Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead episode 10...Season Finale?!

Hello there my lovely readers. Is it time to see Prometheus yet? Because it needs to be! Silly husband and his silly work making him unavailable all the time. Wants to see it NOOOOOW! For now I will take advantage of some of the other stations playing the older movies now. Do you know some of my…..coworkers think seeing the Alien movie franchise starts with Alien verses Predator? GET OFF MY LAWN KIDS!
You're not sick. Just confused on what you just watched.
So while I am waiting and in between movies….anime time! This time it is Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead episode 10. Season…Finale. Well except for some random episode that will have nothing to do with anything but does that really count? Spoilers for….yeah this being it folks.
Pay not attention to your missing homeroom teacher HAHAHA!
Episode Summary: Ayumu’s class is explained that their teacher is sick (or you know Chris) so they will have a new substitute teacher…Ariel. Ayumu like wtf is my life about?! During break Ayumu confronts Ariel. She is worried that in Ayumu’s current state Chris will kick his ass. So she needs to turn him into a more powerful magical girl. Ayumu explains to the girls that if he fails to past Ariel’s magical girl test his memories will be erased. Haruna is the most upset about this erasure deal and tells Ayumu to pass or else. The next day Haruna ends up being a teacher at Ayumu’s school. Ayumu is like wtf as Haruna starts to teach the class how to make her magical eggs. Instead she ends up making slime that eats people’s clothes besides their underwear and socks. Most of the class escapes into the hallway while Ayumu risks losing his clothes to rescue the stranglers. He can’t save Haruna and they both start to drown until Ariel intervenes. This turns out to be Ariel’s test and she erases his memories. Sera, Eucliwood, and Haruna are devastated as they talk with Ariel in Ayumu’s house. Ayumu is like um who are you? The girls decide it is not better for Ayumu to be safe and he needs his memories back. Ariel decides she will give the girls until she finishes her tea to try and get Ayumu to remember them.
Come with us if you want to experience plot at break neck speed.
They all travel into the film strip of his crazy mind. They stumble upon Ayumu trying to remember his own past and they take the cut out figure with them. They end up at some sort of concert hall. Suddenly all different Ayumus…or pieces of his personality appear. All are very stylish and unAyumu like. Finding them too disgusting for words Haruna transforms and kicks them all unconscious. They proceed onwards where they find a normal looking Ayumu. But he turns out to be the sloth version of Ayumu and he has been waiting to escape for many years. And escape he does with his unbutton shirt. He marches on to school as the girls were slow to escape Ayumu’s mind. At school the Alternate Ayumu scares his classmates with his new attitude. Ariel shows up and tells everyone to ignore him. Well this might be hard to do when the girls show up demanding back the real Ayumu. Alternate Ayumu starts talking about love and what not. Alternate Ayumu gets kicked outside in the field where Eucliwood transforms into a magical girl. She weakly fights against Alternate Ayumu. He makes fun of her a bit and suddenly she turns the chainsaw on…in Alternate Ayumu’s body. She starts showing Alternate Ayumu the notes she wrote to him before and he starts to remember. Haruna helps with the splattering of Ayumu and finally Ayumu gets his memories back. Life gets back to normal and Nene informs Chris of the situation. A brand new girl is seen talking about Ayumu and…THE END!
Why is she calling him this now?
How…what?...What? How the heck am I supposed to blog about this hot mess? HOT MESS FOLKS!!!! I feel as if I watched 6 episodes in 25 short minutes. At some points in this show it felt like a super long movie and then in other parts it felt like it was going by at the speed of fast and my mind wasn’t understanding it all. Because it was a hot mess. Way to end the “season”.
And I will help you train by teaching you how to make eggs!
Yes “season”. Because obviously there has to be a season three. Obviously. Of course. Why not just make season two longer and feel more complete? Why rush to get a second season out so fast if you were just going to half ass it? Riding on the success of season one I guess. Didn’t want to lose out on money or leave viewers sitting by waiting. I don’t know how that is going to be popular. It would have made way more sense to have a longer season two. Have the first 7 episodes be all lalala as they were then start to make things more interesting and then conclude the series in a logical manner!
Can't we just ask Nene again?
Am I doing a good job explaining why leaving us hanging after 3 real episodes of plot sits bad with me? Does this episode even count as plot? I don’t know. I rather just watch everything all at once. That way this episode wouldn’t feel like a rushed piece of crap. Maybe if this episode was spaced out over several episodes giving more time to all the elements it would have been better.
Thanks for that random...lesson Teacher Haruna.
Like Haruna randomly being a teacher. Or Ariel wanting to test Ayumu. He fails to rescue Haruna from the slime she created and he automatically failed? How fair is that? He did save the other two girls and it wasn’t like he had drown yet. It was all just random and special. How was Haruna going to help train him to be a magical girl again? Being a teacher of delicious eggs is going to help him…how? Maybe if there had been more time dedicated to Haruna trying to help and making things worse and Ariel having a running list of Ayumu’s failures it would have been…well obviously it would have been still weird but less rushed. Like they were just rushing through major plot points but couldn’t be bothered to spend more than 5 seconds on each.
Less fanservice and more focus on the plot PLEASE!!!!!!
Of course there was plenty of time to focus on the slime eating all the clothes off the girls. And Ayumu. It was less scary than the nipple shirt. This slime was magical. It stayed in one portion of the room and only ate the clothes off the girls that have speaking roles in this show. Oh and when I say it ate their clothes it left their socks and panties. Because the slime is a gentlemen folks.
Well at least Ariel saved them.....
So after Ayumu fails to help clean up after Haruna’s mess (maybe that was done on purpose by Ariel?) his memories were erased. Which is totally fair. Fail at one test and have your memories wiped out? Also Haruna has to leave and have her memories whooshed too? I guess I am not understanding this craziness. Chris is automatically going to stop going after Ayumu if he can’t remember her? Or does Ariel know that Ayumu will never stop but probably won’t succeed so it is better to put him out of his misery this way? Of course Ayumu did agree to these terms but still. I am sure he would rather remember and live with his “family” even without Haruna’s powers.
Um no. We want our Ayumu in danger and sad please.
Five seconds after Ayumu’s memories are erased all the girls wanted him back. Now…why didn’t they protest more while it was going on. Why not have a day or two of the girls looking sad, trying to live without Ayumu but failing miserably? No no folks because we have to rush through this episode. So Ayumu loses his memory and we instantly must get it back.
In animes your brain looks like a film strip. Always.
I think the flying through Ayumu’s memories could have been longer…like everything else. Like stopping to look at once scene and go…yeah what a disgusting piece of shit and pretend everything is okay. But in reality Sera would be pretending something was in her eyes. Also more time in memory lane meant there would be more time for Eucliwood to talk. I don’t know, seeing all the past times where Ayumu got smushed or beat on might have interesting.
You guy deserved more time!!
Now…the part of the episode I LOVED and we barely got to see was the Different Ayumus! Sure one eventually got free but the others! What about the others? Sera was in a bad mood or something. They barely said anything and she was all like this is disgusting and what not. Aside from the names…I thought they were pretty hot. XD Just goes to show you that anyone can look amazing with a few minor clothing and hair styling choices. Fear not folks for everyone has the potential of being Hollywood gorgeous if they pick the right stylist! HINT go for District 12.
He's sexy and he knows it!
If one different Ayumu had to emerge I guess it makes sense it was lazy Ayumu. Even if it reeks of Houtarou….Of course if Ayumu really had his memories erased would that not mean his whole body and all the personalities inside would forget the relevant memories? Like if I forgot all about my evil job my split personality Always On Time Tenchi would have no recollection of my coworkers yes? Of course I am not sure how all this memory erasing stuff works. In any event that was a good look for Ayumu.
Yep your life is weird too.
The girls however did not appreciate this new and carefree Ayumu. Surly a man who can’t care enough to button his shirt isn’t fit to be their Ayumu. So 5 whole seconds after his underwear seeing self escaped they had to hunt him down. At school. Are those kids constantly getting THEIR minds erased? It appears Ms. Kanami is the only one who pays attention to what is going on. Um why are all Ayumu’s friends our teachers? Why is there giant slime in the room? Why are people using a chainsaw on Ayumu? All these things constantly erased from their tiny little minds. Hope they have enough memories to pass their exams.
Poor Ayumu didn't get to hear this. :(
But yes back to the topic at hand. The girls decided to get Ayumu’s memories back by having Eucliwood transforming into a magical girl and cutting Ayumu’s insides into tiny pieces. Oh and showing Ayumu old notes that Eulicwood used to write him. That was probably the part that woke Ayumu back up. Because Eucliwood is still on the same pad of paper ya’ll. Maybe Ayumu was able to remember due to the extreme pain he was feeling. Still it was nice seeing Eucliwood actually get emotional. Well as emotional as she can get without destroying the world.
Just a typical day for Ayumu.......
And with that….the show ended. Yes folks season two is now over. Ayumu gets his memories back and it is business as usual. Chris is informed by Nene about what has just gone down. That everyone is watching out for Ayumu. She gave a weird answer, like either she is going to step her game up or protect him too. Either way all weird yes? Lalala, got my memories back after they were missing for ten minutes, Haruna is calling me Bayumu for some stupid reason, and I am still surrounded by crazy people. That is Ayumu’s life. Glad he fought to get it back.
OH HI NEW GIRL! Oh wait it is over.
The end folks. Like this season only existed to be filler until season three is ready. I see folks. I see. I do like the crazy antics but this whole ending RIGHT when the plot started leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I love the gags and what not but make the season 24 episodes long or don’t both starting a major plot point until the next season. SILLY PEOPLE! XD


Anonymous said...

"A person’s true nature is revealed by their underwear.”
Hmm........I never thought that way before, this makes me want to check out others’ personality base on their pants……..should I?

It is so funny that Dai-sensei tells Ayumu to be an “excellent Masou Shoujo”. It is like, be an even more cross-dressing Man!!XDDD

Dai-sensei’s “Since you saw my pantsu, I’ll have to kill you later!” comment. It was nothing important, really. I mean it is just a super powerful masou shoujo saying she’s going to kill you. Clearly not significant, at all.

Oh and that New Girl, I think she is the Queen of Virie. The one who turn Chris into that old man. This is just my random guessing, please do not hold grudge against me if I guessed it wrong. It is just that for a shown this crazy I am not surprised if their all mighty queen is a loli. And off season 2 it bring it on Season 3!!

Christina said...

Anonymous- Well upon checking my underwear drawer people might assume I am a 6 year old girl. They make Hello Kitty underwear for women too! XD

It must make all the other magical girls sad, that Ayumu is getting all this attention whereas they train for years. :(

If that new girl turns out to be the Queen....well I don't know what I will do. Does anyone age in this series? The oldest person we got so far (in terms of looks) is Nene and that might just be by default with her huge boobies. Running a kingdom looking like a toddler. Sure she always gets carded at the movies...