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Pandora Hearts Episode 22-23

Finally! It feels like forever since I blogged any anime. New Hampshire sucked me into their laid back no technology lifestyle! SAVE ME ANIME!


WTF is going on?!

But yeah...I wish I hadn't gotten behind on Pandora Hearts. And I am glad it was only for two weeks. Missing two episodes was confusing enough! X_X I have learned my lesson Pandora Hearts.

But yes. Yay for anime. I have been so busy this week I haven't gotten a chance to overload on anime in preparation for AWA. Fail on my behave. I blame Pokemon Platinum and the damn pokemon radar I can't seem to make work.

Okay! On to Pandora Hearts and how it makes my brain explode in fun and exciting ways. And yes for spoilers and speculations!

Yeah. It was a bad time to take a break (an unintentional one) from Pandora Hearts. I have no idea what happened at all in episode 22. Taking a break on episode 23 would have been the smarter move had I known what was going to happen.


Vincent is good at making friends.

This episode opens up in the past (mog shocker right?). It’s not at the point I remember from episode 21 as the tragedy just took place and White Alice was rolling on the floor in pain. No this scene shows normal Alice while she was human. She was happily waiting for Jack to come and play with her. Vincent comes in with her dead cat Cheshire, having cut his eyes out. He mocks her as Alice loses her mind.


This is important I know it!

Even though this scene seems rather random it is actually really important. One we learn about how the pet Cheshire died and why he and White Alice are the way they are. Two Vincent is holding a pair of scissors. Alice was killed and it was an MOG moment on the scissors. So…I am saying it is safe to say that Vincent killed Alice and not Glen (as later information will show it can’t be Glen). Three it shows Alice capable of insane moments, just like White Alice/Will of the Abyss. So it is easier to see how sweet Alice became crazy insane Alice.


What is Break's real name again? I didn't catch it the first 125896 times!

Break wakes up from his memory nightmare to have people fawning over him. Well Gilbert is more in shock that he is from the past too but everyone else seems concerned. Barma acts like he did Break a huge favor and demands that he continue on with his story (Break left off when Vincent came in with a baby Gilbert and that small explosion happened 100 years ago). Oz proves to be Oz again and tries to tell Break not to say anything that will cause him pain. Break pretends that Oz’s concern is unfounded but we all know that Break is happy someone cares about him.


How can someone so young be so crazy?

Vincent falls on the ground and smiles crazy when he sees White Alice. He wants to know why she is even here because he KNOWS Alice shouldn’t be here. He saw her die (or did it, whatever). White Alice and Cheshire are not pleased to see Vincent. It is attack of the crazy eyes and then…it’s almost like White Alice is Alice, crying like an innocent child. She even doesn’t recognize Break in the room. Instead it is time for a tea party.


I was expecting an epic tantrum....

Yeah…Alice is a crazy person. And Break needs a hug for going through such craziness. He looks like deer in headlights while all these people he doesn’t know have freak attacks. Yes Break was a bad person what with killing people and all to bring back his family…but still. This is above and beyond torture.


Who needs tears?! It's time for tea!

So while White Alice is having her tea party waiting for Jack, Vincent decides to ruin her happiness. He tells her that Jack is probably dead by now, that he will never come back and he is fighting Glen. That everything that is happening right now is her fault, that she killed Jack. That was the wrong thing to say.


I don't think I would be laughing at a time like this but that's just me.

Vincent thinks that if everything breaks and goes insane he will look like the normal one. Yeah….this kid isn’t playing with a full deck. He and baby Gilbert are flung away as the dimension falls apart. Break hears Vincent say the word Break 4896967 times. Break decides that he is broken as well for being in this dimension and that is where the name comes from. In a way it makes sense….but Break is still a weird name.


Favorite scene of the entire episode. Is Break really Fai?!

Despite the fact the Abyss is falling apart and he is missing an eye and White Alice is INSANE Break decides he is going to get his wish granted. Which makes sense. If he is going to suffer and go through all this crap he might as well get his wish granted. The wish to turn back time and save his family.


Yes Gilbert, it's all about you.

And end scene. Gilbert is still walking around talking about how he is from the past. Gilbert I love you…but in the grand scheme of things what happened to you personally was the least suckiest thing out of the whole group. But it is funny to see him hanging on to that fact while everything else is crashing and burning all around him. The person that should be freaking out the most (after Break) is Alice and she is just sitting there on the floor. Poor Alice.


Barama's information fails.

Barma has decided that he is going to share with the group his information to make the deal fair. He says that Jack Bezarius use to write about a person named Alice. He found her living in a tower confine by the Basketcase people. Jack had his feelings hurt that Glen kept this information from him but he visited Alice. Alice does not seem to hate Glen but instead thinks everyone hates her. Alice looked forward to her visits with Jack and Jack seems happy too.


I predict this will end well.

But soon Jack picks up on the fact that not all is right with a girl who locked up in tower by crazy people. Sometimes Alice acts a little off, like she has a dark side to her. Jack questions the other Alice one day and OH BOY. She smiles her evil smile and I am sure Jack regrets asking that question.


This makes perfect sense DUH!

The other Alice explains Alice seems different because they are different. Their souls are connected. It is unclear who is in charge but I would assume it is the Will of the Abyss. But she implies that normal Alice uses their connection to come visit Earth for half the day. So White Alice in this scenario seems like the sane one and the normal Alice is the Will of the Abyss. Or I am just confused and have no idea what is going on and I am sure Jack didn’t either. Poor Jack.


Such a people person.

In conclusion of Barma says that Alice and the Will of the Abyss are twins. They were real people but born in the Abyss. Or some jazz like that. Barma doesn’t give them much else in terms of information. He says that Jack merely mentions a lot of regret when it comes to Alice and that Jack really should have been worried about a nation rather than two individuals. Barma shows his true colors and grabs Alice. The Basketcase people wanted Alice so they could get the Will of the Abyss (hence her being locked up in the tower). He also threatens Break that he will tell all of Pandora who he really is.


Oh it's on!

Oz isn’t having any of that. He says that Barma is an important person and people will listen to him. But Oz has the hero Jack inside of him and he can also twist the situation to his advantage. Oz has a mean streak in him when his friends are threatened. Also it is easier to be brave when Gilbert has a gun pointed at your opponent's head. XD Later Oz feels all X_X about the whole situation and that he was scared out of his mind. Typical Oz behavior.


It's hard to feel bad for yourself when you are hungry.

Alice is sitting on the floor in the exact same position as the boys discuss the situation. Now part of me feels really bad that she is depressed. I am sure all this information was hard on her. Most of it involves her. And she just found out that she is the twin of the Will of the Abyss. But then Alice announces she is hungry. Yeah….I guess Alice wasn’t sitting on the floor feeling bad for herself. But I can pretend she was?


Yay for sparkles!

Oz tries to tell Break once again how he really looks up to him for saying all that hard information even though he didn’t have to. Break tries to brush off the situation by saying he hasn’t even told the whole story. Oz does the whole I don’t care who you are speech and Alice bust out with we are using each other thus we are friends speech. This is supposed to be a touching moment where they all bound and Break smiles and knows they are friends deep down. But no..Break is not feeling the moment which makes the moment that much more special. Or at least it does in my opinion. XD


And you didn't freak out because....?

In the carriage ride home Break tells the rest of his story. About how he was born into a family of knights and he was sent to protect a certain noble family. He and the young daughter were out of the house when everyone else was killed. That is when he was approached by something in the Abyss to turn back time. Oz feels sad that nothing was done for Break, that the wish was too impossible. Break then explains no, that White Alice granted his wish and turned back time. The family was saved…for two or three years. But then they were all killed by a different person for a different reason. So Break’s wish actually cost the life of the little girl as she was spared the first time around.


Fai already has a twin....but we know how Tsubasa works. XD

Yes Break is still alive despite the fact that his life is crap and every decision he has made thus far has sucked hard. Oz tries to tell Break it isn’t his fault but Break goes all Tsubasa on him. It is his fault even if he didn’t know the outcome because he was asking for something so taboo. So Break thinks he is an awful person and deserves all this pain. WOOHOO.


See the seriousness!

Oz is full of these feel better speeches today. I think it is hard for him to be taken seriously since he technically only 15 but he is pretty wise. That and Break is not a very serious person to begin with. Everyone tries to take a moment to reflect on the day as Alice catches two snowflakes in her hand. One for her and one for her insane and murderous twin sister. Exciting.

So yeah…this episode was pretty special. I got kinda lost about how Alice and the Will of the Abyss were twins. Or why “human” Alice needed White Alice to get to Earth and visit Jack. Or why Barma thought his information was on par with Break’s. If I was Break I would be pretty pissed that I told practically everything except the tragedy and all he gets is that Alice is twins with the Abyss…WHICH IS ALMOST EXPECTED! Bleh.

Episode 23 was basically a review/recap episode. But Pandora Hearts went a little different route and didn’t have an episode with boring clips from other episodes thing.

No instead the plot was going at a snail’s pace with lots of pit stops to remind the viewers who people are and about unresolved plot issues.


Vincent is almost nice in this scene. Almost.

The new stuff consisted of Alice, Gilbert, and Oz hunting down another Chain. Once again it doesn’t have a memory for Alice. The entire group comments that none of the Chains so far have had memory pieces and they are not common like Break promised they would be. Ada takes a break from school and Alice is jealous. Oz gets a little antsy that the Pandora people are basically stalking him in an effort to protect him. Break manages to get those people off his back. Oz is a little down about them not getting facts about the Tragedy of Sabrie and Gilbert is sad that his Master is sad. Gilbert decides to go and see Vincent, the only person who knows what went down. Alice and Oz also without knowing Gilbert went but they are turned away by Echo. Gilbert questions Vincent but Vincent claims he doesn’t know anything. He really does later when he gets angry in front of Echo. The gang weighs their options and Oz decides they should go back to his adulthood ceremony site. Alice doesn’t feel anything when she goes to that grave Oz stumbled on in episode 1. Nothing sticks out as odd at the mansion. It becomes a bonding moment for Oz and Gilbert until it is interrupted after low level Chains. After they are squished the group looks over the hill and the nearby town is on fire. X_X

See, that is a lot of stuff that happened for a recap episode. Pandora Hearts did a good job!


Oz is on the ball!

Issues that we were reminded of include Gilbert protecting the Basketcase person. Who is Oz’s father. And will be a big shocker when Oz finally finds out. Shame on Gilbert for not telling him yet.

The song Lacie is discussed. MMM why is the song called Lacie? It’s not like it spells Alice of anything….


Drive by appearance!

We see Leo and Elliot but nothing are mentioned of Elliot’s nightmares and how he had a dream that he was basically Vincent.


Alice doesn't need to know who is in there. Even though she probably does.

The grave was mentioned again and even though it didn’t turn up any clues Gilbert made a big show of saying he couldn’t read what was written on the stone. I am sure it will turn out to be important.


Mortal Kombat!

And I like that they got back to Chain fighting again. That was what they were supposed to be doing all along! Of course it was fruitless but I am glad it got shown again.

I am sensing that there is going to be a season two for Pandora Hearts. XD I have no idea WHY I think that. No, it can’t be that there are only 2 episodes left and there are too many unanswered questions…NEVER. XD But yay for Pandora Hearts and all their confusing plots and scenarios. I look forward to being more confused next week!

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