Thursday, November 20, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Flying high at the Air Show

 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014005_zps1527f057.jpg
This plane is so small. It is almost Duffy sized!
Hi! Remember me? I am Tenchi's lovable and expensive stuffed animal Duffy the Disney Bear. Even though mom has been slacking on everything but reality TV lately she still has managed to have a little bit of fun with me. She needs to have more though as I like going on adventures. This day's adventure though was Dad's idea. He always has to work when this thing called the Air Show comes to town but this year he didn't have to so he woke Mom and me up at the crack of dawn so we could have some fun. Thanks Dad! Time for adventures with planes that don't talk!
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014006_zps859b9b5d.jpg
Some of the planes we couldn't get too close to. Probably because they were privately owned and tiny.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014025_zps62870025.jpg
A plane from Dad's base. XD
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014038_zpscac1f056.jpg
The most famous planes for today, the Blue Angels, fly in hours and people are already getting their spots. Like Disney!
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014050_zps97f7798f.jpg
Some of the planes we could go inside. We had to take very fast pictures though. I would not want to fly in a plane like this.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014051_zps89db1e2b.jpg
So many buttons and knobs.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014054_zpsaa4029b5.jpg
Is this a super copter or a plane?
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014063_zps762c5209.jpg can the pilot see?
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014072_zps258b7e82.jpg
One of the famous Blue Angels. XD Everyone was super excited to get their pictures taken.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014080_zps7368bc71.jpg
There also other military vehicles there. I am ready to drive a jeep.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014097_zps6fe78e3f.jpg
Mom wanted to see the inside of one of the plane Dad works on all the time. The line was long but that's okay. We can take pictures of me while we wait.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014100_zpsba3fbe33.jpg
Apparently when you ride in these planes on a mission...sometimes....there is no potty!
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014101_zps7f175f47.jpg
Dad knew what all of these were and everything!
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014102_zpsd3eec5e4.jpg
Finally we are in the cockpit. I got to sit in the pilots seat! There were really loud planes flying during this time too and I got to watch through the window.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014104_zps60632f7a.jpg
Look at all those people!
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014105_zps54e32653.jpg
I guess this hole is to look at all the cargo and the people in the rest of the plane?
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014157_zps9cd5fe37.jpg
We watched the whole Blue Angel's show. It is in the sky so I am not sure why people have to wait for hours to see it. Just look up.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014158_zps38c68364.jpg
So many people left before the show was over Mom was able to get a front row seat so I could get a pic with the planes.
 photo AirshowandDuffyOctober2014166_zps1e3245d9.jpg
There were lots of booths passing out free things today. This was my favorite, a squishy little plane. Thanks for taking me out today Mom and Dad. It was a little hot but a lot of fun!

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