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Black Bullet episode 3

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Oh I know the feeling. Maybe not on the same level of usually ends in tears though.
Man these Spring Anime 2014 shows are no joke. They are like BAM get this plot moving. We ain't got time for stories. We will literally spoon feed you all the info you need in boring ways just so we can move along faster. Keep up people. Especially me the late one. X___X So yeah Black Bullet episode 3. Just keep on keeping on with your Inheritance to the Seven Star deal. I am sure it will end well.
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I am going to save the day even if no one cares about me! WAI the tears!
Episode Summary: A very upset Rentarou goes to visit Sumire. She seems distracted with her dinner thoughts while Rentarou tries to explain his story of woe. Enju tried to be a normal girl but her identity as a Cursed Child has been revealed and she has run away. Sumire starts off by talking about why humans kill the Gastrea. Rentarou thinks the answer is obvious while Sumire points out some religious freaks see this Gastrea problem as God's will and the Cursed Children are the in-betweeners. Rentarou gets pissed because Enju is a human being and nothing special. Sumire unnecessarily talks about how almost all Cursed Children are abandoned and have no idea how life really works. That Rentarou as her family needs to show her the way. As Rentarou leaves Sumire mentions Rentarou's supporter has requested meeting up with him sometime (the Grandfather dude). As Rentarou leaves Enju's teacher calls saying the girl has returned to school. Rentarou takes off in a panic imaging the worse. He gets there and the girl hasn't even made it inside yet. All the kids are calling her a Gastrea and she is insisting she is their friend and harmless. Rentarou suggests changing schools but Enju insists these are her friends. Rentarou points out they are not friends anymore due to them being scared. Before Enju can cry a helicopter amazingly comes to pick them up. As they travel Kisara explains the source of the infection as been found as well as maybe this mysterious box. They see the Gastrea...flying in the air despite being a nonflying bug. It has “evolved” by using a web as a way to glide. Enju immediately jumps out of the moving helicopter and starts fighting. Rentarou has to risk some limbs to join her but arrives just in time to see her kick the monster to death and cry. She has protected everyone, including her friends at her school so she is good now yes? It is a sad moment and Rentarou says he will be with her always and she doesn't need anyone else...yet. They will work to change it. Rentarou turns his attention to the box that was inside the Gastrea. Before Rentarou can reach the Inheritance of the Seven Stars he gets a ping. Suddenly Mr. Mask Hiruko is there. Rentarou and Hiruko “fight” as in Rentarou does one move and Hiruko kicks Rentarou's ass all over the place, shooting him in the process. Enju began the fight dealing with the daughter Kohina but grows worried over Rentarou. Rentarou urges her to run Kohina can focus on him instead? Yeah the tiny tot stabs Rentarou quite a bit. Hiruko finishes off Rentarou by shooting him again and sending Rentarou crashing into a stream.
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Oh hi I am here to kick your ass. Have fun.
A flashback takes place, with a 6 year old Rentarou being in the hospital and having to make a choice, a choice offered by Sumire. Back in the present Rentarou wakes up and isn't....really that hurt despite it all. Kisara greets him warmly...then gets down to business. Hiruko has the box and inside it contains something that can summon a stage 5 Gastrea. Gastrea can normally reach stage 4 but when the war started 10 years ago there were a set number of stage 5's already around. These stage fives are immune to their new special metal and can knock down the barriers which in turns makes it possible for other Gastrea to enter that area. Hiruko plans on summoning the stage 5 because death is fun. Seitenshi calls Rentarou personally to go on a huge mission to find Hiruko outside the safety zone. There is some cryptic talk on why Rentarou is saying yes and how he is involved with this. He dramatically gets dressed, like he wasn't just nearly killed. Sumire meets with Rentarou and gives him some experimental drugs, telling him not to really use them....She tries to apologize for what she did to him ten years ago but Rentarou is fine with it. Kisara wishes Rentarou well and tells him to bring honor to their family and cow. Rentarou finally exits the hospital with Enju waiting in a let's do moment. Rentarou and Enju get on one of the many helicopters carrying other Initiator and Promoter pairs. Seitenshi is seen in another helicopter surrounded by lots of meaningless I mean shiny computers. The pairs are dropped off and Rentarou tries to avoid the Gastrea with a few close calls. He notes that some pairs are being dumb and using obvious weapons. They come across an abandon building where they think Hiruko is hiding out. It turns out a slightly injured Cursed Child is in there, the one paired with Shougen. Enju has a jealous attack and goes outside to guard as Rentarou takes care of the girl Kayo. She explains she panicked earlier when they mistook a Gastrea that had human looking lights and she is the one who fired off the obvious rounds. She got separated from Shougen and what not. Rentarou worries that she might have gotten more infected and she tells Rentarou not to worry. Kayo then just opens up her whole life story, saying she is jealous that Enju is well taken care of and has never killed a human. Why Shougen made her kill a pair on their way out here just so he can get the reward from getting Hiruko. Kayo knows that Rentarou has killed before but he still seems to have retained being a good person. Rentarou gets emotional, telling her to never get used to killing a human and Kayo finds herself getting emotional too. Shougen radios in at that moment saying that Hiruko has been found and to hurry. Despite killing another pair earlier Shougen is planning on attacking with other pairs. The trio marches along towards the sight, looking at buildings from the past and how that generation might have been more messed up than this Gastrea crap. THE END!
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So Enju went back to school. It went well.
So...I am sensing a theme here. A theme in which important things that happened in a previous episode just happen to get glossed over really fast in the next episode. Something that one thought was going to be an important plot just poof over and done with. I see indeed.
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I will cut a bitch if they touch Enju!
See last week I thought Rentarou was going to tear up the slums looking for Enju. That she was going to hang back and watch him look for her. Then the Gastrea behind the problems in episode 1 would pop up and Enju would appear and save Rentarou. There would be tears and reuniting with Rentarou trying to yell at her but clearly he only cares for her so it won't come across as yelling. She will cry and they will go back to town. She will look sadly at the school and Rentarou would say that he would be there for her and not to look back.
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Because they are killing us? Just saying....
Well none of that happened. Well the last part did. But Rentarou saw the old man in the slumy district and I guess just went on home. Or went to see Sumire. Seems awfully close to Sumire even though she is perverted and should be too busy for him. Is the future that bleak that everyone is going to eat awful looking food forever. In any event Rentarou told Sumire of his sad day and Sumire is that it boy? Lets just talk about the Gastrea instead since my role in life seems to be revealing important plot points. Just blurting them out to the audience. Why do we kill Gastrea? Um because Lizzy we do. Now just look at the flowers. I think it is fairly obvious why humans kill the Gastrea. Because they are trying to kill humans. It's not like they came peacefully or have tried to do anything peacefully since then. Now I can see people hating on the Gastrea but not the Cursed Children. I guess Gastrea WERE human but once they start flying in the sky and killing people it is game over. I guess Sumire is just putting this info out there, so when Hiruko starts going on and on about it later it will already be in Rentarou's head. For now Rentarou is on team humans and Cursed Children are humans. Infected but controllable humans and he is going to save Enju damn it! Thanks Sumire!!!
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Stupid little kids!
Now before Rentarou can actually locate Enju she located herself in a pretty ordinary way. Just went to school. So that means Rentarou is skippin his. Probably why his adopted Grandfather wants him to get his butt there. Anyway Enju was always going to go back, after she heard Rentarou's words. Only she wanted to go back and be a normal kid like Rentarou said she was. :( Yeah that didn't end well. Rentarou got to the school just in time to hear the kids say some awful things. Because the teachers can only call on the phone, not actually watch over the kids. I can maybe understand the kids being scared. They probably heard the adults talking about Gastrea and think well these kids are the same. That is why people need educate the masses, not be scared of the ones that can help them. :( Poor Enju. She wants to be brave like Rentarou but even he is like...we have to leave this school, it's over now. :( A lot to accept at such a young age.
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:( Just no respect.
Especially since her ass is on a helicopter 5 seconds later saving the world. No respect. How would the kids like it if the Cursed Children didn't exist and everyone just died? I mean as long as they aren't hurting me have at. Be all super and protect me. Enju was still an emotional mess though. Rentarou was getting details from Kisara about the Gastrea and it having the Inheritance when Enju just jumped out of the helicopter and attacked the giant monster. I mean...I do realize at this point Rentarou does have powers too, probably sponging off of hers but she is really the muscles of the group. He is the supervisor. So yeah Enju just jump on down and kick butt. Emotional butt on the flying spider. So when Rentarou does catch up with you you can cry. Am I a good girl now? Did I do a good job? :*( No kid. You can kill all the Gastrea you want but for now regular humans won't accept you. I DO THOUGH! I am glad Rentarou was able to get through this without it turning all Machine-Doll on us sexual. Enju just cried like a normal 10 year old and was sad. Life does suck and she could die there in the dirt and no one would care but Rentarou. All that work and no one would care. Except Rentarou. Hug it out.
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So why did Rentarou send Enju away again? To protect her from getting hurt? I see now.
Now that the box is right there ready for Rentarou to is time for Hiruko to join up. Given how strong Kohina is I am sure they could have taken out the Gastrea and taken the box without ANYONE knowing. But no. That would be silly. I was a bit surprised that Hiruko didn't another effort to get Rentarou on his side. Instead Kohina went right to work on Enju and Rentarou got his ASS kicked. Like all over the damn place. Like Rentarou brought a knife to a nuke fight. It was so one sided it was almost laughable. Rentarou being the man and older person he is in this situation sent Enju away as to protect her when it was him that needed protecting. Yeah Rentarou was shot twice and stabbed twice and it looked like all his organs got smushed on the rock. Into the water he goes being a hero. And then it became Mami all over again. Show's over folks.
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So is Rentarou a Gastrea? Like Enju? Sorta?
Or or....Rentarou will wake up in the hospital almost fine. I guess this scene showed us several things. Rentarou had a flashback from what I assumed was the beginning of the Gastrea war. I am going to assume when that giant monster flopped in front of him he didn't escape unharmed even though it looked like he did. It appears that Rentarou was either infected or lost some body parents. Sumire did something to Rentarou that she regrets to this day, asking a 6 year old Rentarou to make some sort of decision. Now is he like the Cursed Children? I hope not. That would make his support of them weaker. Not that he isn't a champion of justice but it would be self benefiting. Perhaps he is like Hiruko with some fake organs and body parts, made out of that special metal thus Hiruko finds him interesting. Either way Rentarou is special and Enju seems to know it. File that away for later information.
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Putting aside the french fry hair....why would you make this?! EVER?!
Also whatever Rentarou is means he can heal super fast. Hommie was really hurt and already he is waking up and being asked to go on missions. Because there are not enough pairs out there to help out Seitenshi? Yeah I doubt it. See Rentarou IS special and she knows it too. That she can only count on him. Good thing the government is down for regulating this. Kisara is a business person so clearly her only employees should go out on this dangerous mission to go after the man that nearly killed Rentarou. No rest for this kid, get out there and do your job. By the way....this Inheritance to the Seven why does it exist? Why would anyone have in their possession something that can summon a strong Gastrea that is able to break down the barriers around the cities and let other Gastrea's in? Can someone explain to me why anyone would KEEP that? I guess they could summon the level 5's somewhere remote and attack them but baring that...yeah that makes no sense. Some crazy person out there might get a hold of it OH WAIT!
 photo blackbulletepisode315_zps4bbcfc62.jpg
Newflash: Gastrea can apparently be anything. I want to see a giant demon cat now. Or cow.
Since Rentarou didn't question why this item exists on with the show. Enju and Rentarou joined other teams in the helicopters but the section they reached the unsafe zones....everyone spread out and went alone. Or that is what it looks like. Again we need some government regulation here. Make them work as a team. Because if one team finds Hiruko he will just kill them and so on and so forth. Just makes no sense. As it is these different stages of Gastrea are...interesting. I guess they aren't just bugs. I thought the ones Enju and Rentarou already fought were hard core. Out in the wild they get pretty big and instead of fighting them running seems to be the best option. Surely this is a grand plan. Because a lot of teams weren't taken out by Hiruko last week. No no lets make sure some die in the woods too.
 photo blackbulletepisode317_zps59c12768.jpg
Let me see, divide the reward up 5 ways or die. LET ME THINK!
Along the way Rentarou and Enju run into Shougen's partner Kayo. There was a moment of jealously again like Machine-Doll but you know since these girls are 10 and under it makes me want to stab my eyes out. Good thing it's not as over the top. Enju actually does something useful though and stands guard during her jealous attack while Rentarou as a moment with Kayo. This girl really lets out all her emotions doesn't she? I didn't expect her to be opening up so fast so soon. I mean I don't really expect anything but I thought Rentarou would have patched her arm up and there would be stares and wondering. But Kayo just spewed out her feelings. Like Shougen is evil and just made me kill another pair for no reason and killing is hard. Enju is so lucky. You are a nice person Rentarou even though you have killed. Just whooooosh all out of her at once. X___X Poor Kayo. I would mention again that this needs regulation but I guess it is obvious by now.....Of course all of this makes Rentarou mad and he gets emotional. He will save everyone.
 photo blackbulletepisode318_zps15954bc0.jpg
Rentarou has a lot of feelings. :( Will he and his feelings survive this series?
The episode ends with Shougen contacting Kayo saying that they (more pairs) have found Hiruko. I wonder if he will be stopped before the box is opened and tada Gastrea level 5 time. I am sure special Rentarou can handle it...maybe. Maybe not though. Good thing that Shougen is working with other pairs now. You know since he didn't kill those others....just stupid. The episodes concludes with the group walking by parts of broken Japan, wondering what was worse, the previous generation or the Gastrea. I am going to go with flying spiders for 100 but yeah hurting little kids isn't my idea of a good time either. Until next time...

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