Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hyouka episode 6: System of a Boring

Hello my lovely readers! How is your day going? Amazing? Boring? Bleh? Today is Tuesday in Tenchi Land which means no work. That translates into a good day yes? XD WOOHOO! Now whether or not this leads to being a productive and fun day has yet to be seen. Hopefully it will be. XD
Are you ready for AMAZING?!
Trying to get the day started off to a got start….Hyouka episode 6 folks! You are in for a real treat. An episode all about....the most boring episode ever!!! ENJOY!!!!
Eru has turned into my cat!
Episode Summary: Houtarou is attempting to conquer the world of mechanical pencils as his teacher goes on about something. There is a commotion in the hallways and it sounds like Eru is involved…so Houtarou gets back to work with his pencil. They meet for a club meeting later in the day and Mayaka is pretty pissed about something. Satoshi left her in the rain and didn’t call. Much anger. Houtarou calms her down but the topic of anger and how Eru seems perfect and would never get angry comes up. Houtarou and his lack of emotions is also mentioned as well as the 7 deadly sins. Houtarou thinks there is hope when Eru says she doesn’t get angry because she wants to save energy but it turns out she was kidding. Eru is like BUT GUYS I am not kidding, I do get angry. She and her box of cookies demands that Houtarou figure out why she got mad at her math teacher today.
Never mind she turned into Houtarou!
Houtarou explains that the teacher came in and started doing a problem on the board that they hadn’t covered yet. He calls on students, no one knows the answer, and the teacher starts yelling. Eventually Eru stands up and says that their class has not covered this information yet. After checking his notes the teacher agrees and the rest of the class goes on as normal. Why was she mad at their teacher and why did he make that mistake? SHE NEEDS TO KNOW! Houtarou tries to ignore her gaze but eventually says he will help out. Satoshi and Mayaka try to throw out theories while Eru is like no I didn’t get upset because I cared about someone….Did he get the class rooms mixed up? Satoshi says his class has actually covered that material. After A LOT of talking Houtarou figures out that the math teacher got class A and D confused as he uses a and d…which apparently look alike. As to why Eru got mad…who knows. But now she feels bad about getting mad over a simple mistake. The mystery of the confused math teacher took up their entire club meeting and it is time for them to go home, with Houtarou wondering who will fix all his problems. Eru is happy though that she has Houtarou to solve all her problems. THE END!
Oh lord....what is this all about?! X__X
….Is there a reason why I said I would watch this next and not Fate/Zero? You know, a show that has amazing episodes each and every week? Probably because I am on crack. Although if I was on crack I probably wouldn’t be so angry at work….
Dull indeed!!!!
I mean…how am I supposed to blog this? I know we all know that I can be a bit wordy at times and I could probably stand to say a whole lot less…but this was all about a teacher being confused on something, which class he was in or what his notes said. And yet our main characters managed to make this over half the episode. How does this happen?!
The cookies saved the day!
For the record I do realize these are Japanese characters in a Japanese show. Because I don’t see how a and d could be mixed up unless someone has really, REALLY bad handwriting. Or are Japanese and thus don’t write the letters often. I do see how other letters could get mixed, especially in light of the fact I work with people who spell worse than I do. So once again this mystery was pretty much lost on me as I wouldn’t see getting those letters mixed up. But I will give Houtarou credit for thinking like a math teacher.
Not the first time a teacher made a mistake?! HORRIBLE!!!
Other than that…MOG FOLKS! The teacher made a mistake. That much was clearly obvious. Houtarou was able to figure out where the mistake was made but does it really matter in the long run? Maybe the teacher was drunk. Maybe he grabbed the wrong notebook. Maybe there was something in his eye and when he looked up at the class sign he read it wrong. People make mistakes. X__X Why is Eru so crazy? And why is her crazy contagious?!
Ah yes. Getting mad when your teacher has a meltdown is wrong. I see.
Like why was Eru asking Houtarou why she was angry? X___X She keeps asking him why she is feeling a certain why and in this case it was obvious. Or it should have been. She shot down all the logical reasons and it turns out she was just made? I don’t know. Why does she question the obvious? Her teacher was yelling at other students, was clearly wrong, and making the rest of the class uncomfortable. That is why she got mad. The end.
Houtarou has a scary imagination. Very scary.
I do think it is pretty amazing that Mayaka and Satoshi get so caught up in this mini mysteries. Like MOG this is so fascinating. I know I have said before, that I say boring things to my friends but we all act interested in it. I am trying to compare that that to this but I really don’t think it is the same. Surely their other clubs are more interesting than Eru’s confused teacher isn’t worth an entire club meeting right?
Look cookies!!!!
The cookies looked good though. Instead of only using the cookies to solve the mystery Houtarou should have spelled out Crazy Pants and Why Do You Care? Fun things like that. I miss Mugi and her cookies….and cakes…
Houtarou is so tortured. :(
What else was mildly interesting about this episode? Houtarou thinking he found his one true love in Eru was amusing. Like he thought he found his angel soul mate but she was just kidding. Funny.
Eru is amused by the fighting apparently.
Satoshi and Mayaka fighting? Not too interesting. Were they arguing over him not meeting up with her own day? Sounds like it. Although it does make me mad when I am clearly upset and the other person is like oh okay. Like um acknowledge me and accept responsibility for your actions before I kill you. Perfectly reasonable.
Sloth describes who in this group? XD
The discussion about the seven deadly sins I actually found interesting. Eru’s theory that these things are necessarily evil unless you take it too far. Food is great…until you eat too much of it. Money is necessary…until you make others suffer. Ect ect. So that part of the show was interesting. Using their brain power for things that make sense.
How dare you make a mistake!!!!
In conclusion…I passed out while watching this episode. That is why it was posted a day later. The art is gorgeous but this show is so….laid back it is putting Houtarou and his attitude to shame. Interesting please or was the Uncle drama the most interesting thing this show had going for it? Oh lord if that is the case.


Eternia said...

Boring episode, indeed. But episode seven has a super smexy scene of Chitanda bathing.

Christina said...

Eternia- I almost passed out watching it!!! But yes episode 7 was much better although it was Houtarou being all naked. XD