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Bishoujo Sailor Moon: Crystal episode 7

So last week before I went to Disney I realized that once again I had reached the bandwitch on my photo uploading site of choice. I used to alternate between two accounts but once the first one got fullish I got a bit lazy and concentrated only on the second one hopping things would be fine. Oppies. So I was like okay I will set an account up for my cat. Only...I came back, used it once, and properly forgot all the info. It didn't dawn on me until hours later I could HIT the pictures I posted once here and it would take me to said account name. Because I am slow folks. 30 and unable to use technology at all it seems.
 photo sailormoonepisode79_zps8be98dd4.png
Everyone in this anime hates secrets.
So yeah that this has been taken care of hopefully there won't be angry empty spots where there should be pictures. Onward to posting more anime. Up now is Sailor Moon Crystal episode 7. Spoilers for Mamoru having feelings all over the place.
 photo sailormoonepisode712_zps18ebb5de.png
Usagi might need to find a bit more conviction in her life.
Episode Summary: Usagi realizes she is Mamoru’s room and given the last thing she can remember (passing out near Tuxedo Mask after using her new attack) he must be Tuxedo Mask. Usagi and her very ungraceful looking feet walk over to Mamoru and put his Mask up to his face and wonders how she didn’t know the two were the same beforehand. She asks why he becomes Tuxedo Mask and he answers with some crazy story. He was turning 6 and during a birthday drive around the city Mamoru’s parents drove off a cliff and died. He woke up with no memories at all but has continuous dreams about a Princess asking for the Silver Crystal. He says he has to find it to find out who he really is. Usagi feels so bad for Mamoru having to go this alone all along. When asked Usagi is like um I am looking for the Silver Crystal because Luna told me to? They decide to keep this a secret, knowing who they are, from others. Usagi is torn though but understands the others don’t trust Mamoru and it is for the best. Usagi wants to get closer to Mamoru but tries leaving instead as to not get involved. Mamoru attempts to hug her and call her by a nickname, then cover up the intimate moment by handing her her bag. She thinks about the nickname on the way home and gives him one as well. After not one person questions where the heck Usagi was for about 18 hours life goes on. Luna had been in the arcade communicating with Sailor V about how Sailor Moon needs to become a better leader and the enemy has appeared and blah blah. Queen Beryl has gone to give energy to their great leader Queen Metalia who seems to be just a giant floating smoke cloud. The energy given is not enough for this leader and she demands the Crystal. If the ones who defeated her before (the scouts) have it and have given it to the Moon Princess all is doomed. Queen Beryl is like we are on it, leave it to me. But when she leaves the room Queen Beryl has a different mindset. Apparently she found Queen Metalia and accidentally unlocked her a long time ago and now she thinks the giant blob of smoke is just going to destroy everything on Earth and that won’t be fun. Queen Beryl rather find the crystal and rule the world herself. She summons Zoisite and is like get to work, you ain’t that injured.
 photo sailormoonepisode72_zps76e07b8f.png
I don't think the word they would use is surprise but you know...
5 seconds later we see Naru and all of Usagi’s other friends at a DVD rental store that is new and has all the best things it town. What to rent first indeed! Rei walks by this store and notices some people acting odd and the store is named DARK. Like seriously. At school the next day Usagi is busy eating all of Makoto’s food while Ami researches who Sailor V is. Luna starts to make excuses while Usagi is like she must be related to the moon people since she has a moon on her head. Their lunch is interrupted by the most creepy looking Umino who is looking for Sailor Moon because. Then Usagi gets food on her face and this leads to handkerchief talk and Usagi thinking about Mamoru and his Tuxedo Mask self. Mamoru is also at his school thinking about Usagi. After school Usagi actually wants to spend time with Naru but she is acting weird as Luna points out the obvious. Turns out every kid in class is brainwashed and wants to find Sailor Moon. It is because of the Dark rental discs. Ami promises to check this out while she sends Usagi to…run around the city and look worried? But not before they try the disc at the arcade and Sailor V talks to Usagi. Mamoru was riding the bus home thinking about how he was dumb to tell Usagi his life story when everyone on board loses their minds too in wanting to find Sailor Moon. The streets are filled with people looking for Sailor moon by breaking glass windows. Zoisite is seen doing his brainwashing thing and it almost gets Ami as she watches the whole video. The other girls report that everyone is insane and that Sailor Moon will probably be in danger. They transform and go after her. Usagi sees all these people brainwashed and feels bad for them. She transforms and uses her new wand to heal them. That reveals her location and Zoisite appears, knocking the wand from her hand. He holds Usagi hostage and demands to know where the Silver Crystal is. The other Scouts show up and attack. Zoisite seems pretty powerful and flattens them easily. Then Tuxedo Mask PUNCHES Zoisite and gets Sailor Moon free temporarily. She is happy he came to save her and proceeds to tell Zoisite that Tuxedo Mask needs to the Silver Crystal more. Tuxedo Mask turns into Flynn Rider and is all that was my old dream but now my new dream is being with you. Zoisite is like um okay and captures Usagi again. Before he can kill Sailor Moon or Mamoru something hits him. Up on a building top it’s…Sailor V! Usagi is convinced the moon mark means something and THE END!
 photo sailormoonepisode76_zpsfba9c492.png
A punch in the face is mightier than...magical powers.
Dang it’s Sailor Moon time already? I feel as if I just finished episode 6 a few minutes ago, not two weeks ago. Is that a sign of how much of a slacker I have been? Probably. Go me. But you know who hasn’t been a slacker? The people animating this episode. I didn’t see any derp moments this time around. The lips are a bit big at times, as if they have to copy it exactly from the manga and it doesn’t translate well at times. But I think this episode was pretty well done minus the non face background characters that don’t matter much anyway.
 photo sailormoonepisode710_zps224b5272.png
How can the obvious answer be true?!
We start this episode off with Usagi and Mamoru realizing who they really are. Their not so secret identities have been revealed. Given the fact that Luna has been screaming Usagi’s name all over town and Usagi dropped her handkerchief with her full name on it I am surprised more people don’t know who Sailor Moon is. In the manga more people actually do know who the Sailor Scouts are (some who make things more plausible anyway) so…you know. Things being a secret is just a suggestion, not a rule. Usagi on the other hand is lucky to have her shoes tied in the morning. Failing a math test is a good day for her. To actually realize Mamoru and Tuxedo Mask are the same person was too much for her…and apparently all her friends. At least Ami and Makoto. I don’t know if Rei saw Mamoru? But hommie was walking around IN a Tuxedo and I think his little clippy thing was the same. Oh and they look exactly the same Superman fans. So Usagi being all shocked and not realizing this before is special. Of course it is a bit more special there are dreams with people that look familiar….
 photo sailormoonepisode716_zps7b4ee666.png
In each version of Sailor Moon all the kings have different relationships too. No romance between Kunzite and Zoisite this time around?
Usagi and Mamoru have a much better relationship in the manga than the anime. Of course in the original anime they knew each for longer so the romantic feelings might feel a bit more realistic? Maybe. Since Mamoru and Rei “dated” it might make less sense though. But in the manga and this anime Mamoru and Usagi have more blushy faces and less confrontation. So Usagi isn’t all upset or angry that the man of her dreams and the dude who has been teasing her are the same person. It is more like….look at all that I missed, the face behind the mask and kind eyes. How did I not know? Quick break out into a Disney Princess song. I guess this point is moot since neither of them recognize that they are having dreams, the same dreams, about themselves. I mean the other person is there too but they are the person they are dreaming about. I hope that wasn’t spoilery…On a different note I have a 22 year old friend who had never heard of Sailor Moon before she met me. She is lucky I talk to her. XD Of course she tells me things all the time and I am like…listen here young whipper snapper, back in my day we recorded songs we heard on the radio. We didn’t have the internets to steal music from.
 photo sailormoonepisode711_zps05e088cc.png
And end scene.
After they stare at each other for a bit and let the realization roll over them (not that Usagi ever showed signs of being worried that Mamoru knows who the other Scouts are by process of elimination) Usagi asks why Mamoru becomes Tuxedo Mask. Not how though. I thought he transformed with a rose. Maybe that was just in the original anime? Because it is implied now he does change his clothes at his house or nearby phone booth as his mask and hat are on the chair and he already owns the suit. Makes sense since he isn’t a real superhero. Mamoru tries telling Usagi about his backstory of sadness in order for things to make sense. Perhaps I am evil but I thought his sad backstory made less sense than usual. First off he says he has no memories after the car crash but we the audience are shown the day of the crash, as if he remembers it. Second…he was 6. It wasn’t like there was much to remember anyway. I know he has no memory of his parents but this whole am I really Mamoru thing is a bit dramatic. I don’t remember much from before I was 6 either. Of course SPOILER ALERT he is right but it still doesn’t take away from the dramas. Mamoru tells Usagi about this sadness and how he has had these dreams recently about someone asking for the Silver Crystal. He seems to have put 2 and apple pie together thinking that this will help him discover who he is. Of course SPOILER ALERT he is right but it still doesn’t mean it is convoluted.
 photo sailormoonepisode713_zps6a62f329.png
Well that was rather fast...
Usagi doesn’t mention to Mamoru at all that she has the same dream too. Which is a bit special since this could help them figure things out. Instead she is focusing on his sad eyes and how lonely he must be. She is a sweet girl with a heart of goal, not some master mind that sees where she needs to go strategy why. Like I am a girl thus I feel the urge to hug anyone who is in pain, especially if they are a cute guy looking at me like that. After his confession I think she felt very self conscious too. Like errr I am looking for the Silver Crystal because Luna my talking cat told me too….yeah sounds pretty lame to me too. Usagi felt the awkwardness and tried to hightail it out of there as quickly as possible. Not quick enough though as Mamoru needed a sorta hug. Look at me, I am acting like you are leaving forever so I need to get in my affection before you are gone forever. Also I am going to give you a nickname, something that is VERY special in Japan. You know, because we have such a close bond with our secret keeping and what not. It is surprising that he was the one to take the first step as well. Let your emotions fly Mamoru.
 photo sailormoonepisode714_zps6162a185.png
Every baddie is beyond lazy. ALL OF THEM! Get on the ground and look for the thing yourself.
Usagi was gone for a while. Or at least I think she was because as we saw in the last episode day and night look the exact same or something. Instead of looking for her scout leader Luna was talking to Sailor V and being all mysterious. Like hello you are a scout too and are the one giving Luna all this info? Why not come here and help yourself? Unless they are looking for the Silver Crystal somewhere else that isn’t one place in Japan. Then I can understand that. But yeah that is what Luna is doing. Queen Beryl is busy in her Dark Kingdom feeding the lion I mean Queen Metalia. How can they both be queens at the same time? Are they both fabulous? I don’t think you can be fabulous when you are a giant ball of gas but whatever. Anyway Metalia hops on the bring me more energy and the Silver Crystal bandwagon without giving any information. JUST DO IT! So maybe Queen Beryl is taking it out on the Kings because she gets treated like crap. Because it turns out Queen Beryl is not GO DARK KINGDOM all the way. It might be an accident. Like I was exploring some creepy looking caves and suddenly I am forced to serve this giant ball of energy who wants to destroy everything on the planet. Maybe the planet itself. Queen Beryl is down for being bad but it is hard to be bad when there is nothing to be bad over. Maybe not a big deal for a giant ball of gas but for someone who has a physical body…a deal. So Queen Beryl is all for getting the Crystal but…might keep it for herself. For now she has to keep up appearances. That means to tell Zoisite to put a Bandaid on his owies and find the Crystal NOW! That is how you delegate folks.
 photo sailormoonepisode717_zpsb0984c2a.png
And not named Crystal so it must be safe.
Zoisite must be running out of ideas or Queen Beryl is the one picking the generic names/plots. Because this seems awfully familiar, like we already did this in episode 2. But in that episode they were just gathering energy on top of the brainwashing. This time Zoisite is going to start up a DVD RENTAL store to get everyone to find and capture Sailor Moon. Look there folks! The word crystal wasn’t in the title of the store. Surely this will go unnoticed by all and they can get away with it this time. Or you know…it’s a rental store for DVDs and that is still horribly outdated so it is suspicious to me. We have a driveby Naru-ing who is with her other friends along with the rest of the town renting these DVDs. We also have a driveby Rei-ing. Like hmmmm this new store is called DARK and not CRYSTAL. Should I still suspect something evil is going on here? My Spidey powers are tingling.
 photo sailormoonepisode71_zps7188ca9f.png
Too creepy for words!
Rei doesn’t tell the others about her run in with a new shop that is probably evil. So they spend lunch time at school having fun. Look at me, I am Makoto and I make lunches for all. While the original anime was full of tons of fillers I think that it did a better job in showing how close the girls got. A bit more bonding time. So yeah it does seem that Makoto hasn’t gotten enough air time for my liking. But they all seem close. Enough time must have passed anyway for everyone to freak out over a creepy looking Umino. Like Umino is usually weird with his random pieces of super important knowledge. But Ami and Makoto have been around long enough to know this was unusual behavior even for this kid. Must bring Sailor Moon to the master. Master loves Sailor Moon yes yes, it’s alive!!!! Yeah Umino…..just crawl back under the rock you crawled from because we have a happy lunch to eat. Well Ami has to research Sailor V because Usagi seems thinks she is a Sailor Scout too. OH YOU THINK?! Where is this girl and why isn’t she helping? Usagi also takes the time to think about Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask because in her pocket is his watch not her handkerchief. I like how Usagi thinks her friends will be confused about his real identity and not upset/protective of her. Oh Usagi and her pure heart. Mamoru is off being alone on his school roof because he is an orphan and we need more feels from him. So close yet so far away.
 photo sailormoonepisode73_zps0a8abc6d.png
Because everyone went to the same store on the same night and all had time to watch the brainwashing DVDs.
It doesn’t take too long for things to take affect via Zoisite and his amazing brainwashing DVDs. I feel bad for Naru. Everything bad keeps happening to her. Not as many times as the original show but still enough to be eyerolling. It is almost like the baddies KNOW who Sailor Moon is and is targeting her old best friend. So the one day Usagi actually wants to spend time her pal and she has to be brainwashed. Every single person in the classroom was brainwashed which is eyerolly. Especially since they chose to be shown brainwashed exactly at the same time. School is over, we are brainwashed. I like how this has to be spoonfed to us, with everyone having their DARK DVD with them. Because folks that is what I do, bring DVDs to school to show everyone I am brainwashed. And yes everyone in town is brainwashed, all at the same time. As if they all went to the store together, watched the video the night before, and it all got activated at once. Including the bus driver on the bus Mamoru is on.
 photo sailormoonepisode74_zps3e779c76.png
Looks like the communicators work just fine.
I like how everything has to be investigated by Ami at the arcade now. Or that it has to take place somewhere other than where everyone else is. Like we got laptops now crazy girl. Also maybe you shouldn’t be watching this video if everyone is acting weird. Ya’ll know who made the DVD and where it came from, I am not sure what needed to be seen you know? But this had to take place at the arcade so Sailor V the avatar could tell Sailor Moon she could do it. I am not sure why Usagi just didn’t WAIT in the arcade for the rest of the Scouts, especially since they heard them talking about capturing Sailor Moon. That might have been a sign folks…Instead she runs off alone while the other girls realize she is the target so they transform and try to find the girl.
 photo sailormoonepisode75_zps84670386.png
I Zoisite of the European branch are overwhelmed by your stupidity.
Usagi doesn’t get the message that it was super dangerous outside. Everyone wants her but they are hurt and brainwashed. Of course she has to help them by transforming and giving away her location. The childrens. More like her friends but whatever. Zoisite is no joke though. He was like BAM on that. He ain’t no punk like the other two Kings. And he isn’t even in charge folks. Can’t wait t o see Kunzite in action. But yeah Zoisite manages to capture Sailor Moon who doesn’t put up much of a fight. Maybe she is tired after healing all those people but you know. The other Sailor Scouts showed up and did their attacks (which I like better than their always the same standard pose attacks) but Zoisite was like bitches please, I am fabulous. He took care of them real quick and kept on demanding to know where the Silver Crystal is. Because the Dark Kingdom was under the impression the scouts have it. Because you know..if they did have it they certainly wouldn’t use it to instantly win against the Dark Kingdom or anything. I think the Dark Kingdom should have just assumed the scouts didn’t have it and taken them out…then continued their WHERE IS THE CRYSTAL search.
 photo sailormoonepisode77_zps44968ace.png
You were my new dream.
Instead Zoisite gets punched in the face. He is able to fight off the Sailor Scouts with their magical powers but Tuxedo Mask comes and punches him in the face. Is this real life? I like how Zoisite lets Tuxedo Mask and Usagi have a moment. Like oh okay you are talking, I will sit here and not attack so you can have your moment. Usagi is under the impression since Mamoru is a sad, lonely person his quest to find the Silver Crystal is an important one and Zoisite and the meany Dark Kingdom need to not use entertainment to brainwash everyone. I mean…look at his sad face. Mamoru has to get in on the action. Like I wanted to find the Crystal and find out who I really am. But now that we have been rebooted and I have seen Tangled I understand there are better dreams. I have seen the light. You are my new dream because of the 30 minutes we have spent together have touched me.
 photo sailormoonepisode78_zps35f8f932.png
In a slightly different costume I see.....
Zoisite hates dreams and Disney so he recaptures Usagi and threatens to kill them both. He takes the time to mess with their heads though, like HAHA which shall I kill first because that is what true villains do. This delay almost costs him his life though. Because even though Sailor Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter didn’t do much damage…make way for Sailor V. She is throwing things and saving Sailor Moon like it’s her job. I like how Usagi has the eyesight of some amazing kind of bird to see all the way from the roof top that Sailor V has the moon on her forehead. But since they have seen it before I guess she just knows it is there. But yeah while Zoisite is licking his wounds Usagi is grateful to be alive while wondering what is going on. And we will find out what is going on…in two weeks. Pity since it doesn’t look good for Mamoru does it?

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