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Noragami episode 11

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Have Yato and Rabo faced off before? XO Is this a part two of their epic battle?
So....I got the bright idea to clean my keyboard. And by clean I mean take the keys off the keyboard to remove said cat hair. Yeah that wasn't smart. :( My husband is probably laughing at me. Heaven forbid I get one of those professional blower thingy things. No no, a function key flying in the air and a space bar that barely works is a lot better......I am slightly special. While I am at have a special post too. The long forgotten Noragami episode 11 post hurray! Spoilers for Yato having a real artist flair.
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Didn't ya'll adopt them?
Episode Summary: In a time past Rabo and Yato are fighting, killing many in a horrible battle. They circle each other and...back in the present Rabo is having a great time killing more people with Nora at his side. Daikoku and Kofuku are casually hanging out in the living room when Yato and Yuki noisily return home. Daikoku is like when did this become THEIR home? Yato is freaking out while Yuki is calmly doing his homework. Yuki tells him to calm down but how can Yato do that when HIYORI FORGOT HIM!? A flashback shows that Yuki and Yato got to the temple to see Hiyori and Hiyori was like...who are you? That was only directed at Yato as she seems to know Yuki. At first Yato treats it as a great joke, like haha Happy New Year too. But Hiyori is all smiles and confused. So back at Kofuku's Yato is upset that this has happened. Yuki is like I am sure this is just temporary so calm down. The next day Hiyori agrees to meet with Yuki to give him more of her old books because doing so all at once would be silly. Yato tags along and has decided he is going to make her remember. Hiyori is polite to the crazy Yato despite the fact he is well...crazy. He then tries to tell Hiyori the story on how they met, with the cat Milord and everything. Hiyori is easily distracted by the word Lord and how excellent Yato's drawing of Milord is. Soon though Hiyori has enough of this nonsense and tries to leave. Yato goes to grab her and she feels something. Yato is very concerned and serious now, promising to get her memories back. Hiyori is like okay.....and walks away. Later that night though she thinks about serious and sad Yato was. Maybe she does know him....Yato is down for a while but then decides since Hiyori sorta reacted to the pictures he will make a larger picture book. Yuki is doubting this all but follows Yato to the store anyway when the god spends all of his money to buy better markers for his book. Yuki himself then starts to wonder how this all happened when Yato stops suddenly. There stands Nora holding a little glass marble. TADA it's Hiyori's memories. When Yato asks why she did this all she does is go on about how humans always let forgot gods even after they do favors and that Yato keeps getting hurt. If only he could be his true self....Before Yato starts getting weird Yuki snaps him out of his trance. Rabo appears and calls Nora as his weapon. TADA she is a sword too. Yato gets Yuki into action which means all the poor markers of the world fall on the ground.
 photo noragamiepisode1110_zps4e7b97e6.jpg
But we just got Yuki back!
The battle goes on for quite a while with Yuki getting more and more beat up. Rabo seems very disappointed in Yato's state, that he is not letting loose his real power. Soon Yuki cannot continue and instead of finishing Yato off Nora reappears and says she will give back Hiyori's memories if Yato defeats Rabo. Then the two walk away. During this fight tons of Phantoms went crazy which made Bishomon suspicious. She sends over Kazuma to Kofuku's house while they are patching up a hurt Yuki. They inform him that it was this fight that set off the Phantoms. Daikoku and Kofuku have no idea who this Rabo is so Kazuma the great informs them of his nonamazingness. He used to be a human that would perform....misdeeds for others. And to keep the information of his misdeeds a secret his master killed him. His named was so feared and hated that they the people eventually made god of calamity. Because there is always a market for people wanting to wish horrible things. Yuki thinks this is dreadful while Daikoku is like is this Yato's old friend? Yuki is horrified that Yato may or may not be a god of calamity. Kofuku says that she told Hiyori this once and since the girl stuck around clearly things have changed for Yato. Yuki seems to calm down at this idea. Meanwhile Yato has left the house and gone to seen Tenjin. He wants to get Hiyori's memories back but he is worried that Yuki might die or become seriously injured in the process. Tenjin is like....remember how I said it might be better if Hiyori cut ties with you? She might return back to normal. Yuki runs off to find Yato to say he will help get Hiyori's memories. But by that time Yato has decided to listen to Tenjin and won't try anymore. Yuki returns back home to have a tantrum....then decides to finish the picture book himself. In class Hiyori is writing along when she sees a doddle in her book for her, Yuki, and Yato. So she did know him....Then Yuki contacts her about getting together after class. When they get together Yuki tells the dramatic story of how they came together, mostly with Yato's drawings. Yato gets pings, cursing that he Yuki contacted Hiyori after he told him to drop it. Yato decides he is touched instead of mad and goes in that direction when Nora stops him. As Yuki finishes up the story Hiyori claps and asks for the book. She says she can't remember Yato but maybe having the book will help. Then....she gives it back to Yuki, acting like he is a stranger and he dropped his book so she is returning it. Yuki freaks out and runs away upset while Nora clearly has taken Hiyori's memories of Yuki as well. That if Yato doesn't challenge Rabo soon Hiyori won't have any memories at all, she will just be shell. Yato finds Yuki and warns him things might be dangerous but Yuki through his tears are like PSHT I am brave. The next day Hiyori is getting ready to go out when Yato and Yuki both stop by to not be freaky or suspicious at all. They are like don't worry Hiyori, we will help get your memories back. When they go to leave Hiyori grabs them and her body falls on the ground, meaning her soul probably joined them to this upcoming battle. THE END!
 photo noragamiepisode119_zps22469c2f.jpg
Beware lazy co-workers of the world..
:( Well then. I guess that one moment of happiness was fleeting. Poor Yato. Like is suffering indeed. No one got broken and beating down in this episode physically but mentally it looks like Yato is at his breaking point. And since the last three episodes have all been about MOG don't get blighty...I am slightly worried about Yuki.
 photo noragamiepisode113_zpsc3196a13.jpg
Worst day ever!!!!
First things first. It looks like I wasn't completely right...about 734 weeks ago. So hard to remember. But yeah when Yato was freaking out and Yuki was casually doing his homework I was like um...why aren't they both freaking out? Why aren't they both crying in front of Kofuku and Daikoku about how Hiyori forgot them and life is horrible? WOE IS THEIR LIFE! So why is only Yato acting like this is the worst thing a comical way and Yuki is like meh it will be okay.
 photo noragamiepisode114_zpsc5a06293.jpg
Wait you know me and not him?
Well Hiyori has only forgotten Yato. Which was a problem that plagued most of this episode. I mean we have memory issues over in another anime I am watching but the girl acknowledges that this isn't normal for her. She is hiding it from others but she knows something is wrong. Hiyori....just went through the episode all lalala. The major problem I had was the fact that Hiyori forgot Yato, not Yuki. How can she fill in the gaps about that? It makes sense WHY only those members were lost at first but it wasn't stated that new memories took their place. In fact as the episode went on Hiyori lost more and more of her memories. So at the beginning of this awfulness shouldn't Hiyori have been alarmed? How can she know Yuki without Yato? She should realize that this is wrong in her head. Forgetting Yato okay. But how does she know Yuki? Why isn't she asking herself that question? This episode really doesn't get deep into what is going on. Almost like oh she forgot, don't ask questions and put logic into the situation. Which I get this is a magical show with gods and Phantoms. Still logic applies in LOGICAL situations.
 photo noragamiepisode116_zps118d0f0d.jpg
Poor sad Yato.
So anyway since Hiyori didn't forget Yuki Yuki wasn't falling over in the street with tears in his eyes. Everyone generally puts up with Yato having a fit as long as it doesn't lead to disaster. So that left Yato to be sad all on his own. I stated earlier wasn't actually SOBBING. He was being his normal over the top woe is me. That probably lead to him not getting that much sympathy. I think if he sat there in silence and acted stoic he would have gotten some concern. Putting that all aside...everyone was kinda an ass about it. Maybe because they were stealing dealing with Yuki's near departure in the being human like realm but I felt as if no cares were given. :( Like hello Hiyori wasn't there with us, it affects you too. In a “world” where tiny issues turn into major ones I am surprised that no one thought HMMMM what caused this?
 photo noragamiepisode115_zps354af04b.jpg
Since no one was really concerned on why Hiyori lost her memories no one was in a great hurry to get said memories back. Like oh I am sure they will come back soon even though no one knows what caused it. Yato put on a happy face and was his silly self with his first attempt to get Hiyori back her memories. This was obviously the first sign that something was wrong with Hiyori as she didn't immediately call the police of his crazy person. Even if she was friends with Yuki (for some unknown reason to her) and was loaning him books there was no reason for him to bring around this crazy person. I liked Yato's little flags, like he was a tour guiding taking them around town. Instead of important historical sites it was spots where Yato and Hiyori interacted. And I must say...if Yato wanted to make some actual money he could go into the art industry. What a good picture there folks. Hiyori sorta just smiled and nodded, like this was all for naught. It did get her thinking later on, mostly on how sad Yato looked. Not that Yato knew that.
 photo noragamiepisode118_zps02b17b9e.jpg
You've gone soft on me Yato!
Still Yato went on. Maybe his determination is what started to change Yuki's mind about how serious this all was. Yuki might have made fun of Yato for spending all his money, his hard earned money, on the markers for a picture book for Hiyori but I think deep down Yuki was touched. Like wow Yato really does care, like he cares about me. So I sorta had the feels when Nora and her new friend Rabo came and started that fight. :( All the lovely markers ended up on the ground. Yato spent so much time earning that money and he used it all on Hiyori. I mean..I guess in the end the markers were okay as Yato did make his book but still. I was like noooooo! :(
 photo noragamiepisode117_zpsd81e0c8e.jpg
Could you stop torturing me please? Why the obsession?!
So yeah Nora and Rabo. Nora stole Hiyori's memories. It seems that Nora.....despite being a treasure weapon for many gods really, really likes Yato. Wants to be his treasure weapon again. And that her plan to get rid of Yuki didn't work. So why not get rid of something else Yato has? Because that is how you make someone like you folks. Also what the hell is going on with Rabo? It is clear that Rabo and Yato were in the same business back in the day and maybe he is sad to see his former...friend in such a state. But he does he gain by helping Nora? Especially when Nora was like well I will give you back Hiyori's memories if you defeat Rabo. Rabo is like say what treasure weapon? But since Nora isn't playing with a full deck of cards I guess I shouldn't dwell on it.... Yuki and Yato got their asses kicked. All over the place. Poor Yuki. I am not sure how much more he can take before breaking into tiny pieces on the ground. 

Yuki was sent over to Kofuku's to get patched up while Yato went to see Tenjin. Well Yato missed out on a little impromptu meeting. It actually made sense and wasn't forced. Bishamon sensed a disturbance since Yato and Nora stirred up a bunch of Phantoms. Maybe the meeting was a little special given the people at it though? Not exactly one big happy family there....I like how Kazuma is the one who knows everything. I understand Yuki being left out in the loop but everyone else has been around long enough to know things right? Guess not. Anyway it was story time about Rabo, how he isn't from the Far Shore in terms of his godness. He was made into a legend due to how awful he was. He seems really cold, I will give them that. The part of the story that worried Yuki was the fact that Rabo and Yato used to work together. Like err I don't think I like this.....Good job Yuki recognizing this. But given how things have turned out I think the whole I will give Yuki divine punishment and I kill humans was just Yato trying to act tough. He has put that behind him and is a “good” god now. Plus if this was good enough for Hiyori it is good enough for Yuki apparently.
 photo noragamiepisode1113_zps9c433eea.jpg
Yuki and his face of brave.
While all this walk down memory lane WHAT Yato might be a baddie Yato has gone out. To actually help Hiyori. I guess Tenjin is the oldest and the wisest among the group but it just seems odd that Yato has a house full of people who are powerful and might help. Maybe. Okay maybe not Bishamon. Anyway Yato just got his Yuki back and is concerned that another battle might end very badly. See that concern there? But Yato can't just sit by and do nothing for Hiyori. Onward to Tenjin. Who has the same advice as last time. Maybe Hiyori is better off not remembering Yato. OH THANKS! Thanks for the help. How about the fact that Nora is this crazy and went to see Hiyori? She will always be in danger. Yet Yato just focused on the protection part. Maybe Hiyori will be better off somehow. :( Taking the wind out of his sails. Which is sad as Yuki just took the I LOVE YATO pills. Who cares if you were the god of calamity. It is time to find Hiyori and make her remember right boss?! What do you mean no?! Err be careful on how much of a tantrum you throw there young Yuki.
 photo noragamiepisode1111_zps80506c1a.jpg
Why can't Yato have a respectable jacket my gosh?
Thankfully Yuki was like FINE. You give up on Hiyori. I will pick up the slack. To be fair Yato had already put in a lot of effort in to helping Hiyori so he is allowed to have his moment. Yuki and the others didn't take what was happening to Hiyori as seriously before so time to step up. Hiyori really, really seemed off this episode. I know she lost her memories of Yato but still. Glad it got explained though. Like look at me, I am Yuki the great and I have a story to tell you. Then Hiyori just sat there all blah on the grass while Yuki put his heart and soul into reading Yato's manga out loud. Okay Yuki did one page. I think....the book might have worked. It helped that earlier in the day Hiyori had accidentally drawn Yato and Yuki on her notebook. The idea of them being friends was already planted. didn't work. Hiyori asked for the notebook and poof she no longer remembered Yuki. Cue the tears.
 photo noragamiepisode1112_zpsf89f4f52.jpg
She is taking all the memories!!!
What happened?! Obviously Nora happened. See she didn't just take Hiyori's memories of Yato. No no because that would actually make sense. She just wanted Yato away from Hiyori. So maybe he will come back to her one day. No Nora decided to force Yato into fighting her and Rabo so someone DIES. Because Hiyori is losing all her memories and will be just a walking shell soon if Yato doesn't act. Yeah this plan makes sense folks. In such a way that it doesn't. Nora is insane right? Haha now you have to fight me and get attention to save Hiyori. Yato is pissed but pulls himself together to find a crying Yuki who has failed with the manga. :( Both boys are pretty upset but are like...lets do this! Even if it's super dangerous. That is what men do, protect the princess right?!
 photo noragamiepisode1114_zps0f4e1c6f.jpg
Wait for me people I don't know!
The episode ends with Yato and Yuki being a little creepy. They are going off into battle to get Hiyori her memories back. Which is a good thing. I am not sure why they had to tell Hiyori herself as she no longer remembers either of them. I mean....did they want to freak her out? Like hey Hiyori you don't remember us but we are going to fix that. Don't you worry! Err I wasn't? The only reason this scene happened was to make Hiyori come with them on the trip. She is a curious person even if she is losing her memories. Let me just reach out and touch them so my soul can go along too. Yeah seems a little forced to get Hiyori at the final battle. Meh. I am sure it will all work out though...right?

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