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Bishoujo Sailor Moon: Crystal episode 8

Long time no type it seems. X___X I have not fallen off the face of the planet just yet folks. XD Even though it seems like I have. No no I just had the bright idea of watching tons of anime at once and doing each blog post a tiny bit at a time....then I would watch more anime. Clearly this is always made of fail and I continue to do so. XD Oh well.....what can I say?
 photo sailormoonepisode85_zps2eeb901c.png
So we meet again slightly useless Tuxedo Mask.
I guess I shouldn't say anything and get to posting right? Lots to finish up and parts of some posts are on Dated and some are on the actual computer that is able to play anime episodes. So what should be up first? I guess I will start with Bishoujo Sailor Moon: Crystal episode 8. Spoilers for a lot of hero worship and not a lot of details...
 photo sailormoonepisode82_zps6804094e.png
We got your back Princess. Unless we don't. But we will try!
Episode Summary: Despite the fact that Zoisite isn’t DEAD all the Sailor Scout, especially Usagi, are like look at that….the legendary Sailor V. Usagi is completely awe struck and everyone else notices her costume is different. Sailor V (Venus) makes a great show of putting her mask back on which probably confuses Usagi even more. Her white talking cat Artemis is like um ya’ll need to show some respect, this is really Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom in disguise. Usagi’s tiara changes shape and she nearly remembers something important but brushes it aside. Zoisite wakes up and runs away as he is outnumbered. Tuxedo Mask also runs away because he is upset he couldn’t protect Usagi and this Sailor V is proclaiming to be Princess Serenity. Sailor Venus jumps down and is happy to see everyone even if they don’t know her. She has been instructing them over the game for so long she feels as if she knows them well. Luna contacts everyone over the communicators and Sailor Venus says they will meet at headquarters soon. She untransforms which also impresses the other Scouts (they are easily impressed this episode) and explains her secret identity on Earth is Minako. Minako leads the way to the arcade where Luna is falling over herself for not greeting the Princess on the battlefield. Minako is busy taking in all the memories of headquarters like she hasn’t been there in forever. Minako then explains a whole lot of nothing. She awaken first with Artemis as her teacher to being a Sailor Scout. She battles around Tokyo with what she thought were just baddies until she uncovered a darker force at work…The Dark Kingdom. Apparently a long time ago on the Moon this Dark Kingdom came and kicked the Moon Kingdom’s butt. This evil was sealed away but now someone has come along and woken the evil up. They need the Silver Crystal and apparently they need human energy to build up it’s strength. No one mentions that they already know all that business and ask where the Crystal really is. Minako hesitates and says she will keep that a secret for a little while longer. Minako seems sure everyone will regain their memories soon and the rest of the Scouts are like whatever you say amazing Princess girl you. As they leave for the night Artemis is giving Minako side eye, implying she should have told them everything. Minako says they will know the truth soon and she needs to carry out her individual mission until then.
 photo sailormoonepisode88_zps1ccc8101.png
I wonder if something is up?! Could it be?!
Usagi has a dream some time later, really a nightmare. She is being pulled through an angry crowd by someone with a sword. He is fighting the baddies but they get separated. She calls him Endymion and he was calling her Princess Serenity. She wakes up and decides she had this dream because she met the Princess the other day and it means nothing. Luna and Usagi got for a walk so Usagi can think about how she thinks the Princess is keeping things from them. She sees Mamoru studying about crystals on a park bench. He basically apologizes for not being able to protect her. Usagi wasn’t even thinking about that. She was thinking about how to get the Princess to show her the Crystal so she could show Mamoru so he could get his memories back. She tries to return the pocket watch but Mamoru is like I have something of yours, lets trade next time. Luna walks away dejected at the idea that Usagi might be in love with someone slightly untrustworthy. Artemis walks up and says that Luna is doing a great job and soon she will remember her past life as well. Meanwhile Queen Beryl is talking to Queen Metalia about how Princess Serenity has come to kick their butts again. They decide they are going to beat her until she gives up the location of the Silver Crystal. Kunzite volunteers for this mission as the rest of the Kings are in the clinic still resting from their injuries. Minako is shown walking around the city when suddenly everything and everyone is frozen but her. She hears Kunzite telling her to come to Tokyo Tower alone or he will kill everyone in the city. Artemis is like tell the others but Minako is like no I will go alone. Everything is unfrozen and she starts to make her way to the tower when all the other Scouts appear. They claim to have been on their way to see her (?) because Makoto is making them all dinner. Minako makes an excuse and runs off. Not ten seconds later Tokyo Tower loses power and so does the rest of the city. Minako morphs and makes her way to the tower were Kunzite is being all give the Crystal or else. The rest of the girls have started to find people with their energy sucked out and they realize this just isn’t a power outage. Elsewhere Mamoru wakes up from a Princess Serenity induced dream and realizes that there is danger all over the place. Minako AKA Sailor Venus fights Kunzite but he is still way more powerful than her. She begs him to remember his real self which causes him to pause for a moment. Before Minako is toast the other girls arrive. They are like we are sailor Scouts and we are here to protect you Princess. We were all alone until Sailor Moon brought us together. Now we are unstoppable. They fight against Kunzite together and appear to win. Then Kunzite is like…no really you suck. The other 4 Scouts are safe but Sailor Moon gets flung off the tower. Before she goes splat Tuxedo Mask saves her. She is beyond touched about this but sucks her tears and tells him to run from the enemy and she will handle this. She jumps back into battle after kissing him and Tuxedo Mask is in awe of how strong she is today and how she has many sides of her personality. He sees that she is going to protect the other girls from Kunzite’s blast so he flings himself in front of her and takes the blast himself. THE END!
 photo sailormoonepisode817_zps75da2612.png
Excuse me. Focusing on my new tiara is a very important use of time!
I am pretty sure this episode was 23 minutes long. By my calculations (TC or CC for those of you at home) there was about 6 minutes worth of new material. My math is very precise. You know…guessing and making things totally up. But yeah folks….this was totally…..a lot of wasted time. Which happens in mangas all the time. 28 pages a chapter and 4 of them are devoted to talking about the characters each time. Like look here is Ami and her smart self. And there is Rei being all Rei like with mysterious self. Only now we get 28 pages of manga/anime content and 47839473 of them are devoted to saying the same thing over and over again.
 photo sailormoonepisode813_zpsef2f38d2.png
Now is the time to strike Dark Kingdom!
If the Dark Kingdom had any brains they would be working in teams. But that is the point though, that the good guys are good because they believe in friendship and team work. The baddies only think of themselves. Well even if I was a baddie I would be like err I want to stay alive so how about we all work together since these 14 year old punks keep getting the best of us. Queen Beryl could send us all at once and pound them into dust. Instead the Dark Kingdom likes to fail because failure builds character. It would be a quick show if we all died at once right? Or if we won at once. So Zoisite will just pass out on the ground all hurt and broken while everyone else does stupid things that lessen their own chance of survival.
 photo sailormoonepisode816_zpsbd6d56be.png
Not only are people supposed to see up a building but they are supposed to know this random girl is the Moon Princess. I see. Not really though.
I wear glasses. I notice Ami wears glasses too. None of this matters in anime as everyone has 200/20 vision. I am going to assume that means super eyesight. I would have just saw some orange girl on top of a roof. But no Usagi is seeing crescent moons on foreheads and going on and on that Sailor V is really Sailor Venus in a different costume. Which by the way folks was never talked about. All the girls have pens to transform with and Sailor V has a different costume than Sailor Venus. Did she change in a phone booth or something? Was there a point in having a different costume since no one at the time knew what a Sailor Scout was and by the time these girls came Scouts they should automatically assume this Sailor V who talks to them via video games and has similar style of dress is one of them? Why the super unnecessary mask as no one else knows who the rest of the Sailor Scouts are and they have no masks. All of this gasping and looking beyond amazed that a new Sailor Scout has appeared and it is the super famous girl from the newspaper left everyone…a little useless. So they should better thank their lucky stars the Dark Kingdom isn’t on the ball about things. I do not like Artemis’s voice. While I hate American Dubbing on principal I rather liked Artemis’s voice before. Now I think his Japanese voice doesn’t fit his character at all. Just…no bueno at all. It probably didn’t help that the first thing he did made me want to smack him in the head regardless of how he sounded. Like you all better recognize who you are dealing with. Sailor V? Please. See this moon on her forehead? She is PRINCESS Serenity. Good thing you are already on your knees because some bows are in order. Like chill dude. We just met your white cat self and if we assumed everyone with a moon on them or in their name was the Moon Princess well Luna and Usagi would be in that category too. I guess Artemis could have been the Moon Prince if he wanted to be. But yeah. Sailor V is really Sailor Venus who is Princess Serenity in disguise. Even if one didn’t know how things were going to play out this would be questionable at best.
 photo sailormoonepisode818_zps9bb6eb62.png
You could....keep trying? I promise you probably could do it.
But yes all the girls are star struck. Zoisite got a tiny boo boo on his leg or something and needed to leave. He was out numbered but so far all the Kings have better powers even with the Scouts combine so….he probably could have kicked some ass. Which he didn’t decide to do. Like I am going to kill you while all you are distracted by a new girl with long blond hair in a Sailor Suit. Like hello slap the title Princess on someone and suddenly they are 15 times more attractive. That is how everyone was acting too. Maybe Zoisite left to get away from the insanity of all the wonderment. Like yeah we have seen Sailor Scouts before. In any case I hope that Minako (you know, her super secret Earth name as the Moon Kingdom properly doesn’t exist anymore because we went to the moon…) is more like her manga counterpart rather than her late anime persona. She started off serious business and the…leader as it were but in later seasons Usagi was way more mature than her. I know that saving the world at such a young age could make you want to revolt and do childish things but it was such a turnaround. Not good.
 photo sailormoonepisode81_zps92b171ab.png
Got anymore details than that? Because might repeat if we have no idea what is going on....
So after all the MOG Princess comments filled my soul it was onward to the arcade. Minako sorta acted…odd. Like no one ever questioned why Luna kept Sailor V from them or why when the other Scouts started to awaken Minako didn’t show up. Like if you is the Princess don’t you need some protection? No? Okay. Also Minako implied that they are going to be getting their memories back soon and that Luna had her memories extra sealed on purpose. Now wouldn’t they be able to function better if they knew the truth from the get go? Sure it might super sad all at once but at least they know what was at stake and what they were fighting for yes? So none of those questions were asked and all Minako talked about with the other Scouts was the same crap they have heard the entire series. Crystal, Dark Kingdom, sadness. Surely Minako was getting a lot done when she was working alone. None of the girls seem to mind the lack of details or Minako’s decision not to show them the crystal they have been looking long and hard for. Instead it was more YAY Princess stuff. Minako smiled through it all but Artemis and her quickly turned those smiles upside down as things are getting serious.
 photo sailormoonepisode83_zps7885051a.png
My what a wonderful and repeating dream you keep having.....
Speaking of serious…I might have glossed over Tuxedo Mask having a moment. See he was unable to protect Usagi when Zoisite was being all Zoisite like. He ran off all mad like it was his fault. Like hello dude you already had a pout about the fact that you have no powers. We get it. You are doing the best you can. These girls with powers are having a hard enough time to protect themselves. I think when the girls transform for the first time they are super powered which is why they come in guns blazing. Then after that initial use of power after a long time of dormancy they go back down to normal levels. Whatever the case may be Mamoru is all sad thinking he let his girlfriend down. Now that Usagi knows who he is I guess she could have visited the boy afterwards but…that is hard to do. It is better to go home and have weird dreams about someone who looks like Mamoru and someone that looks like her but that person is being referred to as Serenity. HMMMMMMMM what could be going on here folks? It is clear to everyone experiencing it. Because masks folks. And when you transform you look different. So obviously Usagi is just having weird dreams okay.
 photo sailormoonepisode84_zps04590722.png
Embrace that feeling. Ask questions!
Usagi….might have some brains. While she was all WOOHOO Princess the other day now she is thinking that maybe Minako is hiding things from her. Maybe it was the obvious facial expressions or the fact that Minako isn’t coughing up the crystal now. Like HMMMM why did you wait so long to come join us? You could have trained us better and what if we had DIED waiting for you? So yeah Usagi is pretty smart. She runs into Mamoru and of course it is flowerly and romantic time. She doesn’t really acknowledge his pity party self about not being able to protect her and instead focuses on wanting to help him out by asking Minako for the crystal. I do want to know at what point did Luna find out that Mamoru knows who Usagi is and that Usagi found out who Mamoru was? I know everyone runs around and says people’s names while transformed but I didn’t see any scene where Luna got UPSET about this. Like hello don’t you suspect him still for being a baddie? She was a little…sad this episode but not what I would qualify as SUPER WORRIED about everything. Of course Artemis and his crappy voice comes by to tell Luna she is doing a great job and oh by the way her memories were sealed on purpose for her own good. Why such a control freak Artemis?
 photo sailormoonepisode86_zps42307c6d.png
Make sure you send me alone so I will have minimum amount of success.
Instead of waiting for the enemy to poof away Minako told Zoisite that she was the Princess of the Moon Kingdom. Because that was smart. So now Queen Metalia who looks pretty gaseous and not metal like at all is like HMMMM this girl must know where the Silver Crystal is since…it’s hers and while we kicked their butts last time someone DID seal me away with what we assume is said Silver Crystal. Instead of running around jewelry stores and having random humans search their closets we could just send the Kings out to do mean things to humans and capture said Sailor Venus/Moon Princess when she comes in to save the day. I mean…I think they can conquer Earth without the crystal and if they destroy the person who has the crystal no one has it right? Sounds like a plan. Now we will wait until all the Kings are feeling better and we will set up a massive plan that will involve killing the other four Scouts and capturing Sailor Venus. Maybe leaving one Scout alive so Venus will spill the beans. Or…or…Kunzite will be sent alone because clearly he needs time to shine alone yes? Let my flowing locks get the crystal for her gaseousness. Yeah going alone sounds like a better idea, since it has worked out so well for everyone else.
 photo sailormoonepisode87_zpsf72af271.png
Wait how is he doing this?!
5 seconds later it seems Kunzite is ready for his plan. And dude he didn’t even draw out Minako. No no he just…talks to Minako directly in her head. I wonder if there was more to that though. Like he froze everyone in the town and his magical talking waves would only affect Minako. If he knew who Minako was I guess he could have gone to her house and kidnapped her. This secret identity stuff is hard folks. Anyway he is all like bring the Silver Crystal to Tokyo Tower or I will kill everyone in the city. Poor Tokyo Tower is going to be all beat up. Good thing they have the Sky Tree now to keep things going in the city. Minako is told to go alone because maybe Kunzite marathoned some of the episodes and realized he could actually take on one of the girls and live. This probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal, well not right away anyway if Minako hadn’t run into all the other Scouts who apparently were going to her house right that minute to pick her up for dinner. So they all know where she lives? I wonder why they hadn’t been seen hanging out with their beloved Princess then? Perhaps this is where a few filler episodes would have helped out. Anyway Minako blows them off rather fast and starts to make her way to Tokyo Tower to die at the hands of Kunzite.
 photo sailormoonepisode89_zps8274e1a4.png
Wait finish the sentence!
That probably would have happened if Kunzite hadn’t gotten so greedy. Trying to get the Crystal and human energy at the same time. Because Minako only got about 5 feet before the other Scouts realized there were passed out people everywhere and hello there is a massive power outrage and the enemy loves to take over Tokyo Tower. Had he just cooled his jets he would have been able to take Minako and…I guess use her as bait as well? For the other Scouts? Torture a few of the girls until Sailor Venus gave up the goods. Now he has to deal with all the Scouts and Mamoru who has woken up from another Princess Serenity laced dream coming for him. Better pull that hair back in a ponytail, wouldn’t want to mess up your lovely locks all messed up. 

Minako doesn’t really do that great against Kunzite on her own. I don’t really think her heart was in the battle either. She seems to have all her memories from her precious life and doesn’t want to fight against Kunzite. HMMMMMM and he seems to take a minute to think about this too before being ordered to take her out. If I math correctly every single King has had a moment with every single Scout, like they KNOW them from somewhere else. I WONDER WHAT THAT COULD BE! But for now Kunzite is going to battle. Before Minako is taken out all the other Scouts FLY (yes fly) up to the tower to save their beloved Princess. Kunzite lets them have their moment too, like we love you Princess and you don’t have to go it alone anymore. We are here to protect you so let us show off our skills and beat Kunzite for you. Because we are the best team that ever existed.
 photo sailormoonepisode812_zps74568357.png
Okay maybe not so useless after all.
Or Kunzite is like are you for real, your powers are pretty lame and attacks everyone. The other Sailor Scouts use some new power that allows them to float (and FLY) in the air. In the manga and this show the Scouts randomly get new powers while fighting whereas the original anime everyone usually had one attack per season. And there was no flying. Usagi was not part of this fly circle and was falling headlong into the ground below. Whatever will happen to her? Oh Tuxedo Mask will show up and save her? He is good at catching girls you know. Usagi wants Tuxedo Mask to show up and save her but then she always realizes he will be in danger. And this time folks..she wants to protect him. This is her mission and he is precious to her so he needs to leave while she handles this. Then poof a kiss and jump she is off to save the day. Instead of losing some of his man pride Mamoru is very touched and..moved at how many sides to Usagi there really are. She has grown up a lot since the series still started. But no matter how much she cares and tries for her friends….she still hasn’t gathered enough power to stop Kunzite. So she was jumping up the tower to protect everyone and it wasn’t going to end well for her and everyone knew it. So Mamoru was like NO I am not going to let you protect me, I am going to protect you…and threw himself in front of the blast. X___X What a dramatic way to end an episode. No really I mean that…because of the long gap in episodes. Curse you Sailor Moon! How dare you make me wait…of course I can’t really complain about things being late can I….So I will be patient. If I have to anyway…until next time!


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