Friday, October 31, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: A Very Duffy Halloween

 photo DuffyHalloween2014001_zpsff625def.jpg
Totally different from last year yes?
Hello there and Happy Halloween from Duffy! Did you get a lot of candy? Or did you get a lot of snow? Mom has friends that live in places that got snow today! I have never seen snow. Maybe there is more snow now because everyone is dressed up like Elsa....especially today, on Halloween! What did I do for Halloween? Well lets find out!
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Different places celebrate Halloween in different ways. Mom seems to celebrate the day by watching very scary movies. But I think today also involved candy so I shall hand it out to everyone.
 photo DuffyHalloween2014003_zpsbfe5e721.jpg
What is this?! The Tsums have gotten into the candy?!
 photo DuffyHalloween2014004_zps2c2997ae.jpg
Come back here you naughty plushies!
 photo DuffyHalloween2014005_zpsb34038f7.jpg
Oh no! They nearly ate all the candy! Will I have enough to give out to all the plushies?
 photo DuffyHalloween2014006_zpsb3ede7b4.jpg
What? You think Mom already ate all the good stuff already Huffy?
 photo DuffyHalloween2014007_zps09aec4fd.jpg
Some of the Duffys are getting in the holiday spirit. Has some candy!
 photo DuffyHalloween2014008_zpsed8001e1.jpg
Even though you are not a Duffy Kira you can have some candy too.
 photo DuffyHalloween2014009_zpsd93bf100.jpg
You even brought your own basket Huffy.
 photo DuffyHalloween2014010_zps00a69af2.jpg
Hello Halloween is manning the door in case a child comes for some candy tonight.
 photo DuffyHalloween2014011_zpsff7a7fd5.jpg
Since she is doing such a good job I gave her some candy too.
 photo DuffyHalloween2014012_zpsff69a807.jpg
Cuffy and Tuffy are usually together nowadays due to their similar backgrounds. So I shall give them trick or treat candies at the same time.
 photo DuffyHalloween2014014_zps572fe55c.jpg
Mom dressed up as Anna while Dad made dinner. Look how spooky it is!
 photo DuffyHalloween2014016_zps8b2dacca.jpg
Close up of the scary food. We have zombie flesh, slime and cheese, and pumptasic potatoes. It is almost too scary to eat. Even the soda is scary!
 photo DuffyHalloween2014018_zpsd7f35023.jpg
For dessert Mom gave everyone some brownies to share. They weren't as scary as dinner.
 photo DuffyHalloween2014013_zpse34d5306.jpg
After all that food it was time to settle down and watch some scary movies. If we could manage. These were just backup since there were tons on TV. Although The Thing is Mom's favorite. She might have to hold us close due to all the scariness though....Happy Halloween I think? XD

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Looks like a super fun Halloween Cousin!