Friday, October 31, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: So many Halloween costums to choose from!

 photo DuffyHalloweenPics007_zps54dbfbda.jpg
This is sort of an everyday Halloween outfit complete with the new hat Dad got me.
Hello there! It is I Duffy the Disney Bear. And I am here to tell you lovely readers...I have a lot of costumes. A lot! Mom told me that Halloween was coming up and told me I needed to decide what to wear. So I went to my closet and looked. SO MANY COSTUMES! I think I have enough to celebrate the 13 days of Halloween or something. How am I going to decide? I better try them all on to see which one I like best....
 photo DuffyHalloweenPics005_zps2e1f7137.jpg
My all time favorite costume is my Sulley outfit. I think Disney made a very good costume here.
 photo DuffyHalloweenPics006_zps35fc54be.jpg
I even have a little Mike to go along with my costume.
 photo DuffyHalloweenPics004_zps8dfe2951.jpg
I could always go as my favorite movie Cars.
 photo DuffyHalloweenPics003_zpsd6339a6a.jpg
Come on Lightening McQueen. Drive us home!
 photo DuffyHalloweenPics001_zps57da682b.jpg
Halloween is a time when bad things can happen too. I know this due to all the movies Mom watches....
 photo DuffyHalloweenPics002_zpsa376b698.jpg
Well that wasn't very nice of me, picking on the Tsums. I wonder if they do make a tasty treat though.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014180_zpsa9c6ed5d.jpg
It did all start with a mouse. Without Mickey where would I be?
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014181_zpsd726ba0f.jpg
I am Mickey, King of the Tsums.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014178_zps346bcf82.jpg
Mom doesn't have Shelly May yet so she lets the Hellos wear her clothes. She does sorta have hearts on her...
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014179_zps1b739182.jpg
I bet Shelly and I will look cute when she finally shows up. A matching pair.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014176_zpsb330faf1.jpg
This Duffy hasn't been introduced yet. Mom should get around to posting that....But he looks pretty Hawaiian. And where is Stitch from?
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014177_zpsa2b59aa2.jpg
We could kick back and just relax this Halloween season.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014173_zps0486ed91.jpg
It's good to be bad!
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014174_zpsd566ff15.jpg
Kira you are blowing my cover!
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014175_zpsd83f16ac.jpg
Drat he saw me!
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014169_zpsd1742b48.jpg
I could sneak up on all the other plushies this holiday....
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014170_zpsa41dd63f.jpg
Wait don't be scared! It's just me Duffy.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014171_zps5bb261f9.jpg
:( No one likes me.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014172_zps46bc4dcd.jpg
Just kidding! Everyone loves Eeyore. See how many costumes I have? How am I going to pick? Decisions decisions.....

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