Friday, April 4, 2014

Nagi no Asukara episode 23

 photo nagiepisode2310_zpsf679d15f.jpg
Love should never be a lie!
On a roll folks. I am on a roll....or you know I am just posting things I nearly had done two weeks ago before things hit the fan weeeee! Seems like so long ago this Nagi no Asukara episode 23. Let me see if I can remember the spoilers. Oh yes. Spoilers for Manaka being the most important person in the love orgy and Chisaki going WOE IS ME all over the place. Yeah I think I have said that about 19 times now...
 photo nagiepisode233_zps14bbf441.jpg
Wait Manaka doesn't even LIKE you? What the heck is going on here?!
Episode Summary: Hikari watches was Manaka and the little boy play in the yard. They seem happy but Hikari keeps thinking about what Uroko said the night before. In a flashback obviously Hikari was not happy. Uroko told Hikari to accept that there were things in this world that he couldn't change and that he himself Uroko had no idea if this process was reversible. Hikari is not in a playing mood when Manaka brings the game over to him and she gets confused. Miuna runs up and says she has to do an errand and asks Hikari to come along. She reveals that she did so since she didn't want Hikari to cry, she will be the adult for him. Hikari has decided that he is going to get Manaka back to normal, that he won't accept what Uroko has said as final. He is going to make Manaka have her heart capable of loving again. Miuna asks how Hikari plans on doing that and he is going to make Manaka be around the person she loves, the one she was going to confess to...Tsumugu. Miuna seems very shocked at this revelation and wants to know how Hikari knows. Hikari doesn't go into great detail, just that he knows. Miuna asks Hikari if he is going to tell the others and Manaka as she would want to know if this was happening to her. Hikari says no to Manaka but yes to the others. They all gather at Tsumugu's place and he explains Manaka losing her love and that he plans on fixing her. Kaname and Chisaki both think that Manaka looks rather happy as if and maybe it would be for the best right now. Sayu gets beyond pissed that they would think like that and stomps away. Miuna follows her while Hikari is all glaring at the other three as Tsumugu isn't properly upset either. Miuna and Hikari catch up to Sayu who is crying all over the place angrily that loving someone is important, even if it is ends in tears and beers. When Hikari calls Kaname stupid though Sayu defends him and stomps off to do homework. Hikari comments that Sayu has always been weird like that. Miuna tries to change the subject but Manaka and the little boy come down the road to walk with everyone. They stop near the water as the little kid plays and Hikari rethinks how life is bad. Manaka spots something shiny in the water so Hikari runs over to see what it is. It is something the seaslug spits up after you whisper your feelings into it. If it is white your feelings are true and if it's black well they is not. Hikari decides that this is Manaka's rock, when she whispered that she liked Tsumugu and gives it to her, telling her to protect it no matter what. Manaka looks confused and they all walk home. Later Hikari explains the importance of the situation to Miuna as they do the dishes. Manaka looks happy and content being around everyone so it is hard to imagine her as suffering. Hikari remembers what Miuna said years ago about not wanting to love anyone anymore as she lost her mom and that hurt. But now that Miuna has opened her heart to Akari so many good things happened to his family. Surely he can't be wrong in wanting to get the same for Manaka.
 photo nagiepisode238_zps5f05b016.jpg
So now Miuna will put her feelings aside for Hikari's sake?
Later Manaka and Miuna talk before they go to bed. Manaka still seems very confused on what is going on in regards to this stone. Miuna gets all serious and asks Manaka to let her borrow it so she can make it easier for Manaka to guard. After school the next day Miuna makes the stone into a necklace as Sayu watches. Sayu has decided that while her love for Kaname might be one sided she doesn't regret feeling this way and will go confess to him. Miuna is all X___X how can you do that but Sayu has done a lot in Kaname's day or trying to forget him. Now she wants an answer and to move on. Miuna later meets up with Manaka in the hallway and gives her the necklace. Manaka thanks her and declares it pretty. Miuna has to remind Manaka that she and the others helped her make a necklace for Akari. Manaka barely remembers and looks a little sad at her lack of memories. This causes Miuna to cry for all the horrible things that are happening to Manaka despite her man being in love with said tragic girl. Manaka is confused again. Back at case de Tsumugu he is packing and getting ready to go back to college. Chisaki is going on and on, mothering the man while he sorta stands there and doesn't confess in an obvious way, hoping she just gets the point. Chisaki and Tsumugu do talk a little about the Manaka situation, but not enough to make Chisaki look like a decent friend. Tsumugu goes out on the ice to start packing things up when Hikari approaches him. He wants to know why Tsumugu is leaving and he explains it is for research and what not. Hikari wants to know what about Manaka. Tsumugu seems rather confused since how can he help Manaka? Hikari explains that Manaka is in love with Tsumugu and Tsumugu needs to show Manaka love so she can experience it again. Tsumugu is like...I never knew Manaka liked me and I don't like her He thinks that pretending would hurt her even more. Hikari gets super pissed that Tsumugu won't even try and attacks Tsumugu. This doesn't work out well since Tsumugu is a lot bigger. Chisaki was riding along on the bus when she sees these two “fighting” and runs to help. During this nonfight Tsumugu says he is in love with Chisaki so he can't go along with the Manaka plan. Hikari is like X___X and Chisaki is like @___@ as she just ran up. Tsumugu goes to explain but Chisaki jumps in the water. Tsumugu follows her with Hikari screaming not to. Tsumugu tries chasing after Chisaki but she doesn't even look behind her. Slowly Tsumugu starts to drown, thinking all he wanted to do was reach Chisaki. Suddenly he hears and sees Manaka's ena. He thinks to himself how wondering it is to be surrounded by all this emotion. Hikari jumps in the water to save Tsumugu when he sees the man surrounded by sparkles and not dying. Tsumugu turns to Hikari and having ena. Tsumugu takes exactly 5 seconds to be amazed that he has this ena now. All this life his parents hated the sea and rejected his Grandfather. But now he is where he thinks he belongs. Hikari is beyond confused but Tsumugu is like got to find Chisaki despite the fact I just got this ability/skin and have no idea where the town is. Chisaki reaches the snow covered area and cries at being alone. She turns around and poof Tsumugu is there. Look he has ena. Not that it matters because he explains to Chisaki why he loves her, which mainly consists of her actions regarding Hikari and how she reminds him of the sea. He loves you Chisaki. THE END!!!!
 photo nagiepisode2313_zps9f01137d.jpg
You have ena but need to find Chisaki first to reconfess. Priorities I see.
So many words!! I love words there folks. Got a little cut off at the end since I realized how long things were getting. But yes. Everyone is in love with everyone else and Manaka doesn't love anyone and by gosh we got to make sure we get her ability back because we need this entire love orgy to be put together!!! Less happy, more tears okay?!
 photo nagiepisode23_zps4726293c.jpg
Cue half the songs ever on the top 40.
Considering all that had happened...I think Hikari was handling the situation well. I do wish that some adults were actually talked to, consulted on what the heck was going on. Did Hikari even both going to his sister? Probably not. She seems like she should have a lot more on her plate than she does. She has a live and let live, whatever happens happens attitude. I guess if she wasn't crying a buttload of tears over the fact she might not ever see her family again crying over Manaka not being able to love wouldn't be high on her list of things to care. She might have just focused on Manaka being alive. Which would have made sense on why Hikari would have been hesitate to tell the others, since he doesn't like differing opinions. But I think Hikari did good by not punching out walls or crying all over the place. This news is devastating. I mean...I guess the sea god was jealous and was like if I can't have Manaka's heart, no one will. Crazy jealous person.
 photo nagiepisode234_zps239cbc3d.jpg
How can you be troubled by something you don't know is missing?!
Despite this being...well good news for Miuna she still is taking care of Hikari and making sure he isn't blowing up things or screaming his guts out. I know that stereotypes are bad and I shouldn't be supporting gender biased issues but I think...Miuna gets it. I mean obviously Hikari really gets it but that is because he loves Manaka so much he actually means it when he says he wants her to be happy. Maybe Miuna wanted Hikari to be happy too. But the idea of someone as light and fluffy as Manaka not being able to love again because she saved people and sacrificed is just heart breaking for a young girl. :( Like we all want to be Disney Princesses you know? Not Snow White or Sleeping Beauty mind you. The ones that actually attempted to do something with their lives and if a handsome, workable guy came and helped out that would be nice. So for Manaka not to be able to love when Miuna herself is so full of love...heartbreaking. Now Miuna thought she was helping Hikari get the girl but HAHA nope. Hikari lets the cat out of the bag that Manaka likes Tsumugu. I wonder if that is when Miuna realized how messed up this love orgy was. She thought that Hikari was doing all of this for Manaka the entire time. He is but he doesn't plan on ending up with her. Which will either make Hikari more attractive in Miuna's eyes or make her try to get Manaka and Hikari together because MOG so sweet and lovely.
 photo nagiepisode235_zpsef8b089c.jpg
Tell them Sayu!
The talk with the others about Manaka's lack of heart did not go well. Where Miuna is attempting to help Hikari and not dance the dance of YES I can get my man....Chisaki sucks. Just flat out says maybe it is better this way. I mean I get what she is saying. She isn't TRYING to be a cold hearted bitch. Even though she is. Logically I know what she was saying makes sense. Well her opinion was founded in logic. Maybe Manaka IS happier this way. Just lala dancing in the flowers, life is good. One would think she would be sad about not being able to go into the sea but if she can't love there will be no heart break. But since I hate Chisaki I am just assuming she thinks she can love and be with Hikari now without a guilty heart because Manaka has accidentally been taken out of the picture. Because Hikari's feelings don't matter. Kaname is a little bitter about all that has happened so he sorta is on Team What Memories? Like okay our little group is getting torn apart, lets take out one extra girl so we don't end this thing in tears. The surprise of the day was Sayu getting all up in arms saying that this was wrong. Obviously Hikari was going to say that at one point but Sayu beat him to the punch. She was the one just reading the Disney Princesses Guide the other day so she is all up on her feelings on the subject. Who are they to decide if Manaka deserves this or not, is happier this way? I mean...I guess ignorance can be bliss but THEY know the truth. They are keeping Manaka from something they know she has experienced and was passionate about. To not attempt anything would be wrong right? Of course I have never loved and lost before so I don't know that pain. Is it truly better? I can see the other points but I just feel as if being in love is a fundamental part of being human. Like self awareness and the ability to LOVE someone makes us different from most animals....
 photo nagiepisode237_zpsd3bd9ac0.jpg
Hikari handing over Manaka's "love".
Either way I think Sayu is the most correct on this issue. I mean if I were the kids and I was in the middle of this love orgy I would try just so I wouldn't feel guilty later. Like haha I won...but I really cheated and now I feel bad about myself. :( Being second choice is no fun. Sayu was doing pretty good in her logical role except when Hikari dare to insult Kaname. Because you know Sayu can make sense and be biased at the same time. We girls rock like that. Good think that Manaka and the little boy showed up later and not during the meeting. I wonder if Manaka knows people are talking behind her back. I think she must as she knows something is wrong with her. Good thing Manaka did show up as she is the one who spotted the little rock in the ocean. Seaslugs spitting up your feelings and what not. Since Manaka told that seaslug 5 years ago her feelings that means either the seaslug was WAITING for Manaka to wake up this whole time....or he had a hurt tummy for a long while.
 photo nagiepisode232_zps59ff51d3.jpg
Thems are fighting words to Hikari. Now he will try twice as hard!
Either way Hikari takes it as a sign. Because Hikari sees signs now. Over doing the dishes Miuna and Hikari talk about said rock. Since Miuna is not from the sea and doesn't know all the customs and what not. Manaka must have told her feelings about Tsumugu to the slug and poof here is the answer. It is a sign that Hikari can and will get Manaka back to normal. Which makes Miuna sad and supportive at the same time. Hikari acknowledges how Miuna is supporting him despite the fact she might understand how the others feel, that she didn't want Akari in her life as her mother died already. But this stone means that there must be hope. Why else would it wait to show up now? Manaka is able to love again.
 photo nagiepisode239_zps9ec04e7a.jpg
Kaname and Sayu...might work in a few years. After all of this has settled down.
Miuna sorta reminds me of that movie where the biomom is dying and she helps the stepmom assume her role as parent. Sorta anyway. I am sure there is a better example out there. But she asks Manaka for the stone to make it easier to protect. Yay jewelry. This was actually a really nice and meaningful gesture on Miuna's part as it involves her mom. Sayu watches, still standing by her stance in regards to poor Manaka. All this sadness and what not has made Sayu realize what is important. That she is going to confess to Kaname. That would make her the fast confesser out of all of them. Not years and year of waiting and pinning. Well she did wait years and years but she couldn't confess because he wasn't there. But she doesn't want to sit there and wait around anymore. Love is precious and even if it is only one sided she is going to figure this whole mess out. Good luck Sayu. Run off and find Kaname as Miuna gives the necklace to Manaka. You know, so Manaka can be confessed and genuine and nice all at the same time so Miuna can cry over her sad situation confusing her even more.
 photo nagiepisode236_zpsf21b89b3.jpg
I didn't! I said Tsumugu was dumb!
When Tsumugu said he was staying in town longer to be around Chisaki/look into the sea problem I thought he meant more than a day. Apparently not. Because it is getting ready to go time. Tsumugu told Kaname earlier that he was waiting for an answer. Well I am not sure when an answer will come if the question was never asked. Did you see him ask the question? Did I blink? I am sure he just thinks that Chisaki should know. That his subtle words over the years should have been obvious. Um no. Kaname confessed to her and she loves Hikari. I am sure she thought of you as family or being nice. She is not getting the importance of you leaving right now. She is mothering all over you, not girlfriending you. Open your mouth!!!!!
 photo nagiepisode2311_zpse4b3d6f6.jpg
Wait so you love me too and not Manaka? WAIIIIIIIIII!
Oh wait he did. To Hikari. Yeah. That was a hot mess of a situation. I am surprised that Hikari didn't jump into the sea first to get away from all the insanity. Here he has been thinking that Tsumugu and Manaka are madly in love and Tsumugu is like um no. Maybe Hikari is a bit insane because he sorta took that one in stride. He casually was like well if you are not in love for real pretend. He didn't go....WHAT?! like I thought he would. He should have reacted like that and sat down later to I guess I only knew Manaka's side. Tsumugu....while I understand that playing with Manaka's heart would be hurtful and maybe very unhelpful....he could have been a bit more graceful in his answer. Not nope. Can't do it because I am in love with Chisaki. Poor Hikari's little brain. He was going there to ask another man to be in love with his woman, got told no, looked stupid in a fight, and was told there was another branch to this love orgy. The only thing that could make this worse is if Chisaki was standing right there and overreacted. OH WAIT SHE DID!
 photo nagiepisode2312_zpsada88620.jpg
The best is becoming human!!
Yay timing. So off Chisaki goes into the sea and Tsumugu goes after her. I think this is the first time he has shown such strong emotions before. I know Tsumugu can swim but the water is cold and Chisaki is going pretty deep. Still Tsumugu started to die rather fast don't ya think? X__X Like oh okay I swam for 30 seconds, now I am dying. Floating around and thinking about how Chisaki. What a way to go. But what is this? Tsumugu is having lots of emotions. And the sea god has broken off into the water and his emotions are the current? XO Manaka's sparkly ena surrounds Tsumugu just as Hikari was coming in to save the man and poof...Tsumugu has ena now. Quick throw the little boy into the water and he will get some too. It is Manaka's love ya'll. She is trying to reunite the land with the sea and everyone who is a halfer can have ena too. I like how Tsumugu took a moment to be overwhelmed. This is what he dream of his whole life. He was like Ariel why do you want to be part of our world? I want to be in yours!!! Dream Tsumugu dream...for about 5 seconds before you go to Chisaki. I mean it wasn't like she was dying or moving away that moment. He could have taken some time to get used to his new existence. Onward he goes.
 photo nagiepisode2314_zps8f57d06f.jpg
Tsumugu surely has a way with words...
The episode ends like almost every other episode has. Chisaki starts crying because she is know she swam away from people...and Tsumugu appears. No more confessions, Chisaki only wants Hikari and not you other boys. NOW Tsumugu is taking the time to explain his feelings to Chisaki. Now she has to give him answer because...well technically he didn't ask a question but I guess she could give him a response. I guess Chisaki's great quality in life is defending and supporting Hikari. Makes her wild like the sea. I would think that Tsumugu would have wanted someone closer to his speed. You know, thoughtful and mature. How we were told Chisaki was but I really didn't see it. Anyway Tsumugu has been in love with Chisaki since she made Tsumugu her sea slug. So is he going to spit up a black rock and tell her no, your feelings are wrong. Love me instead. Because I said so. Tsumugu gained ena and Kaname became forgotten. Woe is his life. All this love and Manaka is left out in the cold. I wonder what dramatic thing will happen next time? Oh the world might end.....nah!!!


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