Friday, April 4, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Pensacola during a freezing weekend?!

 photo March2013001_zps76488ee5.jpg
No hotel pictures?! Mom you are a slacker this trip!
Welcome to another wonderful Duffy adventure. XO It is difficult to take pictures when you yourself are freezing cold. Like oh that would make a lovely photo opt...if I could move my fingers. Tenchi is definitely a very wimpy person, needed to look like a penguin when it is 55 degrees outside. When it gets closer to is game over. Still some pictures were taken during an impromptu visit to see the husband's family. Not sure if they are hardcore Duffy fans yet but I tried. XD (This was created in March of 2013! See I am behind on Duffy too, not just anime! XD )
 photo March2013002_zps62e074c5.jpg
Since dad is in the military we got to stay at the military lodge. In between eating. So much eating. No one shared with Duffy though!
 photo March2013003_zps0fcc826c.jpg
Apparently this is the beach, where people go swimming and have fun in the sun.
 photo March2013004_zpsd1224321.jpg
I see the pretty water and the sun but......swimming? Um no. I need a jacket actually.
 photo March2013005_zpsb6d622f4.jpg
Time to hide in the trees. Maybe they can block the wind.
 photo March2013006_zpsbe6d9b45.jpg
What do you mean you want me to go down to the water?! I don't care what dad's family wants. I am protesting!
 photo March2013007_zpsb8531347.jpg
FINE!!!!!!!!! You are such a mean mom, forgetting my jacket. :(
 photo March2013008_zps36f4016e.jpg
A lighthouse near the beach. Apparently there is a ghost story behind it.
 photo March2013009_zpsdbc9335d.jpg
Since my mom hates me and forgot a towel I guess this random piece of wood will have to do.
 photo March2013010_zps5cdee214.jpg
Yep. Water. Amazing.
 photo March2013012_zps8436d743.jpg
And no one else is out here freezing but us. I see.
 photo March2013018_zps4aa3b3ec.jpg
The beach is so tiring. Time for a nap.
 photo March2013045_zpsf5a33b7e.jpg
Dad's brother said lets go see some fish. Mom assumed that we were going to an aquarium. Um....I think she might have been off on that.
 photo March2013047_zpsca6bf331.jpg
That boat is going to sink. X____X
 photo March2013051_zps1caf77d8.jpg
Those birds do not look friendly at all. Let's go inside.
 photo March2013055_zps891289ee.jpg
Are you calling me fat?! Of all the nerve!!! Well now I don't want to post the pics of us visiting the Destin Build a Bear and the swimsuit you bought me there. Besides it is too cold to wear it now. Maybe later. When it is WARM! But I guess this was okay for a day trip...just okay.

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