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Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo episode 3

Um...i forgot what blog post number I am on for today. XD 5 maybe? I shall post this one and see about to dinner. Then I will organize what I have left to do on some more random posts and go from there. Or you more anime and have tons of half finished posts for next week WEEEE!
 photo crossangeepisode320_zps6887a6e3.png
I would want to say goodbye too if this was my future.
Before I eat the noms though here is another anime post. Up now is Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo episode 3. Gosh animes have such long titles. Anyway spoilers for Ange needing a shovel because she just keeps digging herself a bigger hole every time she opens her mouth.
 photo crossangeepisode316_zpsa6a3f868.png
So much denial!
Episode Summary: Miranda screams for Coco as her vehicle crashes into the ocean. Ange looks in shock as the area becomes full of dragons. Like she wasn’t paying attention to that video at the preschool class. Salia is told to back off by Zola and focus on the battle and not deserter Ange. Zola tells Miranda to stay alive while the rest of the girls fight. Miranda tries to go after Ange who still thinks she is going back home. She tells Ange that there is only enough fuel for the battle and that she will never make it. Ange doesn’t care about facts and keeps on going. Miranda flies over where Coco died and gets pissed at her friend for thinking that Normas could ever have a happy ending. To make her point really clear to Ange Miranda is knocked off her vehicle and eaten by three different dragons. Ange loses her mind at seeing this second death. The rest of the girls put the deaths behind them and start battling the dragons. They do a really great job, dodging the gross things that the dragons fire and attacking them with freezing bullets or something. Soon they are down to the last dragon and victory looks promising. Zola tells them all to focus on doing as much damage as possible when Ange and her lost mind self flies over to the battle and hugs Zola out of fear. Zola is unable to fire and she and Ange are both hit by the massive dragon. Ange wakes up in her broken vehicle to find a dead Zola dripping down on her. Ange is mended in the clinic where Jill brings the entire squad over to explain how serious Ange’s actions were. Three pilots died and 4 vehicles were destroyed because she tried to run away. Zola was clearly loved by everyone on the troop now….Ange decides to make her situation worse for herself by saying she is not a murderer because Normas aren’t human. Zola’s groupies don’t respond well to that and give Ange so hurts because of her callous attitude. Jill then makes Salia the new captain and Hilda the second in command. The other girls leave with different feelings about the situation.
 photo crossangeepisode315_zps0559a155.png
Probably the product of humans using magic.
Ange falls asleep briefly and dreams of her maid doing everything for her as the King ordered the royal family to never use mana. She wakes up in the clinic and asks if her petitions have gone out. Surprisingly Jill sent them and none of the other nations would accept the letters and she claims that Ange’s nation doesn’t even exist anymore, that perhaps the people revolted over the lies. Ange truly is stuck here and needs to get with the program. When Ange is well enough Jill makes Ange carry the grave stones out to the sight as the survivors need to have the wasted lives really embedded in their minds. Ange doesn’t respond to this much or the fact she has to pay for this somehow. Jill and another woman tell Ange how it is, that Coco was only 12 years old and that as a Norma Ange will fight dragons or die. That is it. Ange once again tries to claim that she can use Mana just…not right now. It doesn’t really work and Jill lays out the truth, that the magic world only exists because the Normas kill the dragons for them. Ange has a moment of compassion, realizing that her little sister is the same age as Coco was…but then she realizes how awful her life will be at this island and asks to be killed. Jill is like no you will die on the battlefield like your comrades so suck it up. Salia (or someone) interrupts this grand time by saying the dragon has been spotted. Jill is like time to go Ange. It is pointed out that Ange no longer has a vehicle. Jill has a solution to that and gives Ange the oldest one (they all have names and different colors and what not) in the fleet. It is basically falling apart so it will help Ange die if she wants to. Ange seems okay with that as Salia is a bit….err maybe we shouldn’t be doing this…but Jill reminds her about rules so up Ange goes. The other girls aren’t happy to fight along with this Zola killer but on they go. The dragon appears in the water and still has retained the injuries from last time. At first Salia seems to have a great game plan but the dragon has a sneak attack. Something to do with the dragon ice attacks. This throws Salia off and soon the squad falls apart. Ange is also not helping with her wetting herself and flying directly at the dragon so she can die properly. But deep down inside it is hard for her body to turn off it’s natural instinct to survive. Ange eventually gets caught by the dragon and is about to die when her royal ring is exposed from her bandaid hand. She remembers what her mother said about living on and how Coco died horribly. Suddenly she doesn’t want to die and the ring glows. Suddenly…poof her vehicle morphs into some amazing piece of equipment and it works properly. She finds the will to live and kicks the dragon’s ass. After the dragon is defeated Ange realizes what she has done and that she doesn’t want to kill to live and blah blah. Headquarters hears Ange have a breakdown after the battle but Jill seems okay with it all. Ange goes to the graves of Coco, Miranda, and Zola later…and basically says goodbye to her past life and family. She signifies this moment by slicing off all her hair. She returns to her room and eats the pudding that Coco gave her. She cries and declares it gross. THE END!
 photo crossangeepisode318_zps0a201890.png
Super old machine that no one wants to will surely end up magical.
Okay. So this episode wasn’t AS BAD as the previous two. Yes this show is going to have tons of unnecessary skin but at least no one was molested or rapped on my screen. Probably because the main offender died and it probably would have made more sense if Ange was killed rather than rapped. But yes. The torture continues as I keep on trucking with a show that is probably not meant for me but I am too stubborn to quit and enjoy complaining about things.
 photo crossangeepisode36_zpsd77bfc19.png
And apparently Normas have a very, very short lifespan.
When we last saw these Normas (the show will end with everyone realizing that Normas are NORMAL and Mana users are actually the freaks yes?) Ange decided that breaking formation to fly back home was a great idea. Salia came up to stop Ange and Coco came up to join her wonderful Ex Princess when the DRAGON gate opened up on Coco and she was sliced in half. Now in a normal anime with a lovable main character Ange would have turned her little machine around and avenged Coco. That despite thinking all Normas are monsters and aren’t human she got to know the sweet girl and she must avenge her. She is the Princess, one of a the people and she will defend said people. Move over Zola, Ange is here to protect everyone, even your rapey ass.
 photo crossangeepisode35_zps9cacc501.png
Well at least that makes a tiny bit of sense.
Or or…Ange would freak out even more and continue to escape even though there are lots of little dragons (I don’t feel like capitalizing it each time) and one big dragon heading for them all. I don’t know why Zola didn’t order Salia to kill Ange and join the rest. It wouldn’t have taken that long to shoot the upset girl in the head for deserting. Plus it might have ended better for certain people. Instead Salia was ordered to enter the main battle while Ange and Miranda were told to stay alive. That was their official duty. I would argue that they needed more time anyway and that giving Ange access to machinery was a bad idea anyway given the fact that she wasn’t feeling the friendship and protection angle. Good job Ange. Thanks for breaking all the norms. Probably because you are a Norma.
 photo crossangeepisode37_zps34590b8c.png least Coco won't be lonely now.
I think if I were Miranda I would have followed one of the other girls and used them as shields. I don’t think I would have gone after Ange as that girl wasn’t attempting to fight at all and clearly is only thinking of herself. Plus Coco did go after Ange so if Ange hadn’t run away Coco would have died later in the episode. That would have been Miranda’s logic anyway since Coco made her own choices and I don’t think Ange was really hiding how she felt about the other girls. Instead Miranda tried to help Ange despite all of this. Turns out the people running this island aren’t made of stupid. They only give the girls enough gas for their gear for one battle. And apparently this island is in the middle of nowhere so Ange has no chance in making it back to her home. Thank you Miranda for giving Ange that piece of advice. Look at the water and think of your friend Coco and how dumb she was as you are about to die as well. This death was a little more graphic. I don’t think that Ange would have made it in time to save the girl so all she could have done is watch as Miranda was eaten into tiny little Norma pieces.
 photo crossangeepisode38_zpsd8f932ce.png
Can't you see I am busy kicking ass?!
The other girls (especially Vivian) keep on trucking despite the death of their two newbies. And they were doing pretty well. This Naomi person must have been another newbie because it looks like these girls have been together for a while and know how to fight and support each other. These dragons seem to fight with ice crystals yet the main weapons against them also seem to be ice. I am sure what they are will be explained later. Or rather no one has really thought to ask what they are and Ange will figure their true nature out. For now fight the dragons and live. Enter the pretty battle scenes and all the girls taking out the smaller dragons. They were just minions anyway. The big one needs the most focus as he is a boss in a video game and you have to do enough HP damage to it despite where you actually hit it. This is when Ange comically flies over to Zola and hugs her, looking for protection. I was really expecting this to play out in a certain way. Like Zola would try to get Ange off of her while the other girls take out the dragon, denying Zola some of her military money for not taking out the big boss and what not. Zola and Ange would be punished later and everyone else would have sweatdrops on their heads over their antics. Those two silly kids.
 photo crossangeepisode39_zpsf6311c93.png
Thanks a lot Ange.
Or or since this show is about only awful things Ange has tears in her eyes and blocks Zola from battling the giant dragon and it hits both of their units. When Ange comes to she is injured, in the water, and has Zola’s fake eye in her lap. When Ange and Zola crashed Zola was partially thrown from her unit and her dead body was dripping blood all over Ange because nightmares are fun for everyone. We learn later that the remaining girls don’t continue to fight the massive dragon. Because their leader is dead and were ordered to find survivors and return to base. Well really I am sure that the girls were sent to look for Zola and for some reason were told to bring back the injured Ange because a soldier is a soldier. Also killing Ange would not be fun. Torturing her is much better.
 photo crossangeepisode310_zpsacc13c11.png are going to get beat for that.
Of course Ange brings a lot of problems on herself. She wakes up in the clinic covered in bandaids but alive. I might have questioned why this scene was looking way too 5th Element given some of the areas that were covered were not injured and perhaps a few article of clothing could have been used. But that probably wasn’t the point. The point is 4 vehicles and 3 fighters were lost in this battle that probably goes swimmingly every other time or…only one person is lost. So what is different about this time? Oh just the fact that Ange tried to get away. Now Coco did follow her and Miranda wasn’t told to stick to Ange so is Ange really to blame for their deaths? Coco tried to escape too and I didn’t see her lasting that long anyway. And the battle against the larger dragon had been going well so I don’t know why the remaining girls could have protected Zola during Ange’s hug. But if Ange had just fallen back and allowed the others to do their jobs Zola would still be alive and she is who everyone cares about and looks up to so there were going to be hurt feelings. Ange didn’t take kindly to being called a murderer and explained that since Normas aren’t human there was no murder committed. Yeah that went over super well with Zola’s groupies. I am not seeing a whole lot of older woman on this island so I am guessing people die SUPER YOUNG. After Jill it appears that Zola might have been one of the older fighters so this loss is a big hit for the group. So Jill allows Zola’s groupies to get in a few licks as Ange lays there being all injured and feeling sorry for herself.
 photo crossangeepisode313_zps636cadc1.png
Well at least you sent the letters? That is more than I thought you were going to do.
Grief time seems to be brief here at Island de Hell. Jill quickly puts Salia in charge of this troop with Hilda the new second in command. So that means the balance of power shifts slightly with the groupies no longer being on top. I am going to hope that everyone cried later over these losses but maybe they are so desensitized by death now (like Vivian) it is just another day. I would hope that deep down Ange feels upset about the deaths of these three girls even if she doesn’t feel that she is responsible. That time is not now though as she asks what about the letters. Yes the letters to the other nations asking for help or asylum or something. While Ange is laying next to the body of her leader she only thinks about herself. I thought Jill was going to laugh in her face but….yeah surprisingly Jill attempted to mail out these letters. I would have lied and just stamped rejected on them but that’s just me. No one wants Ange, especially her nonexistent nation. Now I don’t think it just…poof stopped existing because the royal family was proven to be liars. I think that Julio renamed it something different and either Jill or he are being dramatic about the wording. Either way there is no hope for Ange and she better start accepting how things are. No more of these dreams of her happy Princess life although that dream did help explain why Ange had no idea about her mana status. That rule was put into place so the King and Queen could hide Ange’s condition but I thought it was still a flimsy excuse. Like Normas are awful for not accepting the gift of mana but no one in the family that LEADS the nation can use mana? Like it is below them or they would show off? It seems off to me.
 photo crossangeepisode314_zpsbfab69b0.png
I don't think Ange is at the point of caring for others yet. Especially Normas.
Once Ange is able to walk she is tried for her crimes and put to death for causing the deaths of two super young pilots and their commander. Clearly she is never going to get her act together and protect the rest of the squad. Life might be tough in RapeyLand but at least the girls don’t think they are better than the others and they are trying to live. Ange is not at that point and had Jill not put her in that Troop (at all or so soon) Zola and Miranda would still be alive. I fully believe Coco was not going to last anyway. Oh wait none of that happens? Instead Jill thinks the right punishment and way for Ange to GET IT would be to help bury her fellow teammates and pay for their gravestones. Yeah that might work on the others girls or the other girls might just volunteer out of a sense of duty and love but this was not going to happen with Ange. The woman who went along on the trip tried to talk about Coco and how she was only 12 but I sorta started to fade out when Zola was talked up as this great leader who really loved her troops. I wouldn’t really go that far in crazy land. Maybe she was a good soldier but her behavior was a no go with me.
 photo crossangeepisode31_zpsde79f4a6.png
Maybe there is still hope for you Ange but you have a long ways to go.
Ange had one tiny moment of clarity. She realized that her little sister is the same age as Coco. Perhaps she was imagining how tough her sister’s life would have been had she been a Norma and had some issues walking. It is usually easier to get to someone when you make it personal. This lasted 5 seconds as Ange was still not ready to accept Normas are human beings too; they just can’t use magic. Ange is still clingy to the idea she can use mana. I mean…maybe she is just rusty since she has never had to use it before. That could totally be it. Or she is in super duper denial due to her privileged upbringing. If Jill slapped (not rapped) Ange at this point I wouldn’t blame her. Instead she allows Ange to dig herself into despair. Eventually she will have to accept reality right? The reality that Normas only live to fight dragons and then they die. That her peace in the magic world was always tainted due to the Normas’s sacrifice.
 photo crossangeepisode317_zps23f6d245.png
A really hot mess? Just kill me now.
During this conversation it appears Ange does give up. Like you know what…if this is going to be my life from now on just kill me. I don’t think she has accepted she is a Norma but if she is stuck here with the rest of them and has to face those dragons for the rest of her life might as well kill her now. Jill won’t give her the satisfaction now though. Like um if you want to die you need to do so in battle like your comrades did. If I were Ange I might just hang myself but she has it in her mind she is still noble and what not and needs to die in an honorable way. If everything has been taken from her she can at least die the way she wants to. But no she is going to have to wait for the next dragon attack. OH LOOK! The big dragon from the last attack has been located. Lucky you Ange. Now you can die right away aren’t you happy? Salia wasn’t too happy about Ange being in her troop still…you know, given what JUST happened. But Salia is all about rules and following them. Jill won’t let a little thing like Ange not having a vehicle get her down. She will just give Ange the oldest unit they still have. You know, they were keeping it around for sentimental reasons. Using it for spare parts or scraping it would be silly. Now Ange can ride the piece of junk to her doom WOOHOO!
 photo crossangeepisode319_zps5dc974e4.png
Um avoid the attacks and fire. The game plan is about the same know.
Salia has probably been in this troop for a while and the way she carries herself I would assume she made second in command rather early. And I think that is a position she is good at. Leading…well maybe not so much. I think it stems from the fact that she can only follow the rules and standard procedures. Anything out of the ordinary and she is not able to handle it. All she has are standard attacks. That was going well for a while with the big dragon but once the thing launched it’s sneak attacks well Salia was calling out for dead Zola. I am not sure how the dragon was able to make sneak attacks under the water with it’s ice bolts but since I don’t know what they really are I guess anything is possible. Things quickly turned awful in the land of the already awful.
 photo crossangeepisode323_zpsf60b46fe.png
Well it is you now. Accept it or crash into the ocean. Might hurt less that way.
Enter the Ange. The girl who is trying to die on purpose. For a girl who wants to end it all she sure went about it in a long about way. I might have just crashed into the dragon the second could. That might have redeemed her in their eyes anyway, if she exploded on the dragon and saved everyone else. Like woohoo you were good for something after all. But while Ange wanted to die…she was incapable of allowing that to happen on an unconscious level. Like it just isn’t in her nature to give up. Sure her life is horrible on this island and she wants an out. But even as she pees herself and begs the dragon to kill her she just can’t. She is not a quitter and can’t just give up without a fight. I think she would have gotten to that point by herself but the thought of her mother dying to save her life…yeah that probably helped. Like I can’t waste this life that my sorta kind mother gave me. I say sorta find as the rest of the family was okay with letting other Normas die but refused to see the humanity in other Normas. Maybe they did but had to keep things hush hush.
 photo crossangeepisode321_zps3f14e99f.png
So why is this ring so magical? Guess we will have to wait to find out....soon? Or at the end of the series I suppose.
In any event as Ange was about to get eaten by a dragon…she decided it was living time. Jill for some reason let Ange wear her royal ring. I thought she would be denied her past life and Jill was beyond carrying about her feelings but there it is. And I guess it is a good idea that it was there because Ange was able to activate it with her royal blood. It is also good that this magic wing that is activated by Ange (maybe because she is a Norma?) has the ability to change rusted metal and what not into a working vehicle of amazingness. Like….just anime magic exploded all over my screen folks. Why did this ring suddenly explode into awesome? I mean I can understand Ange being awesome at piloting it as she has some natural ability but this seems out of left field. Unless this magic ring was guarded by the family on purpose, as Normas should rule the world of something.
 photo crossangeepisode322_zpse0f3e2b5.png
Byebye Mr. Dragon thingy....
Now that Ange can kick ass she made quick work of that dragon. What dragon? Begone ice attack and peace out giant creature. Of course Ange still isn’t all WOOHOO about her amazing attacking skills. She isn’t to that point yet. She has to cry about how killing is awful and this isn’t the way she wants to live her life. I don’t think crying for dragons is warranted yet but maybe I will be proven wrong. In any event Jill sees promise in her and maybe the rest of the troop (who was still super pissed and might have wanted to use Ange as a meat shield) owe that girl their lives. Ange does have a dramatic moment at the graves of her fallen comrades and I thought she was going to use that moment to apologize to the girls for what she did. Instead it was more of her saying goodbye to her family and old life. I think I would have liked it better had she cut her head and said goodbye to her life away from the graves, maybe just on the cliff. Ange did seem to say goodbye to Coco by eating the pudding though so I guess that counts for something. And yes I know she was crying over her horrible life situation and not because the pudding sucked. Haha. Baby steps. Ange has a lot of making up to do and I am sure she isn’t ready to embrace this life. Nor are the Zola naked girls ready to accept Ange into their hearts. So where does this leave Ange? Guess we will just have to find out next time right? If there is a next time…

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