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Noragami episode 10

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How about RUN?!
So in my quest to catch up with anime posts it appears that Noragami got picked up by an American distributor thus all the sites had to take down their downloads or something? LAME!!! :( So yeah no downloads, just direct sites had the last few episodes up. I do admit downloading episodes is so much better when it comes to screenies. Especially when there is a lot of action in said series. Sorry Noragami that I waited so long. But here is episode 10 anyway? Spoilers for things getting better so they inevitable can get worse again?
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Everyone say AWWWWW!
Episode Summary: Yuki is super hard at work cleaning and making food at Kofuku's temple. Daikoku gives Yuki more chores to do and he does them happily. Daikoku comments on how Yuki has really turned things around, really acting repentant and doing great at his part time job to play back all the things he broke/stole. Yato cries happy tears at Yuki growing up and Yuki is like hey part of the reason why I have a job is because you suck at work. Yato pretends that isn't said. Hiyori shows up and Yuki is happy to see her. Daikoku pushes Yuki to ask his question, that he wants her old school books so he can study like everyone else. Both Yuki and Yato cry all over the place. Our Yuki is so grown up. Hiyori thanks everyone for their hard work on saving her friends and Kofuku is like you are welcome. Now where is my payment? Hiyori goes to give her 5 yen, like Yato accepts but Kofuku wants 5 million yen. Something like that. For one rescue. And since there is 2 boys she demands 10 million yen. Hmmm maybe it was 50 million yen each and when Yato gets her student discount it equals out to 1 million yen. Either way Hiyori has no money and is like Yato!!! You were supposed to fix me and now I owe all this money because of you. She demands he help and he acts like he can take care of her problems. Hiyori goes on to school where she and her friends make plans for New Year's Eve/Day. Her friend thinks gods are wishing machines but Hiyori knows better now. Both friends also talk about this new god that is all the rage. His name is Rabo and apparently if you chant something he will come and get rid of anyone you hate. Hiyori has never heard of him before. Elsewhere Yato is out doing things. He goes to visit Tenjin, to thank him for his assistance in the Yuki situation. Tenjin wants to know why Yato let things go that long. Well because Yuki is awesome...He just needed...some scarying. Oh okay. Yato says thanks in his own special way which frightens Yuki. They realize that one of Tenjin's treasures are missing and Tomone takes Yuki aside to explain the situation. She explains that what happened to Yuki is very contagious. It can spread around to other treasures. This girl got upset about something and she blighted Tenjin. Crying over something I don't know. But Tenjin has a policy, blight once and you are out. But he let her leave in such a way where she can become a treasure to someone else. Yuki starts to feel bad about the situation but Tomone says he shouldn't dwell on it or he will cause Yato problems again.
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Just go with the flow......
Meanwhile Yato stayed back and talked to Tenjin about Hiyori's situation. She is suck in between worlds and he promised to help her despite...well not knowing anything. He wants Tenjin's help but that probably won't be happening since Tenjin has some interesting advice. He thinks that Hiyori's condition is worse because of her connection with Yato. All he has to do is severe their bond and Hiyori might be disconnected from this world and will be fully in the Near Shore. Simple as that as Yato stands in shock. Somewhere else in town Nora is talking to the creepy guy, the same one at the end of the last episode. Turns out he is this new god of calamity Rabo. She says that Yato is suffering and isn't as awesome anymore because of....Hiyori. Exactly. Rabo immediately wants to kill her but Nora has another plan for this little menace. Hiyori is getting ready for the fun that night, with her mom getting her all dressed lovely and what not. In the background a tv is playing talking about something important, surely news like. Hiyori isn't listening and is looking all lovely. She decides that she wants to ask Yato and Yuki to join her tonight. They were in the middle of an amazing job, cleaning out a dog house with heated floors but Yato says yes....after doing said job. Hiyori goes on ahead, meeting up with her friends who did not dress up for the occasion at all. One friend plans on wishing for everything but especially popularity. Hiyori mentions other friends joining them and they are like OHHHH Hiyori is in love!!! She denies it but goes on to pray with her friends. You know, not for her condition but all the new people she knows. As her friends make their way to food stalls Hiyori thinks she sees Yato so her soul runs after him while her body remains with her friends. She chases after him and realizes it is Nora. Hiyori is nervous but tries to be polite with the girl. Nora immediately starts calling Hiyori names, implying she is a Phantom and should stay away from Yato. Nora summons up some....Phantom friends that chase Hiyori around. She barely escapes in time. Or rather when she gets cornered the sun comes up and the Phantoms poof. Nora then walks up to Hiyori.........before the sun started to rise Yato and Yuki hurried to clean up the doggie cage. They run to meet Hiyori when Yato gets another message about a kill a Phantom in the area. Wait the area they are standing in now. They turn around and see a giant little scorpion. Time to fight. WEEE Yato thinks he slays the beasts but then there are tons of critters around them. Yuki gets really worried but Yato reminds him of all the hard work and struggles they have gone through. That Yuki is the best weapon ever. Together Yato and Yuki defeat all the Phantoms and run off to Hiyori. Rabo emerges from the shadows, upset about the performance he just saw. Hiyori is just leaving the temple when Yato and Yuki run up, asking Hiyori to buy them noms. Hiyori is like....who are you? Both boys look shocked and THE END!!!
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See all is right in the world....and then we blinked.
For 5 seconds everyone was okay. Rejoice the masses. Yuki was alive, Yato was alive, and it was New Year's Eve time. Bishamon who? Lets celebrate. Sh sh, the episode can't end on a sad note. Surely everything will be okay. Let us have this moment as everyone has been through a lot lately. No? We can't do that? Okay then...meanies...
 photo noragamiepisode102_zps41bed50a.jpg
So proud of our little Yuki!!!
For the past million episodes Yuki has been a brat. Sometimes I sympathized with him and other times I was like spare the rod and spoil the child. But he had a major wake up call last episode. I think growing devil wings and having the two people in the world who MIGHT be your friends act disappointed in you can do that. Because disappointment is worse than hatred sometimes. So while Yuki might not be totally respecting Yato and will make fun of his lack of fiances and temple...I think Yuki will behave from now on. No more blighting. Snide marks okay. On every other front though Yuki has made a complete turn around. Doing jobs and helping out to make money to pay back all the damage he caused. Our Yuki is all grown up and saving China. Exciting times.
 photo noragamiepisode104_zpsc476f23c.jpg
Say what?!
Did everyone go AWWWW when Yuki asked Hiyori for her old books. Just...sniff sniff. No for real when you hear about 3rd world countries and all those kids want to do is go to school...tugs at my heart strings. Just like the poor animal shelter commercials. Kids here hate school but where there is no school kids just want to go. Same with Yuki. He wants to do what he can't and it makes Hiyori all sniffy sad. Yato too but I am sure he will get yelled at for existing. This awww moment is ruined by Kofuku asking Hiyori for 10 million yen. You move the decimal 10 spaces back and it is in dollars yes? So that is 100,000 dollars after Yato gets the price down to 1 million. I believe that is what was said. Whatever the case is it was a lot of money, if it was 1 million, 100,000, or 10,000 dollars. Hiyori might be a rich girl but I am going to assume that is a lot of pocket case right there. A lot. X___X I mean Yuki and Yato were the ones who were saved, they need to cough up the cash. But Hiyori is the one who asked for the favor. The ambulance ride is the for the injured person, not the person who called the ambulance. I call shenanigans. Either way it is hard to tell if Kofuku is serious. Yato should be a more popular god since his wishes only cost 5 yen. :( Only now that the topic of money has been brought up does Hiyori realize...HEY I paid you to fix me. Now get to fixing!!!!
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Just so casual X___X
Since that isn't possible Yato and Yuki go to visit Tenjin. Which is nice, they should go and apologize/thank the man for loaning out one of his ladies. It might have been nicer had Yato gone to say thanks on his own rather than going because he also had a favor to ask. I think that minor social infraction might have been forgotten as Yato's apology was somewhat lacking. Even Yuki was like errr....this is how you say sorry? I guess the two go way back. After putting that aside Yato does ask how he can help Tenjin since Tenjin is slightly awesomer than Yato. I found this answer rather odd. I mean Tenjin does have feelings right. He does know that Hiyori means something to Yuki and Yato. She put herself in danger to save both of them. So why would the first thing he suggest to Yato be to cut his ties with the girl. That means no more memories, not more us/them. I mean...Tenjin didn't go on and on about if you love someone let them go. It was more like well just do this bye. Thanks for the help hommie. I am sure this will end well.
 photo noragamiepisode107_zps6d156248.jpg
Clearly this is blight worthy. HOW DARE YOU CRY ABOUT BEING DEAD!
While Yato was off getting that bad news Yuki was getting his own. Thanks for saving me Tomone as I offer up an actual apology. By the way I counted and I noticed one of Tenjin's treasures are missing what is up with that. Well....Tomone decided to unleash the truth on the boy. Like um you was pretty serious what happened to you. It is actually contagious and other treasures can start blighting their masters and get sent away. But not start worrying about this being all your fault or you will blight Yato again. X___X Like hot damn folks. I know that Yuki has messed up but this is taking things too far. People, spirits or living, are allowed to feel upset. I mean...are they supposed to run around like emotionless robots? I am pretty sure that Daikoku went and threatened Yato a bit and nothing bad happened. No one messed up because of him. Tomone was certainly disrespectful of Yato. So I am not sure how Yuki being upset about being dead made another girl blight her master. It didn't even seem like a huge issue either. Just that the girl was feeling upset unless I have totally misunderstood the whole situation. One mess up and you are gone? That seems harsh. Tenjin should be more forgiving. I guess he let her go on to be a treasure for someone else but that seems too much. One strike and peace out. I like how Tomone tells Yuki this is all his fault but not to worry about it. Like oh okay let me get right on that....
 photo noragamiepisode109_zps6f79f492.jpg about you pray for your family's health instead.
So while Yuki and Yato are getting this amazing news, that blight is contagious/forgiveness is hard for Tenjin and that Hiyori would be better off without either of them...Nora is in town being creepy with Rabo. He is the same Rabo that was mentioned earlier in the episode by Hiyori's friends. See gods can be fads too in Japan. Going to this mall, buying this charm, and praying to this god...yeah all fads. So you pray to Rabo and things happen to the people you hate. Awful things. Sounds just like the person I want to pray to. I don't know about everyone else but I pray for positive things to happen to myself and others. If I want bad things to happen I wish it outloud. I would kinda feel weird PRAYING for that. Hiyori thought it was kinda weird too. So it is not a shocker the guy Nora woke up (Rabo) is behind this all. Almost like Nora made him popular to get Yato's attention maybe? Yato is a hard working dude and Rabo gets instant fame. Not fair at all dude. It seems that Nora wants Yato all to herself while Rabo is upset that Yato isn't his awesome competition anymore? And when someone isn't your awesome competition anymore clearly they don't deserve to live.
 photo noragamiepisode105_zpsa63f162e.jpg
New Year's Resolution: Make Yato fix her.
So despite the almost death of Yuki, the suggestion by Tenjin, and Tomone not being a happy ray of must go on. That is what Yato wants Yuki to do right? Wants him to live as a human. So lets do human things. It is New Year's Eve. Time for special things to occur in in Japan. Lets put the past behind us and look forward to a new year. Hiyori will get cured. Yuki will get this treasure thing underway. And Yato will finally make enough to afford to shingles on his future temple. All will be well. The boys will both blush at Hiyori looking lovely in her kimono but since everything is so light and airy now there will be no sexual tension. Because that would be bad. Friends forever yay.
 photo noragamiepisode1011_zps1038577d.jpg
At least Yuki and Yato are okay now.
Of course that didn't happen. Why would that happen? No there must be suffering. The boys are held up for a very long time due to two jobs. Now since Hiyori called at the last minute about this shrine/temple visit the boys couldn't make it right away. They had to attend to their first job which was super know involving a dog and what not. Money is money and Yato is trying to show Yuki the right way to be. So needless to say they boys were running to be on time ANYWAY. I would have thought this would have given Nora enough time to do what she needed to do to Hiyori but more time was needed. Thus Rabo came and opened up a can of whoop-ass on the boys. Well more like an actual can of Phantoms. Now this was a distraction as well as a way to test Yato. Since Rabo thinks highly of Yato for some reason he wanted to see if his old....acquaintance still had it. Also it gave the viewers a chance to see Yato and Yuki work as a team again. To see if all the tears in the last episode were worth it, that they meant something. They did. Go team! But I don't know if Rabo was impressed....
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And you are telling me this...because....?
So while Yuki and Yato are bonding Hiyori was at the temple/shrine with her less than enthusiastic friends. She was all dressed up and they were rather...bleh. But she was going to make the best of it. Fun is fun. Even if she is a half Phantom with a boatload of problems and new special friends. Time to party. Only Nora was there to ruin the fun. She hates Yuki and Hiyori for taking Yato away from her so...time for the suffering. Hiyori is still under the delusional impression everything is awesome because she saw the Lego Movie about a million times. Can't we work this out? Um no. This bitch is trying to kill you. While smiling. And calling it a game. The only thing that saved Hiyori was the sun. Curses. Next time I will get you my pretty. And your little tail too. Now surely Hiyori will open her mouth and tell Yato about this, even if Nora and him have a past right?
 photo noragamiepisode1014_zps3f8782fe.jpg
That's a slight bummer there....
Well...i guess we will never know that. Once Yuki and Yato were finished with their impromptu Phantom slaying they raced to the temple to find Hiyori. Because you know she parties at temples all night long. They think she is going to buy them some treats and all will be well. Friends forever. might have looked like Nora had not harmed Hiyori but clearly something has happened to Hiyori. You know...because she has no idea who Yato and Yuki are. I doubt that Tenjin cut the ties, just suggested it to Yato. So this leaves Nora to “help” Yato by getting rid of the baggage she thinks is Hiyori. The boys are obviously upset that Hiyori doesn't know they are but what will they do about it? I am sure episode 11 will be Yuki crying and wanting Hiyori back while Yato it better for Hiyori this way? HMMM guess I will find out next time.

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