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Nagi no Asukara episode 25

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Oh snap are we going to have to go through this again?
Oh goodness it is the long forgotten anime Nagi no Asukara. XD What a slacker I am. But yes folks episode 25 was watched...a while ago. Hopefully I can remember enough to get around to blogging episode 26. For now has the episode 25 post. One full of Tsumugu being special and maybe Hikari getting a happy the expense of someone else?
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Mother of the year here folks. Almost killed the whole world.
Episode Summary: Manaka and Hikari look on impressed that things are coming together so fast. Probably because way more adults are involved this time from the start. Akari comes around with some snacks, bringing her little boy in tow. He is still upset about Manaka not giving him an answer about his love so he runs off. He runs into the other mains who are working on the maiden doll. The kids allow the little boy to move closer and he sees Manaka's necklace on the doll. They explain that necklace contains her love and was that the wrong thing to say. The little boy RUNS off with the necklace and tosses it in the damn ocean. Miuna and Tsumugu swim off after it because Chisaki is too delicate? I don't know. Miuna reaches the necklace first as it starts to fall apart. When Miuna grabs the necklace she hears the I love Hikari message Manaka whispered into it. Tsumugu confirms this when he swims up. Via flashback Tsumugu explains. When he caught Manaka the second time with his net she was on her way to the surface after reaching a revelation about the boy situation. She starts to cry in the boat as she looks at Tsumugu and she THINKS she is letting him down. She realizes that she loves the surface and how amazing it is..but being besides Hikari made it all the more wonderful. It is him she loves. Miuna is like um why didn't you SAY anything Tsumugu? Tsumugu is like well Hikari wants Manaka's love back so...he can work hard and earn it and all will be well? Yeah crazy. Anyway they return to the surface where the necklace is returned and the little boy is not punished. That night Manaka thinks it is her fault about the necklace because she doesn't know about love. She starts to hear the overwhelming sea again but when Miuna holds her head she feels okay. Tsumugu goes to see Chisaki as she works on more sewing. Earlier in the day Kaname asked to talk to Tsumugu and it turns out Kaname spilled ALL THE BEANS about what Chisaki said about love and everyone. Tsumugu informs her that Manaka has loved Hikari all along so Chisaki starts crying because she is a bad person and wanted this all along, for Hikari and Manaka to end up together so the group of 4 would remain the same. Tsumugu and his super serious face is like no you want to this be true so you can be with me. Chisaki is are so sure of yourself...but lets Tsumugu hug her in his unromantic way. Then she cries because she doesn't want to be the only happy one. Later that night Miuna sees Hikari sneak out and she follows him, thinking something bad will happen. Turns out he was just going to see the boats. He says a lot is on the line, you know even saving the WORLD! Miuna basically makes Hikari admit he loves Manaka. She keeps demanding he say it over and over again until she bursts into tears and runs away. Hikari is like X__X as Miuna wants her heart broken so she can move on.
 photo nagiepisode25_zps1e519695.jpg
Miuna and Manaka evolve into....a super Hikari love mess?
Finally the day of the ceremony has arrived and Tsumugu's Gramps is let out of the hospital. While getting ready Manaka thanks the little boy for his letter and thinks since he responded positively love is like thanks. Kaname talks to Chisaki about the situation with LOVE and how Chisaki needs to not be a hero and do something stupid. She I guess promises not to even if she is worried because last time things didn't end well for her. Uroko arrives via car which is odd. He has a little hut set up and Hikari is his....errand boy it seems. Uroko doesn't seem too impressed with the maiden but since it is not the real deal you know....Hikari asks if the real maiden was pretty. Uroko says no, thinking that the humans at the time picked...average looking girls. Hikari acknowledges that Uroko and the sea god were once the same and asks what Uroko thought of the girl. Uroko explains that he was a shoulder scale but wished to have touched her. Uroko changes the subject and wants Hikari to show him what he can do, especially when the sea village won't be around to help this time. Thus the ceremony starts. Hikari leads the boat parade while the main girls man the torches. They manage to magically avoid all the ice and light the torches that are placed on the edge of the ice itself. Singing and what not. Even Uroko is praying. They reach the correct spot for the doll to be tossed in when suddenly things go wrong again. Something in the sea breaks and ice comes flying all over the place. The boats are tossed all around when SURPRISE Manaka and the doll get tossed overboard. Miuna, Hikari, Tsumugu, and Chisaki go after Manaka while Kaname goes to make sure Saya and other nonimportant people are okay. Miuna reaches Manaka first as Manaka was slowing dying from the sea she used to love. Suddenly EVERYTHING becomes magical. Miuna grabs Manaka and suddenly both of them start to glow like evolving Pokemon. Tsumugu and Hikari watch as Tsumugu explains that Miuna and Manaka are the same, they both love Hikari and that is why the energy is the same. Manaka wakes up and TADA as ena again. Because Miuna had Manaka's ena to begin with and love and sparkles and smiles. Everyone loves Hikari and the sea. After they smile the sea attacks them and Miuna pushes Manaka towards everyone and Miuna is taken down. Chisaki takes Manaka to the surface while Tsumugu and Hikari follow Miuna to the maiden doll graveyard. She is now in the giant hand and when Hikari goes for her he keeps being knocked back. Some string (probably the ena cocoon) starts to form and the boys panic. The maiden doll starts to fall close to the trio, with Manaka's voice saying she loves Hikari. Miuna smiles as she sees Hikari and then....THE END!
 photo nagiepisode2511_zps487002dc.jpg
Mog STILL Chisaki?
OH BOY FOLKS! Oh boy indeed. If you thought the last ceremony was full of drama and people saving people which caused people to save people and people to sacrificing themselves for others....well put that aside folks. Because the drama factor is through the roof.
 photo nagiepisode254_zpsf1c63f29.jpg
Quick no one go after him!
To start off with Tsumugu sucks. Okay maybe I need to back that up. And remember that I watched this episode like a million years ago. Akari needs to watch that boy of hers! Yes that is where I needed to back up to. Everyone is working hard on Tsumugu's plan for a big beautiful tomorrow...that actually exists and all Akari has to do is hold her kid's hand. Instead he takes off running and no one has the speed to catch this pint size lover before he throws the necklace into the ocean. GASP! Everyone look shocked. You are in time out now mister. Bad little boy, that was our only hope in saving the world. You think about what you did. Oh also Manaka's feelings.
 photo nagiepisode256_zps331a90b2.jpg
Because he has been hanging around Chisaki too long and now he sucks too.
Okay now back to Tsumugu being a jerk. Since all the kids started waking up Chisaki has been doing less and less. Because she is a delicate flower who has never been in the ocean before and she must be protected from everything at all times. Surely sending in the new kids, the ones who just got ena, should go after this necklace. Apparently this magical stone the seaslug spits up disintegrates in the know...because it hasn't been in the water for the last 5 years. And during it's time in the water it hadn't been playing the I love Hikari message for EVERYONE to hear. This anime is magical. Now since Miuna is new to this love orgy mess she was under the impressed that Manaka loves Tsumugu and that Hikari was putting himself out there knowing the girl of his dreams was in love with someone else. But now things aren't so tragic because Manaka picked Hikari 5 years ago. He wasn't the second choice. Yay everyone.
 photo nagiepisode255_zps373e874f.jpg
Quick tell no one Tsumugu!
Except Tsumugu KNEW Manaka liked Hikari. KNEW 5 YEARS AGO!!!! Right before the ceremony Manaka had a moment where Hikari confessed to her and she went all feelings on him. Went and had a cry. Apparently she figured out she loved Hikari but was caught again in Tsumugu's net like it was fate. Implying she couldn't escape from the fact that she should be with Tsumugu and she was all upset about that. Well it turns out she didn't have any doubts about being in love with Hikari. When she got on Tsumugu's boat they were playing a little oh just be Japanese and don't say what you mean. But then it was put out there. I think in a way Manaka thought she was letting down Tsumugu. Probably because we all thought Tsumugu liked Manaka back then. But nope Kaname saw team Chisaki all the way with Tsumugu so he just smiled at Manaka's confession. Tsumugu knew this for 5 years! Now granted there was no one really to tell this to for it to make a difference. Neither Hikari or Manaka were awake. But when people started opening their eyes maybe he could have told them? Let Chisaki know that Manaka and Hikari were in love with each other so maybe she could get over Hikari faster and fall in love with him? No? It is just best to hold onto this information while the entire group falls apart and you casually just say who Manaka loves. Miuna should have stabbed him. Making Hikari earn his love indeed.
 photo nagiepisode257_zps2aa2e0d4.jpg
Oh you make me feel so much better Miuna.....
After the necklace is saved everyone went home for some rest. Well not Manaka who is still hearing the sea when she almost thinks of love. Must give her a headache since she lived in the sea and it probably sounds different when you are in the water. There was a moment folks....a moment when Miuna hugged Manaka's head and Manaka felt better. I sorta panicked. I didn't think this love orgy could get any bigger. Why was Miuna making Manaka feeling better?! XO This isn't possible, Miuna can't be the one who fixes Manaka and shows her what love is right?! This can only lead to mountains and queerats!!!!! would be a pretty unexpected turn. Sorry little man, can't love you because I love your sister.
 photo nagiepisode259_zps1d44d0fc.jpg
I almost find it adorable that Tsumugu is this honest and confused about love.
Elsewhere in never sleeping lady Tsumugu hates bro code. Like he keeps secrets when he shouldn't and he spills new one he got like 4 hours ago. Settle this man to man indeed. Of course...Kaname probably wanted Tsumugu to tell Chisaki all of this so maybe Kaname is the one breaking trust with Chisaki? Since Kaname has suffered so much already I don't mind. Did Chisaki ask Kaname to keep that all a secret? Maybe he can skate by on that. Anyway Tsumugu tells Chisaki he knows about all her crybabyitis and that she can move on from this as Hikari loves Manaka. Meaning THEY can be together. Chisaki went from not wanting Manaka to have her ability to love back to wanting Manaka to be with Hikari to not wanting to be with Tsumugu because if she is happy and no one else is the world will end. This girl makes my head spin. X____X Tsumugu probably needs to work on the romance. He is a little wooden in everything he does and love seems to be no exception.
 photo nagiepisode2510_zps236d0958.jpg
I demand you break my heart more!
Because everyone went home to get some sleep Hikari sneaks off in the middle of the night to look at the preparations. But Miuna doesn't know what and panics after Hikari. This ends up being a bad or good idea depending on how you look at things. And really Miuna did it to herself so I think it must be positive. She made Hikari say a million times he loved Manaka. Miuna needed to hear that. To move on from Hikari. Like okay I heard it and I have seen it, there is no chance for me. I need to break my heart into tiny pieces so I can move on. Closure. Because this whole confessing thing hasn't been working out for anyone thus far. Skip that part and get straight to the broken heart. Hikari was like.....what the heck?
 photo nagiepisode2515_zps14f49cd4.jpg
Look at that, Kaname picking Sayu weee!
Finally the next day rolls around. I guess we can assume that Sayu and Kaname cried all night too since everyone else was being insane. There were a few moments before the ceremony that were shown. Manaka trying to figure out what love is via the little boy and some apology. And we can't forget about Chisaki trying to make everything about her again. Maybe I should throw myself in the ocean now since Manaka suffered all those years ago. Yeah because that really shows Tsumugu how much you love him. Can...can Chisaki just go away now? Here help Gramps out of the car so he can watch the ceremony. Everyone hurry up and get this show on the road.
 photo nagiepisode2512_zps125b668f.jpg
I am sure there is a story behind this too..
Uroko and Hikari have a moment before the ceremony. One that lets Hikari know that Uroko isn't this cold hearted god that hates everyone. Maybe he could have let people know a little sooner that the Earth was slowly freezing over but you know....details. The wooden maiden is just okay but then again according to Uroko the original maiden was just okay. Probably a lie to protect his feelings. Uroko keeps saying he is just a scale but it is hard to picture that. The soul is in the body so Uroko must have a piece of his soul to remember all of this. I am sure Uroko cares about the situation and tries to not think about it. Onward to the ceremony boy. Lets see what we can do.
 photo nagiepisode2513_zpsa5492c8e.jpg
Yay things are going well!
Just like last time the ceremony started off well. Akari wasn't the maiden this time. All the major players were doing something important. Good thing all the ice chunks were out of the way for the ships. It really did look different due to the fact there was no glowing from under the sea. Since no one is there to glow......It is magical anyway. Everything is going to be okay. There is hope. Smiles. We will save Manaka's feelings. Get her love back. Oh and save the world. If we can. That is the second goal after all.
 photo nagiepisode2514_zps80f6922b.jpg
Are you kidding me?!
5 seconds later things go bad. This sea god is PISSED ya'll. Nothing is ever good enough for him! Can't he just wait until they throw the doll in before he automatically assumes the ceremony is going to suck? Loser. So in Manaka goes. This time it actually IS dangerous as the person who gets flung in has no ena. Most of the mains end up in the water actually but Kaname is going his own way now. Gotta make sure my girl stays on the boat AND I STAY WITH HER! Ain't having no Romeo come along and save her for me hahaha. Yay Sayu and Kaname. Inside the water everyone is going after Manaka and Miuna finds her first. She is quite the swimmer despite the fact she just got her ena. And then it was sparkle time. Again I was worried. Well not worried. Just...Miuna was making Manaka sparkle and that maybe...just maybe Hikari was going to be the odd man out of this lovely love orgy. Like girl power for real type deal.
 photo nagiepisode252_zpsea239ea9.jpg
I did it all for the Hikari.
Nope. Turns out that Miuna has Manaka's ena and loves Hikari so that makes them the same. The ocean is full of feelings and so is Miuna. She manages to get Manaka's ena back which is good since that was a rather sad side effect of all this suck. Smile we both love Hikari isn't it awesome. Again 5 seconds later there was more suck. Like literally. Everyone was looking at the sparkles when WHOOSH time to steal Manaka again. Only Miuna was like no, I am alone in the love orgy I will be the sacrifice. Take that Chisaki. There is no happiness for this crew. Thankfully Chisaki was useful enough to take Manaka back to the surface while Hikari and Tsumugu went to rescue Miuna. Miuna decided it would be nice to hang out in Manaka's old spot, the giant hand with all the other wooden dolls. Complete with ena webs. What will happen now?! XO Will Hikari rescue her? Are we going to repeat this process year after year? Guess we will find out next time won't we? Or you know...2 months ago because I suck. XD

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