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Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de episode 2

 photo inoubattleepisode28_zps12e5ad08.png
Silent!!!!!!! I am the fearless leader, here me roar!
WEEEE post number 4. Of course given how long I went without posting that might not be something to brag about. But for now I still have things in the queue and I will worry about catching up when....well when I find time to catch up. Up now is Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de episode 2. Spoilers for misunderstandings and crazy names.
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Yeah you pretty much suck at this task.
Episode Summary: Jurai has gathered all the club members together for something super important. Tomoyo is yelled at for showing her visible boredom. Jurai says that they all agreed to pick super hero names and Tomoyo needs to fall in line. Tomoyo points out that Jurai basically forced everyone’s hand into this insanity but Jurai is not deterred. All the girls set to work on picking a name that is perfect for them based on their abilities and personalities. Hatoko is rather boring with picking colors and putting them in front of her name. Jurai is like no go on those names. Sayumi is next to show off her skills in name picking and most of hers have the word Princess in them and have to do with fairy tales. Jurai is impressed and seems to think she put a lot of effort in her names. He does question why a mature woman like Sayumi would pick cute Princess names and not something along the lines like Queen. Sayumi gets embarrassed and/or mad and stomps away to the bathroom. Chifuyu is next in the name presenting procession. Her first name is something stupid, like Strawberry Strawberry or something. Her other names are things like Pineapple or words that imply something bad is happening in her home life. Tomoyo is last to show her name off and Jurai is moved to tears at how amazing her name is. He goes on and on and embarrasses her. They are interrupted when Mirei walks in to tell them to keep it down. Everyone knows she is using the noise as an excuse to come in for something else. Mirei is like I have business with Jurai today. Apparently he left a love letter in her locker and she is here to respond to said letter by confessing her love to the boy as well. Jurai is like whaaaaa while all the other girls have daggers in their eyes and anger in their hearts. Tomoyo is the first to voice her concerns and Mirei accuses her of being in love with Jurai as well. When Tomoyo blushes and denies it Mirei is like well then mind your business. Jurai tries denying all of this so Mirei pulls out the note and starts reading. She goes on and on for about 5 hours which is amazing since this is a 22 minute show. Jurai is like…I was trying to give her a name based on her power and she mistook the word Robber for Lover. Mirei is like I love you too so lets date. Tomoyo tries to rally the troops to take out Mirei but they are all so upset over this develop they have lost their minds. Mirei tells Tomoyo not to be jealous over her small boobie size verses Mirei’s breast size which causes Tomoyo to use her power against Mirei. Mirei of course steals them and Jurai has to sweet talk the girl into giving them back.
 photo inoubattleepisode24_zps7df33462.png
But was in my shoe locker.....and a word that looks like can this be?!?!
The next day Mirei waits for Jurai after class hoping to spend time with the boy. She ends up just walking him to his club room but is all happy and flowery about the situation. Jurai is like oh boy I need to stop this somehow, especially when he learns what her email is. All the girls were waiting for Jurai to arrive to the club room but when he walks in they all enter a state of ignoring him or being so pissed off at him he shouldn’t really talk to him anyway. Jurai asks Tomoyo if she is jealous which was the wrong thing to do. Eventually Sayumi becomes the mature one and points out that Jurai really isn’t doing anything wrong and that they should come up with a plan to help the boy let Mirei down. Jurai then has a mature moment and decides this is something he needs to do on his own as he created the problem. He finds Mirei after school and explains that it wasn’t a love letter but a letter giving her a name for her super power. Mirei gets embarrassed ad pretends that she never really liked Jurai anyway, she was just going along with him. Jurai sees the tears and keeps on apologizing because he really does feel bad. Mirei makes an excuse to leave and runs into walls because of her tears. Jurai feels super bad so Tomoyo walks up to make Jurai feel even worse about making a girl cry. But Tomoyo admits it really was Mirei who was going on and assuming things. Tomoyo asks why Jurai picked such a confusing name to begin with. It turns out Jurai had a reason for it. He wanted the character count and what to match, based on Japanese characters. He felt bad that Mirei must have felt so alone when she had powers and no one else while everyone else was together. Tomoyo smiles even though she still thinks Jurai is a chunni or whatever. They almost have a moment but decide to go home instead. Mirei texts Jurai that night with a different email signifying that things will probably be okay between the two of them. THE END!
 photo inoubattleepisode26_zpsa399d3dc.png
Also this episode had a lot of words and terms that might have been easier to understand if I were Japanese.
Despite the fact that I have been going through a blogging slump I did enjoy watching this episode…like a million years ago. Just goofy kids having fun. Playing up certain aspects of magical animes that we all think are rather special while being slightly slice of life. Slightly. Because these kids are still crazy and not much outside of the club room is shown. No walking home and shopping at the corner store in this anime yet.
 photo inoubattleepisode213_zpsaa262ee3.png
But I didn't even want to do this task in the first place! Why am I the best?!
No no, we got to focus on some of the more important aspects of being a super hero and having magical powers…..having a magical/superhero name. Now I might be incline to call BS on this whole scenario if I were in a more cynical mood. These kids have had their super powers for 6 months now and have named their attacks or at least their core powers but haven’t come up with a name for themselves individually? I can see still fighting over a group name but how can you name your attack and not yourself?! Just a scene that is cute to show the audience but it reality this should have happened a long time ago, in the 6 months they were waiting for something amazing to happen to them. Especially Jurai and his….8th grade crazy self. He seems to be the kind of crazy who would want to pick names the next day, especially if they are going through the effort of having power checkups and what not.
 photo inoubattleepisode212_zps4ce00042.png there a reason you are never at home? Do you have parent problems?
However based on what Tomoyo was saying and doing maybe Jurai has brought this name thing up before and each time everyone was like no go away and stop being so weird. Each time Jurai got smarter on how to approach the situation and this time went with Chifuyu who is easily manipulated. Um why is someone’s niece hanging out in a junior high club after school? Where are the parents? Where is the aunt? Chifuyu indeed. Out of everyone Tomoyo was the most against the names. I think as a general rule she hates anything Jurai suggests. If the other girls had suggested it she would have been like oh yeah we do need nicknames. All the other girls were like okay we shall do this. Maybe because going along with Jurai is easier than listening to him whine. And despite it all every girl has a crush on Jurai so they would probably go along with his nonsense anyway. I don’t think Hatoko deserves a lot of time in regards to talking about her nickname. I mean…I think I sorta have a friend like her. Sweet and nice, like a cuddly bunny that is missing part of their brain and sometimes you want to shake some sense into. But then they smile and you know they are actually doing their best and it’s an OHHH moment. So yeah Hatoko…colors. Go you. Also this episode would probably be easier for me to understand if I spoke and read Japanese. So since I don’t a lot of this was lost upon me so yeah.
 photo inoubattleepisode211_zpsba5d7b34.png
How dare you say the word cute! Now I must run away in a super cute manner because I can't handle the word cute.
How did the other girls do in picking their super hero names? Turns out Sayumi the mature and quiet one is actually good at this task. She does as Jurai asks and thinks of something that matches her power and has the correct…letters or what not. Like way to go. If you are going to take part in this task you are going to do so seriously, I like that. Jurai made the mistake though of asking why Sayumi was making her name cute instead of mature, like the person she pretends to be. Of course all girls in Japan want to be cute so this embarrasses Sayumi. Like don’t point out that I am trying to be cute when it isn’t working due to how I look. Sorta like if someone asked why are you trying to look sexy Tenchi when clearly I have the body type of a 12 year old boy. So go Jurai for being special. Chifuyu is another one with the names that…I guess she tried but it came off a bit…off. She is right about Jurai’s power name but then the rest of her names were…special. At least the way they are read. Jurai was like okay crazy kid alert and moved onto the last member of the club. The one he thought was going to give him the most problems. I thought that too given how Tomoyo was all RARW about the task. But me and Jurai had to take back those negative thoughts as Tomoyo was the best at the task in Jurai’s eyes. I think even though she protests a lot Tomoyo is the most like Jurai and that is why she picks on him the most. But Jurai was singing her praises and probably was on his way to making her the captain when drama happened. Because this anime has no aliens or enemies yet it has to be real life drama but I guess that’s the best kind of drama.
 photo inoubattleepisode216_zps25e646fd.png
Put the crazy back in the box, this is not a love letter missy!
See in Jurai attempt to make everyone pick out super hero names he decided to include Mirei in on it too despite the fact she isn’t in the club and tried to steal all of her powers. Of course she was tricked by hanging upside down from a tree dude but she really didn’t start off on the right foot with these people so it is nice that Jurai was trying to include her in this name picking insanity. Now this is where Japanese anime and English Speaking Tenchi have to stop and think about what is going on and meet together in the middle. I am going to assume that Jurai used the English word ROBBER which would be hard to pronounce in Japanese which is what lead to the confusion on Mirei’s part. Like Lover? Jurai leaves a note in my locker which is love letter rule number one and he uses the word Lover as my super hero name. Clearly he is asking me out so I will bust into the club room and declare my love for him as well with no explanation whatsoever as she thought everything was cut and dry.
 photo inoubattleepisode21_zpse46cef6c.png
Well if I have to give that mean girl back her powers I will...for you love!
This obviously did not go over well with anyone. Mirei just coming in and saying she loves him back in front of all the girls is a bold move let alone in a place like Japan. Given that all the other girls like Jurai and he is the only guy in this club I am surprised that Mirei was alive by the end of the episode. The obvious pairing for Jurai is with Tomoyo what with her blushes and hating on him the most. So when she has the biggest protests and anger problems Mirei was ready for this as I think she knows the girl is her biggest competition. Mirei started off okay with decent ammo. Like um if you don’t like Jurai then you have no reason to be commenting on this situation. But then Mirei was all talking about busts sizes and what not and I was giving her side eye. I would have gone Tomoyo on her too and tried using my powers because some of us can’t help but look like 12 year old boys okay! The others were upset with this confession as well but the person who was the quietest about it was Jurai who probably should have been the loudest about it. Instead he just stood there and allowed the insanity to happen. I guess him explaining the names to the other girls IN FRONT of Mirei does count as an explanation but since Mirei didn’t hear any of it due to the fact that she is a permanent citizen of LALAland I think Jurai could have done a bit more.
 photo inoubattleepisode22_zps609026da.png
Your love is just so....overwhelming...
Since Jurai is in shock that this life is turning into a harem anime instead of a super natural one he gets to deal with the consequences of it the next day. Mirei has morphed into a level headed Student Council President or whatever she is into a love sick puppy and the entire school sees it. But I guess people can have different sides to them and if that makes her happy who cares who sees. Of course it would be best if the other person in the lovely dovey relationship wanted to be in it as well. Also Mirei….for next time….just….settle down with the eagerness. She might have thought that Jurai had taken the major step with the L word so she was free to express her feelings that she might have had for a while but the email was just a lot at once. Just dial it about a few notches..or a million. A million notches would be good. Jurai just sorta smiled and laughed nervously for all of this while mouthing help to the viewers. Gotta tell the girl who you feel or this is going to go on forever. Girl might be crazy but you not saying anything isn’t really helpful.
 photo inoubattleepisode23_zps24f6edbf.png
Be nice to me or the plushie gets it!
Jurai arrives at the club room either expecting to find help for his situation or at least a temporary reprieve from the insanity. But the club girls are like um no we invented insanity so you better just walk outside now if you want to be left alone in peace. Because we are all in love with you because we are girls. Girls and guys cannot be friends because the world as we know it would shatter into pieces. So everyone must be upset that Jurai accidentally wrote a love letter to someone that isn’t them. Tomoyo was pretty upset as she has the most feelings for the boy. Hatoko probably couldn’t really be upset at someone to save her life as she had to keep telling the kid she was ignoring him. Sayumi was…..probably pretty immature given her usual standards but not too bad in the grand scheme of things. And Chifuyu is a child so expecting much from her would be silly. But she did give it a good go. Like let me make my plushie to the mean Jurai instead. Doesn’t really work though when Jurai takes said plushie away. FOILED! But did try.
 photo inoubattleepisode214_zps9c30e3e9.png
A little help here guys?
Sayumi was the first one to stop being mad and to see the situation for what it was…Jurai is dumb. And that he was just trying to give the girl a nickname and she took it way too far. So now they need to work together and figure out how to get Jurai out of this mess. Which is where I thought the episode was going. But then Jurai surprised me. Like legit surprised me. I thought was going to ask the girls for help and it was going to turn into this comic battle for the boy and backfire in his face. Instead Jurai had a super mature moment, which is amazing considering how the girls usually comment on how immature he is. He realizes that he accidentally created this problem so he needs to be the one to finish it. He has accidentally led on a girl and he needs to just tell her point blank the truth. No games or silliness…just the truth. Wow Jurai. How quickly boys can change. X___X Are we sure he is male? I kid I kid…maybe.
 photo inoubattleepisode25_zps848a769a.png
Err I can see that you are handling this news well.....
Jurai wastes no time in breaking the news to Mirei which is good because any further leading on would just be cruel to the girl you know? I think Jurai might be a boy he isn’t stupid and realized how upset and embarrassed this would make Mirei. So he was super apologetic and did some deep bowing to the girl where he explained SLOWLY so she could hear him…it was a misunderstanding involving his superhero nickname for her. Of course Mirei tried to play it all off like a joke, that she only was trying to save him from embarrassment and going along with the love letterness. Both knew this was a lie so Jurai apologized more which made Mirei more upset. I think they were both handling it as expected and all Mirei really could do at that point is go home and cry. Jurai did the right thing but no matter what it was going to hurt. Poor Jurai, being the mature one is hard.
 photo inoubattleepisode27_zps10d71999.png long as you weren't being a brat about it or anything....
Tomoyo rounds the stairwell to give Jurai some crap. Well to encourage him a bit but also to give him some crap because she has an image to uphold after all. Yes he made Mirei cry but she is the one who really read the letter wrong. Tomoyo then asks why Jurai picked such a hard name for Japanese people anyway when many other words could have done the trick. This is where Japanese characters and meanings came in, Jurai wanting them all to match so the previously loner Mirei could feel a part of the group. So while Tomoyo might be shaking her head at Jurai all the time…she knows he is a nice guy. Even if he is a bit crazy. Mirei seems to be doing okay by the end of the episode so I think this will all blow over. Including the names. I doubt they will use them at all. XD I am sure something else will happened next episode and the names will be long gone. At least they had 15 minutes of fun yes?


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