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Nagi no Asukara episode 24

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Sadly Sayu is not saying this to Chisaki. :(
What is this? A sad little post from LAST anime season? I believe it is. I actually have watched the entire series but episodes 25 and 26 are in different levels of being doneness. So soon I am sure. Hopefully. So I will at least finish that and Noragami since hello that is only one episode left too. For now lets get episode 24 of Nagi no Asukara up and done. Spoilers for Kaname being the saddest character ever. And Chisaki sucking. Duh.
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He be the only one...
Episode Summary: Sayu, Manaka, and Miuna are all walking home, Sayu upset because someone was hitting on Manaka and Manaka is like what feelings? They see Hikari on the pier looking a Where is Chisaki? Well she is still in the ocean listening to Tsumugu confess to her. He has watched her these past 5 years and can tell what she is feeling. And right now he feels that she loves him. He hugs her and tells her if she doesn't love him back he will let go. Chisaki does the Chisaki thing and freaks out and runs away. Tsumugu stays in the ocean surrounded by feelings and broken pieces of ena. Chisaki makes it back to Tsumugu's house because hiding somewhere else away from the two boys that love her would make sense. Chisaki starts seeing memories of her life in the past 5 years, how close she and Tsumugu have really become. Chisaki starts to cry her little eyes out. Kaname comes out of nowhere because I guess people forgot that Kaname lives somewhere. He asks if she is crying about Tsumugu because it is obvious. He tells Chisaki to not think about his feelings and tell him the issue. Which she was probably going to do anyway because she is Chisaki. She starts sobbing that she can't love Tsumugu because that would signify that she has moved on with her life. That she tried for 5 years to wait for everyone and kept everything the same, loving Hikari. That Hikari himself told her she hadn't changed. So if she does love Tsumugu then she is a failure and has done everyone wrong and woe is her. Kaname says they are all here now so she is free to do what she wants. Chisaki is like NO Manaka likes Tsumugu so now I want to get Manaka back her memories to make things right. Elsewhere in crazyland Manaka is getting ready for bed when Akari presents her little son to Manaka with a note from school. He is bashful and the letter says I love Manaka. Akari pretends to go on and on about marriage while Manaka freaks out and runs away with the paper. The little boy pouts very cutely. Manaka has retreated to her “room” and is upset since she doesn't know this love word and anytime she tries to think about it all she hears is the ocean and it is very upsetting. Outside Miuna is sitting and thinking about Hikari. Hikari joins her and thanks her for helping to make Manaka's feeling ( into a necklace. Miuna states that it's nothing but Hikari starts listing all the things that Miuna has done for Manaka, for the group really since they have returned. Miuna is really his peer now and he really wants to repay her one day. Miuna smiles and leaves, thinking the best thing she can do for Hikari is to hide her feelings for him. The next morning Miuna leaves early for school so Manaka and Hikari can have some time together. Manaka uses said time to talk about love. She doesn't understand it and wants to asks Hikari what is love. Before she can break out into song and ask Hikari who he loves he brushes it off, saying that things will fix themselves and that she needs to not worry.
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The sea god totally can't tell the difference between a person and a rock with feelings. Duh.
The kids all go to school and Chisaki goes to see Gramps. She asks/announces that she is only thinking of herself and wants to live in the dorms next year. When Gramps doesn't pander to her sob story she asks him to finish the Maiden Story from last time. Well it ends happily. The woman returns to the surface to find out her lover went into the sea to rescue her and died. And no one on land really remembered the woman so she was all alone. AMAZING! After school the kids are walking home when Tsumugu comes over to the group. Manaka is like look at my sea slug scale necklace, isn't it lovely. He starts to remember all about that plot and nods He basically is like Hikari, Kaname we need to have guy time. Everyone is basically X___X as Tsumugu leads them away. Instead of talking about the love orgy he makes the boys follow him to Uroko so he can ask to be cursed. Then proceeds to talk about everything else besides being cursed. He says that when he was in the ocean he felt the feelings of Manaka all around. Hikari adds in that the sea god's spirits are floating around in the sea as well. Tsumugu explains that he wants to do the ceremony over again and this time put Manaka's necklace AKA her true feelings on the doll. Throw the doll into the ocean and maybe the sea god will be confused enough to think it is Manaka and return her feelings AND restore the balance of the world so it doesn't freeze over. Hikari is like...this is so stupid while Uroko and Kaname think this is a good idea. Hikari probably sees what is going on and agrees to help since he has no choice. It then turns into a woohoo if we all work together things will end happily montage. All the mains work together to gather up public interest and Tsumugu rounds up ALL the gang from high school. Everything is going wonderful and magical. Well except for Chisaki who works alone to make the kimono. Tsumugu goes in there to see how she is doing and Chisaki is all like I got to live these 5 years because of Manaka maybe it is my turn to be the sacrifice. Tsumugu is like um no. Kaname listens to Tsumugu and Chisaki while Sayu watches Kaname. Kaname decides to leave the working area and Sayu follows him. She goes on to call him a coward and that he should really confess to Chisaki again and mean it. Kaname says that Chisaki has always looked at others besides him, that Tsumugu was always second and never him so there is no point. Sayu confesses she has been waiting and looking at Kaname all this time and seeing him like this is pathetic. Kaname starts sobbing as he had felt so lonely since his return, that maybe no one really wanted him around. He promises to stop looking at Chisaki and look at Sayu as a girl his own age. After working really hard Hikari sends Miuna home as the big day is coming soon. He knows change is coming and is worried. He finds Manaka looking at the water and states how is worried that the new ceremony might mess things up even more. Manaka seems excited for the ceremony and hopes that it all works out. She is confused about this love thing and when Hikari tries to put the pieces together he is like...okay you will probably understand this tomorrow no worries. THE END!
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WAI! POOR KANAME!!! We need to worry about his feelings the most.
So can I just write an entire post about how Kaname has suffered? That Chisaki is the worst person ever and I want to rewrite Kaname's memories so he doesn't feel bad for her anymore? Can I just take screenies of Kaname and Sayu crying all over the place because that is all that mattered in this episode? I can't? WELL FINE!
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Run Tsumugu...just run while you have the chance.
So first things first. As much Tsumugu's choice in ladies makes me question his judgment.....he has been the first person to confess to his person of choice AND MEAN IT. None of this well I want you to be happy so go off my wild flower and be happy with someone else besides me. No Tsumugu loves Chisaki and actually wants to be with her despite anyone else's feelings. It is good being nice and considerate to other people but you need to think of yourself first sometimes. Especially when no one else is stepping up to confess and mean it. Plus he has a good idea that Chisaki likes him back. You know, by default. I kid I kid....both he and Kaname seem to think Chisaki being mean to Tsumugu meant she actually liked him when really she didn't appreciate THE TRUTH. Anyway instead of anyone caring that Tsumugu has ena now Chisaki is all WAIIIIII you lie and runs off.
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Um I think last week you were all Manaka doesn't need her memories back. Now I see you were just keeping BOTH men for yourself.
The fact that Chisaki ran away from Tsumugu and went to his (their) house is special. I mean given the nature of this mess where could she have gone? No one understands her, she is a special flower. While going home wasn't the smartest idea to do if she wanted to avoid Tsumugu's confession it also didn't help her get her mind off this matter. Because all she can see now is Tsumugu and her interacting. She might have known the other kids longer but she LIVED with him. They only had each other now so what were they suppose to do? Well I guess they actually could have built a snowman but still... For some reason Kaname STILL cares about Chisaki despite the fact she has basically tapped danced on his heart and fed it to dogs. Like Kaname...where is your self respect? Also you don't have to tell Chisaki twice to not think about your feelings. She was going to do that anyway. If I were to look at this situation with nonhating Chisaki glasses I would sorta get her point. She wanted to keep things the same for her own sanity as well as for personal reasons. She didn't want to move on and forsake the group. Take away Manaka's man. Seem disloyal. I don't think ANY of the kids would have felt that way. Kaname would have been sad but gotten over it. Hikari would have been happy for her. And even if Manaka had her love she was probably going to pick Hikari anyway. So all of this is just...a lot. I just find it funny that Chisaki NOW wants to get Manaka's love back when before she was like lala this is for the best because Hikari is MINE!
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SHHH! I am having the feelings.
While Chisaki was having another meltdown Manaka finally had one. It was about time! Akari's little boy wrote her little letter using the L(ove) word and Manaka had a moment. This word is all around her and maybe she was doing a good job keeping it in but yeah. I am glad she took the time to have her moment. I like how the sea god is trying to drown Manaka's thoughts out with the ocean. Nope don't think about that lalalalala! So Manaka is finally having her moment, thinking that maybe there is more wrong with her than missing memories. What is love? No like seriously what is love and why does it make me feel this way?
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So thanks. I will get you a box of chocolate. Call it even.
Outside Hikari and Miuna were having a moment. If I am reading things correctly Miuna will be the odd duck out. That or she will end up with the nice boy that asked her out and she has no time for. It was almost like a goodbye even though Hikari was actually taking steps closer to Miuna. Sadly Miuna recognized these steps as friendship steps and decided that maybe she should just cut her loses. Hikari was rather nice though. He is acknowledging all that nice things Miuna has done. She is family yet how can Hikari repay her. Ah Miuna. She probably is never going to confess to Hikari, just continue to watch from the sidelines because look at how wonderful and nice these people are for trying. They is better than I am.
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Lalala can't hear you. Don't want to cry, lala Manaka.
There is a brief scene with Manaka and Hikari walking to school. Basically Hikari is trying to play things off as cool. Like yep, just me and Manaka walking to school, ignoring the fact that Miuna set it up this way. Manaka wasn't really being serious enough with her questions. It was almost like it was playful Manaka and not scared out of her mind, what is happening to me Manaka. Since the others think she isn't capable of love I guess they think she isn't capable of understanding it so it is best to keep her in the dark. Oh Hikari has a plan. Just wait Manaka we will get your love back and you can....totally not be with Tsumugu, you'll see!
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But I said I wanted to be move out and be dramatic.
There was a brief scene with Chisaki going to see Gramps and trying to be more dramatic than normal. I love it how the old man was like okay, bye. Like if you think about it that was a little....cold considering homegirl is there every single day and Tsumugu isn't but then again maybe Gramps is tired of her. I love how the end of the maiden story turned out. No hope at all so why bother trying. The real lover died in the sea and no one on land cared to remember the girl. Like thanks I did all this work for you and this is how I am treated? Maybe all the feelings in the ocean everyone is feeling is from the girl. Like WHYYYY?!
 photo nagiepisode2410_zpsdc0b2285.jpg
I thought the guys were totally going to punch and cry it out. Really did think that.
Tsumugu totally trolled us. Or at least me. I thought the bros were all going to talk it out. Tsumugu sees the necklace Manaka is wearing and has realized what is on the line. That she loves him, he loves Chisaki, Chisaki loves Hikari, Hikari loves Manaka and no one loves Sayu, Miuna, or Kaname. So we are all going to talk about this and work it out. Just the men of course.
 photo nagiepisode2411_zps34278317.jpg
Oh that world ending again? Are we still on that?
Then it didn't happen and I was all sad face. Like what the hell. I am sure Tsumugu could have taken any of the sea kids to Uroko and had this talk. The whole I want to be cursed again thing was a throw away line that made no sense as Tsumugu breaks out into other ideas. Like okay....what if we throw another ceremony and trick the sea god by giving it Manaka's feelings. That will give her back her love for sure. OH AND WE COULD SAVE THE WORLD! That is just an added bonus, not the real issue at play. I am with Hikari, skeptical of the whole thing. This theory makes it seem like the sea god is no longer able to have conscious thoughts. I know he died and broke off but he seems pretty much in the know what with the whole freezing the world over bit. So I am not sure how fooled by all of this he will be. Like what if the sea god tries putting the memories in the thing that he thinks is Manaka? Tsumugu doesn't know much about the sea and is just grasping at straws. Everyone else seemed to like these straws though and soon Hikari agreed to this idea.
 photo nagiepisode2413_zps4ff9d033.jpg
Welcome back everyone! Time to save the day!
Then everyone broke out with their version of EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!! The entire town, whether they moved away or stayed, supporting the first ceremony or not, came out to help make this possible. BECAUSE THE WORLD IS IN DANGER! This needs to be done to save the planet. Very few people know Manaka and even fewer know her situation. Still it was nice seeing their entire class come on by to help out, like good old times. Might have driven home the point that Kaname, Hikari, and Manaka really did miss a lot seeing ALL of their friends grown-up and starting families. Now this everything is awesome moment was ruined once again by Chisaki. She is working all alone on the kimono and when Tsumugu went to check up on her she was like maybe I should throw myself into the ocean and be the sacrifice this time since Manaka gave me these past 5 years. Like for real? Is Chisaki for real? Maybe Chisaki really is a nice girl deep down and I am just seeing things in a bad light. But my eyes were rolling so hard anyone was going to let her do that. Attention seeker.
 photo nagiepisode2414_zps2a4d97ce.jpg
Yes. Go with that....okay now I am just being mean.
This leads to the saddest and best part of the episode. Kaname hears Chisaki and Tsumugu having a moment and he runs off. How much is his little heart supposed to take?! But during the past 5 years Sayu has really learned how to be ninja and she heard this too. And she loves Kaname. She knows all about this love business and how it can mess a person up and she wants Kaname to go up to Chisaki and point blank tell the girl how he feels. Stop crying and be the man of action I know you can be. Poor Kaname. :( I mean I am sure he wants to confess to Chisaki with all his heart. But he already knows the outcome. It was never going to be him. I can see Sayu's point in wanting Kaname to confess honestly (since she doesn't know he already did that 5 years ago) so he has no regrets but Kaname knows the answer so there really is no point. WOE IS KANAME!
 photo nagiepisode2416_zps5936d076.jpg
WAIIIIIII! Way too sad.
Until...until Sayu opened her mouth. Kaname said that Chisaki's eyes were always somewhere else which lead Sayu to say her eyes were always on him. It's all for you!!!!!!!!! Which you know would put pressure on Kaname, something he didn't ask for. Sayu might have wanted to be at Kaname's level but she lucked out. What if he woke up 20 years later? Maybe striving to be equal with Kaname made her into a better person but you know...this was not guaranteed. Still putting that aside Kaname started to cry. WAIIIII! Well both of them were crying. But all this time, what I have been saying has been true. Kaname has felt like the odd man out. Tsumugu, Miuna, and Sayu have said that too but Miuna and Sayu are a pair and Tsumugu had friends before the sea kids arrived. But Kaname felt like an outsider in his own group. Like look at this love square I am not apart of. Then when everyone started waking up no one was really..needing him. Like hello why the cruelty with Kaname staying with Tsumugu?! If they had room for Manaka they had room for Kaname at Akari's house. So Kaname was sad and lonely all this time and the news that SOMEONE was excited just for him was too much for his eye sockets. I mean....Kaname didn't automatically say I LOVE YOU TOO SAYU as that is not realistic. It is almost like he didn't see her as an option. I don't see Sayu as second place. I see her option that has just been realized. Kaname will take the time to get over his hurt and see that Sayu was a better match for him. And isn't Chisaki. Everyone say AWWW!
 photo nagiepisode2418_zps03862cf8.jpg
Now Hikari has the hope. No more lalalaing.
The episode ends with everyone working really hard and Hikari sending Miuna home to rest because a big, big day is coming up. Miuna smiles as she has let Hikari go in her heart. This gives Hikari time to catch up with Manaka. Hikari is nervous for the things to come, if this ceremony will work or not. Because the world is ending!!! Oh and Manaka's memories/love. Hikari is all full of worries because he has tons of hope last time that ended up smashed on the ground. Well under the water. Manaka is the exact opposite. She knows something is wrong and hopes things can be fixed. Plus Manaka has been full of special all along so she was probably leading the entire town in everything is awesome!!!! She tried bringing up the love world but Hikari is all like it will be okay, this time with a little more seriousness. Hikari...will his heart be broken again? :( Poor Hikari. Maybe everything will work out for the best...oh wait Chisaki isn't being thrown into the sea. I'm kidding, kidding...maybe. Well until next time....

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