Monday, June 4, 2012

Accel World episode 9:

Hello my lovely readers! I am in a better mood after the husband took me out for a day of fun and nonworking related activities. We even saw a movie on a Sunday, something I hate to normally but have done TWICE this year and both times when the movies premiered. This time it was Snow White and the Huntsmen which really should have been called Kristen Stewart’s confused face and MOG that Evil Queen is CRAZY! But apparently that title doesn’t work too well. Insane I know.
Haruyuki is having the best life ever!
But back to things that don’t involve crows and seven drunk tiny men. Accel World episode 9! 9 already? How did this happen? Spoilers for alliances forming in a game where only one person can win!!
Let me explain everything to you because I am so amazing.
Episode Summary: Takumu and his glasses wearing self are eating lunch alone on the roof top. Kuroyuki and Haruyuki show up and Takumu is way too formal with Kuroyuki while teasing her about her flattening her relationship with Haruyuki. While everyone takes a minute to not care where Chiyuri is it is time for business. Kuroyuki wants Takumu to figure out what Red King wanted with Haruyuki. Takumu claims he can’t do that and will instead tell them what would have happened if Haruyuki hadn’t figured out Red King’s identity. Yuniko would have lied and gotten Haruyuki on her side. Then she would have told him that she was really a Brain Burster and that her clan was being mean to her and stealing points. Haruyuki would have joined her red clan to help out for a while but the second he joined she would have used her King INSTANT KILL attack to end it all. Haruyuki has to be explained this instant kill technique but he is too busy crying over the poor girl in the made up story.
Just a random fact, didn't think to mention to you before.
After Kuroyuki beats Haruyuki for being stupid she says this really solves nothing and that they will meet Red King later that day. At Haruyuki’s house. Haruyuki panics and hopes he can make it to his room before the girls do so he can hide various things. But Yuniko is already there, playing one of the forbidden items which turns out to be shooting games. She also informs Kuroyuki of what I assume to be porn mags being the other forbidden items. Kuroyuki and Yuniko start yelling at each other and Haruyuki. Takumu shows up and decides to calm things down. He tells everyone to introduces themselves with their official Global Link name. Kuroyuki has changed hers to Kuroyukihime which further pisses off Yuniko. Yuniko goes on and on how she used the world’s most complicated method to find Haruyuki, costing her over 200 points. Yuniko finally says that she wants to borrow Haruyuki and his amazing wings. She explains that the Armor of Catastrophe is loose in the game and she needs his help to stop it. When Haruyuki questions what the Armor of Catastrophe is Kuroyuki says it will be easier to just direct link and show him. After everyone argues over the length of cord cables it is time experience Kuroyuki’s memories.
Photobucket Takumu the Tin Man?
Kuroyuki explains that Chrome Disaster was one of the oldest Brain Bursters that went around and destroy others without hesitation. It got so bad a group of avatars (maybe the Kings) banished Chrome Disaster but not before he said he would curse the game forever. His armor, Armor of Catastrophe, became sentient and would take over other avatars. They would go berserk and eventually the Kings would take them out. The video Kuroyuki shows the others is her and the Green king taking out the 4th Chrome Disaster (what an avatar becomes with the Armor of Catastrophe) forever. Or so she though. Yuniko says that one of her legion people has been possessed and while it pains her she needs to use her killing move on him. Only now he appears to fly with how high he can jump. Thus she needs Haruyuki. Haruyuki and Takumu are against this dangerous deal but Kuroyuki is like okay we will start tomorrow. Kuroyuki goes to leave but has a crazy attack when Yuniko announces she is staying. Kuroyuki stays too this leads to dinner shopping fun and Haruyuki thinking what he should do when the girls bathe together. They play violent video games and blast zombies. They all end up sleeping on the couch together, which Yuniko and Kuroyuki snuggling. Haruyuki looks on and thinks back to Takumu’s words, that Yuniko and all the other Kings will eventually be their enemy. THE END!
Haruyuki needs a hug.
After all that bread watching I forgot that anime could be good. XD Almost turned my brain to mush. Just kidding…maybe. But yes maybe now I am in the right frame of mind to blog something other than smiles and ordering milk at bars. XD
See all that adorableness?
First off Kuroyuki is reaching crazy levels of adorable. Frustrated that Haruyuki was crying over the like Yuniko wanted to tell, pissed off that Yuniko was in Haruyuki’s house, jealous over the cable lengths and Yuniko wanting to spend the night, and finally snuggling with Yuniko on the couch. Was that sentence long enough? XD I don’t think so. Yes I want Kuroyuki to be tough and smart but people are multidimensional so anime characters should be too. Plus maybe it is fun seeing such a serious person make faces like that.
Getting upset over cord lengths is silly!
Although I don’t know if I can pick just one moment to call my favorite Kuroyuki moment. Maybe her arguing with Yuniko about the cable lengths. That would be because Kuroyuki was trying to tell Yuniko to be mature about the situation and that cable lengths don’t matter in the long run in relationships. Yet we all know that Kuroyuki got pissed when Chiyuri had a short cable with Haruyuki and hello if it is not a big deal my dear crazy why are you arguing about it now?
Lovely dovey? Where is your girlfriend?!
But Kuroyuki truly had the right to call Haruyuki stupid over the Takumu story. Which was really creepy. Like I have these tiny details about what happened and now I have put together this complicated story of what ifs that make sense. Remind me to watch Hyouka later. So much catching up to do. So while Takumu isn’t cheating anymore with the Brain Burst program he is showing the viewers maybe he didn’t need to cheat and had the ability all along. Still very impressed with his probably correct theory.
What is wrong with you?! Crazy person.
Back to Haruyuki though. WTF is wrong with him? I think I might have thought our main cast was in high school so the 11 year old Yuniko was bothering me. Now that they are in junior high it isn’t AS creepy but still gross. I have no idea why, I am sure I was 11 at one point and had crushes on people. Seems like forever ago. OKAY THEN! Haruyuki. Your friend Takumu just explained to you that Yuniko was going to instant kill you by lying to you….and you are crying over this very real scenario that you narrowly avoiding. So why are there tears coming from your eyes, like you still feel bad for Yuniko? Feeling bad for people and having compassion is important but at some point common sense needs to come into play.
Haruyuki worrying about girls in his house, especially his…girlfriend? was understandable. I don’t like it when people come to my house without notice. Although all my yaoi mangas are mixed in with the normal ones and I have never really worried about anyone picking those up. So while it was typical anime fashion to have porn mags (at least I think they were) be a main concern for Haruyuki it was a new twist with the OLD video games. Clearly Haruyuki would be judged for those…..for some reason. Some reason. It was amusing though.
Another scene that doesn't involve Chiyuri.
The actual meat to the of the episode was explained after the cable cord incident. Takumu was left out of this cord talk because Chiyuri has been tossed off aside to the wolves. Poor Chiyuri. Where the heck was she eating lunch if her main friends were all up on the roof without her? She is eventually going to become a Brain Burster too right? Because it would just be so sad if she is forgotten. She is in a lot of the opening sequence. And what about the ice cream?!
:( Aw one of her men. That is sorta sad.
This whole Chrome Disaster and Armor of Catastrophe business is a bit X___X. I actually might be more interested in learning about the original Chrome Disaster but since he was the defeated one and his armor/weapon the Armor of Catastrophe is the one left that might not happen. Unless of course he is still possessing the Armor of Catastrophe maybe he will be important that way. Like we must hunt down the original Chrome Disaster to see why an inanimate object has taken over multiple users over the years. Maybe Chrome Disaster will turn out to be some world class hack.
And its ugly. X___X
However it looks to me that the Armor of Catastrophe is going to be more important. More central to the plot now. How Yuniko is so sad that she is going to lose a legion member but she has to stop Chrome Disaster. It might turn out that a glitch in the system allowed the Armor of Catastrophe to take over. I might be over thinking this entire thing and it will focus more on the emotional aspect of Yuniko being upset and how Kuroyuki is going to make an alliance and remember how fun it was to play this “game” with others.
And then Yuniko takes one to the chest. The end!
Which is Hunger Games all over again yes? Not fair to compare both but I am doing it out of positivity, not judgment so maybe that is okay. But yes. Kuroyuki is pretty much against all the other Kings as they okay with the whole not killing each other bit and she isn’t. To get to the top though she might have to relying on other people. People that she will eventually have to take out forever. Now it is not totally like the Hunger Games as Yuniko really doesn’t need Kuroyuki to survive. She needs Haruyuki to fly but maybe if she had asked all the other Kings she could have accomplished her goals without using Kuroyuki. So now that I wrote this all out I guess it isn’t really like the Hunger Games since that would require both parties with the same goal of sole survival.
Photobucket gullible....
Still Haruyuki thought it too so maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad. Although he was the one crying over poor Yuniko and how she didn’t get a chance to stab him in the back. HMMMMM. Either way I guess Haruyuki is slowly acknowledging how sad Kuroyuki’s dream will be if it comes to past, that Yuniko won’t be able to play Brain Burst anymore and will leave all her people without a Master. I wonder if at the end of the series it will turn out the level 10 player can bring back fallen people just to tie things up nicely.
Just like an anime!
The after hour antics were slightly amusing. Haruyuki talking about how this is a scene is almost like in an anime and how he needs to maximize his life experiences by walking in on the girls. Some funny lines here and there to lighten the mood. But I am still not amused with 11 year olds and their cooking abilities. Nope this is all a lie and I do not accept it.
See very mature!
Long post is getting long so let me just say one thing before ending. I don’t think I ever thought about this before but Kuroyuki and Yuniko are technically a lot older that Haruyuki. In a sense of course. Their minds have existed outside normal time which would mean they have been…”alive” a lot longer than non Brain Bursters. Especially those who have to spend so much time leveling up and becoming Kings. I don’t know why I didn’t think about that before but now it makes sense. So while Yuniko might only be 11 on the outside she might feel older due to existing longer in another plane. So now it will be hard to look at her and just think little kid.
No one gets to know her name so don't feel too bad.
We might not have any more amazing Yuniko faces though. If Haruyuki is going to help her out and they are going up against her former Legion member things might be too sad for her to make insane faces. I shall miss those faces but I will endure folks! Endure!


Anonymous said...

The facial expression in this ep is just awesome/hilarious.
We get to see Hime's real name, and yes, it is indeed not different than "Kuroyukihime".
Taku is such a bro for helping out Haru and balance/smooth their conversation. Also, Tenchi, those are not porn mags. There were instant image in the ep. of what Haru was trying to hid, they are shelf and shelf of valuable (I think) video-games.

Eternia said...

Good point there. I was about to complain why is it Yuniko so mature. But then again, she can move around for 30 minutes in virtual world while it's only one second in real world. It all makes sense now... Only that, how come their brain won't blow up from overheat?
Is there anyone else who think that her evil face looks just like Accelerator? Maybe she IS his daughter. Haha.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I thought by his reaction they had to be porn mags. But if zombie shooting games are something to be ashamed of maybe that was the wrong direction to think in. XD

Takumu better be nice to Haruyuki. If he keeps on ignoring his girlfriend all he will have is his bro. XD And yes the facial expressions were so fun. I think the next episode will be more serious so there will be less ANGRY faces.

Eternia- Well we know that Japanese children are so much more mature than other children in the world. Just so amazing with their ability to walk to school alone, make meals at the age of 8, and of course save the world no questions asked.

XD But of course it is nice to see why Yuniko is so mature, why she seems so cynical and old. Because she is. A lot of Brain Bursters must seem older than they really are. Must be hard to be stuck in their young bodies. But then...issues like cable cords come up and it all goes out the window. XD

X___X And her evil face does look like his. Separated at birth!!!