Friday, November 21, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Tea Time?

 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th002_zps72ff641a.jpg
Lots of different kinds of tea parties around the world. I wonder what Mom meant.
Hello there! It is me again Duffy the Disney Bear. Mom says she is falling asleep in the computer chair. Well maybe if she stepped aside and let me handle my own posts I could get things done faster! XO I don't think Mom would like me being cheeky though. I think I will just say that many other stuffed animals live in the house with me and Mom and sometimes I get together with them to have fun. Having lots of Duffys is nice but I like to be friends with everyone you know? So here is a bit of afternoon fun we had one day.
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th004_zpsa021afce.jpg
Oh this kind of tea party. Well....we are dressed nice anyway so I am sure it won't matter.
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th005_zpsa78f7569.jpg
When Mom rescued my furniture she only found one chair. I am sure Hello Sunshine doesn't mind.
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th006_zpsac96555b.jpg
Better picture of our outfits. Kira came over and tried to knock us to the ground!
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th007_zpsb12747d6.jpg
Err...there is a bunny in my tea cup?
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th008_zps082fc24a.jpg
You want us to follow you?
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th009_zps677a3409.jpg
What is this? The other Hellos are having their own tea party?
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th010_zps748cb8ab.jpg
Err we can't really reach the table. But keep your crown on Queen of Hearts. It isn't that big of deal. We can stand up!
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th011_zpse191dfc4.jpg
The Hellos invited the Alice and Wonderland Tsums over to the party too.
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th012_zps0f3c597d.jpg
Apparently this was a super sugar filled party. You might want to slow down there Mad Hater.
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th013_zps82a49750.jpg
The Queen of Hearts dress looks good on Hello Valentine. I wonder how Shelly May will look when Mom finally gets her.
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th014_zps9db9f568.jpg
We will combine meals so they are a little more balanced.
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th016_zpse46d9fe2.jpg
All of us look pretty cute. The Hellos are made big at Build a Bear though! Maybe they should have special clothes for bigger plushies.
 photo DuffyPicsoctober13th003_zps26b49cf1.jpg
All the Hellos in the Alice in Wonderland outfits. We had a fun afternoon of yummy foods. Maybe we can do it again sometime soon.

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