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Nagi no Asukara episode 22

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Excuse need to be asking about Manaka and feelings and romance. Not the future of the world!
This is the anime that doesn't end folks. I feel as if it has been 1929 episodes of love orgies and no one getting kisses while there is some serious events going elsewhere. XD Oh Nagi no much blue. I can't quit you. So episode 22 is finally here on my blog! Spoilers for Hikari's tiny soul being crushed into tiny pieces on the ground. Then set on fire.
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How about they just date each other and leave that Chisaki behind? No?....fine. :(
Episode Summary: Miuna watches as Akari and Manaka make things in the kitchen. When Manaka catches Miuna staring Miuna runs off to take a bath and think about all these weird situations. The next day the kids set to work trying to find Uroko. You know, since Tsumugu is cursed he must be around. Manaka has made food and brought a porno to lure him out. It is commented on that some of the kids are treating Uroko like a lost pet. They are looking is special places. No Uroko shows up and apparently everyone goes to school and/or work. Afterwards there is more searching/walking around. Kaname and Tsumugu walk behind Chisaki as she skips around. It is almost like there is tension and comradery at the same time. All the mains stop walking/doing what they were doing when it starts to snow again. The kids meet up, talking about the current weather situation. How it just keeps getting worse and worse and they need to find Uroko. Tsumugu tries making his curse fish arm be quiet and Manaka finds it funny. Hikari tries to remind Manaka how she lied about still being cursed (so Tsumugu would like her) but she smiles blankly at him. Tsumugu goes to feed his fish arm and Sayu goes to watch since it's gross. While he feeds said arm he and Sayu hear Kaname and Chisaki making tea. Kaname jokes that he should confess to Chisaki again which makes everything awkward. The weather keeps getting worse and worse, with snow reaching the mainland. Tsumugu's colleague ends up going back early to the campus despite all the research being done here in this little town. Kaname asks if Tsumugu is staying as long as possible for Chisaki. Tsumugu says he is waiting for an answer. The search for Uroko continues with the porno and food being taken. Miuna runs into the boy that confessed to her. He tries being sweet and it's awkward again.
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Hikari replaying this flashback in his head is clearly not helping him focus.
Manaka and Hikari are off alone looking for Uroko when they end up back at the school. Hikari takes her near the pool and talks about the day he hurt his foot and she came in to save him. Manaka does an awkward face and Hikari realizes she doesn't remember. Manaka finally confesses since she has woken up there have been huge gaps in her memory. Like she doesn't remember this promise to have an important convo with Hikari after the Boat Ceremony or this swimming event or lying after the fish curse left her. She does remember making the doll though smile smile. Hikari gets so overwhelmed he runs off. He runs straight into Sayu and Miuna but doesn't stop running. Miuna decides to run after Hikari instead of helping her friend up. Hikari is pissed, declaring this all unfair that Manaka lost her ena and apparent memories. They eventually run across a tiny shrine and find the porno on the ground. Uroko magically appears scaring them slightly. Uroko acts all meh, of course I am here. The only sea people who are awake are on land. Hikari demands to know what is going on with the surface, never mentioning Tsumugu. Uroko asks Hikari if there is anything else Hikari wants to ask. Hikari of course is still pissed about Manaka's problems. Uroko decides it is story time instead of answering the question directly. He starts by talking about the sea god and what he really is. The first maiden had gone into the sea, had some kids, got sad/left the sea with the god's permission. Eventually the sea god died and part of him fell into sea scales AKA Uroko. Part of him, his emotions, lived on in the ocean current and what not. His consciousness was basically the sacred fire. The sea basically was protecting itself from the surface when certain conditions happened aka crazy times at the ceremony. Manaka giving herself to the sea temporarily halted the global snowing process yet Manaka couldn't let go of her feels. Thus her ena/feelings broke off and that is what Miuna heard when she fell in the sea. Now that Manaka has left the sea the weather conditions will get worse faster but why worry since it really won't affect them. Hikari is not pleased by this news, especially since he thinks taking Manaka out of the water made this all happen. Since Miuna is slow (or a genius) she wants to know what Manaka had to give up to the sea god who seems very ticked off. Uroko is like oh just her ability to love. Hikari is beyond upset and Miuna cries. They return home to see an almost...expressionless Manaka playing with the little boy. THE END!
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Words I don't think all that pressure should have been on Manaka to begin with so....
Oh boy!! This series is all about the feels. Even thought the fate of the world is at stake folks. We need to make sure junior high/college romances are handled. Are there ANY sea adults on land besides Gramps and Akari? I am sure there has to be more that got banished if there are facilities for them to not lose their ena. So why aren't these fools around? I think the world needs to stop being saved by 15 year olds!! Whose with me?!
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Why does Manaka have to be perfect?!
Anyway this episode starts off with Miuna paying close attention to Manaka. Good thing The Husband got a big house now that they got all these extra people in it. People all over the place. But yes Miuna is probably thinking to herself she should probably be more like Chisaki. Chisaki 2.0. Because Manaka is so nice and lovely and cheerful. Hikari loves her and the girl is so darn perfect how can you remain mad at her? Time to take a bath and feel sorry for ourselves. Woe that we stole Manaka's ena and Hikari still doesn't love us. We want Hikari to be happy but he wants to be happy with Manaka and Manaka is just so nice how can we be jealous of her. Yes it is best to just drown ourselves.
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Here kitty kitty kitty.
Oh the finding of Uroko. I like how the kids were leaving around stupid things for the god to find. Here kitty kitty kitty. At least one of the kids acknowledged how special they were being. Because they are KIDS. And I think this really showed how over their heads this situation really was. I mean true love and trying hard gets you far in situations but sometimes you need an adult. Yes they think realistically and might be jaded but they might know something you don't. Like oh there might be a shrine somewhere nearby....nope. We must lay out porn and food to find Uroko. So he can help Manaka and maybe save the world. There was absolutely no talk of asking Uroko to uncurse Tsumugu. I see. I wonder why he was cursed anyway. He has been researching this for quite a while as has his Colleague so....why now? HMMMM.
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Yep. Because she will give me an answer to a question I haven't asked yet.
The first search for Uroko turns up nothing. Probably because they were looking in pipes and what not. I think there was going to be a second search after school and work but it got slightly interrupted. The mains were thinking about all this situation and what not...very little of Manaka's ena which is sad. More like Kaname and Tsumugu walking along with Chisaki leading the way. Like yep we both are in love with this girl and she is just leading us along. Well not really since Tsumugu hasn't told her anything yet. He seems to think he is staying in town for her and isn't leaving without an answer. Or at least that is what he told Kaname. Um when did you confess dude? How is Chisaki supposed to know? I know she is more aware of things than Manaka but home girl has Hikari on the brain. You need to open your mouth up and talk. Which does not happen now because all the mains stop and look to see how much it is snowing right now. Like um.....this is more snow than usual what is going on here? Quick have a meeting!
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The world is doomed and Uroko is bored. I see now.
Finally ya'll the kids talked about the weather. If I were them that is all I would talk about. I would be a boo hooing mess. I mean I don't plan on having any kids but the idea of the world ceasing to exist in such a way would make me sad. I would look at little kids and realize that their kids aren't going to have a chance. Well to raise their kids anyway. 50 years sounds like a long time but really it isn't. And as things get worse and worse people are going to start seeing how bleak things are and the world will suffering before the actual freezing over. The population will drop, things will become scarce, and oh yeah it will become COLD outside. Not yay playing in the snow cold but MOG this is it we are going to die cold. So yeah. Put aside all your crushes and worries over Manaka's ena and focus on the world. Or maybe focus on all of it. Because this is important too! Especially you Chisaki...not worried about the surface cause it didn't affect you. Yeah I remembered what you said. By the end of the episode the Colleague has to go back to the college because the weather has gotten rough but Tsumugu stays in town because he loves Chisaki and she should just feel it. Or you know he is going to study this more. THE WORLD IS ENDING ya'll!
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As Sayu and Tsumugu listen in sadly.
That topic lasted for about 5 minutes. Then the kids broke off to do different things. Tsumugu needed to go feed his feed curse and Sayu needed to watch because it is gross. You know how someone tells you something tastes gross but you try it anyway? Yeah that. Since Chisaki is the mom of the group (the one who is always crying anyway) she goes to make snacks and Kaname follows her to help. This allows for Sayu and Tsumugu to hear their conversation, how Kaname is in love with Chisaki and wants to confess again. Awkward party of 4 please. How are these kids going to be friends after all this mess is said and done? It is like a soap opera except no one is having sex and babies.
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:( Poor Hikari's heart is a little yoyo of sadness.
The search for Uroko continues. Miuna manages to find the boy that confessed to her but she put him aside rather fast. No no, I got my Hikari to worry about. Hikari continues to search with Manaka who is happy that the food and porno are gone. It does turn out later she is right and Uroko did steal them but hello it could have been everyone. Deciding that maybe a human like god might hide out in human like places they go near the school where Hikari tries to have a walk down memory lane with Manaka. Remember when Tsumugu beat me at swimming and I hurt myself and you came in to save me? Manaka usually has weird expressions on her face but she has been making one pretty consistently now. Like oh yeah hahahaha. Like she is trying too hard. Hikari finally caught on, that Manaka has been lying about knowing things. Upon further questioning Manaka confesses she has big gaps in her memories. Most importantly the thing she was going to tell Hikari the night of the Boat Ceremony. I don't blame Hikari for getting mad and running off. Bad news is super bad. I guess Manaka really doesn't know what is happening to her and she is the kind of girl who doesn't want to worry people with her problems. So I see why she lied about that. I also see why Hikari ran off and got all upset. Memories and ena lost? The sea god took too much.
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Stop putting him ahead of me!
Hikari literally runs into Sayu and sprints away. Miuna should have at least helped her friend off the ground. Hello chicks before dicks. Anyway since Hikari wasn't trying hard Miuna caught up where Hikari had a rant about how things are really unfair. At least he gets it. One would think MAYBE Chisaki could spend more time with Manaka. I know she has school but she is spending more time with someone else's Gramps than her friend going through a rough time. Kaname has checked out. Now that Tsumugu has his own arm fish curse Manaka is not special. So it is up to Hikari and Miuna to do the most caring despite the fact Hikari is doing this all for Tsumugu and Manaka and Miuna really has an excuse not to help her competition out. What is that we see? A shrine...for the sea god...on land. I WONDER IF UROKO WOULD HIDE HERE?!
 photo nagiepisode2213_zps6b388311.jpg
Oh I guess we need to talk about the world falling apart.
Yeah so Uroko was there the whole time. And now he has lots to say to Hikari. I like how Uroko never really answers people's questions directly. It is always story time weee. Hikari is like what is wrong with Manaka and Uroko has to go on about something else. Hikari might not want to be talking back to Uroko. Saying I know this part might just make the god mad and poof off again. Or curse people with fish. FISH I tell you. But yes Uroko tell us again about the sea god and the maiden even thought we heard it already. Wait the sea god died? Um how does a god die? Did anyone else know that their lives are being controlled by a god who is dead? Oh wait you mean he just doesn't have a body and he has been broken up into various parts. Here is his conscious in the fire and his emotions are the sea. And they say women are emotional. That sea is awfully rough. So....long story short the sea god was given Manaka but she didn't really want to leave people behind. That means her ena breaks off her body and fills the ocean because of emotions. Yeah that was really said. It would have made more sense if the sea god covered Manaka in his own ena and took away hers so she really couldn't leave him forever. But nope Manaka's heart wasn't in it and she lost her ena. Manaka being in the ocean halted some of the weather for a while but since Hikari saved....I mean stole her from the ocean it will happen twice as fast now.
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Well....that makes the love orgy a bit misshaped now....
And the icing, the suck, the ending on the cake is....the sea god took something else from Manaka. Because just taking her ena wasn't enough. No no no. see the sea god is no longer in control of his emotions and he has gone all crazy. That and maybe he really didn't take away her ena...Anyway the sea god basically said if I can't have her no one can....and took her love. All the love. She is just a....well not a robot. She can feel other emotions. But she can no longer fall in love. And Miuna and Hikari find that especially tragic. I do too. I mean I can see why the sea god did that but damn. You is vengeful. Next time just lock Manaka up harder so she can't be rescued. This is way too cruel. I know this sea god business must be lonely but making other people lonely isn't the key to helping. With this new news what is going to happen to the love orgy? Is Manaka out of the picture so she can be the kindly aunt who watches everyone fall in love or will Hikari save her, get her ena back, and help the world to not know in that order because priorities. I guess we will find out next time. X___X

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