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Bishoujo Sailor Moon: Crystal episode 6

It's ALIVE!!! Not my car obviously but me! I am here to make your life slightly more interesting with slightly late posts. Gives you time to watch the episode a few times and then read my thoughts on it. Aren't I considerate?
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So I did something really, really dumb. Forgive me?
So what shall I be conquering first tonight? Oh snap it is Sailor Moon Crystal episode 6. Went to Disney never finished this episode SHAME ON ME! Well here it is in all it's Zoisite of the European Branch glory. ENJOY!
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It truly is a mystery.
Episode Summary: Luna repeats herself from last episode that Sailor Moon is the leader of the Sailor Scouts. Here is a new toy…err..I mean weapon to battle the baddies. It is shaped like a moon and everything. Usagi seems overwhelmed and thankful at the same time. Some time ago there was a battle and soldiers were rushing a palace. A young girl calls out for the Silver Crystal. Mamoru wakes up from this dream and wonders why he has it all the time. He doesn’t know and he stoically looks out his window to the Tokyo Tower. Being Tuxedo Mask is hard. But maybe being Sailor Moon is harder? Ami and Makoto happily greet their new friend before school as the girl is not late for once. She tries to brush it off that she can’t sleep because of bad dreams but in reality she is having the same dreams that Tuxedo Mask is having. The one about men attacking a castle and what not. As she thinks about this she turns the corner and runs into Mamoru. She flops on the ground and refuses his help when it is extended. He teases her slightly as he walks off. Makoto focuses on Usagi blushing and saying she hates the dude but knows his name as Ami focuses on Mamoru’s very plain uniform signifying he goes to a super fancy high school. While standing there denying that she likes Mamoru a new program plays on the giant TV. Apparently Tuxedo Mask contacted the network and has explained he has committed several crimes because he is trying to find the Silver Crystal. Instead of anyone talking about finding this criminal everyone in Japan starts talking about this magical Silver Crystal and what it could be. Luna is pissed at Tuxedo Mask for doing this while Umino and company talk about the subject in front of Ami, Makoto, and Usagi. Usagi gets more and more conflicted about the situation. Queen Beryl is watching the news too and takes the time to be pissed and interested about it. Well and to yell at Zoisite and Kunzite for being little gossipers. Nephrite is in the background hobbling around being pissed at Sailor Jupiter for injuring him. He wants another chance and Beryl is like you suck, bring me more energy. Zoisite is like Queen Beryl, I am from your European Branch of baddies. Please allow me to get the crystal and gather tons of energy. Luna gathers up all her Sailor Scouts to talk about the situation. That Tuxedo Mask has put a lot of people in danger with this nonsense. That maybe the princess is in danger too and can he be trusted? The only new piece of information is the Princess is from the Moon Kingdom and so she is. GASP! While everyone is gasping and wondering about the Silver Crystal Usagi thinks she sees the Sailor V avatar in the game talking to her and using the Crescent Wand.
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Defeat the evil of the world with hugs and cupcakes!
Meanwhile…this is happening in the dark but this appears to be happening in the day time….the news station is interviewing a professional on the Silver Crystal that has never been seen or heard about from anyone until this day. It is Zoisite who seems to be in charge of the European Rock Lovers. She (even though he) explains that this rock has life changing properties and what not and proceeds to brainwash everyone who was watching the program. Usagi must have left this meeting early and goes home to find her mother brainwashed and looking for the crystal. Luna contacts the girls on who are still together on the street where everyone is losing their minds. So Luna calls everyone back to the arcade (because I really think this was all the same day) and reveals her secret lair below the building. She feels as if this was necessary given the serious situation. This is where all the research goes on for the Silver Crystal and Moon Princess that no one knows what look like. Ami decides that brainwashing is taking place at the Tokyo Tower and Luna says they have to assume Tuxedo Mask is the enemy. Usagi gets upset and points out that he saves her all the time and helps. Makoto seems concerned she has fallen in love with this dude and her vision is clouded. She gets upset and runs off while the other three girls to go to the tower. Zoisite from the European Branch is mad that humans are useless and hasn’t found the Crystal yet so he starts sucking up all their power. The girls confront him on the roof and he knows they are the Sailor Scouts despite not being transformed. MOG how is the summary already on page two?! After confronting Zoisite of the European Branch the girls do transform. Usagi was apparently walking to Tokyo Disneyland and not her home when she feels bad and nearly passes out. Tuxedo Mask helps her to her feet and she is sorta asking him what he has done. He explains that he didn’t mean to cause all this mess which makes Usagi feel better. They share how they both have insecurities about being who they are. Sailor Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter fight on but Zoisite of the European Branch is super strong. Things turn worse when Queen Beryl appears in her purple cloud of anger. The girls know they are no match for Beryl as she goes on and on about her evil plan. Usagi knows she needs to get her butt in gear and help her friends but she can reveal her secret identity to Tuxedo Mask. He hugs her from behind and says he knows she is Sailor Moon and can do this. Usagi feels as if she has no power or anything like the other girls. Tuxedo Mask is like look I am a stalker and I know you made all those lonely girls smile so of course you are the leader and are strong. Usagi feels confident and transforms. Sailor Moon poofs to the tower where Queen Beryl does nothing and watches as Usagi listens to the Sailor V in her head and use the Crescent Wand. Zoisite from the European Branch protects Beryl from getting hurt and they poof away. Sailor Moon flies around the city and heals everyone before she passes out again. She passes out on Tuxedo Mask who apparently proceeds to take her home. Usagi opens her eyes sometime later and wonders where she is. She sees Tuxedo Mask’s clothes in the corner and Mamoru in the door frame so clearly it is confusion time. THE END!
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I'll save you my mostly.....hateful ruler.
Another Sailor Moon episode under my belt folks. I was having a bit of a day so watching an anime that I like is always positive. A way to make my day more positive. Oh my poor brain and this never ending headache of doom. Of course…maybe I could better appreciate an anime if my brain doesn’t feel like exploding all over Dated’s computer screen….
 photo sailormoonepisode68_zps0de4e7a3.png
You also have earned 24 exp and found a potion.
Moving on though. Luna has given Usagi the Moon Stick. I think I will just stick with Crescent Wand. Doesn’t that sound better? Not so clinical? So yeah Luna had to remind us what happened in the last episode because it was about a million years ago. Sailor Moon is the official leader of the Sailor Scouts. No one questions this despite the other girls seeing Usagi as the weaker Scout. Like hello Sailor Mars has natural abilities, Sailor Mercury is smart, and Sailor Jupiter is strong. Sailor Moon seems…lost and confused about all this found the crystal and protect the Princess deal. You know, typical behavior of a 14 year old who has been told to save the world. No pressure. The girls don’t say anything to Usagi but even Usagi herself is doubting things. Like thanks for the new weapon but I don’t think I am ready for all this pressure.
 photo sailormoonepisode610_zps4301c1ea.png
...Thanks brand new friend...
Morning comes. A morning in the future though as Makoto seems more acclimated to all her new friends. But this isn’t about Makoto. It is about Mamoru and his Tuxedo Masking self. He is having some dream. A nightmare really about an attack of some palace and a blond hair Princess (super long hair…) telling him to find the Silver Crystal. I wonder who it could be. For some orphaned 17 y ear old high school student he lives in a pretty big place with a nice view. Wait do we know that Mamoru is an orphan yet? Well he is folks. Spoiler alert from like 24 years ago. Also Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask because…he is. In the manga people aren’t all about keeping things hush hush about their identity so who being who is no big deal. Plus Mamoru doesn’t really dress that different from Tuxedo Mask. What is the question is he is friend or is he foe? Why does he want the Silver Crystal? Why is he such a poor dresser? What is this dream all about?
 photo sailormoonepisode611_zpsb0a3c45a.png
It must be love!
Usagi is having a good life. Sure being Sailor Moon might be a little hard but now she has friends. Wait she had friends before…so she has new friends!!! New friends that will wait for her when she is running late for school. Today is not that day Makoto notes. So this episode must have been some days after the previous episode if Makoto is used to an Usagi kinda day. Usagi has an excuse for being early (what is early dude?) because she is having bad dreams lately. MOG the same dreams as Mamoru? SHUT UP! That would mean it is destiny that every single time Usagi turns a corner she runs into this poorly dressed fool. OH WAIT there he is!!!!! Speak of the devil. This is the first time anyone in Usagi’s circle has seen her interact with this man so it is clear to them that Usagi and Mamoru like each other. It’s not like they are truly hateful to each other like they were in the original anime. And there isn’t the hot mess of Rei liking Mamoru in this universe either. It is just Mamoru and Usagi sticking out their tongues and being annoyed with each other all the while blushing. Ami totally misses the point and talks about his high school and how prestigious it is instead. I am surprised she could recognize the school since it was so plain looking. Usagi is busy going what boy?! I hate him!!!!
 photo sailormoonepisode612_zps26725b91.png
.....So instead of trying to capture him people were filming him?
Before the teasing could get too deep there is a giant news program played. Good thing that the crew was standing new a crosswalk that had a giant TV. Otherwise they would have to wait for rumor walk around Umino to give them all the info. Basically Tuxedo Mask has lost his stupid mind. He hasn’t been able to find the Silver Crystal because he has no information on it at all. So he decides that telling a major news station that he is a criminal mastermind and the reason why he has been doing things lately is because he is searching for this mysterious crystal. First off….I think this show was made for 6 years despite it’s core audience being much older. Like derp derp find the crystal that I can’t folks. Because I am sure that will make sense. As well as informing the public you are a criminal mastermind when no one was talking about you. How embarrassing. Not to mention this news program must be TMZ because playing this would just cause chaos and promote a criminal. Just all very questionable.
 photo sailormoonepisode613_zpsdb2e647e.png
I just can't folks. Way too funny.
The Sailor Scouts and Luna aren’t really impressed with this line of thinking from Tuxedo Mask. But Queen Beryl…she is a thinker. I am impressed they get such good TV service in EvilLand. She saw that news program and was like HMMMM interesting. She didn’t have a meltdown like Luna wanted to. She was giving Kunzite and Zoisite for being catty bitches or something. I mean they haven’t been failures yet so I am not sure why she was giving them such a hard time. Now Nephrite….he did get his ass a little kicked. Dam that Sailor Jupiter. Hey at least you aren’t dead like you should be Nephrite. But he might be wishing he is since their Master (who has yet to be seen) is low on energy. Never fear though. Zoisite from the European branch is here and has ideas. Why the heck did they need to say European branch? For now we are to assume that these baddies are from another place, not Earth. So why would someone be European? Like no one else has announced their nationality. It was just so hysterical to me I kept having to pause the episode as I imagined Zoisite repeating this phrase anytime he was on the screen. I don’t know why it was so funny but it was. Zoisite has a plan though so lets find out what it is.
 photo sailormoonepisode614_zps97e3d853.png
Luna is the least helpful cat of all times. That is a pretty amazing feat when you think about it.
While Zoisite from the European Branch gets his plan all ready to fail Luna calls a Sailor Scout meeting. Because folks. This arcade must close really early and has no security system and there are no nosy neighbors live nearby. But yes group meeting at the arcade and not at anyone’s house. Hello Makoto, welcome to the Sailor Scouts. This is the part of the episode where Luna tells us to find the Silver Crystal and protect the Princess and then gives us the slimmest of new details on this topic, as if that will be the tipping point on making it all make sense. This time folks Luna tells everyone she is from the moon (Luna…with a moon on her head?!) and so is the Princess. That the Princess and the royal family protected this Silver Crystal on the Moon and the crystal can blow up a planet. I like how no one really asked where the heck the rest of the royal family was or how people can travel to the moon or what happened to the moon. No no we got to focus on the fact that Tuxedo Mask is probably the stupidest person on the face of the planet and he is probably the enemy. Or at the very least shady. I don’t think Usagi was listening much or maybe she would have asked why she is SAILOR MOON and has to protect the PRINCESS of the Moon. For the most part Usagi was spacing out about Tuxedo Mask and thinking the Sailor V avatar is talking to her. You can do it Usagi. Do what?
 photo sailormoonepisode616_zps38880156.png
Because a dude can't be an expert on the crystal?
Oh I don’t know, stop the plan that Zoisite has come up with. For some reason Zoisite from the European Branch watched the original Sailor Moon that aired in the United States and was like Great Idea, I will pretend to be a woman to make my plan work better even though my gender has nothing to do with the mission at hand. I don’t know, it bothers me. Bothers me a lot. Zoisite be a dude. Although I don’t think he is a gay dude if the trend keeps on going. Looking at you Ami. Anyway Zoisite saw Tuxedo Mask’s lame plan and raised him a stupid. He is going to tell the general public some lies about the Silver Crystal because really. How can someone be a master of something that no one has ever heard of or saw. These new networks are run by morons. Basically Zoisite should have just brain washed everyone from the start and forgot this nonsense. It isn’t like the 4 Kings are living in Tokyo and have to hide who they are. Oh also stupid humans find the Silver Crystal.
 photo sailormoonepisode617_zps6e07ccfd.png
Also the enemy changes what time of day it is!
When Usagi and the others went to the arcade it was nighttime. So they could be in there without being caught. But somehow when Ami, Rei, and Makoto went outside it was light outside and they were surrounded by crazy people who are now brainwashed looking for the crystal. That no one knows what it looks like. I also like that no one even tried to bring Zoisite a crystal, even the wrong one. Obviously the wrong one. Instead we just got a bunch of humans trashing things and accomplishing a lot of nothing. Also we are lead to believe not only is the moon light just as bright as the sunlight but Usagi made it all the way home to see her mother freaking out. No one else freaking out on the streets or anything but just her mom. I think I would have liked it better if people were hurting each other more, injuring themselves and creating hatred energy for Zoisite of the European Branch. Instead we got a bunch of stupid.
 photo sailormoonepisode618_zps97a8c6c2.png
Click some more at the keys Luna. Maybe you will find more answers that way.
Luna calls back all the girls to the arcade so it is night again. Clearly this is a giant mess and Luna needs to bring out the big guns….like her secret lair. Like instead of meeting out in the open in the broken into arcade we could go…UNDER the arcade. Into negative space. I mean not only is this a secret lair it defies logic. Why are you holding back Luna? HOLDING OUT ON US! Plus the added protection would have been nice right? They quickly find out where the brainwashing is coming from because Ami hit a few buttons on her computer. Back in the day Ami being good with computers was impressive. Now everyone has a computer so you know. Anyway they figure the Tokyo Tower is brainwashing everyone and since Tuxedo was in the commercial that aired there…he must be working with the enemy. Even if he is more stylish than they are. Usagi isn’t really down for that and points out he saves her and in return all the Scouts when there is a battle. Are they blind or something? Makoto is like are you in love with this guy too because he looks like Mamoru and Usagi doesn’t take kindly to that. How dare they question his integrity despite the fact he is doing questionable things. Usagi shall dramatically run away and no one can be bothered to use their communicators to contact her when stuff hits the fan in a few minutes. Because folks. Also do they use their communicators at all in this series or not?
 photo sailormoonepisode62_zpsd49c3e45.png
Overkill much?
Zoisite of the European Branch has been waiting exactly 67 minutes for everyone in Tokyo to find the Crystal. When no one turns up the pretty rock he decides eff them and starts draining their powers instead. He does this all at the Tower so the other Scouts have an easier time finding him. Note to all please transform before you engage the enemy in battle. Like what were they thinking strolling up looking normal? I like how Zoisite knew who they were too. He gives them the time to transform and attack once before going haha look how strong I am and flatten them into pieces. Plus if that wasn’t enough Queen Beryl decides to roll in on some giant doom cloud. Overkill much? Maybe she is here to find the Crystal for herself? Yeah it is about time she starts to do some real work. Say goodbye Sailor Scouts.
 photo sailormoonepisode63_zps969116bd.png
But none of us were so careful in keeping it a secret!
While all of this is going down Usagi is off on the side of the road having a cry. Or a moment of dizziness. I am positive Luna gave all the scouts communicators so I don’t know why they didn’t contact Usagi or why Usagi didn’t put aside her feelings for 5 seconds to realize things were bad. All these sad thoughts were too much for her and she nearly passed out in a ditch. Good thing Tuxedo Mask stalks her at everything she does. Usagi then fails to do a good job at her secret identity herself. All this I was thinking of you and my job as a leader at SOMETHING….yeah a big red flag that she is Sailor Moon. Not that Tuxedo Mask needed that extra info but still. Everyone could have tried harder. Tuxedo Mask doesn’t really dwell on that though. He is too busy defending his good name that wasn’t in jeopardy with Usagi at least. He is just so desperate to find this magical Silver Crystal he did something stupid to find it. Like you know involve everyone in the area and give the baddies a platform to do evil. He just doesn’t have magical powers like Usagi/Sailor Moon so he had to do something. Wait you know I am Sailor Moon? You mean instead of running away and transforming away from you I can do it in front of you? Thanks but no thanks but I am having a moment of uselessness right now. I am a sad little leader with no skills at all. WOE IS ME! But since Tuxedo Mask is a stalker and knows who Usagi really is he is able to perk her up by pointing out her best ability…to make friends. So clearly Usagi is going to transform and hug Queen Beryl WOOHOO! Can’t wait to see this.
 photo sailormoonepisode67_zpsf5b4914c.png
Mind is BLOWN!
From there everything happens at a breakneck speed. Usagi/Sailor Moon poofs to the tower where Queen Beryl is. She listens to Sailor V and mimics how she used the wand in the game to fight against Queen Beryl. I like how Zoisite took the blast for Queen Beryl. I didn’t think he was going to be the one to be that loyal. Then Sailor Moon hops on a magic carpet and heals the entire crazy town. Queen Beryl for some reason chooses to retreat rather than kill the unconscious Scouts or Sailor Moon as she passes out from the effort. If the Kings worked together that might cause results or something. CRAZINESS! Instead they allow Tuxedo Mask to scoop up Sailor Moon and take her back to her house since he knows where she lives. Wait what the heck. Tuxedo Mask went to her house once when Makoto was in danger. Why is she shocked that he knows who she is!? Oh but yeah Tuxedo Creeper didn’t take Usagi to her house despite knowing where she lives. He took her to his home because he is like psht who needs a secret identity anymore? Usagi handles waking up in a stranger’s room a lot better than I thought she would. She might need to start operating under some sense of danger though with baddies on the loose and her passing out all the time. But yeah she woke up and saw Tuxedo Mask’s clothes in one corner and Mamoru in another corner. What is this? Could they be the same person? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! We will have to stay tuned until next time to watch Usagi slowly put the pieces of this 4 piece puzzle together. XD I kid I kid…maybe.

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