Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Walking around the neighborhood

 photo Duffy001_zps4ab31a3d.jpg
Looks like rain, not too many people around.
Hello there readers and fellow Duffy lovers who spend way too much money on bear clothes. XD Sometimes I am told I spent way too much time inside. But inside is where the internets and TV is. As well as the non bugs and children! But for some reason I decided to go on a walk the other day. I guess maybe...I should be in better shape. Especially if I don't want to be exhausted on day trip adventures! Also in honor of Earth Day...that was last week you know.....So onward to the outdoors Duffy!
 photo Duffy002_zps697084cd.jpg
Up the stairs I go. This is where the big rec center is at mom's amenity center. A lot of proms happen in the upstairs room.
 photo Duffy003_zpsa5bffc92.jpg
Fountain near the building. My butt got wet. :(
 photo Duffy004_zps1e24618b.jpg
Don't die little flowers! It is barely spring.
 photo Duffy005_zps6b1ef7bf.jpg
Time to take a walk weee.
 photo Duffy006_zpsef72f3e9.jpg
Does anything live in there? Hopefully a bunny and not a snake!
 photo Duffy007_zps74eedab0.jpg
Pathway that connects a neighborhood to the edge of the property. A long walk home for kids. XO
 photo Duffy008_zpsc1f0fde4.jpg
For some reason mom likes to put me in trees...
 photo Duffy009_zpsefbb2b80.jpg
No fishes or turtles. Where are all the animals?!
 photo Duffy011_zps77d60d9c.jpg
Are those footsteps for fairies?!
 photo Duffy012_zps4c937130.jpg
Time to walk to the water part of the park. I guess it is a pond?
 photo Duffy013_zpsebb826c6.jpg
Don't drop me in! It will take forever for me to dry.
 photo Duffy014_zps45402fe5.jpg
Finally some animals!
 photo Duffy015_zps56622627.jpg
Wait for me little animals! Why are you swimming away!?
 photo Duffy016_zpsee6d941a.jpg
Well fine I don't care about you either!
 photo Duffy017_zpsf77c0921.jpg
And then I was back in the tree again.
 photo Duffy018_zpsd3888e23.jpg
Time to play at the playground. The only other people here were some teenagers with a dog. I better stay away from them.
 photo Duffy019_zps4aa3271f.jpg
I got a long way to climb.
 photo Duffy020_zps176d6ed1.jpg
Wai why isn't there rubber mulch here?!
 photo Duffy021_zpsd83c227c.jpg
So high! XO Can I make it?
 photo Duffy022_zps4728f201.jpg
 photo Duffy023_zps994d1cb0.jpg
All that fun was so exhausting!
 photo Duffy024_zps85497730.jpg
XO And that was our adventure outside today. Maybe I need to get in shape too. Adventures are too fun to take a lot of breaks.

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