Friday, September 11, 2009

CLAMP 3D Land figurine Fai!

Not quite sure where my first post went....but let's have fun celebrating my magical figurine post again shall we?! XD

Now after a long hard week of no internet and no fast food God finally has smiled down upon me. Despite the fact that I left my mailbox key and a map where said mailbox was my brother failed to collect my mail for 8 days. Which is fine because when we arrived back home I got the joy of seeing my package in the box for myself. WOOT FOR PACKAGES!!


Time to open this sucker up!!!


CLAMP 3-D is serious fun.

Oh CLAMP 3-D. You burned me at AFO with your serious lack of Fai. But with my very own box of series 5 I am promised at least one Fai. There is hope once again in the land of Tenchi.


Check out the special send in form to get exclusive figurines. Or you can spend 300 bucks on them. Your choice after all. XD

My mother started to think I was slightly crazy with all this picture taking. "You haven't even opened up the box yet!". Well mom, figurine collecting is serious business and I am trying to help out my fellow anime fans out. I shall keep track of what positions the figurines are in the box so you can better get the one you want. Of course this only works if the booth people give you a fresh box to pick from. But at least I am trying.


Attempt one: Fail.

Sorry Takeshi but I hate you. I have two extras of you from my first attempt to get Fai. Now you make number 4. Go away.

Okay that was mean. But I have no interest in Dunkylon: CLAMP School Defenders. Fail.



WOOHOO! And there was rejoicing in the streets. Attempt number two has produced a Fai. Had I been given a whole box to pick from I would have gotten him. But that is all in the past. The important issue here is I have Fai and all is right in the world. Commence the parade.


To make life easier for other people...

This is the spot that my dear Fai was located in. I am not sure if all boxes are the same but if they are your search for Fai is going to be a lot easier than mine. More Fais for everyone!


Twins? In CLAMP? Never!

My box gave me not one but two Fais!!! Why o why did I spend so much money searching for him when a box would have given me two precious Fais?! I would also like to point out at this point my mother wanted to know what the big deal was over a tiny piece of plastic. She was shortly shooed out of the room.


Another placement picture.

You are seeing correctly. Apparently CLAMP was not very concerned about the thrill of the hunt. Both Fais were right next to each other in the box. In fact all the figurines were next to their matching pair in the box. So you are guaranteed two of each figurine and its match is side by side in the box. In the series five box the figurines go like this:

Row 1: Takeshi from Dunkylon: CLAMP School Defenders

Row 2: Fai from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Row 3: Okawa from Man of Many Faces

Row 4: Chun Hyang from Legend of Chun Hyang

Row 5: Miyuki from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

Clearly Fai is the most popular figurine in this series....

But on another note the glue holding these boxes together is really cheap. I opened all 10 of these boxes and all my other CLAMP 3D figurines without ripping anything. It could easily be tapped back up and show no signs of being opened. There could be a dealer out there who goes through all the boxes and gets the ones they want and leave the less popular ones to take up space. Just a small word to the wise. Not sure what you can do with said information..but it's there. XD


Fresh from the package.

There's nothing like opening up your brand new figurine and taking in all its cuteness. Fai is one of the better ones in the entire CLAMP 3D series and yes I am biased. But come on. His outfit is awesome, his eyes are large and friendly, and he has enough details on him to be interesting but not too many to take away from his personal coolness. Plus I love him so he automatically wins.


Reunited and it feels so good!

Together at last! Poor Kurogane. I know Big Puppy pretends to be big and bad but I know he was lonely without his Fai. Every Kurogane needs his Fai and I hope all collectors out there try to get both these figurines. They belong together! Polar opposites but obviously a couple. No more empty spot next to Kurogane!


Behold my shelf with 100% more Fai.

Do not attempt to adjust your screen. That shelf is not crocked. Or at least that is what my husband says. It took him forever to hang the thing and he has decided that everything else in the anime/computer room is off centered, not the shelf. RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.

But in any event...YAY FAI! No more empty space for me. Sets 5 and 6 are now complete and my wallet is a little empty. But that is okay. You can't put a price on Fai (well you can as I will never get the Vampire Fai but that is understandable). My collection of CLAMP 3D might be a little small but I have my two favorites now. XD


Close up on the Fai.

So there he is. My Fai. The tiny figurine I spent a good chunk of AFO searching for and the last three weeks waiting for in the mail. Am I insane? Maybe. But I am a happy crazy person. I love you Fai despite the long journey it took to get you.

The rest of the series 5 box will be taking a trip to the AWA SuperHappyFunSell if anyone needs one or four Takeshis. XD For now I will caress my Fai and be a freak in the corner. I embrace my specialness.


SoloArcana said...

Fai looks like a girl. wtf?

Christina said...

Soloarcana- Fai is feminine! You better back up off him. XD

Here is a better view of the outfit he is wearing. I think he looks slightly less girly in the poster.

Amy said...

Now I've made my first comment, I have a feeling there's gonna be a flood. But oh well; d'awwwwwwwww :3 and when you put them together it was d'd'awwwwwww (double d'awww) - much want for figurines now.