Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Birthday....Me! Let them all eat cake...but mostly me.

What is this? Late October already? Time for scary movies, polyester costumes, candy by the fistfuls, and the return of The Walking Dead. Hmmm Daryl. Oh yeah and one more thing…My birthday! Happy Birthday to me!!!

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Yes folks..I share a birthday with Michael Myers. He is slightly older than me but we both blow our candles out on the same day. His cake might be a pile of dead bodies but the point still stands. It also made me start to wonder….now that I am getting OLD (31 to be exact) what other things are old. Like things I love and use in my everyday life. What would kids call ancient nowadays that I could be like hey get off my lawn and let me be. So I decided to think up a few things and compare my age to them to see how old I really am. Although I fear I am quite ancient as I am a loyal N Sync fan and have no idea who is in One Direction. Things that I am older than: 

Ghostbusters- This movie came out June 1, 1984. When it was being advertised on TV as the 30th anniversary of this movie I was like HEY that can’t be right, I am turning 31 oh wait now I get it. Like my mind hadn’t caught up with the fact I was days away from being 31 and yeah….I already existed by the time this classic movie came out. 

Thriller the song- While I am not older than the whole album itself I am older than Thriller the song. I guess when you release singles and stuff. Why I almost 3 weeks old when that was being blared across every major radio station. This must be why I love zombies so much. 

Code Red- In the year 2001 Code Red was introduced into my life. At first I was skeptical. Surge was eventually taken away from me (although it might be coming back!!!) so I didn’t want to fall in love with another drink only for it to be ripped from my sugar obsessed hands. This drink is just so…so many things. While it worries me this drink has NEVER caught on in stores (hate you Taco bell for giving then taking away) it seems to have staying power in the stores so I am a happy little Tenchi. 

Disney Parks including Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Disneyland Paris, Disney California Adventures, Tokyo Disney Sea, Hong Kong Disneyland, whatever that crappy studios park is called in Paris- Wow that is a lot of parks. Of course most people would argue that all the good parks were made before I existed but still…Disney has grown a lot in 31 years. Lots of parks anyway with more on the way. Now if the content within the parks grew at the same rate…also I need to see some of these parks on the list. 

Things that I am younger than: 

Alien- While I don’t think this movie has aged as badly as some movies (in terms of graphics and such like Terminator and Ghostbusters) it still is a movie that tries to be futuristic for its time and some parts of it today…well you can tell came from 1979. Still I am sure this movie will still look great for it’s time while people in the future will be rolling their eyes at the “graphics” in Transformers. 

Cellphones- According to the internets the closest relative to what we call cellphones today came out in the year 1983. But if we want to be technical something like a cellphone existed 1979, although with very limited availability. But even if we were using the 1983 date chances are it would be the 9.5 months before my birthday still putting them older than me. But barely folks. I actually thought this was a much closer date as Scream was so silly with calling them Cellular Phones, like they just came out last week in that timeline. 

The Thing- Where were you June 25, 1982? Well probably not in the theaters watching this masterpiece as it took a while for this show to pick up an audience. But yes folks. I have watched this movie a million times and it never gets old. Childs is 31 years older than me and went on to do things like voice baddies in Princess in the Frog. I am not sure who gave Kurt Russell permission to get old but who am I to say who is old now?

Orlando Bloom- It pains me…PAINS me to report that Orlando Bloom is 37 years old. Like hello I just saw Fellowship of the Ring in theaters last year, how dare you say Orlando Bloom isn’t and up and coming actor. Of course I still think he is baby face and a cutie. Ya’ll can keep your Brad Pitts and George Clooneys. Orlando Bloom has my heart…you know, after my husband. XD 

Disney Parks including Disneyland (original), Magic Kingdom at Disney World, EPCOT, Tokyo Disneyland- So basically I am younger than most of the flagship parks of the major part resort areas. The parks you would visit if you had limited time in the area. Oh how much fun it would have been to seen the park when Walt Disney was alive. I only had to go to one of the parks on this list but I bet people would call it the most important since it started it all. 

This is just a sample of things that I am older or younger than. I think we can guarantee that I am older than all the current kids on The Disney channel but I am younger the entire cast of Buffy. I would list more but I got an early birthday present of Alien playing right now. XD Gotta watch it…and maybe finish blogging the 5 or so anime posts I have that need to be…well mostly started. XD

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