Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fate/Zero Season Two episode 9

Hello my lovely readers!!! I can happily report I am having a productive day. Or at least what I consider to be productive. I think the list would be boring but I can say that I did catch up on all my blog comments! Go me!! And then when the husband came home the mail had left a nendoroid for me!!! So soon too which was shocking. I haven’t even posted my pics of my TWO recent nendoroids. Clearly I need to be more productive.
Sorry I had to take this screenie. Nothing else funny will happen in this episode promise.
But for the productivity that is relevant to your interests. Fate/Zero Season Two episode 9! How did this series go by so fast. Spoilers for Waver having emotions all over the place. And someone else taking Kariya’s place in having the least fun day ever!
X__X He really did walk all the way home.
Episode Summary: Waver has finally made it home without the aid of a cab. He sees that Grandpa is sitting on the roof and beckons him to come on up. Rider tells Waver to go up there and listen to the old man. So Waver climbs up to the roof where the old man tells Waver he was waiting for him and how he and his wife bought this house with the purpose of having a skylight and seeing the sunrise with their grandkids. But you aren’t our grandkid are you? Waver looks a bit shocked but Grandpa says he knows about him and Rider but that is okay. He is just happy to help Waver and doesn’t question what he is doing. Waver starts talking about how he might not make it out of this alive and the Grandpa says nothing in this world is worth risking your life for. On the other side of town Emiya is hanging out at a random temple/shrine. There are apparently only 4 places in the ceremony can take place and two of them are the church and Tokiomi’s house. This place and some important official building. Emiya figures the spot will be at the temple as it is the best for the ceremony and the official building is not a good fighting area. Saber shows up and can barely look at Emiya. She states she spent the entire night looking for Irisviel and goes to leave again. She says if Emiya needs her to use a Seal. She leaves and Emiya thinks to himself how this might turn out bad without Maiya to back him up and how it never occurred to him to ask Saber.
This is not going to end well is it?
Irisviel wakes up in a red magical circle and Kirei staring at her. She is in Caster’s old headquarters and Kirei is in a pissy mood. He starts talking about how he and Emiya are alike and Irisviel is like um no. After strangling her for a bit Kirei asks what Emiya wants with the Grail. She says that Emiya wants to end all war and bloodshed and to do that he needs a miracle. Kirei calls this wish impossible and stupid as that is why humans exist. Irisviel tries to defend Emiya so Kirei strangles her and breaks her neck. Waver wakes up from his nap it time to join Rider in looking at the sky at the random mana lights in the sky. Waver decides this is a victory symbol and or a bluff to get all the Servants together. Rider is like lets go! Waver then…uses all his command seals and tells Rider to go on without him. That only the strong should be a part of the final battle. Rider looks at Waver and says they are friends, that him being a Master doesn’t matter to him and that Waver has proved himself. Rider gets a bit overwhelmed with Rider’s acceptance but joins him for the battle on the newly summoned horse.
So many surprising things in this episode. X___X
Kirei is chillin on top of the ceremony building and Archer appears. He sees that Kirei has changed, has a reason to fight yet still does not desire the Grail. Everyone starts gathering for the last fight and Kirei tells Archer to meet them so the ceremony site isn’t touched. Archer can’t guarantee the Grail’s protection and what is up with the woman? Kirei says she is dead as she had no purpose. Irisviel is having an awful dream where she sees all the prior attempts of her laying in a pile on the ground and her daughter talking about becoming the Grail herself. Irisviel promises that won’t happen…until she realizes she is in the Grail. She gets pulled down into the nothingness as Irisviel thinks about how she is surrounding by the thing that can make Emiya’s wish come true. THE END!
Um.....when did you figure this all out?!
HOLY CRAP! Or maybe I mean Holy Grail. I almost burst into tears watching this episode and there was no Kariya insight. Weird right? Lets get to blogging this sad little series that everyone loves.
If this was a Disney movie it would be song time...
I think one of the smallest parts of this episode was one of the more interesting ones. When Emiya was sitting there thinking about where Kirei could be and how he could have used Maiya’s help Saber appears. She is like can’t find Irisviel, going to look again, and use a command seal if you need me. Like Saber has no intentions of following Emiya’s orders because Irisviel is gone? I knew she was close to her but I didn’t think she was the ONLY reason for staying by his side. But then I think…well how much time have they actually spent together? Barley any. And she was pretty pissed about the Lancer thing. I just thought it was pretty gutsy of her to say that and for Emiya to let her. But maybe deep down he knows he needs to find Irisviel and instead of causing a fight he is letting Saber do what she wants.
Hopeless looks bad on Saber. :(
But poor Saber. :( Deviant little thing and it will not end well for her when she does find Irisviel. I don’t know if Emiya is willing to open up AGAIN to someone but maybe if he had told Saber what he had been through and why he is doing all of this she wouldn’t hate him as much. It is easy to be upset with Emiya AND know the truth. But if she knew maybe there would be slightly less hate and a more willingness to work with Emiya. Even if he never really concerned her part of his plans.
Look at that crazy face. X___X
Is this series all about strangling women? WTF is going on here. Kirei is insane. I know people don’t like Emiya and think he is evil but at least he thinks his means justify the end. As Irisviel has finally explained Emiya only wants to eliminate all the suffering in the world. Of course doing this while causing suffering is what makes Emiya questionable but at least he is trying to do something. Kirei is like um no I hate Emiya, humans are meant to cause problems, and I am going to strangle Irisviel just because.
This Grail is so weird and mysterious. Cup indeed.
Lets talk about that insanity for a bit. I guess I was under the crazy impression Irisviel needed to be alive. In some sense of the word. Whether or not she could function would be a different story. I would think that the Holy Grail vessel would have to be alive so it could protect the cup o wishes. But since I don’t know much about what the Grail is composed of and given the fact that Kirei doesn’t even want to use the Grail…maybe he doesn’t care? But he did say not to ruin the ceremony so who knows. Well I don’t know thus the confusion.
I really didn't think Irisviel was going to go out like this...but I guess she isn't out technically yet.
On an emotional level Irisviel being strangled and killed was pretty awful, even if some of the impact was lost given the fact someone went out the same way last episode. At least we didn’t see her eyes. Making this characters suffer indeed. It was completely unnecessary for Kirei to kill Irisviel. Saber is going to go full force once she knows someone killer her “real” Master and Irisviel wasn’t capable of carrying a can of soda, let alone help Emiya out in battle. Emiya was preparing for her death so I don’t know if this is going to throw him off. Maybe that is what Kirei is counting on. So despite knowing that Irisviel was going to die this was unexpected and sad.
Just please don't kill the old people. They are going to be safe right?
Waver……X__X. Grandpa and him on the roof. So sad. I wonder how the old man knew Waver wasn’t his grandson. Maybe when Waver finally started giving Rider some mana it made his spell weak. Or since Waver is a relatively young and inexperienced mage it was never that strong to begin with. In any event good thing the war takes place in Japan, land of where people take in others without any questions asked. Well at least in animes. XD Waver found himself some good people.
Such a guilty little face.
But it was so sad!!! Grandpa was talking about how his real grandkids are little crack heads. Okay maybe he didn’t say that but they sound like they never wanted to spend time with him. His wife is happy that a fake grandson is here. Grandpa stayed on the roof waiting for some random kid to come home. And Waver was feeling guilty and horrible. Lying to these nice people and putting them in danger. Knowing that he was putting his life at risk for something that might not be worth it. Just so sad!!!
WTF kind of code was it?!
And then it got worse. YES WORSE! Waver and Rider decide that the random mana bursts in the sky mean I have won, challenge me now. That is special in itself as there are still 4 Servants left. That would be more like a final two issue but I guess that is just nitpicking. Rider is like time to go…and Waver uses all of his command seals at once. Now even if we didn’t know how things were going to end (see horrible!!) we know Waver can’t summon the Holy Grail now. Not unless Rider kills himself to fill the Grail. Which is unlikely since Waver wants Rider to keep on being alive.
:( JUST SO SAD!!!!
But MOG. Waver using all the seals at once. At first I thought he was doing this as to protect himself. And possibly the old people. Like I am not involved in this war anymore. My life is worth it. Instead Waver is going on and on how he doesn’t deserve to be in the war and now the strong people are involved. I mean it would have made more sense if Waver wanted to protect himself but then he turned on the woe is me and it worked on my little eyeballs.
I don't know what was worse, the smiling or the talking.
AND THEN RIDER TALKED! He was like…what are you talking about? You and I are friends. Why think of all the battles we fought together. Well the battles where you hide in my chariot which I destroyed for you and me fighting all the enemies. Of course we are equals and friends. And then I was like BAWWWWW I almost forgive you for being condensing to Saber. Waver and Rider really are separated from everyone else and are clueless of how evil things have gotten. I just want to wrap them up in a little box and protect them from everything. Just BAWWWW so sad. :(
Well that would make this all useless then wouldn't it?
Kirei and his fireworks as I said before made little sense to me. Especially since he wanted Archer to then go out and meet the Servants so it wouldn’t damage the ceremony site. But I guess he had to lure people out (AKA Emiya) and to do so he had to do so in the exact location. Still I think it was an odd way to get the final battle rolling. I know that something had to bring them together but I didn’t think it would be random fireworks.
Ah so dramatic those two.
Archer and Kirei were not as lovely dovey this episode. Guess the honeymoon is over. Although Archer seems slightly amused that Kirei has some fire in him now. What he calls fire I call cruel insanity but you know. To each their own. Archer has really stayed under the radar throughout the series. Giving Kirei the seeds to grow into his own bizarre Master but other than that he has been drooling over Saber in quiet. I do wonder how he functions, Archer that is. Knowing the whole truth, that he has no chance of surviving this thing. I would probably refuse to do anything at all but he seems content on watching the tragedy that is this entire War.
Have a naive screenie of Rider and Waver instead because Kariya was in the episode for a split second.
We only saw 5 seconds of Kariya this episode. Which is probably good for him as he is hanging on by an invisible string that is being chewed on by my cat. I am sure there is more suffering in store for him. My question is…where the heck is Rin?
I would have been like wtf I'm dead and still have to suffer?!
Did I hit all the major points? Probably not as coherently as I wanted as I think I had much more to say about Kirei and his empty shell of a body yet is still so evil. OH!! Irisviel and being in the Holy Grail. X__X That was an acid trip right? I wonder if all those other Irisviel bodies a la Resident Evil were all in her head or if there were that many failed attempts at making her. If that is the case…everyone really sucks at magic in this series, what with that many failures and people using bugs. Just gross. And of course Irisviel saying she would protect her daughter. We all know how that turns out…yet I wonder why Irisviel was even worried. If the War only takes place every 60 years (you know…when things actually go as planned) shouldn’t her creepy doll like daughter be safe? Just wondering. I am sure someone has the answer for me. XD
Let's see how that works out....
So now I think that sums it all up. Only three more episodes left and we have 4 Servants left. How can this be? Time for mortal kombat people! Expect more tears. :( You can live Waver, I believe in you. Live for grandpa!


Anonymous said...

Kirei finally find a goal in this war, and that is to crush Kiritsugu's dream. This is setting up nicely for the final battle. Also, Waver!!!!! I do not know you are stupid or just kind. Kiritsugu could definitely faceplamed for your wast of those Command Seals! Then again, Waver, that was very sweet of you. I'm gonna prepare buckets for my tears in the next ep. since we know who will not last due to the preview. T_T

Urobochi, stop being a troll and get a good woman in life.

Eternia said...

There's no need for bucket, people should be ready to die when they decided to go to battle.
Is it really only three episodes left? I wonder if there will be enough time allocation to cover everything from the light novel, including the epilogue which leads to Fate Stay Night.
The preview didn't even say anything about Berserker entertaining Saber.

Gatx375 said...

Eternia, I read a few rumors that the last episode will be an hour special in which case they probably can fit most of the info and battles. I think they're splitting the fights into individual episodes so we'll get to watch them relatively uninterrupted. Which will be awesome for Kiritsugu's duel.

I feel like they're barely going to go into detail regarding the Grail given how little time remains. (And I believe in the light novel it was barely mentioned) If they don't explain the details of the third Grail War like Illya did in the Heaven's Feel route in the Fate/Stay Night visual novel some people are probably going to be really confused at the end.

Hm, Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA anime adaptation announced... I don't know what to say other than please animate Heaven's Feel instead.

Eternia said...

Animating FSN is troublesome, especially Heaven Feel route. What should they do with all the ero contents? Put white laser bars all over the place, just like in Blood-C.
Or make it OVA.

Anonymous said...

@ Eternia
I knew people will die when go to battle, still, but STILL!! I'll cry!! and A LOT too!! Rider is my favored, and such a Bro too....T_T. I really do not want to see him gone.....

Still, agree w/ Gatx375, if they got time/$$ to make PRISMA☆ILLYA then they should pour more $$/tech. into the Heaven Feel, and make the R-18 scenes acceptable for most viewers if not all. I sooooo want to see that one animated, and by Ufotable + awesome soundtrack no less.

Gatx375 said...

Well, Ufotable did squeeze a rape scene into Kara no Kyoukai, and that was shown in theaters. So I imagine they could get away with some of the ero content from Heaven's Feel. I honestly would rather see an anime series over an ova for Heaven's Feel. I just want them to adapt one of the Fate/Stay Night routes correctly since the other two got kinda mangled in their adaptations. Of course they didn't screw Fate/Stay Night up nearly as bad as Tsukihime so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

Maybe they'll remix Emiya for Illya in PRISMA☆ILLYA. Since they did for Kiritsugu in the drama Fate/Zero CD.

Christina said...

Anonymous- That is pretty pathetic of Kirei, that his dream is to crush someone elses. Not that it is okay to cause more mayhem to prevent further mayhem but at least Emiya wanted to help people. Such an empty man this Kirei.

Waver thinks with his heart and not his head. All the tissues sacrificed for this episode. :(

Eternia- I don't know how things are going to get finished properly! What is this epilogue talk? RARW they shouldn't have had a Rin episode.

Gatx375- Given how confused and/or don't understand all the words coming out of their mouths I feel as if they haven't talked about the Grail enough either. Especially since things are supposed to go horribly wrong so the next War happens in 10 years instead of 60...

I feel as if I should like this PRISMA☆ILLYA you all keep mentioning, even if only because there is a Star in the title. XD