Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hiiro no Kakera episode 7

X__X Being so far behind in the last few weeks on anime posts means I can usually go OH I want to watch this now…and there is still one episode at least for me to blog. But I guess I am all caught up! And confused! I thought Fate/Zero was shown on Saturday/Sunday in Japan and it was subbed in 24 hours, usually by Monday night. It is Wednesday! Where is my suffering?
Jazz hands!!!
I will tell you where. With Hiiro no Kakera episode 7 apparently. :( In light of no Fate/Zero I am forced to catch up on this….lovely show. That is the real suffering folks, forget Kariya and saber. XD But yeah…guess I am a month behind on this show instead. I wonder why it got pushed to the bottom of the pile….in any event yes episode 7 time. Spoilers for the only person with a brain being punished.
Maybe you should just run away Tamaki.
Episode Summary: Aria is pretty pissed at Drei for trying to kill Tamaki. Drei is pretty confused as he was just trying to get their mission done in the most logical manner. Aria says Drei (and the other two males) are not allowed to leave the manor and that the hunt for the artifacts is put on hold. Aria then calls in Vier who was listening to do some research on Drei as she thinks he is useless and there is no way Logos sent him to protect her. That night Tamaki has a nightmare about someone…saying something. It was brief but I am sure it will be important. She walks outside as she can’t sleep and sees Mitsuru walking around….looking suspicious. Before school Tamaki hopes everyone will be there despite the fact they just got their asses beat. Spoiler alert: Guardians did not show up to class. Tamaki is sad and doesn’t concentrate during lessons. During break she basically runs into Ryou AKA the sniffer and runs up to him saying to stop being a sexual harasser. Ryou is like wft is your problem?! Kiyono shows up and after making faces that frighten Ryou away she explains to Tamaki that Ryou is in their class but doesn’t show up since he failed last year.
Err....I am not happy to see you?
Since no one is at school Tamaki decides to not eat lunch with Kiyono and go up to the roof alone. After seeing the empty seats all the Guardians appear and Tamaki is happy. Well until Takuma and Mahiro open their mouths. Basically Tamaki being happy that they are alive is an insult because they got their asses kicked and can’t she see that there was a huge difference in power? After yelling at her for a while Tamaki apologizes for being useless and Mahiro is like whatever we are your tools, use us however you want to. Lunch break ends even though it just started and everyone leaves in a sour mood. Yuuichi walks Tamaki home as Takuma and Mahiro are guarding the artifacts. Yuuichi explains they are basically not human and if the seals fail they will be seen as the monsters they are. Tamaki doesn’t care about any of that or the fact that the boys are rude, careless, and mean; they are her friends!!! Tamaki takes a lot of time thinking about what to do about the boys and how they want to give up their lives to protect her and the artifacts. She prays about it at their temple and marches on to school. She tells the boys that since Takuma and Mahiro are reckless with their lives they will accompany her to the storage unit and research more about themselves and their enemies. Knowledge is power!
You go do that nonsuspicious Guardian.
Shinji volunteers to guard all the artifacts on his own AND research where Logos is since he is the weakest and thus will avoid danger more……Yuuichi then says he will look in the school library as it used to belong to the government and it was a secret…? Takuma and Mahiro think this is all stupid and agree to this plan. Masataka is caught by Suguru wondering the property. He wants to speak to Grandma but Suguru is like no way. Tamaki, Takuma, and Mahiro shows up and before they can mess Masataka up Grandmother is like oh I see. Come and lets talk. She summons the other Guardians with magical pieces of paper. Elsewhere Vier informs Aria that Drei was not the first choice for this mission, that dude number 3 was taken out by magic right before….HMMM folks! After the credits Masataka explains to the group he works for the government to protect the seals as well and just wants to help. THE END!
Well you are the princess. They should listen to you!
X___X So…yes. Many of the people in this show are weird and each week I end up feeling very bad for the Potato Princess that is Tamaki. I even thought about not calling her a potato anymore because of it. Such craziness.
I was just trying to help!
First things first though. While Drei is creepy both physically and in actions…he really seems to understand what is going on here. Or what the mission should be. Why not just kill Tamaki and get the artifacts in a much safer manner? Sure they still have some pissed off guardians but they are easily beaten too. It just seems TO ME that Drei is the one with the brains. I am saying this without knowing the true purpose of Logos…or what they are. But it appears TO ME that Aria is doing what she wants regardless of what would be easier. Like she feels connected to Tamaki or something.
But Aria wants to win slowly!!!
But Aria is hardcore. Like go to your room until I am done being pissed off on you. And I will send the only person I trust to dig up information on you. It was just funny how Aria went about it. Like the other guys are warriors and I picked you Vier. Why is this old dude with us? And it turns out she is right. Sounds like Drei took out a fellow (or not Fellow?) Logos member to be sent on this mission. Not that he would be my second choice either.
Basically Drei sucks and I hate him. Next.
So Aria was SO NICE and decided to do this all while Tamaki and her little spuds were recovering and crying in the corner. She needed to research this all and give them all the time in the world to regroup and start sucking. Aria is such a nice baddie..if she ends up being a baddie. Can’t bad guys just take advantage of the situation, lay waste to the weaker good guys, and end the series in 3 episodes? GOSH!
So many details!!!!
Tamaki’s nightmare lasted about 5 seconds but I am sure it is going to end up being something important. She has had this dream before HMMMM! But at least it is not a random flying sword vision that happens every 5 seconds. I can’t even remember clearly what was said. It was a guy talking about going to jail and being sorry? Probably a past Guardian talking to his Princess. Tamaki shall be plagues with nightmares now yes?
So.....what ya doing....
Mitsuru walking around alone at night will also probably become something. Probably not as important as the dream but still HMM. Going to meet someone? Is she now working with Logos trying to protect Shinji even though he is ALREADY working for Logos. HMMM I must overthink this small detail.
Are you talking to me crazy pants?
While Tamaki was busy drying her eyes that people can’t come to school after almost being killed it was a random Ryou sighting. Well DUH he goes to our school Tamaki. Well DUH he is in your class! I thought the boy was older though. I did like how Ryou was cool under pressure despite her announcing to the world he was a pervert. Maybe he is past caring though. Clearly he has a back story what with having to skip school and fail a grade.
Such a friendly greeting!
Kiyono and her facial expressions were amazing. Like she was having an attack or something. She is so weird. Wouldn’t want her to eat lunch with her friend or anything. She gives me weird vibes too. But mainly because of her red background on MyAnimeList. The baddies are in red backgrounds too…
Hold that thought....
Tamaki had about 5 seconds of joy when she saw her people. I sorta understand the boys were upset with their lives and have been conditioned to think their lives were worth losing to protect Tamaki and the artifacts…but come on! First off show some respect. They are going on and on how they have a duty and must serve Tamaki yet they are talking to her like that? Um no off with their heads. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Second…you are right. Tamaki doesn’t have any idea how they feel. Because she just fell of the turnip truck and inherited this mess. Maybe if you open your mouths and tell her what is going on she would KNOW what is going on! But you haven’t so she doesn’t. What part of that is hard to understand?
I know you are fired. BEGONE!
But the third and biggest point….WTF?! Tamaki is happy you guys are alive and you treat her like crap? You rather be dead than live in…”shame”? Stupid, stupid. I will never understand boys. If it is their duty to protect the artifacts and seals and Tamaki…it will be hard to do all of that if you are no longer alive. They failed. That part was obvious. But they would have died failing. Now they are alive and have the chance to redeem themselves. Wouldn’t they rather have that happen than DIE knowing Tamaki was next and all the seals and artifacts were gone?
Well except the part where I protected all of you....
And why was Tamaki apologizing? Saying she just wants to be useful and help out? While those magical spells were given to her she was the only one to do any danger to the baddies. So she did fight along side them and help out. But I guess if people are yelling at you and telling you that they will never be close it can be confusing. Plus girls like to apologize in animes when there is no possible way they are the ones at fault.
Why don't you tell me more about this?
Shinji mostly kept his mouth shut because he is feeling guilty about what he is doing on the side. So it was up to Yuuichi to say some comforting words to Tamaki. Of course these comforting words are we are monsters and don’t deserve to be around humans….but at least he wasn’t yelling at her? YAY!!!
The most logical thing said in this entire show!
I think Tamaki came up with a brilliant plan. They obviously aren’t as strong as team Aria. And since no one wants to really inform Tamaki about what the role of a Potato Princess she needs to find out herself. And while doing so she will make sure Mahiro and Takuma don’t get themselves killed for no reason and they can learn about themselves. Maybe even learn to value their lives. They clearly need to do something different as another head to head battle would probably end in the death of someone. So….Tamaki was smart in this episode. Only maybe she should have questioned why Shinji was so willing to go off alone despite being the weakest.
Introductions are silly anyway.
Masataka…was weird. His bio is also in red on MyAnimeList so…you know. If he wanted to talk to Granny he should have went to the front door. But it is cool ya’ll. He works for the Bureau of Medicine. An organization that protects the world from ending. I see. Bureau of Medicine. Nice code name. Good thing he hasn’t been creeping around town and being vague. Maybe Granny will see through his act or something. Maybe instead of walking Tamaki home one of the Guardians should guard the compound instead….
Makes total sense to me!
X__X I wrote a lot about this show in this episode didn’t I? I must be crazy or something. XD


Anonymous said...

The anger sure resolved fast, not that I'm complaining, I mean the story needs to go on w/o all the unnecessary emo's. I’m glad to see Tamaki actually get angry and bounces right back and bring the group together and put those emo’s to shame in 1 ep.

Guys, really, you call yourself protectors?? I know it is not a happy feeling to get trashed, but stop being depressed and fire up your anger at a girl who, by the way, save your as*es!

Also, I think Yuuichi took the hint of Shinji’s suspicious behaviors.

Judging by the Logos’ conversation, it seems Aria may not be the primary enemy, someone else seems lurking in the shadow…..hmmmmm.
Masataka, I just do not like that guy for some reason. His present screams suspicious. However, right now, everyone is suspicious.

Christina said...

Anonymous- The person who should be crying is Tamaki. She just found out that she is the Potato Princess, her grandmother hates her, and she has 5 random assholes (well maybe three) that are supposed to protect her. But instead of training to get stronger they rather bitch about being defeated and what not.

And Aria is shaping up to be an ally at this point. Or at least not the super enemy at the end. XD More like she is probably being used too.