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Pandora Hearts Episode 21

XD Here I am 6 hours before I am supposed to get up and head towards to the airport. Feel loved Pandora Hearts as I put my health on the line to blog about you! FEEL THE LOVE!

Or...I have a really bad sleeping habits and I couldn't go to bed this early to save my life. But still feel loved. Despite your craziness.


WTF IS GOING ON? Never mind..it's Pandora Hearts.

There will be no summary for this episode. 1 because I am lazy. XD B because I am leaving for a trip tomorrow and I was spending most of the day running around doing last minute things….and or watching movies and playing Pokemon. And 3…the episode was just that special. It would be hard to make sense of this episode in a tiny summary. It would end up being 1000 words long which defeats the point of a summary.

So…watch the episode for yourself and read my thoughts and opinions about the specialness of the episode! XD And I am not that lazy.

So…I found out that playing Pokemon and watching Pandora Hearts doesn’t work very well. Especially this episode. I have a feeling it would have looked like an acid trip if it had my utmost attention. But since I was trying to level up my team because I was determined to have water pokemon fight an electric gym leader I couldn’t put down the DS. Let this be a note to all: Do not attention to play pokemon while watching Pandora Hearts. It will make less sense than it should.

Also do not attempt to blog about said Pandora Hearts episode while trying to watch a bootleg version of Halloween II. In fact don’t watch a bootleg copy of Halloween
II. Night time movie +bootleg=suckage.

Now on to the train wreck that is my mind and the episode that is confusing.

Now….before I start my MOG what the heck is going on speech I have to give Pandora some credit. They gave us a LOT of answers in this episode. Pretty much all of Break’s back story in fact. Yes it was confusing and nothing I could have ever imagined…but they gave it to us. And I did ask for answers. So I can’t complain about that (but I am sure I will find a way around that).


Err...that came out of left field?

That being said…Break is not Break. I knew he wasn’t Sharon’s real brother but I wasn’t expecting him to be a criminal. I was expecting him to be 100 years in the past and I got that right though. I would give myself a cookie…but everyone is from 100 years in the past so it wasn’t really that hard to guess. But I like cookies. I will give it to myself anyway.


Instead of staying behind to protect the one person left...it's time to make a really bad decision!

Break is really Kevin. His position in life really hasn’t changed all that much. It sounds like he was a servant to another well to do family. But for some reason he left the family for a period of time and everyone died. He became an illegal contractor so he could bring them back to life by turning back time. And there is a random blond hair kid who seemed attached to him. Not sure if that was his real sister as Sharon calls him brother sometimes too.


Red eyes are serious!

So the obvious question is who killed all of Break’s people? And where was he during the killings? Due to the acid trip nature of this show I thought that Break accidentally killed them with his Chain. But since later he said he became an illegal contractor to bring back his master that is probably not the case.


In case people forgot...a lot of people died 100 years ago!

The Basketcase people weren’t doing their killing thing yet and when they did the entire city was destroyed. So I don’t know if we can blame them for these deaths. Now it could be Glen taking out another Duke household but that hasn’t been confirmed either. Vincent was too tiny at that time. And there might have been a time difference from when Break’s contract was up and when he along with White Alice watched the tragedy take place.

So who does that leave? I don’t know. I probably got the time screwed up and or am over thinking it. It was probably Glen. If there are any more bad guys I would probably go insane. XD Must stop over thinking things. In any event it looks like it will be explained next week so I don’t have to stew long in my random theories of insanity.


Behold my shame!

So the reason Break hasn’t been as hard on Oz for being an illegal contractor is because he is one too. But it doesn’t explain why Break was so interested in Oz’s experience in the Abyss. From the looks of it Break knows the most out of everyone. Oz’s contact with White Alice was a lot shorter than Breaks. So…yeah that doesn’t make much sense to me. I can see Break being more interested in Alice as she might have more information about what happened during the tragedy. And the fact that she looks just like White Alice. Break really should have questioned her more as Oz knows nothing. XD All he saw was a crazy white doll Will of the Abyss. Of course I could be missing something very important and Break has a reason for being interested in Oz all this time.


But wasn't the tragedy 100 years ago...

But Break is probably the only one who has gone into the Abyss after the tattoo has moved full circle on his chest and come back to tell about it. And with another Chain under his command. That makes his background rather special and unique. So his body is falling apart because of his normal contract and the fact he pushed his body to the limit the first time around with his Chain. 50 years ago. Which is not when the tragedy took place the first time. But that’s okay. Barma knows everything!

He knows that Break is actually Kevin Regnard. He knows that Break lost the family he pledged his loyalty to. He knows that Break wasn’t able to grant his wish and bring back those people. So…what information does Barma want? He wants to know if Break met the Will of the Abyss? X_X That is what the entire craziness was about?


Crazy man is really going crazy...

What craziness am I talking about? The first part of the episode of course. I like going backwards it seems with summaries. But the whole Barma pretending to be that fat man and flying around like a crazy person? Pure acid trip. It really did feel like Alice and Wonderland for a little while.

And I thought we were going to get some answers out of that acid trip. The whole sin that Oz was punished for was nearly said. But then it was wickedly taken away from me. There was almost a serious moment with Alice having to make a decision about getting her memories back or not.


Um...Liam didn't do anything you jerk!

But then…no. Barma turns out to be a young looking guy (despite the fact he has been alive the longest out of the all the Dukes) and he is violent. He collects information yet he wants whatever is inside Break/Kevin’s head and not Oz? That somehow doesn’t make sense to me. Now I have gone full circle with this post and we are back to the original crazy.



There is a little bit that Break knows that perhaps Pandora does not know. Chains are originally people. People so desperate to get something back they lost they end up coming….insane dolls or story book characters. That is what the Abyss can do. The Will of the Abyss confirms this and says Glen said so. Glen being the head of the Basketcase people.


But who is the REAL Alice?

More happy fun facts that seem interesting to us viewers and maybe Barma is that the Will of the Abyss is referred to as Alice. She looks like Alice (thus all the White Alice remarks further up) and has her temper. I am sure it will turn out that the Will of the Abyss is really Alice’s memories and the Abyss is her empty feelings? That Glen somehow created this universe. I am not sure, it’s late and my ideas are special. XD


She's good at making friends!

Information that I am sure that Barma is not interested in but I am is that Alice hates Glen. He apparently tried to take someone very important away from her (Jack). She also mentions Gilbert and Vincent being close to Glen. MMMM what does any of this mean? She is also the one who stole Break’s eye but the Cheshire Cat is the one who has it, not Vincent. The way she went about taking it out was so….lala this is normal for me. It was freaky.


Oh hi, is it time for tea?!

Before Break could attack the Will of the Abyss the TRAGEDY happens. And White Alice falls on the floor and rolls around in pain (it is amusing). She claims that too many people entered the Abyss at once. Break looks on as baby Vincent enters the room (the room being the doll room that Oz saw at the beginning of the series) with baby Gilbert thrown over his shoulders and bloody clothes.

And that is it! I am left to wonder and stew on what just happened in those 22 minutes!!!

Was my post acid trippy enough? I was trying to recreate the feeling from the episode. XD


That....would be your life Gilbert. Accept it.

But seriously…no matter how confusing this episode/series is…it’s still good. I enjoy every single confusing moment of this series. I also look forward to the last episode when I realize…how wrong I was about everything. But for now I will finish packing and try not to have nightmares about Michael Myers and White Alice. XD

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