Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kore wa Zombie desu ka episode 11


That has been my face for the past couple of weeks. Now normally when things hit the fan at work I think to myself what a wonderful world. No no, I really think XX days to Japan. And unless you have been living under a rock that might not be happening and if it does it would feel wrong of me to feel excited. So basically it is hard for me to get through the day at work when my reward is not in sight.


Behold the magic.

That being said at least anime is starting to roll out of Japan in an attempt to catch up before the Spring Anime Season. Not that anyone cares about 99 percent of the shows. It is just that ONE SHOW that is keeping us wondering about what will happen. But this is a Kore wa Zombie desu ka post. So on with the dead people!


Hide and seek with body parts!

Episode Summary: Yuki, Haruna, and Sera search the city looking for Ayumu parts. Once all the parts are placed in the same area they slither back together. They call the process gross but also spend a lot of time staring at his glowing penis. When Ayumu doesn’t wake up Haruna and Yuki want to kiss Ayumu back to life while Sera gives him poison. Ayumu still doesn’t wake up and Sera thinks Ayumu doesn’t want to wake up. In Ayumu’s mind his dreams are driving him to sadness. All the girls are calling him a loser and that they are better off without him. Woe is depressed Ayumu. Ms. Magic Teacher comes by and Haruna cries about how Ayumu being unconscious is her fault. Magic Teacher says that Haruna still has magic in her and puts Haruna to sleep. Haruna arrives in Ayumu’s dream just in time to save him from dream versions of Haruna. She smashes them away and basically calls Ayumu a loser for not waking up and people need him. Ayumu sees through the anger and wakes up as Haruna cries over him.


Aw aren't they so cute when they aren't awake!

Sera gets a present from her former clan person. Only Sera can use this item as she has had Yuu’s blood before. Ayumu and his naked self look outside and trouble is afoot. King Night has taken Yuu to Tokyo Tower and is like bybye city time! Ayumu and Haruna go to the tower while Sera waits outside. Yuu is forced to summon a huge monster that allows ghosts and whale monsters to float around in the sky. Sera’s new item is a special violin that can apparently destroy these creatures. When they become too much for her Sera’s old clan and Yuki’s clan show up (all wearing maid uniforms) and play an orchestra of fail. But it protects the city. Inside King Night says he just wants to die. Ayumu is pissed about how King Night is talking and tries punching him. When that doesn’t work Haruna and Ayumu both transform.


Second time she has transformed this season folks!

Before anyone can really cheer Haruna is blasted off at the speed of light. But they did manage to put some damage in on King Night before that happened. Then King Night and Ayumu take turns beating each other to a pulp why Yuu cries. King Night just wants to die and Ayumu starts screaming that King Night doesn’t understand Yuu. King Night says that Ayumu will change his mind once he has lived forever. Ayumu then punches King Night in the face and Yuu pulls him back. Once King Night’s face regenerates he asks Ayumu not to hate Yuu when he does grow tired of life. Then Yuu decides that she is going to kill King Night. He asks to be a penguin when he dies and poof he goes. After Yuu has her sad second Ayumu demands that Yuu stay with him forever. Yuu then SPEAKS and says Ayumu will be sad if she stays with him. Ayumu is like that’s okay, my life is weird and OH you talked. Then Haruna comes back from being zapped across the world. Everyone goes home and discussion of the beach happens. Magical. THE END!

Well folks…at least Sera didn’t become a magical girl too right?

Next week’s episode looks to be a throw away episode. WOOHOO the beach fun type of deal. So this is the end of the plot and things that make “sense”. I do not think sadness fills my heart.

And while everything ended on a positive note it was……unnecessary drama. King Night wanted to die and Yuu ended up killing him. But instead of doing that right away she acted all SAD AND SPECIAL and basically put the entire city at risk for no reason. Good job folks. Good job Yuu.


Just staring at the naked man....

Putting Ayumu back together was fun. His penis scares me a bit. Not sure I would want to have relations with that sparkly mess. STDS are serious business folks. I was also impressed the girls were all looking at the sparkly penis and were more grossed out by his limbs being put back together than his general nakedness. Priorities folks.


Necessary nudity folks!

This falls under necessary nudity. Not that I am being a hypocrite or anything. If a girl got her self blown up I would expect the pieces to be naked. So while the sparkles were special Ayumu being naked makes sense. As much sense as his limbs crawling back together can make anyway.


Um what about Yuu? The girl who left?

Ayumu being trapped in a sad little dream was a bit hard to swallow. Haruna and Sera say crappy thing about him every day. Had the dream just been about Yuu leaving Ayumu and various forms of that it would have been more believable. Might have been rather quiet with Yuu not talking and all but it would have been better than Haruna and Sera beating on Ayumu. That shouldn’t get to Ayumu at this point.


One must really look for the maturity people.

I think Haruna matured a bit in this episode. As much as Haruna can mature anyway. She has feelings for Ayumu as seen with her and Yuki trying to kiss Ayumu back to life. But it appears that she has accepted the fact that Ayumu has stronger feelings for Yuu. And instead of being overly selfish about the situation she helped Ayumu out of the dream world and aided him in battle with my King Night. I am not saying she isn’t going to have feelings for him still or won’t flirt with him. But I think she knows her chances with Ayumu are pretty slim and just wants to be around him at this point.


Ninja vampires...playing musical instruments...okay then...

I don’t really want to talk about Sera and her violin playing ways. But like I said earlier at least she didn’t turn into a magical girl too. Just after an entire season of seeing her using flying and sword skills her picking up a violin to slay the hundreds of ghost and whale monster wasn’t happening. They tried shoving this violin crap last episode with it RANDOMLY being mailed to Sera but I am not feeling it. It took forever for our heroes to destroy the last giant whale when actively fighting it. I am not believing all the vampire ninjas coming together like 12th grade band class to soothe away the evil.


Yuu is super impressed with the entire situation.

Oh and when playing their instruments of fail it was apparently necessary to don the ugliest maid outfits ever. It helped the magical ya’ll.


Maybe this show is also making fun of Touma?

Ayumu had a Touma moment this week with the epic speeches. And Ayumu really took lessons from Touma with maybe slightly missing the point. Yuu might not want her friends to suffer but King Night was right. Yuu saving him and making him “immortal” has been a curse. You will watch all your friends and family die….if they stick around because you are never aging and that might be hard to explain. Watching things constantly changing and people being at war all the time can drain a person. Yes there is plenty of things to enjoy in this world and we all think we would love immortality. But until we are in King Night’s shoes it is hard to yell and scream at him.


Maybe you can kill me now?

Well maybe for trying to kill the entire city. Kidnapping Yuu is understandable as she is the only one who could kill him. And maybe killing her friends wasn’t the best way to make an audience like him. But it took all that and more for Yuu to finally kill him. So I am wondering if that is why he killed that random, unexplained person before. Had he told Yuu he really wanted to die and Yuu was too selfish to grant him that wish? If so it is easy to see why he descended into madness.


This show was very serious. More proof right here.

In the end Yuu FINALLY killed King Night. Which is what she should have done the first time he asked but then we wouldn’t have a show. I understand he was her homeboy and maybe she was looking for someone to spend eternity with. But if you love something you should let it go. Or something like that. Point is he was suffering with her “gift” and she should have done the hard task of saying DISAPPEAR.



Oh and this is bull based on zombie rules. It appears that Ayumu put his fist through King Night’s face. The main zombie rule of them all is AIM FOR THE HEAD. You put your fist through the brain and the zombie goes down. LIES! This show is all lies.


And bath time right? Time for bath time older brother?

Of course no one cares about any of this because Yuu TALKED! And while she doesn’t sound like the crazy 10 other girls Ayumu thought she sounded like….she talked. A LOT actually. Like 4 sentences. Not “yes” and “no” but complete sentences. I wonder why she felt it safe to talk now. She still has her talking powers of doom. But it was nice for Ayumu to hear Yuu and her sad self. Also apparently it is selfish to make someone else happy.

After Haruna comes flying through the air everyone goes home and it is cute and lovely. TO THE BEACH ya’ll, like this entire plot didn’t happen. Just……it was very special to me. But if people did things the easy way we wouldn’t have a lot of shows/animes/movies would we?


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Monday, March 28, 2011

To Aru Majutsu No Index Season Two episode 23

This past week has been really hard at work and today, my day off, did not start off well. Can’t seem to catch a break here people. Frustrating week was frustrating. Here’s to hoping that this new week will be better.

On a brighter note my house did get cleaner. Anger does a wonder for my house. XD So be constructive with your anger folks!

Photobucket one knows what is going on. Just go with the flow.

Moving on it is time to blog some anime folks! I have gotten out of the blogging rhythm lately so hopefully I will get back in the swing on things. For now it is time for confusion! Spoilers for…I don’t even know folks.



Episode Summary: Touma runs down to help Hyōka out. And by help I mean look at her since only using one hand would make sense. Hyōka wakes up and is distraught why all the destruction around her. She decides it is her fault and asks Touma to kill her. Touma smiles and talks about his hand for a little bit and how Hyōka really is human if she wants to protect others instead of herelf. Touma is like let’s go home and see Index before you disappear. Misaka is trying to get a hold of Index but Index is too busy freaking out because Accelerator just had black wings out of his back. Accelerator wakes up and Aleister is talking in his head. Basically the ultimatum is Accelerator joins them or he dies. Someone is in the shadows threatening Accelerator and he basically says EFF YOU to the entire situation. The Seats of God people briefly talk on the phone. Basically they are to pull back and regroup. Frog Doctor Dude calls Aleister to say back off these kids or else. Aleister is like um no but thanks for playing.


So much explanation....

Moving on it is another school day for Touma. There are antics with snapped bras, bentos, and going out with the entire class after school. But the overall mood is low key as WAR is rumored to be happening soon in Academy City. Motoharu pulls Touma aside to tell him this war is not his fault but things are going to get serious really soon. Touma decides the best thing he can do is learn English. Elsewhere Accelerator is trying out guns since he is Aleister’s new Kihara. He is being trained by some random dude looking kid but is generally unhappy with the situation. Despite the fact that the major religion of the series is out to kill them all Aleister sends Accelerator to stop SkillOut because they are making bombs and putting trash in sewers. Really important stuff folks. Before the mission Motoharu calls Accelerator to warn him that THEIR organization should not be trusted. But Accelerator just wants to bash some heads in so he is happy. THE END!!!

Like…..what the hell was that? Did I miss a really important episode? Or has it just been so long since I have seen Touma and the gang I am lost and confused?


Don't worry, be happy.

NOPE FOLKS! In the last episode Accelerator grew wings and destroyed something. And Index saved Misaka Misaka which stopped Hyōka from looking like a drugged out angel. But now we got the entire city aware of a war, Accelerator is working with Motoharu, and now the main baddies in town are the losers over at SkillOut? What the hell am I watching?!?!?!


Obviously Mr. Frog man is a more important person than I thought.

First of all Mr. Frog Doctor calling Aleister to yell at him was….weird. Brave but probably not good for his long term health. Because Aleister lives in a building that can survive another building being thrown into it. A man with that much power cannot be trusted. But if Mr. Doctor is the one who saved Aleister he must be know when to push the limits. I think it was nice that Mr. Doctor was willing to put his nonexistent neck out for Accelerator and other crazy kids. Just I think nothing will come from that.


Um I am crying over my very existence and you are relieved? Okay then.

Second…I am just wondering how lame this build-up of Hyōka really was. I mean I hate her/her storyline already so I might be looking at this all from hate colored glasses. But her crying that this was all her fault was dumb. Touma trying to convince her to keep on living because she is human was special. This girl is all sobbing and losing her mind and Touma is really not talking about the same issues. I would be like dude this is not your fault but don’t worry. I got your back. But Touma has to be weird about the whole issue.

AND THEN INDEX DIDN’T EVEN SEE HYOKA! Just….things are going really fast here folks. Maybe instead of watching el big boobs carry a cross for 3 episodes last arc we could have used the time to make stuff in this arc make sense.


Jealous Misaka time?

There were some school antics but they didn’t flow well. Or really they seemed weird to me. What was wrong with the potato? Are high school kids that stupid in they need someone to pick a restaurant for them? And why is everyone such a greed pot when it comes to meat with shared meals? Oh and when someone is choking rubbing their bra strap loose is really the best way to fix the situation.


Yes but why does everyone else know it is starting?

No what I thought was telling about the entire high school situation was everyone is aware of a WAR going on. Um….how do they know that? Granted there were a few messed up buildings and people were randomly unconscious on the ground. But Academy City is no stranger to weird events happening around every corner. So why now are the “normal citizens” allowed to know the truth? I don’t understand what I missed or how they were informed. MISSING SOMETHING HERE FOLKS!!!

Oh and Accelerator lost his mind. Moreso than last week when he wasn’t able to communicate at all.


What happened this Accelerator?!

See last episode he was bashing in Kihara’s face with his new wings of doom. Aleister SENT Kihara to take out Accelerator to get Misaka Misaka. So….why is Accelerator working for Aleister NOW?! Was Misaka Misaka threatened again? I don’t know as she was not in this episode at all. It looked like Accelerator was threaten by Mr. New Cute Boy. But since I am still confused about the wings I didn’t question Accelerator being able to talk again.


A gun...really? I don't even know what this is all about...

But then Accelerator suits up and decides to work with GROUP. Which was never explained in great detail. Just they are a group that replaced Kihara and his people. Since Accelerator destroyed them all Aleister is like HAHA now it is your job. And the first order of business is to get him a gun people. Sure they increased his power time to 30 minutes but guns? GUNS?! HE THREW A BUILDING FOLKS! But now he needs a gun.


And everything has come full circle. THE END!

And despite the fact that Roman Catholics (or some Catholics) are trying to destroy the City/the entire concept of science Accelerator’s first job is to stop SkillOut. The bad of losers who have no powers. Apparently they are making low level explosives and stuffing sewer lines that are really underground escapes. So obviously they are a bigger threat than people who can cause an entire city to be become unconscious. OBVIOUSLY FOLKS! And obviously we can’t send useless Judgment to solve the useless problem. Because that would make no sense.

So in conclusion I have no idea what is going on. Just that we are not going to see this WAR between science and magic this season. Must be season three folks. For now we are going to get a lame subplot about cleaning house and Accelerator being inducted back into Aleister’s world. Or something. Touma hasn’t punched anyone in 24 hours so hopefully he gets to do that soon.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Japan Relief News

Yesterday I happily posted that Good Smile Company was donating 1/3rd of the proceeds with their new Support version of Miku Hatsune. Anyone who loves nendoroids and wants to help out Japan should check this out. Every little bit will help and you shall be rewarded for your generosity in the form of a happy cheer leading figurine.

But now two weeks after the disaster more and more companies are releasing products that will donate part or all of the proceeds to helping out Japan. Of course one can always donate directly to the Red Cross by texting to the correct number. But some people like to donate and get a bonus item. As long as the money reaches the cause either way is fine.

Most of these new donation methods were posted by HelloKittyJunkie. Probably the only girl in the world who loves Hello Kitty/cute things more than me. XD But yes thanks to her I became aware of these new method in helping out Japan and I am passing on the news.

Up first is Loungefly. As always they have a lovely selection of Hello Kitty. According to their website the net proceeds will go towards the Relief Effort up until the end of the month. So there is limited time to donate to this cause but if you enjoy (expensive) Hello Kitty products and cute stuff perhaps this is the cause for you.

Over at Mighty Fine they are trying to help Japan out as well. While it doesn't specifically say how much of the money will go towards Japan they do say which charity will receive the money. Which is a positive as some people like to know that information beforehand. The products they are offering are limited edition shirts although they all look like women's shirts.

Next up is Tokidoki. Now the company is helping Japan in two ways. One with products and another with a run. But since most of us can't make the run (which is in a few hours...) we can still donate online. While this company is only offering one shirt (in men's and women's sizes) and a tote 100 percent of the profit will go towards the Relief Effort. And given how expensive Tokidoki usually is the price for the shirt is rather reasonable. Oh Tokidoki are you so expensive because I can't afford another collection?

And lastly is one that is not fully up yet. Gwen Stefani (creator of the Harajuku Lover's Line and the source of my poorness) donated personal money to Japan earlier this week and has plans to create a limited edition Harajuku Lovers shirt. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to help Japan but no picture of the shirt are available. Their website says to stay tune and more details will be available next week. But I am sure it will be super cute since it is Harajuku Lovers.

Due to the fact that celebrities aren't rushing to the TV in support of Japan I am happy that those who love and respect the Japanese and their culture are doing what they can to support them during this disaster. Now my money is still on the Miku nendoroid but with all these new choices I might donate to a second cause. With all these choices I am sure everyone will find a cause to support now. Pass on the word!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Japan Relief Effort: Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Support Version

Usually what gets me through a hard day of work on Thursdays is the thought that Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica will be waiting for me by the time I get home. Since the tsunami hit Japan this show has been put on hold at least until April so Thursdays are a little sad for me. Understandable but sad.

But this Thursday I came home to a delightful surprise. And for once it wasn't a purse!!! XD Introducing Nendoroid Miku Support version!


Helping Japan one nendoroid at a time!

Since the disaster in Japan occurred I had been planning on sending something to help with the recovery effort. Of course Japan and her people/culture have always been very interesting to me and many of my hobbies come from Japan. But I also wanted to donate because I had a feeling that people wouldn't be supporting this disaster as much since it is not a 3rd world country type situation. With less dollars/star powers heading Japan's way I think we in the anime community need help make up the difference.

However I had not donated yet simply because at the time Japan had not asked for official help yet. Sure they say donate to the Red Cross but there is no way to tell if that money directly helps Japan or it goes in their general funds. But that was how I was going to donate, 10 dollars on my phone bill. Which in the end will benefit someone in need and many people can spare 10 dollars.

When I arrived home after a SPECIAL day at work I saw two blog posts about this wonderful new Nendoroid. Danny Choo reached a wide audience when he reposted Mikatan's post on the newest nendoroid yet to hit the market. And despite already having the regular Miku nendoroid the moment I saw her I definitely had to have her. So big thank you to Danny Choo and Mikatan for keeping us figurine lovers up to date with the latest news.


Join Miku in supporting Japan!

This support version comes with a few new parts. She has a new happy face, a banner shaped like a music note, and cheerleader pom poms. I am not sure which is my favorite but if I had to pick one it have to be the pom poms. XD Go Miku go!!!

Orders for this new cutie go on sale tomorrow (err well it says tomorrow but since my global time skills suck maybe today?) for those in Japan and April 8th for the nendoroid loving world. If anyone out there was planning on donating via texting 90999 for 20 dollars more you can donate the same amount you were going to AND receive a cute nendoroid. Either way the money goes to important causes.

However I will be ready and waiting to pre-order my lovely. This nendoroid is going to be made to order so if you are interested act on it in two weeks! I am glad that I can help out Japan of course so Miku will be a bonus.


Also pretend my math isn't totally off. Miku will end up costing 37 American dollars. But on the upside that means you are really donating 12 dollars to support Japan. YAY CONVERSION!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

K-On!! episode 27 SURPRISE!

I would like to start off this post by thanking the wonderful blogger Blindability over at Bokutachi no BLOG. Without their episode 27 post I would have totally missed K-On!! episode 27. Or at least not have realized there was enough an episode until much later. XO So thank you Blindability! In a time where anime episodes are being (understandably) delayed this really brightened my week.

K-On!! is the kind of anime that you can pick up after not watching it for a while. Like it didn’t feel like months since I last saw our Light Music Club girls. It was easy to get back into the world of silliness and ice cream snacks. I see that as a positive with this show but I am not sure how well that would work with more plot driven shows.


Exactly folks. Rejoice that K-On!! is back.

In any event spoilers for crazy travel antics and how one should not a plan a graduation trip before actually passing your final exams.


Everyone say AWWWW!

Episode Summary: It is summer time in K-On!! land. Mugi is back from her vacation and is handing the senior girls beautiful and wonderful souvenirs from her trip. Ui tries to remind Yui that they too went out of the country once when they were younger but Yui can only remember ice cream. But this sparkles the girls interest in going on a post-graduation trip. Azusa questions why the girls are talking about travel plans when they should be studying for their exams but that is set aside as silly talk. The girls go to a travel place and discuss where they want to go on vacation. As the girls apparently won the lottery places like New York, Hawaii, and London are mentioned. But any place with ice cream will do. Trying to narrow down the ideas Azusa goes to a book store where she runs into Nodoka. She too is planning a trip for the student council but they are going to go to Kyoto. Azusa embarrasses herself in a speculator way and Nodoka is polite about it. Later that night Ui decides that her sister in a foreign place might not be a good idea and also goes to the book store.


Did you bring a check? BECAUSE MONEY IS FORBIDDEN!!!

Azusa is called the park where the older girls are practicing being mugged and beating up the intruder. Azusa is very impressed with all the nonsense. The girls then decide to practice their English which goes as well as can be expected. Also Yui might have a career in performance art. Then Mugi is like oh you all have passports right? Seeing how the answer is NO for all the girls Mio researches what they need for their passports and texts the girls the information. On the way to get her passport picture taken Yui and Nodoka run into Sawako who is trying to join a gym. She is all XO at the thought of her girls going on a foreign trip before her old self does. She turns down Yui’s invitation to join them. Instead she will hope for a romantic trip overseas on her honeymoon. Passport day arrives and it is plagued with issues. Ritsu forgets some of her documents and Mio’s picture isn’t right for the passport. Yui tries to make the situation better by messing up all of Mio’s redo photos. The girls laugh about their adventures over ice cream. They also go to a luggage store and excitedly talk about their trip. In Japan things are magical and the girls get their passports within a week. They still don’t know where they are going but are excited to go there together. Also Yui plans on going on a trip when Azusa graduates too. THE END!!!

XD See folks? K-On!! is amazing. It can make any task, no matter how mundane, into an adventure.


Too ugly for words folks.

But Mugi. Mugi. You are my home girl and all but really. What were you thinking with those ugly souvenirs? I bet you could have found something less tacky and gross at the airport or something. Just no. I mean I don’t care about the Christmas in July thing you had going on but no. Just say no to ugly snowglobes. But maybe since you are so rich you find the cute things tacky or something. I think there is a Host Club out there that might have some guys thinking the same way you do.


Dude how does Ash afford to go around the entire world?! HOW DOES HE AFFORD FOOD?!

The girl planning a graduation trip was sweet. Makes me wish that our crew did something like that after we graduated. Oh wait we didn’t have Ms. Mugi money bags funding our fun. XD Even though the girls never mentioned anything about money…..But anyway yes. I fully support the girls going as a unit to celebrate their graduation. I like how these girls are actually all friends too. Sometimes in a club with many members you are not friends with everyone. So while everyone is AW no one for Azusa next year the tight knit group means everyone ended up liking everyone.

Of course it could have turned out the exact opposite and you could like no one with only 4 people to pick from. But we will overlook that for now. And forever.


Denial is a fun place to live!

But the girls planning their graduation trip five seconds after their summer vacation was special. And very K-On!! like. Even Mio got in on this not studying vacation planning. Of course when one is planning a trip overseas the sooner you plan it the better. Just I found it amusing that when most people are freaking out about their entrance exams these girls are trying to decide from Hawaii and England.


Time to find your mom!!!!

Oh and the girls are so silly. That or they really are into music and all the crazy that goes on in the show covers up their true love of the art. But yes when I think New York I don’t automatically think musical meccas. I don’t think Broadway counts. And then London is known for its rock bands? Maybe it is but that is not the first thing that would to my mind. Also Hawaii and ice cream? Ah my Light Music club girls are silly indeed.


Believe in future!!!

Poor Sawako. Never being out of the country and she is SO OLD. SO OLD FOLKS!!!! I am pretty sure being out of the country when you are an infant and on a military base doesn’t count so WOOHOO. I am worse off than Sawako. XD But I got your back Sawako. I wouldn’t want my first time out of the country to be with my former students either. And hello traveling is expensive and you don’t have a Ms. Money Bags Mugi funding your fun. You barely got a car!!!


You don't look that sorry!

The entire passport portion of the show was true folks. Actually the girls probably got off easier with the photo booth being IN the passport turning in place thingy. Getting a passport sucks and I wish it on no one. NO ONE! You basically have to produce a million forms of ID, fill out a questionnaire with super personal information, and you get to shell out tons of money to experience all this torture.


Even Mio laughed about this later. What good sports.

But the girls laughed through all the drama. I certainly did not when my own passport drama happened but you know I am not a character in a moe show. Probably because things were a little easier and they weren’t the ones paying for the experience of having to go to the office THREE DIFFERENT TIMES because heaven forbid people tell you the first time you go get your passport that they do not accept YOUR OWN COUNTRY’S CURRENCY!!! XD See folks, K-On!! makes getting your passport a fun experience with friends and doesn’t bring up recent disastrous memories at all.


Air guitars would fit better on the plane anyway.

After the crazy adventures in passport land the girls got ice cream and generally had a good time complaining about the day. But they did it in a manner which made us laugh with them. Usually when I complain about things there is less laughing and more 4 letter words.

Of course the best part of the episode was the girls practicing self defense/English in the park. Ui might be a little overprotective of her sister in most cases but in this one she is right on. A group of young girls traveling alone to a foreign place need to take precautions. And maybe watch Hostel 2 so they can really freak out and never leave home again.


Can Mugi be my best friend?!

But practicing in the park was insane. Especially since Mio was down for this craziness and Azusa was the one all X__X about the issue. Hopefully that book has a chapter about kicking men in the balls and running away. That is my plan anyway.


Most important phrase ever.

I could make fun of the girls practicing English…but I won’t. English is apparently one of the hardest languages to learn, especially coming from a language like Japanese where word placement isn’t exactly that important. Besides I might be having my own communication issues soon so I really can’t laugh that much. But I will laugh a little. XD Because Yui is a silly little goober. Hopefully Mugi will always be around to save the day. Now let me go learn how to say “where is the bathroom” in Japanese. Oh and learn what basic directions they might give.


Obviously studying was always important to these girls.

In the end the girls get their passports…and we don’t know where they are going. Could this be the plot for the K-On!! the movie? Hopefully because where else does the series have to go? XD Bu I think the writers did a good job milking more out of this series without making it boring or trying too hard. In any event this episode got me interested in the K-On!! movie…even if I was already excited about more Mugi. XD

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kore wa Zombie desu ka episode 10

ANIME!!!! It is back in my life! Surely a sign that things are getting better in Japan and it is not the wasteland Nancy Grace is making it out to be. Oh yes folks do not watch Nancy Grace if you want reliable reporting. Only if you are bored and want to make fun of someone being hysterical and inappropriate about a natural disaster. Like really worrying about what REPORTERS have to eat over in Japan? Not high on my priority list folks.

But yes ANIME! Not the anime I was looking forward to but I will take whatever I can get at this point. The idea of waiting 2 more weeks AT LEAST for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is enough to drive me bonkers. But we have our daily dose of zombie ninja magical girls to keep us company no?


Such a lonely little plushie!

Spoilers for Ayumu getting torn up emotionally and physically.


This isn't random at all folks.

Episode Summary: Several months have passed since Yuu left the little family. The group continues to look for her but things aren’t looking great. Ayumu is pouting all over the place but he hasn’t given up hope. Haruna is busy eating winter treats but says she has not found anything out about Yuu either. They were going to have a nice night of picking on each other but Sera arrives all torn up. After being cleaned and bandaged up Sera explains that she went to her people to search for Yuu clues and instead she got drop kicked to the face. Which is to be expected from a traitor and Sera is okay with it. Then Sera threatens to destroy Ayumu and all is well with the world. Then there is a random scene where Haruna’s spaghetti delivery arrives but it is a violin instead. Sera plays them a random tune and the random scene is over. Ayumu goes back to the convivence store he last saw Yuu at and eats a rice ball. There he sees King Night talking vet stuff with a lady. Then the two exchange words. Once King Night learns Yuu has left he decides he will kill Ayumu get to Yuu back on Earth. During this Sera and Haruna show up and Ayumu gets his legs chopped off by trying to protect the girls.


Sure he's okay! He only got his legs chopped off. Tis a flesh wound.

When King Night tries to attack Sera and Haruna Yuki and Sera’s ninja people show up and scare King Night off. One ninja threatens Sera a bit while Yuki and Haruna put Ayumu’s legs back on wrong. Haruna carries Ayumu home while King Night looks all sad and stuff. Yuki later calls Ayumu and says she knows where King Night is. Haruna and Ayumu bicker a bit about the situation while Yuu is outside listening in. Sera goes to greet Yuu but King Night attacks her. Afraid someone else might get hurt Yuu quickly “heals” Sera and goes with King Night. After rescuing Sera Ayumu and Haruna race off to King Night’s house. But when they get there he is making dinner for Yuu and invites Haruna and Ayumu to join them. Haruna agrees while Ayumu glares. King Night tries to talk about being immortal but the vampire ninjas show up. King Night takes Yuu hostage and Yuu denies Ayumu’s hand as he reaches out for her. Inside the apartment Haruna and Yuki are trying to defuse a random bomb that appeared on Haruna’s head. When all fails Ayumu puts the bomb on his head and flies out the window. Only he doesn’t care about the bomb. He is still upset that Yuu didn’t take his hand. THE END!


Truly a genius.

Well it wasn’t the end of the world but it entertained me for 22 minutes. And since that was 22 minutes I didn’t spend shopping and looking at more lovely Harajuku Lover bags I consider this episode a success.


Months people. MONTHS!

I am a bit surprised that months went by in their universe and still no Yuu. I don’t think the characters were acting very realistic if Yuu was really gone that long. I would expect Ayumu to be more mopey and maybe Sera to be a little more depressed. Haruna is obviously not in tune with human emotions (which is funny as she is probably the most human person left on the show) so she doesn’t count. But I was expecting Ayumu to be more realistic about the situation.


Surprise the branch is in such good shape.

I mean at least he is still looking for her. But it didn’t feel like months had passed and Ayumu was feeling like things were looking grim. One goes through the hope phase, the denial phase, the crazy phase, and the slow acceptance that the person you are looking for has been dragged into the underworld. Really he is not dealing with the grieving process well.


Oh hi welcome home. Would you like some tea?

Another thing that didn’t paint the few months picture very well was Sera was now being attacked by her peoples for failing a mission. A mission that ended….a few months ago. Are the vampire ninjas working on Mexican time or something? Even I am not that late folks. Surely if Sera failed to complete a mission as important as that Sera would have gotten her ass kicked sooner. Of course there is always the possibility the vampire ninjas THOUGHT Sera completed her job as Yuu was no longer hanging out at casa de Ayumu and Sera’s questioning where Yuu was made the vampires go um you failed? I guess that could have happened.

Dude I am having such a hard time concentrating on this post. I keep looking up more information about the douche that is Victoria Jackson. Between her and Nancy Grace I has a lot of anger in me. I shall finish blogging this episode tomorrow when maybe my brain is not full of rage.


Too many stupid people Haruna. Way too many stupids.

Okay I has returned and with a better attitude. Funny how throwing stuff away makes me happy but I am special like that. So what was I talking about again? Ah yes several months have passed and people are acting weird. Let’s move on from that issue.


I'm in your neighborhood healing your pets.

Mr. King Night living so close to Ayumu is weird. Why didn’t he notice that Yuu was gone sooner and try to kill Ayumu? Is he too busy helping animals he didn’t notice the other zombie in the neighborhood? Truly he is weird.


Just a tiny bit crazy.

However maybe all the years have driven him crazy. His intentions with Yuu don’t seem as evil now. He simply wants to die and since Yuu is the one who made him into a zombie she is the one who can finally kill him yes? Granted him trying to kill Yuu’s friends might not be the best way to go about things but he is desperate at this point. He is all alone in his eternal lifeness and the person he thought he was going to spend it with hates him. But obviously he isn’t THAT evil since he works with animals. He just has to kill people to get Yuu to do what he wants.

It’s not like he is trying to turn girls into witches OKAY!


In 1000 years come back to me and we will see who is the crazy one.

The fact that Night King went out of his way to warn Ayumu about the dangers of eternal life leads me to believe he isn’t really THAT bad. Of course he did kill that one person that caused Yuu to turn against him. But we don’t know the reason behind that yet. Oh and he made his captive and her friends dinner. How bad can he be?


Haruna is just....amazing. Also who the hell is delivering all these packages wrong?

But Haruna is still a moron for thinking all is well with this scenario. Or at least accepting the food without a second thought. Ayumu and Yuu were looking depressed and she is sitting there chowing down. Crazy face.


I am pretty sure my cat is smarter than Haruna.

Ayumu suffered great damage in this episode but since he was doing it for all his womens it was okay. It wasn’t very comical him flying through the air with the bomb on his head because he was too sad about Yuu. But I figured his legs were going to get put on the wrong way so that was slightly amusing. But aw poor Ayumu. He didn’t even get a chance to complain about the bomb since he was busy pouting.


Come with me if you want to live.

Next week will probably be more of the same, moping and sad Ayumu. No more fun times for this make shift family I suppose.

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