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New Anime Series: Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara episode 1!

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I got my EYE on you creepy new kid.
I know I am not the world's best speller (obviously) but come on blogger. Clearly I am making up cute words. I know they don't exist. But all these red lines makes me feel like I am back in high school getting my papers graded. XD So rude. Putting that aside though we need more anime posts right? So what is up now? Hmmm how about new anime series Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara? Episode 1 contains spoilers for Souta being a super push over.
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All calm and collect, nothing really happened duh.
Episode Summary: Walking to school in a busy part of town. Main character Nanami the Blond steps back as two office men have a conversation. She nearly bumps into main male character Souta who is looking rather stoic. Before she can really look at him a semi and car collide,causing the semi truck to spin out of control. Souta bends down and whispers something. A tiny black flag is seen breaking and the truck rolls safely away. Everyone is in shock and is taping/taking pictures of this scene while Nanami watches Souta walk calmly across the street. Nanami makes her way to school, still thinking about the incident. She notes the boy was wearing her school uniform but since this is an elevator school she may never see him again. So 5 seconds later their teacher introduces the new student Souta. Nanami is a bit XO about the situation but no armpit showing happens so it goes smoother. During break Souta is bombarded with students wanting to talk to him. Souta looks at all of them and effectively cuts them off, saying the right thing to make them go away. Nanami watches all of this go down and declares it weird. Up to the roof they go. Souta is surprised at her straightforwardness and tries to avoid her questions. Nanami says that she is the kind of person who has to know the answer to things and she wants to know what he whispered to the business man earlier today and what he was looking at when talking to all their classmates as he was looking at their heads. Souta sighs and says she doesn't want to get involved with him.....and then proceeds to explain that he can see flags. After the word flag is explained Nanami thinks that Souta is crazy. He says that the business man had a death flag on his head and by whispering to him that he wouldn't get the contract the man's life was saved (probably because he backed up in shock). When the other students were talking to him Souta saw what kind of flags they had on their heads and he was able to break them. Once the flag is broken the situation will change, hopefully permanently. Souta is here to have a new start as he feels as if he is bad luck. Nanami questions why so Souta pulls out of newspaper clipping from a recent ship sinking in which ALL the passengers but one went missing. Guess who the one is? Nanami seems to think Souta is much too serious while Souta is tired of being put into these situations and refuses to make friends. Nanami is like look at my head, do you see a friendship flag?! Souta doesn't and Nanami is like DUH because I don't want to be your friend. I just want to know what is going on. So there is no reason why we can't just...sit together and talk together but not be friends. I am sensing a theme. Souta seems to agree with this, probably because he is tired of being lonely.
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Nanami apparently has a sad and overdramatic past as well.
Souta takes another hit as he and Nanami were going to eat lunch together when a perky girl named Akane tries to join them. She asks about 19 million times to sit with them and Souta says no each time. Her flag breaks...and then grows back. Nanami is like what is going on Souta doesn't seem to know and finally allows the bipolar girl to sit down and eat. She has decided that they are all going to be friends forever and it will be perfect. Both Nanami and Souta agree she seems too much. Still Akane just keeps on keeping on even though her flag keeps getting broken by Souta each time he opens his mouth. Nanami talks about how Akane is a rich girl from a powerful family, as to explain her behavior. Akane acts genuinely modest as she points out that Nanami is a princess. A princess?! Nanami is like yeah from a small European country.....Later in flashbacks it is shown that Nanami has a lot of brothers and sisters and really was never in line for the throne, that she came to this school to get out of everyone's way. Angst you know. Back in the classroom Nanami and Souta watch Akane interact with other students. She seems very friendly with many of the girls as she helps them out and they thank her kindly. Yet when Souta and Nanami try to walk home Akane is like wait for me let's walk home together as friends!!!!! Souta tries to point out he lives very far away and it is no place for a lady but Akane insists and Nanami tags along. They take an upside monorail and hike about 19 miles to a dorm that supposedly belongs to the school. Dorm is an understatement as this is a piece of crap building. It is literally falling apart. The girls are like um....while Souta is like I am just grateful for what I have. Akane is like weee this is the first time I have gone to a friend's home, lets be friends forever. When Nanami asks what Akane likes about Souta she sorta likens him a bit to a sad lonely dog that she can't leave alone. Later she refers to Nanami in the same way. After Souta gets embarrassed and walks away Nanami asks why Akane is acting this way if she has so many friends. Akane is like I have no friends and tells a sad tale on how she had a friend once but due to differences in social standings the friends were separated and Akane never saw her again and probably hasn't forgiven herself. So even though Akane is acting in love with Souta in can't be love since you know...she is being selfish and just wants to help Souta because she couldn't help this girl. Nanami thinks about her lonely situation and Souta returns to walk the girls out of his awful norm. Akane states she has to go back inside to get something (the broken hair clip from her lost friend) Souta sees that Akane now has a death flag. Instead of going after her right away Souta explains the situation to Nanami and talks about how they need to fix this. How did this happen? Well Souta doesn't make it in time and Akane falls through the floor. She lays dying on the ground as Souta tries everything possible to break the death flag. Nothing is working and Akane starts to say her goodbye speech when Souta kisses her. Instantly a love flag grows in its place and Souta is like oh crap this isn't what I wanted. Things don't look any better for Souta as later that night he notices a black flag above his own head. THE END!
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Be grateful your flag broke and not your face!
I am going to start typing this episode post out while watching Evil Dead. The 2013 version, not the campy one from a million years ago because I am old. I am pretty sure a character just got stabbed in the eye with a needle. I don't know since I covered my own eyes in case the needle was going to come crashing through the TV and into my skull. Because that is how I work apparently.
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The most specialest character of all.
This episode was special. Going into this show I expected it to be special though. Like yep I can see this being a very, very silly series. I guess I was kinda shocked that there was mention of death flags given the HAPPY nature of the PV....and the rest of the show. As a whole I don't think anyone is going to die and whatever serious moments there are will be quickly be forgotten with the 418823 happier scenes.
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Maybe he was whispering to the other dude....still!
At the beginning of the episode our mains are walking to school, Nanami and Souta. They don't know each other yet but that will all quickly change. Duh. Now this is where things start to get a little eye rolling. Yes right off the bat. While Nanami and Souta wait for the light there is a car accident. A truck going WHOOSH and what not. It looks like Souta (the flag seer) whispers something to Nanami which causes a flag to break. Well it turns out later that Souta actually saved the man standing in front of Nanami as the girl had stepped back naturally. Now.........when Souta whispered it really didn't appear like the man moved. The words he said (not getting the contract) didn't matter as he was supposed to be shocked enough to move back. Well this didn't happen, throwing off what the viewer thinks is happening, that Souta was saving Nanami and tying them together. I know things don't have to be spelled out for me but come on. Couldn't the dude take ONE step back?
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Ask to see his armpits!
Anyway Nanami makes it to school. Had this happened to me MOG THERE IS A NAIL GUN IN THIS MOVIE!!! X______X Yeah had this happened to me I think I might have gone home. You know, almost being killed could traumatize a person enough to make them want to go to sleep and call it a day. But Nanami troops on. Very interested in this mysterious figure. She needs to know what happened but this is highly unlikely as she goes to an elevator school, kindergarten up. She will probably never seen him again, so very remote. Woe is Nanami. Not even a “new” student can make this better. Why is it that Souta (who else) is considered a new student when Nanami was walking up to the school and clearly there were signs that this is a new semester? Everyone is a new student weeee!
 photo flagepisode113_zpsd67ecfba.jpg
I think Souta read this flag wrong....
So yes Souta THE GIRL JUST RIPPED HER HAND OFF!!!!......Traumatized. Souta. The “new” student. As the “new” student everyone had to come over to him and find out his life story. Because life becomes so so and the same all the time. So anything new is fun. Only Souta was taking them down with one/two punches. Basically instead of ignoring them and coming off cold Souta opened his mouth and said things that would make him look suspicious to hyper sensitive Nanami and hurt their tiny souls. One might say the soccer comment was a no brainer but I thought the male student was going to be gay thus Souta was shutting everything down. In any event Souta doesn't want friends. Friends are bad so lets make sure the entire class knows I am weird. Although Ms. Slave was ….odd.
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If you don't tell me I will explode. Or kill you. Either way.
Nanami isn't going to take all of this weirdness lying down. No no, she is going to find out what is going on, whether or not Souta wants to. If I were Souta I wouldn't give any of these people the time of day. But maybe Souta knows by now it is easier to do a little bit of talking and nip it in the bud. People might like the ignoring, mysterious type. I would like to think that Nanami isn't that special. Maybe just observant. Had I seen what Souta did at the crossing I might be asking him what is going on too. Of course I wouldn't be in the classroom to see him looking at people's heads because I would be home traumatized. From the crash and this movie I mean she ripped her arm off folks! Souta was being rather obvious about glancing at people's heads. So Nanami wasted no time in dragging the truth out of the boy.
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See? I have magical powers!
Without much explanation Souta is like oh yeah I am a video game character and life is a big video game to me. I see flags. Flags that tell me what people want. Little tiny flags on your heads. Why? I don't know. It just makes me special and bad things happen to those around me. Why look at this news article I have on the ship I was on. That was the most special part of the episode there folks. was said so quickly and never mentioned again in the episode I was wondering if it actually happened. Maybe I just imagined it was part of the horrible tortureness that was Evil Dead. Like um yeah I was on a boat and then it went down. I am going to assume that they all died so......Souta should have looked a little sad. I mean a lot more sad. WOE IS ME I AM BAD LUCK! It really didn't explain why he thinks he is bad luck. He just sees flags right? Bad things were going to happen to him anyway. Of course if he is a video game character and the main one (which means he wouldn't have a name) that means he does change the world around him through interactions. Maybe this is lost on me as these are not my kind of video games. Putting aside WHY Souta is bad luck I think he should have been a little...more. More anything. So his plight makes more sense, that he is a tortured soul. Instead we get someone who brushes this all off as one more notch in his sucky day. A wishy washy person who apparently isn't doing a great job in avoiding people.
 photo flagepisode14_zps4de9864e.jpg
Way to be strong there Souta.
Case in point Akane. Souta seems to have allowed Nanami to interact with him since she has no flag on her head. I am sure she will get one eventually but for now she is the kind of person who just wants to observe, maybe not form connections. Unless denial helps flags to not grow. So Nanami is allowed to stick around. Enter the crazy Akane. Nanami and Souta were just trying to eat their lunch, as the nonfriends that they are and she appeared out of nowhere with enough perkyness to kill the entire world. It must be tiring to be a girl like that. Is that what men really want? XD I guess it is what my former customers wanted because I wasn't perky enough for the perky club. But yeah....Akane is going to be fun to watch. And by fun I mean I will have to lower the volume when she is on screen. It seems that Souta's ability to break flags doesn't work on Akane. Or it works but due to Akane's PERKYNESS it grows back at the speed of light. That she is such a pure soul who is just lonely another flag just appears. Yay good natured girls, with love for everyone and making the impossible possible.
 photo flagepisode16_zps27cd88aa.jpg
Clearly he doesn't deserve anything....
Since Souta is used to making people hate him he quickly sends Akane on his way and goes home alone. Or or...since Souta is made of jelly and that hard ass front was...well just a front Akane and Nanami follow him home. Way to make a stand. Can we talk about this dorm for a minute? I know that Souta just crashed an entire boat and is probably an orphan with little to no money but this is unreasonable. I mean...a school dorm located THAT far away in itself was stupid. But for it to be a falling down shack? My they roll. I am sure this is legal. I know it makes for drama and what not but at least have things be believable, not stupid. Just....just no. More than my eyes would have popped out of my head. Hey rich girl, princess, wanna loan this friend/nonfriend a little bit of cash so he can live somewhere that has a floor. The water runs though folks so clearly he will be okay.
 photo flagepisode17_zps3226f8e9.jpg
...How did they even get to play together in the first place? Maid's kid?
We learn a bit about Nanami and Akane in this episode. Souta not so much. Akane's reasons for this sudden friendship are sorta explained. She views Nanami and Akane as poor little doggies and only cruel people would ignore such creatures. But then later Akane opens up a can of sad. She has never had friends due to the fact that she is a rich girl and no one is good enough for her family's inspection. Case in point many years ago she had a friend but said friend was sent away. CLEARLY TO DEATH by the way Akane was acting. Not. But still Akane has tried to make friends before and it hasn't worked out. So all the scenes of her laughing and helping out school mates are superficial. Nothing she could take home to her parents. Not sure why this instance will be any different. I guess Nanami and her runaway princess status might count but Akane, the main person she wants to befriend? Yeah I don't see how this will end any differently. I mean it will but Akane doesn't know that. So we got a lonely rich girl Akane, lonely cast off Princess Nanami, and lonely super powered Souta. Woe is this group.
 photo flagepisode18_zps452c8f79.jpg
Call out to her, don't let her go up the stairs!
With that sad revelation and the fact that Nanami is some crazy Princess the girls leave the dorm room so Souta can get some sleep and think about what went wrong today. Or or....Akane goes back inside death drop dorm room to get back her forgotten token from her past friend. Souta.....he needs some faster reflexes. Oh no Akane has a black flag of death above her head let me stop and talk to Nanami about this situation. What can be done? What can we do?! We can sit here and waste more time. Okay maybe it really wasn't that long but I guess Souta needed some time to think. Plus given this death trap she could have fallen that second into the stairs. know....these flags appear rather fast. Like you would have thought when she dropped the hair clip it would have triggered the flag since the house wasn't going to get any safer.
 photo flagepisode19_zpsbc14e584.jpg
All better weeee!
The episode ends with Akane falling through the floor and dying in Souta's arms. She tells him to embrace friendship and maybe find that friend she was forced to leave behind. Which I am sure goes to their school but still. Souta does everything he can think of to safe her. Applies medical treatment, calls 911, removes the broken pieces of wood from her organs. Yet she still dies. Or or........Souta does nothing that would actually save her life and kills her instead. I might have bought a gave me a reason to live explanation. That the kiss made Akane see Souta in a different light and she was able to hang on until the ambulance got there. Instead we get Souta losing his mind and kissing Akane which activates an instant love flag and springs Akane to life. How seriously hurt was this girl? Maybe Souta has magical kisses. Or maybe she was going to die from a splitter the entire time because she is dramatic. The point to all of this is that Evil Dead 2013 is creepy as hell and Souta's life....well forgot about all those dead people on the boat. He has bigger worries now. Like girls wanting to spend time with him. I KNOW...such a special show. XD

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