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Black Bullet episode 2

 photo blackbulletepisode2_zpsa5773143.jpg
The Ministry of Defense wants to talk to the people doing the actual defensing? I see now.
Weee! Here is the last of the posts that were practically done, just needed the screenies inserted into them. There is about 5 posts that are halfway done with no screenies waiting in my little folder. But then everyday more new episodes come out and I want to race to watch them without finishing everything else. X___X I need to sit down and get this straighten out. Focus. I need some. Or Easter candy. Yeah I will get Easter candy now and focus tomorrow. For now you all can have Black Bullet episode 2. You can have some of your own Easter candy if that is how your roll. XD Spoilers for this episode include some really stupid people running the world. I guess everyone in the future wants to die?
 photo blackbulletepisode22_zpsc47e866d.jpg I late to the party?
Episode Summary: Rentarou is sitting in class when he gets word that Kisara is summoning him for something important. Into a large and important building he goes. All of the Promoter/Initiator pairs in this section of Tokyo have been summoned by their ruler Seitenshi. Rentarou and Kisara arrive without Enju in tow to a room full of other protection agency people. Rentarou immediately gets into it with a man named Shougen who refers to his Initiator as a weapon and not a person. Kisara advices Rentarou to be quiet as that man is ranked 1,XXX out of 700,000 pairs in the world while Rentarou and Enju are 1XX,XXX. They sit down and the meeting begins with one agency not showing up. Seitenshi appears on screen, not attending the meeting in person. She is with her guardian, a man that took in Rentarou after the war and Kisara's natural grandfather. Interesting behaviors from those two regarding that issue. Seitenshi starts off the meeting telling everyone they need to accept the mission now or get out...before knowing the mission. Everyone accepts and Seitenshi barely explains that they are needed in the already known task in finding the Gastrea from last episode and finding a suitcase/box of some kind. Kisara stands up and demands to know what is in the box. Seitenshi gets a little HMMMM when she realizes who Kisara is related to but does not explain what is in the box. Mr. Mask face is like Oh I know what is in the box. Everyone looks shocked to see this man sitting in the empty company seat. Mr. Mask man is like oh I got in by taking care of a few people guarding the door...turning them into little splats.....Rentarou takes it upon himself to handle most of the situation, getting up and demanding answers. Eventually everyone pulls out their guns and start firing on Mr. Mask man. He puts up some sort of shield and holds the bullets in the air. He explains that he is able to do this because most of his organs have been replaced with Varanium. He introduces himself as Hiruko, part of an experimental group to fight the Gastrea/progress humanity. Everyone is MOG shocked. Hiruko introduces his Initiator daughter Kohina and her knife loving self. Hiruko explains that he knows the Inheritance of the Seven Stars and that Seitenshi wants to destroy it. Hiruko seems to want it for something else and will wager everyone's lives against his on finding it first. He then proceeds to let go of the bullets and into tons of people they go. Hiruko leaves a present for the uninjured Rentarou and leaves out the window with his daughter. The present turns out to be the head of the missing company man. Later if nothing has happened Rentarou walks in the local arcade with Enju who is going on about magical girl bracelets and how she and Rentarou match now. Rentarou is thinking about the mission but mainly how Hiruko knows something he doesn't. Rentarou is upset about how some of the other Promoters were treating their Initiators. As they are walking they see some store owners manhandling a Cursed Child. The police officers get involved as the girl apparently stole something and nearly killed someone trying to escape. A crowd gathers scared and hateful of the little girl. The girl looks to Enju for help and Enju reaches for her. Rentarou holds her back and the little girl is taken away.
 photo blackbulletepisode213_zps638d5c95.jpg
You can do anything Rentarou! Go back and save her!
As the crowd leaves Enju gets really, really upset. When she was growing up in the outer districts she sorta ran into this girl and she was calling for help. But even if she didn't know the girl Cursed Children are in this together and Enju thought Rentarou was better than this. Rentarou tells Enju to go on home. He goes off in the direction of the policeman and girl. Only when he finds them the officers shoot the girl multiple times, once in the head when she keeps on twitching. Rentarou walks over to the girl, beyond upset that this has happened. Why is the world so cruel to these girls, the only ones that can protect them from the real Gastrea? Suddenly the girl starts moving and Rentarou realizes there is still hope. He runs her to the nearest hospital/doctor who manages to save her life. Rentarou offers to pay the bills despite putting him in the red that month. The doctor sees Rentarou as being very kind. Only Rentarou is just thinking about when he met Enju, a very...wild girl a year ago who had been in the Outer Districts, with the other Cursed Children. She clearly didn't like the situation she found herself in but over time she grew to be more “human” like, coming to like Rentarou even. Rentarou sees these kids are more than tools. As Rentarou walks along Hiruko and his lovely sharp object loving daughter Kohina. Hiruko is interested in Rentarou and doesn't know why but wants the boy to join him. If not...Kohina wants to cut him into tiny pieces. Rentarou obviously is not feeling this offer and Kohina wants to go postal on Rentarou but Enju appears out of nowhere, fighting against Kohina. Neither girl win and surprised with the other's abilities. Hiruko tells Rentarou he needs to rethink his position about joining him and making Enju into a normal girl. Rentarou refuses and ends up running to Enju's school the next day all frantic like. Apparently a rumor broke out that Enju was a Cursed Child and when she wouldn't deny it the kids taunted her and she ran away. The teacher isn't happy that Rentarou lied but all Rentarou wanted to do was help. The teacher says that Enju has gone home to Rentarou goes to their apartment. When she is not there he grows upset, that she doesn't consider this her home. He then travels to the Outer Districts, the one that Enju grew up in. Tons of Cursed Children everywhere looking sad. He locates one and when she doesn't know Enju offers to take him to an Elder, an actual adult. He greets Rentarou as many Cursed Children surround him. The man learns that Rentarou is a Promoter and suggests that he just pick out a new kid as sometimes these matches don't work. Rentarou gets really upset, saying he sees Enju more than just a weapon and he wants her back, that she means something to him and he wants to make this better. He leaves and the old man asks Enju if it is okay to let him go like that. THE END!
 photo blackbulletepisode220_zps8529cc6d.jpg
Hopefully she left to give HIM a better life because....not seeing much of a future for her outside Rentarou.
So....that was different. And special. Yeah sometimes I think shows of a certain nature expect the viewers to totally turn off their brain to logic and reason. Just watch and enjoy it. I mean...I am the queen of awful Sci-fi movies am I not? But sometimes...just because a movie or show has concepts that aren't possible means that everything that IS possible gets thrown to the wind. That everyone loses their mind and ability to reason with situations they can control.
 photo blackbulletepisode214_zps458a9f09.jpg
Yay police......does anyone want to be alive in this future or what?
The most glaring example of this what the hell behavior was this meeting with all the “protection companies”. I said in episode 1 that I thought it was weird the military didn't have their hands in this Initiator/Promoter business. Like okay take the few girls who were born after this terrible event and train them efficiently. I a person who doesn't want any suffering or being discriminated against I could argue that the government could protect these Cursed Girls from abuse. Being out in the public being abused. With the proper motivation get the normal citizens to view them almost like heroes. Idols even. You know, having a hard in protecting the world instead of leaving it up and open like a business opportunity makes NO sense.
 photo blackbulletepisode215_zps2735e900.jpg
The future is protected by 10 year old girls and younger while adults abuse and kill them for being different. I totally understand.
This is all what I thought in episode 1. Now episode 2 rolls around and I am like what the hell folks. What the hell. Forgive me if I jump around in this episode and don't cover every topic chronologically. But yeah we learned this episode that Rentarou and Enju's little arrangement with Kisara is not a really rare one. It is happening all over the world. And this section of Japan there seems to be a bunch. Almost like contract employees that the government hires when a particular job gets rough. And get this....the number of pairs in the entire world is 700,000. 700,000. Just let that sink in.
 photo blackbulletepisode24_zps63756fe2.jpg
X___X How many people are on Earth right now?
There are 700,000 PAIRS right now. That means there are 700,000 Cursed Children (girls) fighting against the Gastrea currently. Only fighting. This number does not include all the girls that are apparently living in the slums of whatever cities are left. That actual number of Cursed girls is unknown yet Rentarou made it sound like this is a rare thing, to be born with Gastrea deep in your system. This show is taking place in the distant future. The population currently is at 7.15 billion. So we will just say that maybe this show takes place when there are 8 billion people in the world. That means if EVERYONE survived the Gastrea attack...well this show would be impossible unless Cursed Children aren't that rare. But yeah not everyone survived this attack. Humanity almost lost, got pushed back. Is suffering. Taken 10 years to reach a happy place. So I am going to assume SOME people did die in these attacks and half the population of Earth is woman so carry the 4 add a lot....yeah unless there was a MAJOR subbing error how the hell are there 700,000 PAIRS in this world.
 photo blackbulletepisode219_zps9d0f0b88.jpg
I would believe number 328. Not 700,000.
I mean with numbers like this every single girl born after the Gastrea attack is a Cursed Child. Yet everyone and their mom is attacking afraid of them. Can I get my mind off this number so I can enjoy the show? I know that Kisara said this figure to Rentarou to show him how outranked he was against Shougen but now this making me question the entire show. How can the public be so afraid of these girls when there are so many of them? I mean...I know this is like a zombie situation. Naturally you would be afraid of something that out numbers you. But damn. These are people's kids. At the very least normal humans could be selfish and use these girls to further protect humanity that is left. Even if they are a little different. I don't think running around and shooting and abusing the girls that can help save the world is going to make them less dangerous. That might make them oh I don't together and kill your asses. Add in the fact that all the Initiators are girls and the Promoters are all MEN older than them and my eyes can't just stop rolling. Out of my head they go.
 photo blackbulletepisode23_zpsa03d06b0.jpg
Okay so this is horrible thinking. I am not sure if the actual government would treat them better but come on!
But clearly in the 10 years since this war has taken place between the unexplained Gastrea virus people have lost their minds. Case in point Seitenshi. Am I to assume that since the collapse of the world everything is again run by teenagers? Will there be an explanation on why Seitenshi is running the show and not that Gramps person who has raised both Kisara and Rentarou? I thought Cursed Children were 10 years and under. Clearly this government is insane. No one properly protecting the citizens with KNOWN weapons aka the Cursed Children. Oh you want a little girl? Sure here you go. Next! That is how it seems anyway. Since all the pairs were given the choice to opt out of this mission before it started. If they were real soldiers they would have to comply. Of course a real government would probably give details on what the mission actually was instead of vague commands like Kill Gastrea and Get Suitcase. Kill Crites! So yeah....hard to take this show seriously when everyone is running rogue and protecting the citizens for money. That there are literally thousands of these helpful kids everyone and the general public is scared of them. Because being turned into bugs is much more fun. Can you imagine if there were 700,000 X-men mog! Of course all the movies would still be about Wolverine but still.
 photo blackbulletepisode26_zps3129495a.jpg
Best mission ever!
So.....yeah. Rentarou and none of his closest friends arrive to hear this vague mission that Seitenshi gives out. The brief info about Rentarou and Kisara having a connection to Seitenshi is vaguer than how one is allowed/chosen to be a Promoter. Perhaps this mission could have been given out via Skype since none of the Promoters get along and everyone is a hot head. Oh and the fact that no one thought to guard the entrance of this important building with actual Initiators. Or surveillance cameras. Enter Mr. Mask man. He is back already folks. I thought he wait in the shadows as more of the plot was explained but nope. He is the plot folks. What is his name? Hiruko. And he is here to announce that he knows more about the mission than everyone else does and that he is super strong and powerful and his kid/Initiator Kohina is creepy. WOE IS THE WORLD.
 photo blackbulletepisode210_zps534f743d.jpg
Sure let me stop bleeding and I'll get right on that.
Seriously how does this even happen? Oh because instead of focusing on making the Cursed Children an effective weapon or making large DOMES out of Varanium to protect everyone the government decided to make people out of Varanium. Some parts anyway. And then magically lose track of them. So while Promoters haven't been explained yet it is clear that Hiruko is not really one of them. He was experimented on (willing or not) and now he is super beyond super magical. I like how he came to announce that he is going to find this suitcase/box first instead of just going to do it. Like no, I think I will risk getting myself and my daughter hurt by taking out a lot of Promoters with little to no effort because they are so ill prepared. Yeah that is the ticket. Maybe make things even more untrustworthy in their ranks. Kill some of them so their defenses will be lower. That the mission won't take place at all. TADA here is my evil plan, I got to go now. Only Seitenshi is like....okay ignore the dead people in the room and complete the mission. And no one really cared about the dead people on the ground nor was in mentioned as being a HUGE setback in this episode. Maybe because it was people like Kisara that were killed in this episode? The business OWNERS not the Promoters themselves? I don't know folks. I don't know a lot. Just that this package has some magical Inheritance of the Seven Stars that Hiruko wants and Seitenshi needs destroyed. So clearly it has something to do with how the Gastrea works with humans, probably making everyone like Cursed Children.
 photo blackbulletepisode211_zpsc0925f80.jpg
The total amount of happy in this episode....
ANYWAY Rentarou was not in a great hurry to find this suitcase or the infection running around the city. No no, he was too busy spending time with Enju at their nearby shopping arcade. See a bunch of people killed, get a head as a present....just brush it off with matching magical girl bands weeee! To be fair Enju is only 10. Granted the world has not been kind to her and people like her but still. I can see Rentarou feeling the need to protect her despite it being futile. It is just very odd that Rentarou really wasn't dwelling on that fact that all these people died. He probably wasn't very close to them as they were rivals but still....lala bracelets and Enju loves Rentarou.
 photo blackbulletepisode212_zps62ee31f2.jpg
Yeah, get back to protecting us you piece of crap!
That was the one second of good times in this episode. Onward to more sadness. These Cursed Children are supposed to stay in the slum areas of town, probably close to the boarders. You know can't be using this kids as actual ways to protect our society. Best to not give them any opportunities or resources at all. So they can steal and commit other crimes just to survive and make them even more feared. Just so cruel. :( I can understand being a little....weary of the situation but these are kids. Treat them well and they would probably give their lives for you. SAVE YOUR LIFE! It must have been hard for Enju to watch the young girl be taken away but Rentarou did what was best for Enju. Was it always his intent to go back and help the girl? I am sure it was. He just needed a moment. Of course standing up and doing the right thing when the wrong thing is happening is always better than being silent and correcting it later but Rentarou has to think of others. Live to fight another day...and you know protect Enju. Good thing he sent her away when he did because I don't think she needed to see the other girl shot in the head like that. Thank goodness she lived but hot damn. Like episode 2, lets not hold back on how humans have really changed. I wonder if we will see this girl again. Can you have two Initiators per Promoter?
 photo blackbulletepisode216_zpsdf84eb9c.jpg
I don't think these girls are destined to be friends....
Before Rentarou can take a breath, you know dead colleagues and nearly dead little girl Rentarou ran into Hiruko and Kohina. I wonder if that is his real daughter or if he is just saying that. I guess he is still human if some of his body parts are made out of metal. Anyway despite Hiruko running around killing a lot of people for an unexplained reason he likes Rentarou. Probably because the boy likes Cursed Children and sees them more like people and not like weapons. Hiruko probably wants this box to help them out, change normal humans into being like this. Rentarou wasn't really impressed with his head for a gift so he turns down the man. Enju and her love for Rentarou kept her close to the scene which is good since Kohina is a little happy with the sharp objects. Enju is a top Initiator despite their low ranking so this means that Kohina is pretty powerful. This little battle ends in a stalemate. Hiruko wants Rentarou to join them but if force doesn't work maybe threatening whatever happiness Rentarou and Enju have might do the trick?
 photo blackbulletepisode217_zps771fa975.jpg
:( Rentarou needs a moment.
After said fight and offer turn down Hiruko went and told people at Enju's school that she is a Cursed Child. Something that she and Rentarou were keeping on the down low. I am going to assume that Cursed Children are not allowed to go to school. Rentarou tries to plead his case but the teacher wasn't very happy with this deceit even if he isn't riding the Cursed Children hate bandwagon. More like this is how the rules are and since this is a school with normal kids well...this is how things are. It was a bit sad that Rentarou ran home, all panicked that Enju wouldn't be at their home. When she ran out saying she was going home Rentarou knew in his little heart she wasn't going to be in THEIR apartment. She doesn't consider that home after a year of him trying to make a family. That there is still a lot left to go in their relationship, aside from the special relationship that Enju wants....
 photo blackbulletepisode218_zps24fc0f58.jpg
Rentarou is like what you say?!
The episode ends with Rentarou returning to Enju's outer district, where she came from. It looks awful just like I thought it would. All these kids living in poverty. Yay for surviving the war....Rentarou goes looking for Enju and runs into a single adult who can't possibly be taking care of all these kids himself. But he probably is. At the time it looked like the older man was asking Rentarou douchebag questions. Like why don't you pick out another kid, plenty of weapons to choose from. But Rentarou was like I want Enju, my partner, and I am not going to stop until I find her. Turns out the man was saying that for Enju's benefit. She probably ran away thinking she could Rentarou have a normal life. The man was showing Enju that Rentarou really cared. So will Enju return to Rentarou sooner rather than later? Later being something awful happens and she rescues him and all is well for 5 minutes again? Yeah I think that is probably what will happen instead. I will save you Rentarou, thanks for caring about me. Surely it will work out...probably.

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