 5 seconds later he is rewarded with the truth. Their entire mission was a trap. A huge trap. What the hell? I mean I am putting aside the fact so many people died for this. Or they were left in the dark. Because there are traitors everywhere. No no folks....just how did Erwin KNOW a Titan, a human one, would appear? The Female one nonetheless. Because it is CLEAR NOW that during the attacks on the wall all three were involved. Colossal broke the wall. Armored broke down the inner gate. Female (she needs a better name...) Titan brought all the Titans with her. So was Erwin just hoping the other two would show up? Because the Female Titan wasn't shown until after the mission. And let's just say...she probably wasn't encountered outside the walls until today. So a trap for a humanoid Titan Eren didn't know excited or does Erwin know WAY more than he should?!
 photo titanepisode1920_zpsc1526a07.jpg
I know, right. I mean it has been so long, this plan to find out who is inside this Titan. Finally folks.
Either way that is how the episode ends. Levi orders his squad to take to the trees and hide Eren. Perhaps heading back to base would have been a better plan but you know...Erwn and Levi have to look all dramatic at the caught Female Titan. Like haha, look at your screwed face!!! However....wouldn't it have been easier if this happened closer to night time? Or does that rule not apply to humanoid Titans? Either way you can't predict what these crazies will do. Female Titan looks shocked too. Like damn it...time for Plan B? Wait Plan B? Oh shit ya'll!!!!

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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 6

Well hello there my lovely readers! I finally get what people meant by saying they live for the weekend. Sometimes only one whole day off. What to do tomorrow what to do?! Shopping for more trips? Oh okay. XD I guess catching up on anime will have to wait until Sunday. Tomorrow..I see other places besides the inside of my own store!
 photo illyaepisode62_zpsfc60ee8b.jpg
Well this doesn't look good.....
Up first though is Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 6. X__X Weird how this little show is almost done. Spoilers for no one ever sensing danger.
 photo illyaepisode67_zps3f7760d9.jpg
Oh....yeah you are screwed.
Episode Summary: Rin and Luvia release the secret weapon of amazing power and light. TADA! They fire the spell and tell Saber she has no chance. Neither did the water or bridge in the surrounding area. Just everything explodes and a giant hole is now in this Mirror World. Illya and Miyu look on in...well maybe awe. That Rin and Luvia are on a totally different level than them. Luvia and Rin then spend the next 5 minutes arguing. Seriously back and forth bickering. After all that is done Saber emerges from the water and unleashes the biggest attack probably in this franchises history. Almost all of the surrounding area is destroyed. Illya wakes up first next to Miyu. The older girls and the wands are no where to be seen. Illya and Miyu then walk around for 5 full minutes looking at the destruction Saber has caused. Water and broken rocks and the bridge is ruins. Ruins all over as Illya looks more and more upset. Saber finally comes into view. Illya is down for the count so Miyu drags her all over the place to find from the Card. But since Saber is randomly blowing crap up she eventually comes across the girls. Miyu does her best but she and Illya are blasted again. Illya and Miyu know that they are about to be toast. Miyu acts like she is going to do something when....well....Illya turns into the biggest witch ever and destroys Saber and threatens to destroy the entire universe with Miyu crying.
 photo illyaepisode611_zps46beb16e.jpg
Why can't I be amazing?
Or or....something, a lock inside Illya or outside near Illya breaks. She starts to glow, like she is being controlled and is no longer conscious. She takes out the Archer Card and activates it. Only it is not like she is wearing the costume, it is like she IS Archer. The Fate/Stay version obviously. For the next 10 minutes Illya goes to town on Saber. Or at least is able to handle her own. Miyu watches in shock as Illya is no longer herself and has become the Heroic spirit, with amazing attacks and agility. Saber starts to power up her massive move and Miyu screams a warning to Illya. Only since she is Fate/Stay Archer Illya has access to all the weapons in history including Excalibur. Saber and Illya launch the same attack, only Illya's is more powerful and Saber is defeated. KABOOMS all over the place. Some comic relief takes place, revealing that Rin, Luvia, and the wands managed to escape underground during this battle. Illya passes out soon after the final blast so only Miyu and briefly Sapphire witness this. A voiceover later from Illya explains she has no memory of the event, only that everyone made it out okay. The girls later leave the Mirror World and check over a passed out Illya. Rin agrees to carry the girl home but Miyu insists on it. Rin and Luvia have a genuine moment watching the two girls bond. THE END!
 photo illyaepisode63_zpsbd1cf79d.jpg
Maybe their wordy banter was contagious. Or am I the contagious one?
X___X Again with the long summary?!?! What is wrong with me? I was going to type...5 minutes of bickering, 5 minutes of looking at Saber's destruction, and the rest of the episode Illya kicked ass. But then I typed all of that out. Words. Read them all.
 photo illyaepisode64_zps67de8fb1.jpg
Is there going to be hair pulling next?
But for real the banter really needs to cool it down a bit. Trade two insults and move on. It seriously dragged on forever! Like that is half the plot at this point. Lets see what Rin and Luvia say to each other. Luvia has tube hair, Rin is poor. We get it! Luvia thinks that she is the strongest person ever and Rin felt as if she contributed to the fight as well. is beating a dead horse at this point. Can we have a bit of growth? A nod of the head as everyone understands each other and can work together?
 photo illyaepisode65_zpseffd9601.jpg
Wow Rin and Luvia are SO amazing I can't even see the obvious threat in the water....
With all this bickering the fact that the card did not POOF right after the attack went right over everyone's heads. Rin and Luvia were yelling and Miyu and Illya were busy thinking they need to be better magical girls 22 minutes into their career. I am not sure how many times they need to have false alarms in regards to defeating Saber. Like after the first two times lets check and make sure she is squished before we start the party.
 photo illyaepisode66_zpsb100d6cf.jpg
Thanks for paying attention to me guys. Makes killing you a whole lot easier.
Because look she wasn't! Again. It was like this was the final boss and it was going to span the rest of the the middle of the series. It was like Saber protected herself in her mana circle despite the girls saying it wouldn't hold up. And Saber was like oh you think that was an attack? Let me show you an attack. WHOOSH!!!!!! When you aren't watching the preshow version of the episode you can see the real quality in the animation. Almost like watching Fate/Zero all over again. WOOHOO for finding ways to have Saber blow up shit weeeeee!
 photo illyaepisode612_zps5bb74ee7.jpg
32897 minutes later and there are still tears.
They seriously spent way too much time on Illya and Miyu waking up and looking around at the chaos. Perhaps if this was REAL it would matter. As in not the Mirror World and Illya's actual hometown. But it's not. It is a fake world and none of this damage is real. I can understand looking at all this chaos and being shocked that it came from one individual but it went on way too long. Yes look at the broken concrete and water spilling all over the place. MOVE ON!
 photo illyaepisode610_zps13e26df5.jpg
Oh look, more water.
Move on to hiding of course. Not that there was much to hide in or under or behind. Given Saber's range of attack Miyu and Illya never had a chance. So Illya being all spaced out is understandable. I think Rin and Luvia needed to suck it up a little more. Or know...maybe the wands should have broke through the ground and got to the younger girls. JUST A THOUGHT! Seriously what is up with those wands???!?!?! So eventually Miyu and Illya are cornered and all is lost.
 photo illyaepisode613_zps86e6141a.jpg
See??! What is this?!??!
But all is not well. Or maybe all is well. Because Illya is a magical girl folks. That comes from your heart. That or this is just super special. At the time it looked like something inside Illya broke. Like oh she is a “fake” person like in the other versions of herself in different series and this is her other side being released. That holy shit, things just got real and this will turn into a blood fest with decapitated girls and what not. Woohoo for drama!
 photo illyaepisode614_zps8683f909.jpg
Errr...that is a crazy face though.
Alas after “reflecting” on it (or being exhausted from work) I think it was just a dramatic showing, that look or whatever it was. I no longer believe that Illya is connected to Other Illyas. That she is a normal girl in this world but has great potential. She just snapped and I guess the part of her brain that doesn't want to die took over. I don't think heads will roll. Woe is the writer.
 photo illyaepisode615_zpsc1045535.jpg
This Illya is amazing. Be like this always!
Despite this not being as dramatic as I worked it up in my head...Illya kicked some ass. “Archer” indeed. The two Archers I know of have tons of weapons at their disposal. And Illya should be Archer all the time. Her look was awesome. Like bitch please I got this. Woohoo for the rest of the episode being devoted to amazing ass kicking Illya. Glad I got the regular episode, not the pre-air one because all the graphics looked awesome. Saber had really no time to do her massive spells because Illya wasn't being all haha, I won allowing Saber to kick ass.
 photo illyaepisode6_zpsa3a4d79d.jpg
Don't worry about this guys, I got it.
Once AGAIN the wands were useless. Rin and Luvia did not look down for the count. Not like last time anyway. Just trapped in a hole, ready to pop up as comic relief. Sapphire managed to make it to Miyu but was there any transformation? Not that Illya NEEDED help but no one can see the future. Saber's ultimate attack might have been equal to Illya's Ultimate Saber Attack and Illya could have been down for the count. Having a back-up plan is important folks. Get ready wands in case Illya needs some saving.
 photo illyaepisode617_zps54a4b83d.jpg
But I am the main characttttttttter!!!!
Thankfully for everyone Illya does kick some ass. Now who is the ultimate boss going to be? XO Special card class 8?! But poor Saber doesn't get to be the main villain. I guess that means Illya or Miyu can become Saber FOR the final boss. This all makes sense now. More merchandise here we come!
 photo illyaepisode619_zps15fead56.jpg
What a nice magical girl team. Unlike Rin and Luvia...sorta.
The episode ends with everyone shocked that Illya saved the day. This would include Illya but she is slightly passed out. When she reflects on it later she has no idea how she did all that. I would be freaking out. Like what the hell possession! But maybe Illya is happy because this experience has brought them together. Them being Illya and Miyu. Rin and Luvia stopped fighting for 5 seconds to watch Miyu carry her partner home. Everyone say AWWW even though they all almost died!

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