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New Anime Series! Gokukoku no Brynhildr episode 1

Look it's a a plane...wait a red moon? LIES! Couldn't see the red moon to see my life.
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Wait can't we talk about this?!
No it's an anime post!!!! They might not be getting published in a timely manner but they are getting watched, written, and sorta done....sorta anyway. XD What can I say...I have a bad case of the lazies. And sad. I know getting fired from a crappy job shouldn't be that draining but it is. Like stop being upset Tenchi and enjoy your free time at home. DEEP BREATH. Okay so the new anime season started already so lets get some of these things posted. Then work on the halfway done posts. Up now is the new anime series Gokukoku no Brynhildr. Episode 1 has spoilers that involves armpits being sexual. Apparently.
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Because sometimes names are hard.
Episode Summary: Ten years ago two little kids were the best of friends, always looking up at the stars. Only now in the present only one of those kids has grown up into a teenager and can still enjoy the stars. The boy Ryouta seems rather sad about that. There was an incident all those years ago that Ryouta deeply regretted. The girl half of their duo (referred to as Kuroneko) told Ryouta that she was interested in the stars as she wanted to see aliens. Ryouta sorta scoffed at that so Kuroneko told him that she knew an alien and would take him to meet said alien. Well apparently this alien lived in a dam or something because that is where the two kids were climbing when Ryouta fell. He reached out for Kuroneko and down they both went. Ryouta woke up in the hospital, at first being told that Kuroneko was in another hospital. Later he learned the truth, that the girl had died. Ryouta was devastated and has spent his whole life dedicated to learning about the stars. As an 11th grader he has a dream of working for NASA to learn and find aliens in Kuroneko's place. A bit of a serious student and awkward around the ladies as they are not Kuroneko Ryouta has some friends but seems lonely. One day his class in introduced to a transfer student. Her name is Neko Kuroha and she looks like like Kuroneko. Now given this is Japanese a young Ryouta could have called her by her last name and....yeah it is probably the same girl. Ryouta has little flashbacks in his mind and stands up, announcing he knows the girl. Neko is like stoic and like no I don't know you. Ryouta demands to see her armpits as his friend has three little moles in that area. Everyone in class deems him a pervert and Neko slaps him. Later that day Ryouta nurses some wounds as the rest of the class gets ready for swimming lessons. All the boys talk about sexy Neko is. She then proceeds to almost drown entering the pool. She sits out and starts muttering to herself that two students at this school are going to die this day. At that moment the pump breaks in the pool and a girl gets her leg stuck in it. She nearly dies but magically the pipe breaks and she is able to get her leg free. Ryouta is like wow how amazing with no expression on his face.
 photo brynhildrepisode114_zps24de0193.jpg
Don't touch my squishy arm! It is too sexual.
After school Ryouta makes his way to the old Observatory that is locally conveniently in his town and looks at the stars, thinking of Kuroneko and what not. Could this new girl be Kuroneko? As if by more magic Neko appears. Ryouta seems to think this is fate but Neko is very firm on the fact that she has never met him before and her name is Kuroha Neko, not Kuroneko. Ryouta agrees and explains how he is the only member of his astronomy club and it might shut down next year and he is looking for aliens.....Neko is like great, don't miss the bus or you will die. Wait what? Neko explains that two students were going to die at the school today, the pool girl and Ryouta. That as long as he makes the bus he will live. Ryouta is like um...don't believe you. Neko thinks it is odd that Ryouta believes in aliens but not that she can know the future. She stops to look at a mural on the wall about constellations and has difficulty doing math. Ryouta discovers she has no idea what multiplication tables are and is like how did someone....with that low of a math score get into our school? Neko says she has many ways, that she is really strong. She proves it with an arm wrestling match where her flabby arms win. She gets uncomfortable with all the touching that takes place. She gets a call stating that the future has changed and that Ryouta is going to die. Ryouta is like X____X at her calm demeanor as Neko is like well don't bother getting on the bus now, stay here tonight. She leaves as Ryouta tries to figure this all out. She walks back to wherever she came from so she could have a flashback too. Something about a car accident and a person dying under a tire. The person hands Neko an envelope and says if Neko wants to forget everything else that is fine but Neko still needs to help save the world. Neko has no idea what that means but thinks saving people is like saving the world so she should be fine. Ryouta has decided he wants to see if Neko can really see the future. Which would mean he would have to die right? He makes it to the bus on time but chooses not to get on it. He thinks about all the possibilities of how Neko could be right when he realizes too late he will die in a landslide. Just before Ryouta splats Neko comes out of nowhere and stops the boulder. Ryouta is like X___x as Neko is like why didn't you listen to me!! Neko explains that she is a witch which Ryouta doesn't believe in because that is not scientific. But aliens are. Neko is like yeah I can do these things because of a surgery and drugs, showing off the plug on her neck. Ryouta really isn't paying attention as when she shows off her plug her armpit is visible and there are no moles via Kuroneko. Sad Ryouta is sad. THE END!
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Don't worry dude, I got this.
XO My first new anime of the Spring 2014 Season hurray. I was like okay I am going to type the entire summary from memory and make it will become brief and lovely that way. Um yeah right. I am still Delayed Tenchi but that didn't take away my wordiness.
 photo brynhildrepisode110_zps930b2b8d.jpg
Ryouta may have problems moving on...
So to start things off this probably would have been easier to write had I used people's last names and not their first names. I can't help it though. That is how it is done in my country. Yet in a lot of these shows they use last names because hello Japan. So my screenies will have last names and I will type in first names. Why must I be complicated. Plus it makes the whole Kuroneko, Kuroha Neko thing make much more sense. But as long as everyone KNOWS what I mean and what is going on in the show it doesn't matter right? Although it might be easier to call her Kuroha because....yeah Cat? I guess I can pretend it is short for Catherine.
 photo brynhildrepisode13_zps0e1c96a1.jpg
Will Kuroneko turn out to be the alien? XO
Okay so onward to the show. Ryouta is a sad little teenager with dreams of making a girl happy that died 10 years ago. That is dedication folks. Not as much dedication as Rose from Titanic but good enough. Ryouta can't really interact around girls because of his past love Kuroneko and he has basically dedicated his entire life to getting good grades and going to NASA to learn and find aliens to prove Kuroneko right. Then he will have a shot in her honor and call it a day? Yeah it is weird, how anime is. In real life Ryouta would be....sad to say the least. Like live for yourself dude. And if he did reach his goals for Kuroneko then what?He would have nothing. But in anime this shows that Ryouta is amazing and devoted and surely good things will come to him. Put away the brain and feel with your heart.
 photo brynhildrepisode12_zps8fdd2664.jpg
Because you were falling?!
So what happened 10 years ago? Ryouta and his best friend whom he doesn't remember her real name (when in fact he actually did) loved looking at the stars. And they had the most amazing parents too, ones that let them play with a telescope under supervised. Oh parents in animes, so loving. Anyway these two bonded over stars and what not. Kuroneko claimed to be looking for aliens since she knew one and Ryouta didn't believe her. Which lead to well I will SHOW you. Um at what point in this adventure did people start to worry? I am sure there was a person with super powers that Kuroneko knew, now that we know the sorta truth. But um...yeah it appears this was a super secret area and they weren't allowed there. Hello there was a dam! Ryouta blamed himself. I mean maybe Kuroneko walked this everyday but I got dizzy just looking at it. So Ryouta fell and Kuroneko went down with him. It is unclear if this is when Kuroneko/Neko got her powers or if she had her powers than and saved Ryouta but for all purposes Kuroneko died that day and Ryouta blamed himself.
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Worst thing ever!
Fast forward ten years and Ryouta is still looking up at the stars. Top of his class but not in all of Japan which makes him a super sad panda. I thought it was going to be a joke later on that Neko was the actual top student but that probably isn't going to happen. We had a few friends stand around and explain Ryouta's personality a bit. Get that out of the way so when Neko walks into the room we the viewers know that this is out of character for the boy. I know you!!!! Show me your armpit because clearly that will come out all vulgar like and people will hate me forever. Obviously Ryouta could have come across less as a crazy person had he nodded his head at the girl while inside losing his mind and CASUALLY saw her armpit later like oh I don't know at the POOL! Could have asked where she grew up. But it is more fun to freak out so you know....
 photo brynhildrepisode19_zps6128ec70.jpg
This is anime, where were the men trying to breath air into her?!
I thought Neko not knowing how to swim was weird when it happened but given what I think happened to her previously...I guess it makes sense. Maybe. I mean if her education stopped at 2nd grade maybe she didn't have time to experience swimming...I guess.....even if I live in Florida and people learn how to swim and walk at the same time....I would have thought she would have told her teacher before getting in the pool and almost dying, especially if the forecast called for one student dying in the pool. I mean....we could sing a song called Ironic if that happened. I don't know, just sit outside the pool Neko. Cats hate the water right? She will have a perfect view of everyone not really helping out the drowning girl. This is anime, why didn't Ryouta jump in the pool and breath some air into her. Duh! Anyway girl didn't die and Ryouta's botox face was wondering how the ground broke just a the right time to save the girl...hmmm...
 photo brynhildrepisode112_zps4ab4bf7b.jpg
Um.....hello. How are you?
Onward to the abandoned/not really used observatory. I think I would have believed Neko simply because the girl found Ryouta there. I mean I guess she could have been on the bus without Ryouta knowing or asked his friends but yeah that was random. I do think it is a little ironic that Neko was very....surprised with Ryouta's abrupt speech in the classroom but she was all dropping bombs on Ryouta. Get on the bus on time or die. I would have been a bit X____X myself. Like okay new girl, maybe you were shocked by the near death of our classmate today so lets slowly walk home together so I can get to know you and casually look at your armpits.
 photo brynhildrepisode113_zps5f25635e.jpg
Just....just sad. :( Where was Neko raised?
That didn't happen obviously. No there was some talk about horoscopes, math, and arm wrestling. Again he could have looked at her during the arm wrestling. What is wrong with this guy?! Anyway during and after (can't remember which now..) this Ryouta and Neko had fun talking and doing other things. Besides Ryouta's upcoming death. The fact that Neko can't do basic math is a bit sad. :( And Ryouta needs to be a bit more sensitive. I mean I understand being shocked. I probably had the same reaction when I found out a couple years ago my Grandfather couldn't read. I guess Ryouta was just trying to figure out how the girl got into his school if she couldn't multiple. She must have arm wrestled the headmaster for her position.
 photo brynhildrepisode116_zpsd3af91c1.jpg
My past also includes having my memories wiped out?
After taking a phone call explaining to Ryouta he now needs to stay put at the observatory and forget the bus Neko skipped out. Like lala I have done my good deed, that is all. Ryouta is left going x___X as Neko goes “home” in the rain. Because clearly Neko was supposed to be at this school for one day right? Maybe not but I guess she is going to headquarters, to where the girl on the other side of the walkie talkie is. We see briefly some of Neko's past. It was a bit messed up and fast paced. I am sure we will learn more later but for now we know that Neko was running away from the organization that gave her her powers. It looks like there were a bunch of girls being experimented on and were escaping at the same time and it didn't end well. KA-BOOM! Explosions! Death. Neko was told by some dying person to forgot all that stuff (I am guessing the people they were running away from) but to keep the mission of saving the world. Probably super important detail. Since Neko is no longer part of this organization she is saving the world the way she thinks works: individual people. She does so in her personally designed uniform and no nonsense except when you touch my arms behavior. Obviously.
 photo brynhildrepisode117_zpsaaa3c761.jpg
YAY! Neko was right woohoo!!
While Neko was thinking about her past Ryouta was thinking about how illogical this all was and wanted to see if Neko was right. I mean.....I can see why he wanted to see if she was right. More like....I want to prove her wrong. And if Ryouta just stayed inside he would be safe no matter what so it would be hard to judge if she was telling the truth or just a crazy person. That being said Ryouta can say all he wants about being smart and thinking about all the possibilities, what kind of disaster, ect., but he was still dumb. Testing fate. His last thoughts when the mud slide was coming his way was going to be...she was right. WOOHOO you proved a theory. Have fun being a giant splat at the bottom of the mountain.
 photo brynhildrepisode119_zpsec509542.jpg
No moles, don't care. :(
The episode ends with Neko reveal that she has more talents than just winning arm wresting contests. No Neko can...move things. She is probably the one who broke the pool pipe too. Like um I am witch, see my meds and controlling plug on my neck. Duh accept this and the fact that I can see the future and listen to me. Gosh try to save a few people and they repay you back by making you reveal your secret identity. I think in the next episode Ryouta will care more about this all, being a man of science and not splatted at the bottom of a cliff. But for now this episode ends on a sad note. Neko has a visible armpit and she is not Kuroneko as she has no moles. That is the true tragedy of this episode because Ryouta was still holding out hope. I am sure Neko will turn out to be Kuroneko but for now she is not. Ryouta will just have to make a friendship with someone who is not Kuroneko. He will learn about her powers and see that she is a special person and he will feel guilty about cheating on Kuroneko then BAM she will turn out to be Kuroneko. For now...thanks for saving Ryouta Neko. We sorta need him for the plot I think. Until next time!!!


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Wow! How I wish you see my comments on your Anime picks for this season T_T
No offense, but I could drop this and pick "No game No Life" instead. It is not only colorful BUT also very nice world building, better charactors, setting, and the list goes OOOOOONNNNN !!!

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