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Denkigai no Honya-san episode 2

Is everyone enjoying the holiday season? Of course I am talking about Halloween time and how there are lots of scary/horror movies on TV. I would like it a bit more if some channels stopped repeating the same movies over and over again and showed some other movies but still...I like all these kind of movies. Horrible or not. This may also be keeping me from blogging on time as I get so engrossed in these repeat movies and POOF it is time for bed already. Silly me.
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode23_zps386f60ff.png
Tuna tug of war. DUH FOLKS!
Before you bundle the kids (or yourself) up in costumes have some more anime posts. Up now is Denkigai no Honya-san episode 2. Spoilers for....very questionable games.
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode211_zps775f129a.png
Run away from the insanity Hio!
Episode Summary: Director is rallying the troops as there is a special manga release coming out. It is heavily implied in the finale of the Haruhi. Some of the workers are a bit doubtful that they should change their work hours (closing at 2 am, after the last train) for a manga that had a three year period in between volumes. Umio takes offense to this and goes off on a crazy tangent that this is a manga to end all mangas and how dare people doubt it. He is basically declared insane as the rest open the store up for business. Fu Girl ends up being a customer and worries about not making the last train home. She is pretty far back in line but the rest of the staff at the store work as hard as they can to get the customers out. Super fast, flying all over the place besides Director. Hio points out he needs to start helping them work. Everyone collapses to the floor around 2 am as the event is over. Hio and Fu Girl are worried about there being no more trains. Director offers to clean up as everyone else can go..somewhere else. Sensei takes everyone to a family style restaurant that she loves and often spends a lot of time at doing her manga work. Soon Fu Girl starts to get sleepy and Sommelier goes out of his way to be the one to take her back to the store to nap. He gets her in bed and while being a creeper is sad to hear her whisper Umio’s name. He goes on the couch and sits with Director for a while. Sommelier drinks him under the table and they are both pretty sloshed when the others return to sleep in the break room. Early the next day Umio wakes up with Fu Girl on top of him. Sommelier pretends to sleep and watches this scene, ready for more heartbreak when it is revealed Fu Girl thinks Umio would make the perfect zombie. She is obsessed with them and happily tells Umio that he looks like the guy who would die and become a zombie to protect the rest of the group. To prove her point she has painted Umio all up like a zombie. She decides she wants to practice her zombie killing skills on the confused boy as Sommelier and the rest are like oh….that’s the kind of relationship they are going to have and go back to bed.
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode25_zpsf81dfd66.png
Doesn't this scream summertime street fair?
After the break it has skipped over to the Denki-Gai Late Summer Greetings Festival. Basically all the shops in the area will compete to be the best and win some fabulous (and not so fabulous) prizes. A lot of people are dressed in funny costumes while our main characters are dressed in what looks like high school gym clothes. Most of the girls are unhappy with this state of dress but Sensei tries to keep her eye on that cash prize. Fu Girl is the team captain who thinks yelling at everyone is a great way to lead the team. The only one who seems to be motivated by the yelling is Sommelier who wants to please her in any way and Sensei who sees dollar signs n her eyes. After the mascot of the street (which I think changes throughout the episode and says super annoying things after every sentences) Hio is up next for some golden ball pushing event. Most of the contestants are girls and super embarrassed at what they have to push. Director decides to make the event worse by teasing Hio. She ends up being flatten by another contestant’s ball. Umio is up next in the Protect Your Wife contest. Basically they have to run while holding a figurine AKA wife. Umio does pretty good in the event as he loves his figurine and is able to hold off others who are trying to cheat and push him. One team then shows off a pre-release figurine which gets Umio’s interest. He ends up dropping his figurine and he experiences shame. With Hio and Umio down for the count Kameko is given a shirt and put on the team. There is a Tug of Tuna event next which Kameko loses for her team as she is distracted by a camera lens that is apparently amazing. The mascot announces that the last event will determine the winner meaning all the other events were useless. Teams of no more than three have to protect one member wearing a flag from getting wet in a water fight. Our mains break into two groups of three with Fu Girl leading the charge with her zombie killing ways. Director decides to wear the smallest banana hammock in the world causing Hio to lose it again. Hio and her team eventually lose even though Hio was targeting the balls. Fu Girl and Umio make a good team but it is Sommelier who is super protective of Fu Girl. Their team ends up winning…until Sensei attacks Fu Girl. Turns out she was her own team so she could have the prize money all to herself. As they watch Sensei win Umio asks Fu Girl about the costumes they are winning and she is like…no I am in high school, this isn’t a costume for me. Umio is shocked and Sommelier and Fu Girl have a moment later, deciding the day was fun. THE END!
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode26_zps5fd8422c.png
Remember...they are zombies!
Episode 2 and there seems to be no stop on the insanity train. I wonder how long this show can carry this insane pace. Like WOOHOO every day is crazy at HorseHeadMangas! In between shrink wrapping and ringing customers up of course. XD Just so much craziness though.
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode210_zps72280059.png
The most special manga ever folks. We must be prepared!
Sometimes shows are very abstract on the topics they are talking about. Like oh a special manga release is coming up, time to get to work people. Nothing is really mentioned, probably due to copying right material. Then some series make up shows to talk about, like LalaLulu that might be based on something but is so generic no one can say anything and that is the main focus on the show (or the go to point). Not this show. This show is going to call it Yepsis and keep on trucking. So it is my impression that crew this week was talking about Haruki. The late release date that kept fans hanging for years and having a super late release date in a country that has last trains and…expensive taxi cabs. The way Umio talks is probably how a die hard fan of the Haruhi series talks: I will support the manga no matter how much I am put through! Hio had more of a logic point of view, this took…a long time to be released and working this late is going to cause problems for workers AND people picking up the manga. A lot of work for a manga that took it’s sweet time coming around and keeping fans blowing in the wind. In fact most of the workers felt that way while Umio was in the corner with all the other volumes, caressing the volumes as he whispered sweet nothings into the page’s ear. I think Umio works here for the discount.
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode212_zpsbcfa1400.png
I am sure it didn't go fast enough but it ends without death.
The event comes and goes. It only lasts an hour. Besides Fu Girl (what a lame name…) all the other mains had to work the event. “Work” of course. Isn’t that how it always goes? Oh you are in charge of us so you are going to stand around and watch us work? Good job. Although I am not sure what else he could have done in this silly scenario. People were coming to buy that volume only and leaving. It’s not like they needed help around the store. As long as all the registers were manned I am not even sure why the entire crew was there. X___X Just for drama I suppose. Hio was making it look like utter chaos. Get in line you manga lovers. We are all just trying to get in and out of here without any blood shed. As long as it isn’t limited edition there is no reason to be all crazy about things. But if it was limited edition…yeah people would be going crazy. Sadly.
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode214_zpsbddd45a1.png
No one else can take care of Fu Girl or Sommelier will kill them.
After two hours the event is over and everyone seems to have survived. Fu Girl stuck around because of the last train issue. I think the other characters minus Hio were able to walk home despite the late hour and instead of inviting the girls to stay at her house Sensei is like…lets go to a family restaurant. Like um no I want to go home and sleep. Or go home and read this manga. Too early, even for me, to see looking at people. But everyone else was like WOOHOO we should eat some food after drinking all those Redbulls. Sometimes you reach a point where you are so tired you aren’t tired anymore. And going out and acting silly with friends is always fun right?
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode215_zps20b7b58f.png
Why are you whispering Umio's name?!
Partially through the dinner/lunch/breakfast/early morning noms time Fu Girl gets tired. All that nonworking got the best of her. Apparently the plan all along was to eat at this restaurant and THEN go back to work and take a group nap in the break room until the trains were running. I think I might have taken the nap instead of going out at all but I like making sense. I like that Director did most of the cleaning up since everyone else did all the other work. Of course was there much to clean up? Anyway Umio offers to take home Fu Girl and suddenly Sommelier is like NO I will. Well he didn’t say it in words. Just his massive body standing up and letting everyone know he is the only one carrying the tiny girl back to the shop. So not only are they are dynamic duo at the shop (his mouthpiece if you would) but he has feelings for the girl as well. This will surely end well. Except the fact that Sommelier puts Fu Girl to sleep and she moans Umio’s name. That could be a deal breaker. All the girls want him woohoo! Sommelier drowns his troubles in beer. Director tries to keep up with the drinking he is no match for the giant man of few words.
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode216_zps0b67a410.png
You like me so much because you want to shoot my zombie persona?!
Everyone ends up back at the shop and passes out for some hours. On couches and what not. Since Fu Girl didn’t work and got the most sleep she was up the soonest. And decided that she needed to hit on Umio in front of all her coworkers. Or or…..she is a freak. I think Umio might have thought it was a sexy wake-up call and he was going to be flattered yet turn her down. Then he realized that he never asked what Fu Girl’s nickname was all about. I actually didn’t know what her name meant either so it was a shocker for me. Not much of a shock for Japanese people or those who know how to work the internet. I don’t think I would enjoy having the nickname rotten girl but meh. I guess this means she has an obsession with gross things. In Fu Girl’s case she has an obsession with zombies. And Sommelier need not worry about Umio. Fu Girl just happens to think the boy would make a perfect zombie. Like the guy who dies saving his friend and what not. You can go back to sleep Sommelier…and others. Because Fu Girl has no romantic feelings for this boy. She just wants to dress him up as a walker and beat him silly. Girls has to be prepared for the apocalypse you know!
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode217_zps446cbb64.png
Sometime later the group moves on from the sales of the Haruhi manga and focuses on this festival. Ah it must be fun to be part of a company that does fun things like that. Of course if I had a job (you know at all) that had events like that I would complain how it was mandatory and how I didn’t want to do it. You know, like how the girls at this shop really didn’t want to wear these uniforms and take part in some of the questionable activities. This festival, the Denki-Gai Late Summer Greetings Festival, was for the entire street. This street might be based on another famous street in Tokyo, one that focuses on manga, anime, and electronics. I am sure that is just a coincidence that the two are similar. XD So yeah it is a time to promote the businesses or just build up camaraderie within the area. The mascot for this shopping area is rather special. I might not have gone that way but whatevers. It is what it is. Everyone seems excited for the events but don’t want our mains to win for some reason. Some of the girls aren’t happy with their outfits as they were…special. And looked more like a field day event at a high school and not anime/manga related like their shop specializes in. It looks like Fu Girl chose the outfits though as she is very invested in a win despite how her teammates felt about the event. Like you will listen to me and we will win that grand prize. Sensei also seemed pretty concerned about the prize money too but…for herself. HOW DARE SHE!
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode218_zpsff24c82a.png
No. Just no.
Every single of the events was special and over the top. It was like the event was made to make women feel as uncomfortable as possible. Because anime and mangas don’t have a bad enough reputation for woman. No no, we must do everything over the top. Like exaggerate this and exaggerate that. What do a lot of men like in anime/mangas? Panties. So instead of a pie eating contest or apple whatever thing on the string (I forget what it is called) there was a Panty eating contest. I notice that they didn’t actually eat the panties which I am grateful for. Sommelier was the one who ran this race for the team and it was dramatic but he pulled out a win. It was for his Fu Girl after all. Everyone else would have to follow in his footsteps in terms of victory. Fu Girl will not accept defeat which is pretty unfortunate given what would happen the rest of the day. It is not explained why the rest of the street shops are so against our mains but they are bitter about the panty lose and decide to team up to stop them from winning any more events.
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode21_zps81849dba.png
Do you HAVE to do that Director?
The next event…was a lot of special. And perverted. Everyone seemed to put their girls on this event because golden balls folks. Golden balls. The other store people weren’t shown harassing their girls so I don’t know if Director was really out of line or just going along with the MENZ being perverted and creepy people out. Director was a super creep later so maybe it was only him. Hio did not take kindly to this harassment and almost died on the ground. I think if Fu Girl was in this event…it might have gone better. She is a bit shorter but seems to deal okay with balls. BALLS FOLKS! Are you laughing yet? Balls. Hio loses and loses big as she was run over by a golden ball since she couldn’t handle her balls correctly. The shame folks. She shall never marry obviously and must sit out a few events until she is able to pull herself together. From the shame of being squished in a golden ball event.
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode22_zpsf91e2a54.png have let us down. Disappointment.
The next event featured Umio and had a lot of promise. Because he is basically a crazy person when it comes to anime and manga. So I figured whatever the task was he might be good at. When I saw it was figurine carrying (like egg carrying) I was like score. Umio will treat this wife (MOG INSANE) like gold so our mains will be back up on that leader board. Well…since the other stores are mad at the mains they tried to push Umio to make him lose. And when that didn’t work they went with the more aggressive approach…..introducing a new figurine that hasn’t been released yet and will be limited edition. Umio was weak and cheated on his wife. He should kill himself now. One could argue his inability to do the next event cost them as Kameko had to take his place. I am not sure what the competition was supposed to represent in the anime/manga world but it was a tug a war with a fish. Yeah…..I don’t know. You would think that the tiniest girl Kameko wouldn’t even matter in this game as Sommelier was in on their event. But I guess everyone got distracted when Kameko was tricked into buying a false camera lens. Cameras are her weakness and shouldn’t pass up a deal. She should sue for false advertising as that wasn’t a lens at all. So yeah disappointed in that event as Sommelier could have been on his own team and won yet somehow got distracted along with everyone else and lost it. How can this group when the events now?!
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode24_zpsb95b8a2e.png
Aim for the head!
Oh because the last event is the only one that counts? I see now. I am sure the rest of the stores were thrilled with this news. The last event was a good old fashion water fight with a bit of capture the flag mixed in. The only thing perverted about this event was Director handing out banana hammocks to everyone else. And lets be real folks. Calling those banana hammocks is being kind. They really were just….the things men wear to appear to be naked in movies. Where do you even buy underwear like that?! But besides that the event was pretty cut and dry with the teams. Fu Girl really led the way with her pretending everyone else was a zombie and shooting them up. With Sommelier using his body to protect his little Fu Girl and Umio being pretty decent they were able to beat all the other stores despite more teaming up against them. They are unstoppable. Victory is theirs!
 photo Denki-gainoHonya-sanepisode28_zps9b86e86c.png
Why? Were you going to ask her out? X___X
Or you….the store. At least the store won guys…even if there was people turning on each other. Sensei paid attention to the rules that stated up to three people on a team. So when she wasn’t picked on a team she was like…I can have the flag on my own head and protect myself. Then run around and snip people and win on her own. Technically I would think that it was a store win as that is how she was able to enter the contest in the first place but it was presented as she won by herself. Fu Girl wasn’t as upset as I thought she would have been. Like how dare you steal my victory! This might have something to do with the fact that Umio just learned that Fu Girl was really a high school student thus the high school swim suit and what not. That turned into a slight embarrassing moment. But since Sommelier and Fu Girl had their own moment at the end of the show I don’t think it is going to have anything to do with romance. Umio and Fu Girl will just be friends as she and Sommelier have more of an understanding, always there for each other. Sommelier says few words but the words he does say are for this zombie loving gal. Ah young love at the work place. With those two out of the love triangle mess who does that leave for Umio to leave heartbroken? I guess I will have to find out next time…whenever I get caught up you know. XD Go me!

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