Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 17

......Did they seriously make an episode about Tsuduri?

Are you serious?


Does there have to be an episode about me?

This post will be short. Very short.

I am feeling generous so I will write an episode synopsis for this post. Are you ready to be amazed?

Tsuduri (is that the correct spelling?) is working too hard both at her school job and duties at AntiSkill. She fails to patrol the streets correctly and help people out with their problems. Aiho and Komoe tell her she needs to have more joy/energy in life. Tsuduri befriends a boy over some old video game. Said boy plays one game with Tsuduri and moves away to go to a gaming school. Nothing else changes for Tsuduri but she seems happy. The end.


I think this might have been the only potential important piece of information in the whole episode. :(

Are we feeling amazed yet? Goodness knows I am. I watched this episode at my mom's house and she asked if I was having fun. The answer was no. My mom already thinks anime is a waste of time. My lack of enthusiasm for this episode did nothing to change her mind.

Why does this series insist on giving every single character a pity episode? Do they not realize that there isn't that much time left until the end of the series/season? Why are we wasting time on such boring side characters?


What...what have you done to her?!

And putting aside the fact that Tsuduri is boring as mud why did they have to go and destroy Aiho's image as well? :( A lush that can't wait for work to end so she can have some more booze? My heart is broken, be careful to not step on its many pieces.

But the main point of this episode was to show how overworked and unqualified Tsuduri is in everything she does. Perhaps things would have been better had AntiSkills been doing more than picking on kids at arcades. But yes, life is tough when you get paid to do a job and you totally suck at it. Brb finding my violin.

I wonder what all these businesses think about this strict curfew. It wasn't even close to being dark yet. And unless there is a parade of robed wolves running around killing the citizens of this city I think it's okay if kids stay out after 7. I am sure it stops crime but it punishes the good kids. And hurts local businesses if 80 percent of their population isn't allowed out after 6.


I sense there was fun so I am here to break it up.

Also my dear AntiSkills, maybe if you spent a little more time making sure people weren't getting beat up and less time bossing kids around BEFORE they broke any rules, the city would be a lot safer. That and the criminals almost never wear uniforms. Thugs are easily identifiable with their leather jackets and ugly faces. No need to pick on the good kids. Heck they can't even find the BAD school kids. Oh also you are AntiSkill. Please be fighting crime and defending the city and stop telling kids they need to go home early on their summer break.

Do we have to talk about Tsuduri now? I guess we do. She sucks. She sucked when she was protecting Misaka from the demon fetus and she sucks at the boring job of patrolling the streets of Academy City. I am shocked and amazed. To be far I think it is a bit tedious to go from work to another job to the baths to dinner to taking home your drunk boss. If my life was the same every single day I might lose my mind too. And become a little uninterested in life. That and if I knew I kinda sucked at my job it would make me a little sad every time I am reminded that I suck.


The friend of the week didn't even get their 15 minutes of fame. :(

That being said….her one happy moment is playing a 3 minute game with a kid that she and Aiho were both rude to? Yeah that is a little pathetic. And slightly useless since the kid then moves away to make video games. So now Tsuduri is back to square one having nothing to look forward to and still sucking at life. Except now we are supposed to better appreciate her? Only I don’t.


Even Index cannot save this episode.

The only thing good about this episode was the cameos made by Index and Asia. The rest is a serious bore and can definitely be skipped. This is me being disappointed and sad. :( Please be better next week okay? Or at least talk about boobies so I have something to rage about.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ookami Kakushi Episode Four


At least one of us does......

I’m a bit on fence about this series. I see that is has a lot of interesting ideas and concepts going on but nothing seems to flow well. Scenes are jumpy, characters aren’t getting very much screen time, and I have a nagging feeling this show is trying too hard. Most people think it’s trying to be Higurashi no Naku Koro ni but since I have not seen that show I can’t really compare the two or see what fans are talking about with regards to the similarities. I do see that Ookami Kakushi is trying to be an edgy show and sometimes when someone tries to be edgy it comes off as posing. Actually…most of the time, not some of the time.

But I am not ready to give up on this series yet. Even if it is jumpy at parts and some of the characters make me want to pull my hair out. I see potential and that perhaps everything will work out in the end and make sense. I certainly will not watch it to mock it (coughcoughVampireKnightscough).

So if my ramblings have not scared you away yet time to review this episode. I know I haven’t been very optimistic so far but I do think there were some good parts. I just won’t sugar coat the boring/iffy parts. Sugar…me? I laugh!


Windows. They are very interesting.

I think the thing that set me off the most with this episode was how it started off.
Given how serious things were last episode starting off with funny, funny times at school was a bit insulting. Not that I wanted to see the creepy flashbacks but I think given how X_X the situation was Hiroshi should have been a little more shaky and withdrawn. Yes later he does have a bit of a freak out but that is only when he sees Issei. I think Hiroshi should have been upset because of the situation, not because his aggressor walked by.


Oranges symbolize death. Got it.

Putting aside the very weak GLARE scene with Nemuru Hiroshi put feeling scared and confused on the back burners and frolicked off to the library with Isuzu and Kaname. Because they are going to learn about the urban legends of the town. Because Isuzu hasn’t lived in this town forever and Kaname hasn’t had time to look up these things before. No now is the time! Time to read up on things that aren’t really urban legends and are in fact very boring. Except for the seeing the red fireflies=death. That we know what was being referred to. But other than that borrrrrrrrrring.


Restraining order time please?

So after the boring library visit it is time for these high school kids to go home. Of course going home means running into Issei because he lives in the same complex. And yes Hiroshi acts freaked out when he sees Issei. I would have liked him to be freaked out before and not have to actually SEE Issei to invoke such emotions. But he does and that’s that. Issei continues to act like a freak while he plasters himself all over the high school boy. This time Isuzu rescues Hiroshi from her freak of a brother. She seems to make excuses on why he is trying to molest Hiroshi. So is Isuzu in on the town’s craziness or is she another (stupid) victim?


Also kissing is bad mkay?

We then have another person running through the streets and being killed by the parade of flying wolves. Same thing each episode, slightly different person. I guess this confuses me as why so many people are being killed in this town and no one is doing something to stop it. Instead of trying to change their fate they seem content on just covering up the truth and pretending everything is fine. But it’s not.


Hi. My name is Boring? What's yours?

Then it is time for something completely unrelated. Hiroshi is taking Mana somewhere (not sure where since they never make it to that place) when they hear a violin and anytime anyone plays an instrument in anime one must stop and act like it is the most awesome thing ever. The girl playing the violin is named Kaori and as it is custom in anime she invites them for some tea. I’m not quite sure how important Kaori is to the plot line but she seems to exist thus far so Mana can forget her hat there and Hiroshi will be forced to come back. Go interesting girl go.


Must not....experience feelings......

Elsewhere things are not going as well. Isuzu is worried about her brother acting weird but her mother dismisses her feelings. Go mom. Issei seems to want to get medicine to control his…..whatever behavior but the hospital is currently out of medicine that controls the wolves/whatever. Excellent. That sounds like something you should never run out of but GASP the orange season has been so bad lately they can’t make the medicine. So the random girl that was riding around in Issei’s car before picks today to announce her feelings to Issei. Awesome. But Issei starts to lose his cool around her as well which is odd because I thought only Hiroshi made him feel that way. Clearly I have no idea what is going on. But Issei nearly eats her soul and he barely keeps it together long enough to kick her out of the car.

So Mana forgets her hat and Hiroshi has to run back up the hill to get it back from Kaori. Earlier there was some man going up the hill and Kaori has to invite him for tea. He seems to know Kaori but she is blissfully drinking tea. Nothing much happens but Hiroshi returns for the hat and it’s getting dark.


Bring it on!!!!

Last episode there was some drama with a boy drinking beer and being depressed. This episode the same boy (I think) and his girlfriend make out. Apparently it is a big deal and they shouldn’t be doing this. But they do and they kiss with glowing red eyes. He might have been a victim in a previous episode. But this night the wolf crew and their leader are after the girl. However she puts up a fight unlike the others. She tells them that nothing is wrong with how she feels and she shouldn’t be punished for it. She tries to fight the White Wolf but she is squished. The White Wolf states that she was born to enforce the rules.


Okay maybe he wasn't watching all of it....

Which is all fine and dandy…but Hiroshi was watching this time. He saw the wolves and the dead girl and the huge scythe. He runs off scared and tries to find help. Note to self: Do not seek help after dark in this town. The only person he can find is the man that was visiting Kaori earlier. Even though there is no proof of the dead girl and the wolves (Whoosh away the evidence) the man believes Hiroshi. He is actually in town to research the mass disappearance of people in this town. WOOT! Someone is not blinded by the truth.


Thank goodness someone is paying attention!

So it appears (with the limited information I have) that the wolves are not allowed to fall in love? Or feel sexually excited? Issei started to freak out when the girl simply stated she had feelings for him. But my theory works in every other instance. Nemuru doesn’t want Isuzu to fall in love with Hiroshi because she cares for Isuzu. The couple in this episode died because they were in love. So maybe these rules exist because they are trying to limit the wolf population?

Whatever the case maybe I am confused whether or not Isuzu has any idea on what is going on. Me thinks her brother is next on the hit list (or…is next) and her reaction in the next episode looks odd. But I am interested enough to stick around and find out next week. Just no more random scenes changes. Let’s have resemblance of flow okay?

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kobato Episode 15

This episode was great in my eyes because of one tiny scene. That seems to be a common occurrence for me and this anime. I probably shouldn't rely on the manga so much to make the anime enjoyable. But it is hard to put aside the manga when watching the (relatively) same story. So when elements of the manga come to play in the anime I get excited and happy. Because I am a nerd.


I should change my clothes? More than three outfits you say?

But Kobato needs to stop wearing the same outfit three episodes in a row.

No more random comments! Onto the show!


No no, I'm fine. Fainting is no big deal.

Sayaka gets overworked in this episode and collapses. That is like….90 percent of this episode so I think this blog post will be short. I think the sickness/fainting would have been more dramatic if there had been more mention of THE ISSUE/phone calls/loan sharkness but alas that is not the case. But since the threats and phone calls have been very few and far between (not to mention not existent lately) the moment was not as sad/scary as it could have been. Sure we have seen Sayaka looking sad at her budget book time to time and we know Fujimoto is working hard to make money but the emphasize has not been on THE ISSUE.


I have no words....for any of this.

But Sayaka passing out was still scary for Kobato. Please be nice to her Fujimoto.
Sayaka decides that she doesn’t need to go to the hospital and for some reason Fujimoto doesn’t force her to go. This gives Shuichiro the chance to further along this WISH is taking over Kobato storyline. Shuichiro looked so massively weird in this episode. And Kohaku needs to eat about 589678976 honey sandwiches. But that is beside the point. Mr. Doctor arrived to tell us that Sayaka is suffering from…fatigue and malnutrition. Truly I am shocked.


Can I stab him just a little bit?

Sayaka is told to stay in bed and Kobato wants to watch over her. Fujimoto decides to be a butt munch and tells Kobato to leave the room. Hello Mr. Fujimoto. You are not exactly paying Kobato to work at the nursery. So if she wants to take care of the sick person she is allowed to. Or and you’re welcome that she went and got the doctor.


Teach me your ways young one.

Kobato decides that she will make paper cranes with the kids to help heal Sayaka. She received the origami paper from Chitose earlier and had no idea what it was used for. So it was cute watching her make the cranes and be all silly despite the serious mood. Even Fujimoto couldn’t deny that.


Look at me being all broody and emo.

Fujimoto deals with Sayaka’s illness by being a butthead, trying to juggle the kids, school, and work, and generally not knowing how he feels about Kobato. He is all over the place with his emotions. He really needs to stop with the look at me I am picking on Kobato bit. I get he is stressed with everything but leave the poor girl alone.

Kobato returns to the nursery after being taught by Chiho and Chise how to make rice gruel. Chicken noodle soup for me please? Anyway she tries to make the meal at the nursery and the near fire gets Fujimoto’s attention. There he hates on her a bit and that is when the scene happens!

Earlier in the episode when Sayaka woke up Kobato almost started crying over the thought of Sayaka dying. Granted Sayaka should not have said that to someone as sensitive to Kobato but I will give her a break she since she did just pass out.


What does this mean?!?!?!?!

Later when Kobato talks to Ioryogi he comments that he thinks Kobato is getting her memories back. Now this is a comment that has not been said (yet) in the manga. This got me really interested. If the series does end in 24 episodes they would have to start spinning together who/what Kobato is now and they don’t have enough pieces to do that with the manga information. So I am interested in seeing how this all gets spun.


People can die that easily! My poor sad Kobato. :(

So Kobato is watching Fujimoto making the gruel and he comments to Kobato that people do not die that easily and to not worry so. He was actually trying to pick on her again but oh boy!!! In the manga the scenario was much much different to get this reaction from Kobato but I think it works slightly better in the anime. The manga includes much more the loan shark plot so the scene involves someone else getting hurt. But since it is Sayaka this time it really feels genuine and hits close to home.


Yes you crossed a line jerk!

In any event Fujimoto says that Sayaka will be fine and the flood gate is opened. Kobato cries harder and says that even small things can kill people, that it can happen. Fujimoto is a little shocked by that remark and asks if that happened to Kobato. She is unable to answer and just clings to Fujimoto. So yes someone is Kobato’s past has died from something small and we can assume this has something to do with her wish. Now since we know people can’t be brought back in the CLAMP universe I think the wish will have something to do with going back in time to say good bye or something.


Could you hug her at least.....

But this scene was so so sad. I am glad it happened but I am sad for my little Kobato. :( The cute happy anime shall take a sad turn soon.


Who could this stranger be?!

The rest of the episode is pretty straight forward. Sayaka eats the gruel, Fujimoto and Kobato quarrel a little, and Sayaka gets better. Ioryogi tries to point out (again) that Kobato isn’t the one who is supposed to be healed but I am not sure how much she was listening. The next day Sayaka is well and in the shadows lurks THE ISSUE, nice and pressed in his expensive suit. Yay for progress.


I tried my best....

So while much didn’t happen in this episode I was extremely happy. Not just because of Kobato’s confession of losing a loved one but how things are slowly coming together. Keep up this pace please! No more filler friends. It is time to get into the meat of the series.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tales from the Pizzeria

There is nothing wrong with your computer. Do not attempt to adjust the monitor. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from deepest inner mind to the outer limits.

Or even scarier you are about to enter a world where the customer always thinks they are right. Where someone who is completely and utterly wrong will walk out with free food. Where a pizza delivery driver is stuck somewhere in-between work and the Twilight Zone.

Proceed with caution. The following stories might make you lose faith in humanity, feel uncontrollable rage, or laugh hysterical at my suffering. You have been warned.

If you are going to accuse someone of cussing out your mom over that 8 cut/10 cut pizza epic blow out pick a better person to lie about. Saying that my mother cussed out your mother was the craziest lie I have heard all week, possibly all month. Had you accused me or the oven guy or…maybe anyone else you still would be lying but your lie wouldn’t be the worse lie ever. I can count on one finger how many times I have heard my mother cuss in my entire life. To come and say my mother isn’t a Christian woman because of this almost made me want to tear your head off. How my mother had any self restraint at that point was really a miracle. Thank your lucky stars lady that I didn’t cut you into 10 pieces. Or 8.

Did you seriously just come in and tell my boss you were hungry? That you had no money to pay him but the good Lord led you to this place? Had it been me you would be walking out with your shopping bag (gasp no money?!) and newspaper. But my boss is a sucker…I mean someone who has a kind heart. I was told that God was smiling down upon him for helping someone out. I wonder if God was laughing later when the lady (after eating her free lunch) asked my boss for 5 dollars so she could buy some cigarettes. Don’t worry God; I was doing enough laughing for the both of us.

Hey crazy lady! Oh sorry, I guess I will have to be more specific with that one. I mean the person who came in on a Saturday night wondering why her pizza wasn’t done yet. You know, after we told her that we were slammed and it would be awhile. After she said that it was okay, she was shopping and wouldn’t be there right away. So when she shows up 15 minutes later (which is our time on a normal/slow day) don’t be SURPRISED when your pizza isn’t ready. Do you see the amount of tickets just waiting to be taken care of? Did you think my co-worker was kidding when she said the wait for 30 minutes? Do you not remember agreeing that the wait time was okay? So why is it when you pay me that you are mumbling under your breath that this is ridiculous? Not that it is a real mumble since you were making it clear to me what you were saying. Thanks for being passive aggressive and causing everyone to be uncomfortable. Also the glares to everyone who came and picked up their pizzas were not appreciated. Don’t be hating on someone who had enough brains to arrive on time and follow instructions.

I think when a business makes a mistake one of two things can happen. If the problem isn’t big enough/it was an honest mistake the customer can move on with their live and deal with the issue (whether that be never returning there again or realizing it is not the end of the world). If the problem is big enough then it should be brought to the attention of someone in charge and the customer should be compensated for their trouble. Now your pizza was made correctly, not burnt, and served hot and fresh. The problem was……the pizza was not cut. I am not sure how it happened but it did. You ate the entire pizza. You commented that it was delicious. However you called our store and asked for store credit because it was an inconvenience for you to cut the pizza. Had it really been an inconvenience you should have brought back the pizza. I mean, it is a weird mistake to make and it shouldn’t have happened. But you ATE the pizza. Now you want a new one because you had to locate a knife? I hate you. And my boss who gave you store credit for a perfectly good pizza.

To the person who left the hot water running in the bathroom dieinafire. You used up all the toilet paper and didn’t tell anyone and decided that flooding our only toilet was a great idea? How about I go to your house and do that to you. Would that be a good plan? No you don’t like that idea? Rule of thumb for any decent human being is to treat the general public like you would your home. Or at least it should be…..

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 16

I’m not quite sure but last week seems like it happened forever ago. When I thought to myself that today was a To Aru Kagaku no Railgun day I had to really think about what last week’s episode was about. At first I drew a blank. X_X I couldn’t remember what the new mini plot covered last week.


What? I swear I was paying attention!

Is that a sign that I am getting old/my mind had a crazy moment or that the plot didn’t leave a lasting impression on me?

Either way I finally remembered without having to cheat and look at last week’s blog entry. Let’s see if this week will be more memorable.


If I was alive does that make me dead now?

Kuroko and Misaka watch as Konori mangles her sentences and announces to Kurozuma that he was alive all this time. I know what she meant and everyone watching knows what she meant but it still had me laughing. Because I am awesome that way. Or rude. One of the two. Because I never mix up my words or make unclear sentences.


*gasps* Don't stare at my ribbon!

Anyway Konori does her why didn’t you call me to tell me you were okay thing and dramatically covers up her Judgment ribbon. Kurozuma plays the bad boy and walks away. Because he is the bad boy with the leather jacket on of course. Carrying a carton of milk.


WTF are you doing?...X_X

Kuroko and Misaka tell Uiharu and Saten the dirt later. Well I mean Misaka. Kuroko does nothing to explain to the girls that the Kurozuma Konori is interested in isn’t the one picking on girls. She instead decides to talk about love and stuff. That’s nice but it wouldn’t have killed the mood to let your friends know that the person they look up to isn’t in love with someone beating up espers. Give Saten a bone please; she is living her life through you guys! :(


Keep yo mouth shut crazy lady.

So after Saten says something that makes more sense (Saten’s nonability is the ability to make sense) the girls decide that they need to solve the esper hunting problem and Konori isn’t picking up her phone. They walk over to her apartment and her roommate is there and is eager to spill the dirt on the situation. Remind me to not get a roommate that tells complete strangers parts of my past I rather keep in my past.


Look at her being wild and wearing red!

Said roommate tells the junior girls the sordid past of Konori when she was in junior high (two whole years ago). Hold onto your butts people! …Or not really. Konori and her slightly less chested self felt out of place because she was only level 2 (Saten is glaring in her general direction) and couldn’t find a home in Academy City. While walking home one day a bunch of hooligans were beating up another gang of hooligans. But since the first group was defending a little boy (for some unexplained reason) Konori decides that she wants to join this gang, the Skillouts/Big Spider people. Kurozuma was their leader and Konori liked him so much she bought a red jacket and wrote their love on a tree…..pole.


You tell them Saten!

The girls leave the talkative roommate feeling as if they understand the situation better. Misaka is bitter because she put Konori on this high pedestal (more like anyone who is the boss of Kuroko deserves praise) and thinks that Konori should have been above joining a gang. Misaka continues to be sad as the episode goes on and Konori doesn’t show up to work. Even though Misaka seems to be the more mature one of the junior high girls she really doesn’t take the time to understand how different people can be different! Shocking I know.


Respect my authority NOW!

Konori and the fake Kurozuma deal with Kurozuma’s in different ways. Fake Kurozuma is seen taking a phone call from the person who gave him the ability stopping ugly van of doom. Apparently whoever gave it to him is not having a great day. Fake Kurozuma’s men start to doubt in his ability to lead them into battle but he tries to mend fences by pulling guns on people and threatening to blow their brains out. That makes me want to work hard for a person woot!


I love you despite the fact I am jail bait (wait this is Japan...)

Konori decides to handle her pain/confusion in a way that doesn’t involving killing people. She dramatically forgets to put on her Judgment ribbon and goes to the top of the building in the middle of Bad Kid Hangout. Misaka joins her and a brief retelling of Konori’s past takes place. Konori explains that she tried to belong to Big Spider and make it her home but when she wouldn’t support Kurozuma going on a suicide mission (for what we don’t know…..which made the episode kinda weak) Kurozuma told her to leave the group. You know, in the way someone tells the other person they should leave before they get hurt kinda way, not the rude kind.


Look at me and my awesome ribbon!

The girls learn that AntiSkill is actually going to do their job and protect people. Shocking I know! The girls worry about this plan but Kuroko is the voice of reason for Misaka. Also terrible. Konori was going to put on her red jacket (that won’t fit over her giant boobies!!!) without her Judgment ribbon but Misaka and Kuroko show up to show her she can be Konori and be in Judgment at the same time. Uiharu does not show up because she is useless.


Behold my tattoo! The source of my power!

So the girls show up just in time to help the real Kurozuma beat up the rest of the Big Spider people and the fake Kurozuma. The real Kurozuma mentions being in an institution and I wonder if he got an ability at that place the way he was throwing people around like it was nothing. The fake Kurozuma never explains why he was acting like a jerk the entire time and why he was going after espers. I get that he wanted to kill Kurozuma because it would prove he was a huge phony (because no one was left that knew what he looked like? Weird) but the real plot of hunting down espers wasn’t explained what with all the punching and kicking.


Eyes are up here honey.

The episode ends with a boob joke and Konori arresting her once love interest. Or maybe current love interest. If she hadn’t arrested him I would be crying FOUL that is so typical. So I can’t really rag on her for doing her job and having a sense of justice. I will just rag on the fact that she felt so out of place despite having an ability. Sucks to be her.


2 seconds of main plot WOOHOO!

This two episode plot existed to bring the main plot to light (someone hiring thugs to do their dirty work) in a subtle way. Also to make sure Konori got her 15 seconds of screen time before she goes back to being unimportant. So now we shall get into the meat of the second season yes?

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Ookami Kakushi Episode Three

The work week is almost over! It has been a long and crazy week indeed. After a long day of crazy people I am rewarded with…..err…something. I was going to say great episode but that might come off really creepy once you see Ookami Kakushi Episode 3.


Something tells me we should leave....

But this episode did make me realize that my life could be worse. Instead of being a pizza delivery driver I could be Hiroshi. Thank you Hiroshi for showing me the light.

I will try to talk about the episode in chronological order. That is how I like to do my posts. Within reason of course. Sometimes the big issues need to be discussed first or I just can’t keep my train of thought going through the end of the episode. But usually it makes more sense to talk about the episode as it happens so nothing is skipped and it makes sense to the reader. You know, since I am too lazy now to write up synopsizes.

So I will refrain from talking about Hiroshi nearly being sexual assaulted. Or maybe he was sexual assaulted. Either way I will not discuss it until it naturally comes up in conversation. Also green potatoes.


Behold our outdoor skills!

Hiroshi, Isuzu, Mana, Kaname, and Issei are all traveling in a car. They are all going on a barbecue picnic on the outskirts of town. I will put aside snarking why a college student would waste his day off carting around high school students. Or why an older brother would waste his time babysitting his younger sister and her weird friends. Because Issei is not a normal person. That and sometimes my brother is pretty cool to hang out with and I am 7 years older than him.

Before this car ride there were scenes showing hassaku oranges (look at me using the actual word) being used as cute little car ornaments. Like the juice swooshing back and forth. Back and forttttttth. Hiroshi notices this and comments so to Issei. Insert creepy Issei smile here.

The group finally makes it to the river. THE RIVER. I don’t know why I did that. But they get to their nom nom site and set to work. By set to work I mean Hiroshi’s manhood is crushed on the ground. The girls catch more fish than him and Mana looks manlier carving her carrots than Hiroshi catching the tin can. Hiroshi just has so much going for him doesn’t he?


I have no words.......

Hiroshi is also scared of girls wearing their school issued bathing suits. To help combat this crazy fear Isuzu decides to show Hiroshi her boobs. Well pretend to at least. Because that makes total sense. X_X I guess it was a joke but it came off really creepy. Compared to other things that went on in this episode maybe not that creepy. But fan service was had by all, whether they wanted it or not.


We don't take kindly to strangers!

While Kaname and Isuzu are parading around in their very reasonable bathing suits that cling tight to their underage areas (did I really just type that?) Hiroshi tries not to watch the girls. Because that would be wrong. Instead he pays attention to the scenery around him which includes a few men off to the side actually doing some fishing. And they GLARE at Hiroshi. They don’t glare when everyone is watching no no; they just glare when Hiroshi is looking. That makes it more suspicious. They are not like Hiroshi’s classmates, no hugs and kisses from these people.


Okay maybe we can let that slide.....

It is time for creepy event number one! While Hiroshi’s clothes were drying Issei lent him some to wear. Because he keeps clothes in his car for occasions like this. Also they are just the right size for Hiroshi. Anyway Hiroshi says he will wash the clothes and return them to Issei. Issei says that he rather not wash them so he can smell Hiroshi all night long. Or something close to that. In any event Hiroshi was not thrilled by this little joke but he was ready to let it slide.


It NEVER happened okay?!

On to creepy moment number two. All the girls are asleep in the back seat because girls get tired very easily. Manly men stay awake to talk about oranges. And to hold hands. It was brief but it was there. Issei really wanted to tell Hiroshi what a good time he had on their trip. A really good time. Again Hiroshi is freaked out but he doesn’t have anyone to buffer the joke this time. Insert Issei going home and molesting the shirt Hiroshi wore.


Tis the end of the world!

Anytime an anime character spends time outside or in the water unexpectedly they develop a cough/cold. It is truly magical. Also they seem to have no immune system. So since Hiroshi was thrown in the water and spent a few minutes wet he is now sick. Not going to die sick but his nose is runny. That means Isuzu must overreact and tell Hiroshi to go to the hospital. Because apparently over the counter cough medicine doesn’t exist in this town.


I am sure it is Nemuru who really suffers....

The entire purpose of Hiroshi going to the hospital was so he would meet up with Nemuru’s relative. Said relative appears nice at first but decides to take a blood sample from someone who merely has a cold. This becomes more suspicious when it is revealed that Nemuru has already warned said relative about Hiroshi. Stranger still is when said relative talks about how Hiroshi picked a bad time to come to town, what with the hassaku season being bad. And the strange on the strange cake is when this relative talks to some young man about creating bioweapons. What do we have here interesting plot…


Look at me being all crafty and sly.

I am sure all of this will be explained in time. For now I won’t try to come up with random theories (lies). This is what I consider the “plot” related stuff of the episode. I just hope we get small tidbits of this plot from time to time and it gradually starts to make more sense.


Thank you for censoring that for me.

Now onto the third and creepiest moment of all. Now most sane people do not willingly get into a car with someone who is freaking them out. Hiroshi is not sane. He decides that a car ride with Issei sounds like a good idea. Only it’s a really, really bad idea. The start of many bad ideas from Hiroshi no doubt. During this car ride Issei cannot hold back his inner creepiness. He starts talking about how Hiroshi should shoot down his sister and be delicious with him. Issei stops the car and it is touchy feely time! Now it really was only Hiroshi’s leg being touched (and his face of course) but had this been happening to a girl it would be considered sexual harassment so it shall be in Hiroshi’s case as well. Creepy older brother crossed into disgusting you are probably going to die for that one land.


I have regained my senses! Cures for all!

The only thing that saved Hiroshi from whatever Issei was going to do to him was the hassaku juice. During the crazy…..ewness the “air freshener” falls to the ground and breaks, releasing all the hassaku juice/scent into the air. Only then does Issei calm down and backs off Hiroshi. Hiroshi’s dialogue is a little weak during this part of the car ride home but I might be a little stunned too if I was just assaulted by an older guy who may or may not have wanted to eat me.


The pills make me forgot how gross I really am...

So we can safely assume now that the hassakus are used to keep the wolves in check. The harvest being bad has been brought up a few times which could explain why some of the wolves are acting out, not enough of the scent/juice to go around. The hassaku container breaks in Issei’s car and he is able to curb his lust. Later he is seen taken medicine despite not being sick. I will just theories that these pills are given to the wolves so they can maintain their humanity and once they go off the pills they get hunted down after they lose control. The ones in the old town might be ones who cling to the old ways and refuse the pills while the ones in the new part of town embrace their new life. Sorta anyways.


Friends for life!!!!!

Now Hiroshi can sleep well knowing he lives in a town where all his classmates want to be his new best friend, a crazy girl lives next door, and an older boy wants to either play with him or eat his soul and play with his dead body. Great times are had by all!

Yay for picnics!

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