Sunday, April 20, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy Easter Duffy Style!

Happy Easter everyone!
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014001_zpsc1160172.jpg
We are ready to find some eggs!
It's time for another holiday! I love holidays. So does mom as it gives her more excuses to buy me things. It has been a little sad recently around the house. Well more like boring and uneventful. But today is an exciting day! It is Easter Day. That means different things for different people. You can celebrate it religiously, with candy, or both. I think both sounds best! XD Lets get dressed up Chick Duff and Chibi Duffy for the candy part of the day.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014004_zps380d33c3.jpg
Dad woke up early to hide eggs. Can we find them all?
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014006_zpsec9ed72e.jpg
It's stuck in the couch cushion!
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014007_zps03ad5879.jpg
It's the year of the horse and day of the eggs.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014009_zps598fd6a6.jpg
A cup full of candy.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014010_zps1d6c1256.jpg
Me and my Easter basket will find some eggs now.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014011_zpscba449a8.jpg
Not all the eggs are egg shaped though.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014013_zpsad6a0eff.jpg
Hello there my friend Mater.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014014_zps877a77c2.jpg
Gotta stand on my bag to reach some of the eggs.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014017_zps9810ce55.jpg
Mr. Bunny seems to have gotten his hands on an egg. XD
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014021_zps2470a86f.jpg
That green thing isn't another Mike, that is an egg!
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014024_zpsfd489d0c.jpg
Some eggs in Kira's house she is never in.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014027_zpsa6d8b3e8.jpg
I see an egg up there...but I really can't reach that. :(
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014028_zps1019eb2e.jpg
Buddy Duffy? Hello there and Happy Easter. Do you think you can help me reach that egg?
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014029_zps8beee2af.jpg
Just a little more.....
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014030_zps32003f8f.jpg
Woohoo!!! We reached the egg together. Thanks Buddy Duffy!
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014032_zps1e17db12.jpg
This one was really hidden, we missed it the first time.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014033_zpsf37e8af2.jpg
Look mom, I found a hidden Mickey!
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014037_zps8e16986f.jpg
A kitty hidden near Kira's actual house? How funny.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014038_zpsa7c145e6.jpg
Yay we found all the eggs!
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014041_zpsea8cbee1.jpg
What is this? Mom got me Cars' figurines as a present? THANK YOU!
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014044_zps1bf611d7.jpg
So many treats for me today. I should be nice and share with everyone though.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014046_zpsab55aab0.jpg
Thanks for the help with the big egg earlier Buddy Duffy. Pick whatever you want.
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014047_zps9c316593.jpg
I will give some candies to the.....wait who is that? 1,2, 3, 4......5 Hellos? A new Hello?
 photo HappyEasterDuffy2014049_zps1ba5b65d.jpg
It turns out that her name is Hello Sherbet and she is brand new. Like her shirt? Apparently mom loves it too. No problem, this house is big enough for more plushies. Welcome to the family Hello Sherbet. Have some candy. That is what Easter is all about. Spending time with family, sharing, and thinking about what the day means to us. I had a good Easter, especially meeting a new family member. I hope everyone had a great Easter too. Bye!

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