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Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 2

What? Anime posts? On Tenchi's blog? Lies. She is off being a slacker. Or you know filling her Pokemon X with every single Pokemon. It wasn't enough to fill the Pokedex. No no, I wanted to have every single possible Pokemon possible so when the new game rolls around and I can transfer weeee easy peasy. Clearly I have no life.
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode25_zps2965561e.jpg
Keep this in mind for later...
Maybe tomorrow will be the day when I post more anime things. Start May off right. In between dodging random raindrops of doom. But for now here is a few things I have been working on. Up now is Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 2. Spoilers for things...probably not ever going Neko's way.
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode23_zpsd8cf7e89.jpg
Dramatic walking away time.
Episode Summary: Ryouta looks on in shock that Neko has used her powers to save him. She looks pissed off with herself, that Ryouta didn't listen to her the first time and she had to reveal herself to him. She worries about the lab and consequences and tells Ryouta to forget about all of this and tell no one nothing. NO ONE NOTHING. Ryouta seems shocked that she might be killed for this and wants more details but she leaves him. That night he thinks of Kuroneko, how when they were kids she was pretending to not be excited about going on a school trip to the beach but in reality she was beyond excited. Kuroneko never got to see that beach Ryouta thinks sadly to himself over some yummy breakfast. At school he is slightly disappointed not to see Neko there. His teacher notes her absence but doesn't question why the new exchange student isn't there nor is the near drowning brought up. Instead the homeroom teacher gives Ryouta the student transfer form and beach field trip form to give to Neko since she lives near the observatory. Ryouta is like HMMMM why do I have to do this as he walks home. Up the mountain he goes thinking as about 394 million military looking trucks pass him by. He briefly thinks to himself this is odd but he continues on. Inside said trucks there are two naked tied up girls, one looking like Neko. Ryouta quickly realizes that Neko gave a fake address at the top of the mountain. He sees an abandon village that was supposed to be underwater by now but the dam project never went through. Since Neko is on the run this might be a good place to hide out. Ryouta heads down and finds Neko hanging laundry and singing to herself. Ryouta remarks at her happy demeanor but once he says it obviously it disappears. He explains he is there with her transfer form but she stops him fast. Since she saved the people who were going to die she is not returning to school. He seems upset and Neko starts talking about how she was locked in a lab for 10 years and maybe wanted to see school...but now he needs to leave. He tries to explain she needs to go to school (for obvious and social reasons) and that she is a good person for saving people at the same time. Suddenly there is a weird/awful noise heard, sorta human. Ryouta thinks someone is in trouble but Neko forces Ryouta to leave with her powers.
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode24_zps91cb1559.jpg
She is ready for a random flash flood. Also these flashbacks are sad given what we know is going to happen later....
As Ryouta walks back to the fence he realizes he is obsessed with this girl for obvious reasons and makes an excuse that he didn't show her the field trip form to go back to her house. He just walks right in and hears her talking to someone else, that person never responding. She is talking about him, listing varies reasons why they shouldn't be friends. She leaves the room to get meds for herself and whoever she is talking too so Ryouta takes the time to be notice. He at first thinks no one is in the room but upon entering sees a young girl laying motionless on the bed. She begins to think she is a doll when Neko returns and is like that is Kana and she is alive. Neko explains that the lab did tests on Kana too. She is paralyzed but she has the ability to see the future. She can sorta move her fingers so she types to Neko who is going to die next. Ryouta goes to thank Kana but the second the girl has her device for type she goes on and on about how creepy Ryouta is. She then switches gears and tells Neko that one of their witch friends has been kidnapped. She is seen being all naked with her apparently normal friend back to the lab. Neko wants to go after them but Kana tells her it is too late. Neko breaks down and tells Ryouta to leave. He does so and leaves the forms on the table. Kana tells Neko she needs to enjoy life as they won't last long, to go to school for the both of them. So the next day Neko shows up and Ryouta is happy. That is until Neko is chosen to read in class. She has trouble with simple words and Ryouta fakes a sickness to get permission to get Neko to take him to the clinic. He teases her about not reading well until he realizes she probably doesn't have past a 1st grade education. He tells her to try harder if she wants to be taken seriously in this school. He changes the subject to the school trip and if she is excited. He talks about Kuroneko which makes Neko on the defensive since that is not her. Kana calls and says someone nearby will be killed in 15 minutes. Neko takes off and Ryouta follows her since he knows the way. They nearly run into someone leaving the school who yells at them. They pull themselves together and run the entire 15 minutes only to just miss a car crashing into a building. Neko gets upset as she was unable to save someone when they realize the person they ran into WAS the victim but since they accidentally stalled her she lived. Ryouta makes a joke while Neko is just happy. Meanwhile back at the lab the naked witch is taken somewhere and told since she used her powers in front of someone normal they will die and so shall she. She begs for mercy but some doc pulls her plug in the back and she dissolves into disgusting ooze. After that heartfelt scene Kana and Neko are seen talking. Kana is starving so Neko is going to pull a Katniss and look for some herbs or people named Peeta to save them. Thankfully their Peeta AKA Ryouta arrives with treats. CAKE!!!! It looks so delicious...and Neko places it in the blender to feed to Kana since she can't chew. Both girls are beyond happy and Ryouta realizes how tough things have been for them and that he wants to stay with them. He worries it might have to do with Kuroneko though. Before he leaves Neko tells Ryouta she will go on the trip to the ocean but not because she is Kuroneko. Before Ryouta can be happy Neko gets a super bad nose bleed and blood is everywhere. The next day she is not at school. THE END!
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode212_zpsc4e43b4a.jpg
Err is this series going to end in tears?
Did I miss something big? Like a lot of plot? Is this really episode 2? Let me go check really fast. Yep this was episode 2. Well I see then. What to do what to do...
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode22_zps45d5356b.jpg
A serious conversation.....didn't you two just meet?!
What I am referring to is Neko talking about the lab with Ryouta. Just...out of the blue. Maybe I was like Ryouta last episode and was focusing on the lack of moles on her neck and not the words coming out of her mouth. I heard talk about being a witch and drugs and what not. And maybe I am over dramatic because it is not like she went into great detail about the lab. But I do think that she did handle it casually. Like look don't tell anyone about this or the lab will kill me. Peace out, I am leaving now. It just bothered me for some reason, how some important piece of information was just thrown out there with no fanfare or emotion. Like yep I ran away from a lab that made me a witch and they will kill me one day. Have a good day Ryouta.
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode28_zpsad722296.jpg
Lalala we are talking about the lab.
So I guess what is done and done, this lab issue was introduced very quickly in episode 2. Neko wasn't going to keep it a secret. She was just going to blurt it out to some random person who may be too obsessed with her. Maybe Neko and the gang just broke out of the lab and she doesn't know how to be sneaky? I thought with episode 1 it seemed she and her partner had a system, meaning they had been doing this a while. But given what I know now from this episode...maybe they just broke out and Neko hasn't really learned to be sneaky and withholding of the information. She just happened to tell Ryouta who thinks she is Kuroneko, his long lost childhood friend. So now he will have dreams/memories of his little lost friend. How she was excited to go to the beach and what not. That aliens were important but so was having fun. Poor Ryouta still thinking about this girl. I guess it is going to happen, since Neko reminds him of her. They are totally not the same person you know...
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode26_zpse11ee903.jpg
Oh yeah I totally forgot about this...
I am sure Ryouta was going to ask Neko more about this at school. To the point where she was going to get physical with him. Like I told you not to do this. But....Neko wasn't at school. XO What a bad first impression, missing your second day of school! Mr. homeroom teacher didn't seem that worried and sent Ryouta Neko's paperwork. Because obviously he lives the closest to Neko. Was that going to be up for discussion? Well not lived closest to her but it was on the way to the conservatory. Ryouta probably would have volunteered anyway so it doesn't matter. I wonder what someone else would have done if they found out the address Neko gave was fake. I know addresses in Japan can be complicated. Since Ryouta is invested in Neko and her secrets he was on the case. What? An abandoned town that was to be swept away because of a dam? Hmmm better go investigate.
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode27_zps948de80e.jpg
These shoes are tragic. Also Neko might have to attend a lot of schools to save everyone....
Girls like to be cute in private. If you call us out on our in private cute we will get defensive and deny it. Because that is how we roll. Get with the program Ryouta. Especially with Neko because she is a witch on the run and you already see your other friend in her. I think that Ryouta should have gotten the fact that Neko wasn't returning to school pretty fast. Like um she is on the run and scared. Plus she is just out to save as many people as she can. Time to move on. This might be a little odd after a while and might not be a good plan to save the most people but Neko doesn't seem to have much education and worldly experience. She is doing the best she can with what she has though. Trying is always good. XD Maybe Ryouta did get it, he is just in denial. And pushy. Although if I was hearing those...odd noises coming from the house I'd be worried too. Perhaps if she didn't have powers Ryouta would have gone and investigated...
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode29_zpsbca1c40d.jpg
I am assuming everything you do at this point is for Neko but that is just me.
Oh wait he did. Because handing Neko both sets of paperwork at the same time was silly. Back to the house we go. Because Ryouta needs Neko to go to the beach school trip because of his Kuroneko never got to go. :( And in that flashback we saw just how excited she had been for it. Ryouta is still stuck in the past and is trying to put Neko into this role. Probably because it is her. Into the house he goes to hear Neko having a conversation with herself. At this point I might have run away in fear. Like this girl speaks of powers, an evil lab, and is talking to herself. Sorry Kuroneko, it is time to retire you from my mind and run away in terror. But Ryouta sticks around as Neko needs to give herself and whoever she is talking to pills. Animes this season are full of girls with medical conditions. X___X
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode211_zpsb4caa370.jpg
:( Well this can't get any sadder...
Turns out that Neko was talking to someone and isn't crazy. Maybe. Enter Kana. Can I just say....that before we saw what was happening with the other girls this episode...that I thought this was the saddest thing ever. That obviously experimenting on girls and making them into witches that are so horribly treated they run away at great risk to themselves.....but now...just wow. Hello we are going to inject shit into you just because we can and oppies you are paralyzed for life. But hey you can see into the future. Points for us. So even if Neko is rough around the edges she is amazing for being with this girl. There probably have been some close calls because Kana can't...move and yet Neko has stuck with her. They are a team, seeing the future and saving lives. Just...just BAWWW!
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode210_zps854eb10c.jpg
Well it is a good thing they ran away from the lab so they can live long lives....
Oh and in case that wasn't sad enough these girls aren't going to live that long. Ryouta listened to all their words, as harsh as they were and was sad. Like :( you should come to school when CLEARLY Kana needs to be taken care of. Probably beyond what Neko can do but that really isn't her fault. But after Ryouta left Kana told Neko she should go to school for the both of them. That Kana will never be normal and Neko should have fun. Not to feel guilty because Kana can't do it. But also because they are going to die soon. Even though they have escaped the lab and have pills clearly something is really wrong with them due to these experiments and their life span has been cut short. Will this series end in tears? Probably given the opening song. Did I mention that song was AWESOME? Because it was. Can't wait for the full version.
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode215_zps15c9c37c.jpg
Yay we saved someone who needs an attitude adjustment!
Due to Kana's insistence and maybe some curiosity Neko does show up at school the next day. I am not sure how long Neko can maintain this lie as she doesn't have much of an education. Surely it will come up eventually. Life isn't all school trips and festivals. I wouldn't call Neko stupid; she just has had a hard lot in life. She will be in danger if she slips up. Ryouta can only help her out so much. But still Ryouta was happy to see her there and that she is going on the school trip. I like how Neko keeps saying she is not Kuroneko. Like I am me and you need to remember that. Even if she is Kuroneko. That being said this school needs some security. Kids running around for at least 30 minutes trying to save someone and no one notices. I SEE NOW. That woman they did save was a bit rude but as Neko says with tears in her eyes...saving someone is important. The butterfly effect by anime.
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode217_zps8039f152.jpg
A world without cake? SO SAD!
So did everyone BAW at the fact that Kana and Neko were THAT happy with cake? I mean these girls aren't doing so well on their own and I can't blame them. How are they surviving on just herbs? Just...just so sad. I am putting aside the fact that Kana's body does need to be moved every once in a while or it will deteriorate but yeah. Proper nutrition is necessary. So when Ryouta came in bearing food those were tears of silly happiness for the viewers but in reality...they were really sad tears. For me at least. No shade. Did I really just type that? I did. But yeah not having any decent food since the lab and no cake for 10 years...just....just :( No wonder Ryouta was having the feelings at this scene. I was too. The moments there were to be happy were just bittersweet to me. :(
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode216_zps53bb8032.jpg
And then the girl melted into ooze. The end.
Oh also the reason why this happy scene wasn't so happy to me was what happened right before it. Early in the episode there was an overkill of military vehicles driving by Ryouta. A red herring as we were supposed to think Neko was in one of the vans and that is why she wasn't at school. We learn later from Kana that it was one of their mutual friends that escaped from the lab that was recaptured. I wonder why they couldn't meet up. Maybe Kana has visions of bad things and it was too late. Like she couldn't locate the girl in time when she saw the vision. But yeah right before Neko and Kana had cake we got to see what happens to witches. Witches that escape the lab and the friends they make along the way. The human friend was probably killed off screen in some....quick way but the capture witch. Yeah those ports on their neck are important. The drugs that keep the girls alive also keep them in one piece. Because you pull that port and the witch melts. And we are not talking Wizard of Oz sinking to the floor melting. We are talking ooze city, screaming in pain disgustingness. folks. This show is serious business.
 photo gokukokunobrynhildrepisode2_zps4556d27f.jpg
Is Neko going to make it to the beach....?
So yeah folks. Such a happy show right? In the end Ryouta might get his childhood friend back but for how long? Even if they do defeat the lab Neko and Kana might not last that long anyway. And what is up with this evil ass lab? Are they over the top evil enough? Just....I am not sure anything could justify this but I still want to know the point. Guess we will find out in due time but for now...lets go to the beach weeee!

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