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07 Ghost Episodes 22-23

How I missed you 07-Ghost. :( I am such a meanie head for putting you on the back burner. I hang my head in my shame. Truly I am a bad person.

And I shall continue to be a bad person. Due to the fact that Anime Weekend Atlanta is TOMORROW I only watched two episodes instead of the three that are available. And it was a REALLY bad stopping point. :( I want to see what happens to my poor Teito..but I need to pack since I am the worst procrastinator in the world! As we speak my husband is burning our AWA tunes for the 5 hour ride up there. We have only had since February to plan people!


Of course! *prepares for confunk*

But at least I watched 2 episodes! That counts for something people! I need a little bit of credit. But I will take credit in the form of hugs so we can save Teito from his own misery. But let’s move on to the sad, sad story that is Teito’s life.

You know how last time I blogged about 07-Ghost I was like YAY Teito for passing the exams? Yeah I am special. They passed part ONE of the exams. I think I win the award for getting the most things wrong ever about anime. Even things I think are just basically fact turn out to be wrong. Like Teito and Hakuren becoming bishops.


Frau is hardcore.

This test is hard core. Multiple parts mean multiple ways to die. Apparently way too many past the first part of the exam so that should have been my first clue it wasn’t over. I just thought the first part of the exam really covered all the basics of being a priest: bible knowledge, Kor squishing skills, and the ability to be compassionate. But clearly I was wrong and it is time to suffer more!


Why can't both people be winners? Why is everyone being losers?

But not before Hakuren and Teito get to see how the other candidates are doing in their exam. The last part of the first exam consisted of each team picking who walks through the winner door and who walks through the loser door. A few people fail because they beat up their partner and walk through the winner door. Someone passes because they are able to forgive their douchey partner and the brother team passes because they both decide to fail together. They also learn that Frau passed because he had an attitude problem. Teito and Hakuren get to see the magical looking glass because they are main characters, don’t question this.


I am glad Teito remembers that.

Teito thinks to himself that Lance isn’t a complete jerk face when he realizes that Lance is only trying to bring out the best in people. Apparently we are going to forget that Lance was going to let someone drown. The two tiny men introduce themselves as former important people and Teito and Hakuren are impressed for some reason. They tell Teito that they should pay the mermaid a visit. It all makes sense to Teito or at least he pretends to be happy.


I think I hate you?

While all the remaining candidates celebrate not being dead Labrador talks about how he has a bad feeling. Labrador…having a bad feeling about something? I am shocked and amazed! But no, seriously…Labrador needs to stop stating the obvious. Maybe he can just announce when they are having a good day? He is really useless in my eyes.


But I hate you more.

But he is right. Trouble is coming. Ayanami has gotten permission from an Oak (not sure if it’s Hakuren’s father or Uncle) to entire the church’s territory and take out anyone who can use the Eye of Mikhael. Aka Ayanami has gotten permission to blow Teito up. This probably will not end well. Especially since Kuroyuri is an angry little child who seeks REVENGE.


Paint with all the colors of the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiind.

So while Ayanami is plotting Teito’s death the rest of the candidates are eating lunch. But not Teito and Hakuren. Teito drags Hakuren (and poor baby dragon Mikage) to see that mermaid lady and she drags them to another part of the church. This time it is a huge field with magical floating windows above a meadow. Seriously how big is this church? Frau was trapped in an underground dungeon, the exam has the hugest ceilings anywhere, and apparently there are places for all these people to sleep. Now we have a magical sprawl of grass. Special.


I love you man.

But this gives Hakuren and Teito time to almost take us down recap lane. Teito talks a little bit about Mikage and Hakuren realizes (again) why Teito was the way he was when they first met. Hakuren talks about how his father was a loser and Hakuren joined the church to get back at his father. Teito says he likes Hakuren’s dad…because his actions made Hakuren come here and meet him. It is all nice and fluffy fun. A moment if you would.


Why does Frau get more screen time than me!?

But like everything else in the church of good looking men this is a magical meadow. Teito looks up and sees a random door. Because who doesn’t like doors who appear out of nowhere?! Frau appears and says that door only appears to those who have lost a love one and Hakuren has to sit out. Frau and Teito walk towards the sparkly doors and Hakuren is beyond jealous. He pretends he isn’t which makes the jealously more interesting. Castor appears out of nowhere and says Hakuren can go to the sparkly door too BECAUSE HE SAID SO!


Just watch as your friend suffers, no need for a rescue or anything.

What is the point of the sparkly door? To see the people you have lost. But not Mikage apparently. No it takes Teito to see his dead daddy King and Father. People he barely remembers. They basically tell Teito the same crap they have been telling him every other time Teito has “seen” them. Father does mention that he and Teito should go to the Land of Seele and that makes Teito have a violent reaction. Hakuren is not allowed to help. Why was Hakuren allowed in the sparkly door if he doesn’t get to do anything or help? Such a waste.


Yay for facts!

The entire point of this visit to sparkly door land is to make Teito feel better and get his word fighting magic back. Lovely. Now Teito and Hakuren can run back late to Lance and join the other candidates. It is time for a long walk in the church of good looking men. This time it is an impossibly long hallway that showcases the seven ghosts. Lance gives Teito a brief lesson on these beings, how each of them hold one power from Verloren and as such they can’t return to heaven. Sadness.


I like this Teito a lot. XD

It is time for the next part of this exam. It seems easy enough which means deep down it must be deadly and heads will roll. They are told they have to walk down a pathway and reach a door. But on the way they will meet up with the biggest fear/problem in their hearts. For Hakuren it is his father and someone wanting to kill him and for Teito it is Ayanami.


Hakuren is shocked! Shocked and amazed!

I am sure everyone is shocked by that. It wasn’t foreshadowed in the meadow of randomness at all. I am surprised.

But not really. Which is fine. Things are allowed to be predictable. I am forgiving that way. Kick his ass Teito even though it’s not the real Ayanami! On to the next episode!


Taste like chicken.

Lance is watching from his magical crystal ball again as the candidates take on their biggest fear or the issue that is holding them back. One would be bishop can’t face his fear and the walkway eats him. This test is serious business ya’ll.


I kinda like these two.

One of the brothers, the older one, is shown facing his fear. Apparently his parents died and his greedy ass relatives took all their inheritance and the family home. They were fighting over the kids (to get more money I guess) and it really upset his younger brother. It really wasn’t a dangerous situation for this kid but whatever. Instead of kicking all their asses he thanks his greedy family for showing him how important his brother is. That means he passes the test ya’ll!


Time to reflect.

Okay that part was cheesy. I understand being a bishop means you need to be a more forgiving person but come on! These people were losers. Don’t thank them. Just protect your brother and tell him he is all that matters. Bleh.



Hakuren’s challenge is to not allow some crazy mask wearing psycho to cut off his dad’s head. Even though his dad was a jackass and told Hakuren he was no longer his son. Hakuren really doesn’t have any problem with this challenge as deep down he is a good person. He did want to be a priest to make daddy mad but madness doesn’t equal murder. I think that Hakuren has had more time to deal with this hindrance on his heart and it is easier for him to make the right choice. Yay for passing! Oh and the psycho person turns out to be his younger self looking for daddy’s approval.


That was slightly more than cruel. :(

Guess what Teito’s deep dark sadness is?! Did you guess Mikage’s death? You’re so smart. You deserve a cookie but I like them too much so all for me. But yes. Ayanami spends about 10 minutes telling Teito that Mikage’s death is his fault.


Stop hurting my Teito!

And Teito spends about 5 of those minutes believing him. I thought Teito was past the I don’t deserve to live, everything is my fault talk. But this is still fresh in Teito’s mind, unlike Hakuren’s issue. And after all is said and done Ayanami is not the person that Teito is fighting. Teito is fighting the part of himself that feels guilty for being alive and blames himself for Mikage’s death. You are your own worst enemy after all.


Um...Okay...I guess?

In the end I think Teito still does blame himself which I am not sure was the point. I think he should have said NO this is not my fault and I am a victim of circumstance. I am not a fan of this yes this is my fault but I will take responsibility for the mess. It is all Ayanami’s fault, not Teito’s. :( It makes me sad that Teito will never get that.

But sometimes people find happiness or are at least content with weird situations or less than desirable actions. If taking responsibility for this mess gets Teito through the day well at least we still have Teito. And maybe Teito was the cause of all of this so I can pretend that is what Teito means. He is able to pull himself up from the floor that was dragging him down (literally) and stab the Ayanami/other self. Teito passes the test WOOT!


Loving Frau a lot right now.

Frau believed in him when everyone else was ready to rescue him from the hungry floor. Frau is just awesome like that. He believes in Teito and actually has faith like a priest should. But I guess it was nice to see Lance wanting to rescue someone who was dying. Teito is just that special.


Where's my Teito?!

Frau was also cute and awesome when he was waiting outside the door to congratulate Teito. He was acting like he wasn’t concerned with Teito but everyone knows the truth. And I will not apologize for my crazy fangirl self. I was like AW when Frau was waiting outside that door and all WTF when he didn’t come out. On one hand I am sad they didn’t get to have their sparkly moment but seeing a concerned Frau almost makes up for that. Almost.


Why am I always in danger?!

And why didn’t Frau see his lovely Teito? Because after Teito passed the second part of the exam the real Ayanami and his army of hot men come and invade the church. The three nuns that are always around pretend they are big and bad but the soldiers don’t really find them scary. No the reason I didn't get my yaoi moment is that Teito opens the door and ends up in some other part of the church. I am sure I should know where it is but I don’t. It is not a magical meadow. It’s another hallway with the real Ayanami in it.

And yes…this is where I shall take a break. Yes it is a sucky break point what with the army breaking into the church and Teito having to face his worse fears. :( I will have to wait until next week to see not so brave Teito get his butt kicked by Ayanami and Frau rescue him. I am not sure how I will get through the weekend without watching this episode. Maybe spending hundreds of dollars in the dealer’s room at AWA will help relieve me of my pain? XD Maybe a 07-Ghost item or two?

So…I shall see you 07-Ghost in a week. XD And maybe next year when there is a season two. For now…I really need to finish my laundry and pack! WOOT FOR CONVENTIONS!

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