Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fate/Zero Season Two episode 10

Hello there my lovely readers! It is I, the girl who went on vacation for 4 days last month and is still not caught up on anime posts. I have no idea how this happened. I am such a slacker. Of course last year I was horribly behind on posts too. With good reason. Yay history repeating itself.
Ah Waver. So naive and yet he thinks he is being so obvious. XD
But here is my sad little attempt to catch up? I say sad as I wanted to post this before work and worked ended 3 hours ago? GO ME! Fate Zero Season Two episode 10 time! Spoilers for Saber being oh so happy with her lot in life. Oh and some sad times with Rider.
Onward to Lawson! Or Family Mart! Can't tell!
Episode Summary: Everyone is traveling to where Kirei set off the mana fireworks. Saber never makes it to the area as Berserker destroys her motorcycle and she barely escapes in time. The two then begin their epic battle. It would probably would have been more epic if Kariya had not been in a corner slowly losing his mind. He starts talking to Sakura about how he was promised the Grail and he was going to win and save her. Sakura asks so I can see momma again? Sakura then morphs into dead strangled momma and Kariya starts screaming again. When Kariya has his moments it affects how Berserker attacks Saber. But the match seems equal as Saber is pushing cars all over the place and Berserker is able to dodge Sabers sword. He seems to know a lot about her sword which leads Saber to believe he knows her. She official introduces herself which means that the honor system applies and he needs to introduce himself. His armor starts to melt off and it is revealed that Berserker is Lancelot, Saber’s number one knight back in the day. Saber is in shock as Berserker is going Arthur over and over again in creepy ways. Saber has no idea why Lancelot would become Berserker and it affects her ability to fight.
Well.....hmmm....enjoy your 5 seconds of battle?
On the other side of town (maybe I am just saying) Rider almost it made it to the mana lights when he is stopped by Archer. Which is amazing since Rider was riding his pony all over town. Rider dismounts his horsie so he can stop in the middle of a totally empty bridge to have a drink with Archer. As they have their fill of honor and grape drink Rider asks if Archer will join his army so they will become unstoppable, like Batman and Robin. Archer laughs but not in a way to make fun of Rider. It is decided that only one real King can survive the night. So Rider gets back on his horsie and activates his Reality Marble thingy…with Waver still on the horse. Archer just watches as Rider and his army descends on him. Then Archer pulls out a single weapon….and totally destroys the Reality Marble (is that the right word? Now I am confused) and Rider can only help as all his people are destroyed as everything melts away. Understanding that his defeat is obvious now Rider takes Waver off the horse. He tells Waver to pass on his legend to everyone while Waver promises to be his retainer. Declaring Rider his King Waver watches as Rider runs towards Archer…who opens up his bag of amazing weapons and overwhelms Rider. Rider is eventually bound by Archer’s weapons inches from his face. Archer stabs Rider and thanks him for a good fight but it is time for his dream to end. Rider acknowledges his defeat but decides it is okay. Rider disappears and Archer walks over to Waver who is NOT peeing his pants. Archer says that Waver should feel the need to get revenge. Waver says he was ordered to stay alive and will not challenger Archer. Archer decides that is a good show of loyalty and walks away. Waver breaks down into tears as he has lost his friend. The episode ends with Kariya and Emiya walking down hallways. Kariya and his creepy self even stops to give us the Lord’s Prayer. THE END!!!
Not the motorcycle!!!!!!
And then there were three?! X__X I really thought that Berserker would be taken out next. But I guess in the grand scheme of things it is better if Rider is taken out away from Saber. If Berserker killed Rider I am sure that would have felt like an empty loss and I don’t want Saber killing a friend. So maybe this is for the best in the long run. Maybe.
Are there enough episodes to properly make Saber suffer?
But it’s not like Saber is having the best day ever. In their minds dying in a great battle is an honor…maybe I am wrong and Saber and Rider would have liked fighting it out like Lancer did before things went sour. But Emiya is in this to win and he might have killed Waver and everything would have been horrible. I don’t know I don’t know. But back to Saber. She just can’t catch a break. Good thing Kariya is having the worst life ever or I might have to shed some tears for Saber.
Look at Saber using cars as shields. If her ride gets destroyed NO ONE gets a ride!
The battle between Saber and Berserker was a lot more interesting to watch. A LOT more interesting to watch. I was like NOOOO not Motorcycle-san! Just got blown up into tiny pieces. Then Saber was using her powers to make cars into battering rams and Berserker was like um no and fighting back. It actually seemed like a fight and not a one sided yawn fest.
I am sensing there will be no closure for her....
But then Saber found out who Berserker really was and it was all sad city from there on out. I thought she was really smart to figure out it was someone she knew in her life. I would have just assumed this was an ability Berserker had. Probably why I am not a Heroic Spirit though. Berserker either lost his mind or…well lost his mind more because he decided to reveal who he was. Everyone say Lancelot!
Think Archer has enough compassion to kill Kariya? Or will that ruin his fun play?
We have very few episodes left. So I am wondering how this will all go down. Some explanation is needed. So will we spend one episode on Saber and her fight and the next episode will focus on the Emiya and Kirei showdown? That doesn’t sound like enough time to focus on Archer and Saber’s fight. Maybe Saber will be unable to kill Lancelot and Archer will take him out so he can have Saber all to himself. Then the fight will continue on until things eventually get messed up and lead us into Fate/stay Night.
Err....Castor 2.0?
Lancelot himself….I am hoping that it is explained why he is here. This might be hard as he is insane and getting glimpses of his past might be mixed in with his insane thoughts. But since all he can say is Arthur maybe more will be revealed than I think. It does appear that Saber has no idea what would have caused Lancelot to end up like this. Has she repressed memories of what happened, the betrayal, or does she really not know and Lancelot feels guilty. I hope that this is all explained and nothing is rushed. I think we got tons of backstory on Rider and Lancer so we can’t leave Berserker high and dry.
You probably should spend your last few minutes on Earth trying to kidnap Sakura. That is the only way you could possibly save her.
While all this fighting is going on Kariya seems to be 5 minutes from death. Maybe Emiya will surprise us all and he really is hunting down Kariya to take him out of his misery. I doubt that though. I am sure Emiya doesn’t consider him a threat or if he did…yeah Kariya is halfway dead anyway. I just want a mercy killing. He is sitting there still thinking he has a chance to win and save Sakura. But even if he won would he live? If he dies it doesn’t matter if he won or not, both girls are orphans now and will be raised by insane people. So…I wonder if he is slowly realizing that thus the crying or insane visions. Or maybe he is hallucinating from the blood loss.
Lets toast to an amazing battle!!!!
On to the “main” fight of the episode. Which you can tell from earlier statements I was not too impressed with. The dialogue parts were fine. The battle not so much.
Why yes....yes they are.
Archer and Rider are so weird. Guess I am not a King and I don’t understand honor and dying in a horrible manner at the hands of someone who I consider my equal. Lets drink and have a moment as bros. Then again I don’t pretend to understand men in general so you know. However maybe this is just something they have to do. Archer knows what is up while Rider still thinks he has a chance of living. They have been summoned after death to fight in a war they might not believe in. I don’t know. It makes sense that they did it but in light of the fact one of them was about to die it felt weird to me. But since they are both dead already does it matter?
Archer made a friend. AWWW! Time to kill him!
That last paragraph was a hot mess! XD No structure at all!! So both Servants summon their ultimate attacks to get ready for this final battle. I do wonder why Rider took Waver with him into the Reality Marble. I mean…I guess Waver would have been outside alone, ready to be snipped by people named Emiya. But Waver could have gotten killed easily during the pony ride. Just thought it was odd. Maybe this was Rider’s way of saying look I believe in you and you are my comrade in battle!
Rider realizing that he is doomed. So sad.
But…the battle never happened. Rider and Waver were all charged up, the soldiers were ready for battle, and the mood was set for something epic. Then Archer unplugged the TV and the Viagra wore off. That is exactly how it felt to me. Like a balloon deflating and the climax of the movie never happening. Just so….empty. Maybe it would have felt different had Rider gone into that battle feeling super confident but he didn’t. Not funny at all.
Just very sad and underwhelming.
THEN it got worse. Rider is sitting there with Waver…and decides to take off on his horse. Towards Archer. Who just KOed him in one hit. I mean at this point we can assume that Rider knew he lost but had accepted his defeat and was going to out in a blaze of glory. Or turning into a blaze of glory given Archer’s amazing sword of destroying everything. It was painful to watch but not in a beautiful way. More like this is sad and pathetic and everyone knows it kinda way. :( Uneven match indeed.
This is code for I am about to die so live on for me okay?
Putting aside how….lackluster the actual battle was I did like what was going on in between those scenes. Rider and Archer drink scene was….special but nice. Rider talking to Waver after his defeat was heartbreaking. You knew he was saying goodbye to Waver and that Waver needed to live to tell the tale or Rider. That Rider was almost okay with dying as long as his name lives on forever. Which in a way is obtaining immortality so maybe Rider was okay with how things went down. And then after Rider was stabbed multiple times…Archer was actually nice. Instead of saying what a LAME battle Archer said that he would welcome any other further challenge from Rider. It was almost enough to make me forget that Archer is a creepy person who is extremely manipulative.
Well that was a nice surprise....
So after Rider’s sad death….Archer walks over to Waver. And I am going OH NO do not kill him. This can’t be happening. Not after Waver was all like you are my King and I will make sure your name lives on. Maybe I was giving Archer too much credit. Archer even tried to bring honor up, that Waver needed to challenge Archer to avenge Rider even though we all know my cat had a better chance at winning. But due to Waver’s address, that he was order to live on and represent Rider…Archer’s heart grew 2 sizes that day and walked away. I guess honor and all that craziness does come in handy. Congratulations Waver. You have survived the Holy Grail War. Now…will you be scarred for life?
Ah yes....that magical cup....
And that is about it I believe. Kariya is sitting in the corner mumbling to himself, Kirei is saying the Lord’s Prayer, and Emiya is walking around like a man on a mission. Oh and Saber might be having a mental breakdown. And she hasn’t even found dead Irisviel yet! I predict more tears and mayhem. Yay for wars over a magical wishing cup that is really the gateway to the best magic ever! WOOHOO!!!!
Where is my mommy?


Gatx375 said...

Oh my god, I'm so psyched for next weeks episode. The Kiritsugu and Kirei duel will be absolutely fantastic. It was easily my favorite part of the entire light novel series.

Tenchi, I'm really surprised you didn't like the Archer and Rider fight. I thought it was amazing. Gilgamesh using Ea to break Rider's reality marble apart, then restraining him with Enkidu and slaughtering him with Ea for the final blow. I'm really sad to see Rider go =,(

But they decided not to break up the fights into the individual episodes and it seems like they won't make the last episode an hour special. I imagine people who didn't read Fate/Stay Night will be a bit confused next episode.

And based off your screen shots I see what UTW meant by "The video source of of abysmal quality". I'm glad UTW encodes their works.

Unknown said...

What I'm wondering is why is Archer so strong?! Sure he's a demi-god and all but he flat out slaughtered Rider.

He had a good battle with Saber in Fate Stay but with this kind of power level he should have won that one too.

I was glad there was finally a battle though, next episode is going to be crazy!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for that car, its owner must be like, "WHO did this to my car?!?!"
I known all these destruction on the surface will be like the act of a terrorism. Still, w/ these many destruction, how will the media act? For example, the building that Kiritsugu destroyed, the CEO must have been very pissed, but then again, there is also a chance it could be the act of a VERY angry employee. XD

If he's alive, Lancer must be soooooooo very jealous at the bro-ness/honorable battle w/ Rider and Gil. Really, they were such a bro at that moment.

I am very charmed to see Saber/Lancelot's epic battle. It is interesting to see Rider's comment on Saber's ideal hit home hard. Did you see her face?!
Saturday never seem so far.........sigh.

Anonymous said...

Also, that attack is Enuma Enlish from the sword, Ea. It is said that Ea can pierces the heavens and earth. In other word, an anti-Reality Marble weapon.

As for Enkidu, the Chains of Heaven. It is a chain named after his closest friend made to bind the gods so they can not escape, making it one of the few anti-divine weapons that holds the concept of "reigning over the gods." -----Fate Wiki

Hope that cleared something......

Gatx375 said...

Ea isn't just an anti-reality marble Noble Phantasm, it's anti-world. It's the only known anti-world Noble Phantasm in all existence. Goldy's quite the powerful servant.

Oh, and to correct my post from earlier. The quote was supposed to say "The video source was of abysmal quality".

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are correct, I check it out again, and it is indeed anti-world like you sad. Sorry about the error, and thank you for correction. ^_^

Eternia said...

That Enkidu. It was never explained if it can miss it's target or not. If it can be evaded or not, when you are aware of it's existence.
If the answers to both are NO.
Then it's really too unfair.

Anonymous said...

The reason Saber beat Gil is because he holed back. It has a lot to do with Gilgamesh’s pride. He considered Rider a worthy adversary and thus was willing to use Enuma Elish at MAX power.
However, he considers Saber as a pet, and want to "keep"/marry her, so Ea was not at MAX w/ her. Even after his defeat in Fate/Stay Night, he only admired Saber as an "untouchable treasure".

Christina said...

Gatx375- I guess I was just sad for Rider. It just felt so one sided. I mean the emotions were all there and I know battles can't all be swords hitting and things exploding. I just wish there was a FIGHT and not Archer KOing Rider without breaking a sweat. Actually barely lifting a finger.

Well you can count on me to be confused. XD

I think this series is so pretty and it is sad that I am watching it on the internets via...well you know. Of course I am the girl who watched Avatar (the blue cat one) on an airplane monitor....

Also I am against anti-world weapons. Mainly because I live here.

Unknown- I want to know that too! I thought Rider and his ultimate attack was a bit unfair but at least it had a limit in regards to Mana. Archer was like BAM begone Rider.

Anonymous- I feel bad for people in shows like this too. Like lala oh look I can't drive home because the MOUNTAIN is missing. Explosions are cool....but what about all those people working min. wage and they end their shift to find their car blown up. Let me cry for this fictional characters we will never meet. XD

Poor Lancer. He really went out in a crappy way. Not sure if they would have invited him to the bro table though since he wasn't a King.

Saber is just so sad. I am sure episode 11 will be super fun for her. Not sure she will have enough in her mentally and otherwise to go up against Archer. Also I think it is unfair no one goes all out against her. Like okay she has boobies. Still consider her to be a worthy opponent please!

Archer is like Mary Poppins. Just a huge bag of toys, one more magnificent than the last. Does he not have a weakness?

Eternia- Archer is like Alice from the Resident Evil movies. Like lala everything works out for me and I am the best at everything WEEE!