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Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo episode 6

 photo crossangeepisode65_zpse69435f2.png
I am sure Ange cut it because all those evil girls were going to ruin it next...
I feel out of all the shows I am watching this season...I really hate this show the most. Like obviously. As does most of the world. But why is it I am the most caught up on this show while other shows are left to rot all forgotten? I guess crap does sell folks. It is because people can't stop watching or talking about trainwrecks. It makes Sharknedo look like a masterpiece. Just...what is wrong with me? XD But yes up now is Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo episode 6. Spoilers for Ange hating everyone. Even people who exist solely to help and love her. Because.
 photo crossangeepisode66_zps0966da4a.png
But....I thought.....we were forever!
Episode Summary: Emma and Jasmine have received a shipment of goods from the mainland and are overlooking the supplies. In the background the viewers can see Momoka, Ange’s maid, running around and hiding. Ange’s crew has just returned from dragon killing and once again Ange seems to have hogged the kills which makes Hilda’s hoes pissed off. Before they can do anything in retaliation an alarm goes off due to an intruder. Everyone weapons up to take on the stupid person who actually broke into hell and TADA Ange is reunited with Momoka who seems to be very lala about the situation. While Ange is like what the hell Jill and Emma immediately call..someone. Someone in charge. And obviously things are not going end well for Emma. She is going to learn about the dragons and Normas and how everyone has been lied to about the conditions these girls live in. So…basically Momoka is going to die. But for now Ange and Momoka can live together. Ange agrees to watch over Momoka but is super pissed the girl is here at all. Momoka tries to make small talk during this uncomfortable time while Ange keeps repeating her name is Ange now. Momoka is like…..oh this is where you live….and attempts to help Ange undress and tidy the room up with Mana. Ange gets pretty pissy at Momoka and Momoka is like I am not going home, I am here for you forever. Ange takes this to mean that Momoka can’t go home because Ange destroyed the Kingdom. Before Momoka can explain that is not the case Ange demands to know when Momoka knew she was a Norma. Ange answers the question herself, from the beginning obviously. Ange decides to go to bed as Momoka explains how she searched high and low for the girl and wants to remain by her side forever. At mealtime the next day Momoka realizes how awful it is here and wonders if Ange has been here the entire time. The Normas gossip about Momoka being different and she is refused a meal as she is told to pay. For some reason Ange walks over to Hilda and her hoes table like they are going to let her sit there at all. Momoka is like bitches this is Princess Ange, give up your seats you awful Normas who deserve to die. They are like um bitch you know Ange is a Norma too. Momoka starts to make excuses but then passes out from lack of food as she has been on the run for 3 days prior.
 photo crossangeepisode617_zps72536353.png
But....the scandal!
Ange takes Momoka to the Jasmine mall to buy her better food and give her money to take care of herself. As Momoka talks about this money system being lame a girl missing an arm is wheeled to the clinic. Ange casually says she will probably end up like that as Momoka starts to pale. She wants to know the real Ange is. She decides to spruce up the place. Maybe if things look like the past Ange will act like the past. She goes about changing the locker room and Ange’s living space. At one point she makes a separate dining area with special food just for Ange. Ange gets more and more upset at each of these attempts. Everyone sees Ange lose her mind at meal time and Hilda’s hoes are like oh look at Ange being mean to that girl while at the same time calling Ange spoiled for all this extraness. During rifle practice one day Salia talks about Ersha’s huge boobs keeping her from being a sharpshooter. Because there has not been enough fanservice this episode. Hilda and her hoes talk loud about Momoka, saying that the poor girl came and got iced out by a bitch. That the girl is probably going to die because she learned this super secret information and really anyone who knows Ange dies. This causes Ange to stop and think. At meal time Momoka attempts to eat the food Normas are served and of course it is nasty. Momoka talks about how this is probably her last meal on the property. Ange demands it be bath time and Momoka is like I will wash your back. As they bathe naked Ange notices a scar on Momoka and she wonders why the girl didn’t use Mana to erase it. Momoka says the scar means something important to her. In a flashback a little Momoka accidentally broke one of Ange’s dolls and cut herself. Instead of being concerned about the doll Ange is concerned about Momoka as there is only one Momoka. Ange helps hide the broken doll and that meant the world to Momoka. In the here and now Momoka will always support Ange, Norma or not. No matter what happens. Ange tells Momoka to leave right now, to runaway with her Mana so she can be safe. Momoka says she will serve Ange to the end implying she knows what will happen. There is a dragon warning and Ange is forced to leave the bath and go fight. During suit up Jill informs Ange that Momoka is being returned today and her duty is over will. The Hilda hoes are like haha better earn a lot of money to pay for the girl’s tombstone. Ange gets upset and thinks about how much of a dumbass Momoka has been and that she has lied to her all this time. Then…Ange breaks formation and kills ALL THE DRAGONS. The rest of the girls are pissed afterwards that they have no money. Momoka is brought to the plane that will take her away to death. Everyone stops to watch this as everyone knows what is going on. Momoka thanks everyone for letting her be there and ask they take care of Ange. Ange comes out of nowhere with all the money she has ever earned from dragons, demanding to buy the girl. Emma is of course scandalized at the idea but Jill is like cash is King at Hell Land and allows it. The ship leaves and Momoka is like…I can stay with you Ange? Ange pretends not to care as Momoka is beyond happy and alive. THE END!
 photo crossangeepisode616_zps4d411927.png
And your mom...and your dad....but you know blame the girl who was BOUGHT already for you.
It’s like I can’t stop watching this train wreck! I have only watched 2 episodes of that junior high group getting super powers but now I am on episode 6 of hot mess land. You know, where young girls are breaking into or going back to TortureNormasRUs. Crazytime. At least the nudity and fanservice was kept to a minimum this time. Well you know…tolerable.
 photo crossangeepisode615_zps68175a9a.png
Ange left Tusk and Momoka...well probably was going to be killed for keeping the secret too.
Oh but before I get into this episode I want to talk about something from the last episode that I might have been wrong about. Me wrong? I know crazy. But I thought that Tusk and his family had escaped TortureNormasRUs and Jill had chased them and crashed. I am beginning to think something else was going on in that scene. Mainly because I didn’t notice the other bodies before. But now that I have and it makes sense with all the graves Tusk dug I am wondering what really went on. Especially with the whole dragging frozen dragons away. Did his mom escape a long time ago and find this island of random mens, mens that might have been in charge of harvesting dragons for Mana/magic or other super bad purpose. Then years later Jill stumbled upon this island and had to punish the runaway Norma? But then Jill would have had a better idea where Ange was…..hmmmmm. Maybe Tusk did grow up at that place, NormaRUs and all those down bodies were other Normas that died. Maybe Jill didn’t shoot them down. Just putting it out there that I am second guessing my random guesses.
 photo crossangeepisode62_zps6bab895b.png
This is a VERY good question since I saw no friendship at all in this episode.
But back to this episode. Ange was rescued from freedom and a sorta cute boy to live among bitches and risk her life everyday under horrible conditions. Is Ange on crack? She must be since Hilda is not looking very punished despite being the one who almost brought down the magical machine of power and maybe freedom. I know that not many Normas know how special Ange’s machine is but still…..if Ange is not going to be punished for the deaths of Zola, Miranda, and DumbDumb then everyone needs to stop trying to kill her. It could have ended badly for others had Ange crashed into them instead of the ocean. So since Hilda isn’t complaining about Ange being a tattletale and isn’t dead herself I am going to assume that Ange came back and continued her craziness. You know, in actually wanting to be back and all. Like I have my keychain and a few friends. I don’t need the others to like me too. Because if she tattles on them folks bad things might happen to Ange. OH WAIT they are already bullying her so why does it matter?!
 photo crossangeepisode69_zps6118677f.png
MOG what is wrong with her pupils?!
So for whatever reason Ange is keeping her mouth shut about panties bringing down her vehicle and has continued being a loose cannon on the squad. It looks like Ange will be leader one day if the opening song is true and not a giant house of lies. At this point I can see that happening. Not only because Ange is a natural but because Salia isn’t whipping Ange into shape. I don’t mean sexually like Zola but those books on leadership are not working too well. Maybe Jill should step in because Ange breaking formation all the time is not helpful. Since the money situation at NormaLand is crappy to begin with Ange is really taking cash out of everyone’s pockets. But for now Hilda and her hoes are just shooting glares at Ange, some are like WOW Ange is amazing, and Salia is like wait Ange what about the rules THINK OF THE RULES!
 photo crossangeepisode61_zpsada85312.png
Who is wearing a bra?!
Perhaps Ange would have won the other girls over eventually. Perhaps she would have found her own group to be friends with and what not, opening up and accepting that it is okay to have friends. I thought that was where we were heading anyway. Well there seems to be a detour on that friendship boat, one that Ange seems…well upset that happened which confuses me greatly. See this island gets regular shipments to keep the girls happy and able to fight dragons. And bras. Bras everyone except on people’s bodies of course. And during one of these shipments someone really dropped the ball because there was a stowaway. Momoka the hand maid has managed to outsmart guards and hopefully tightened security at home to come and see her precious Angelise. What could go wrong?!!?
 photo crossangeepisode63_zps39a5227f.png
Um....i don't know her?
I like how fast everyone was able to find Momoka. Like yeah we might be Norma but since we don’t depend on Mana we got to be amazing in other ways. Also it is impressive since I am sure no one really wants to break into this place or has gotten this far to break in. I am sure the Moms and Dad who got their kids taken away would have loved to break in. I don’t know what would have happened if Ange and Momoka hadn’t had such a dramatic reunion. Would she have been shot on sight? Thrown back in the plane before she saw too much? I got slightly excited when Jill and Emma were talking about the dragons and the truth. Like oh snap we are going to find out that DRAGONS are the source of Mana and not having MANA is actually better and blah blah. But it turns out they were just talking about how Mana users think Normas go to some…..facility for….some reeducation or something. So no folks it is not bean spilling time. It is just that Momoka doesn’t know AT ALL about the dragons and that is the secret that she will be killed over. We can’t have her going back to any Mana users and explaining what she saw. I mean…..that might change people’s minds about Normas you know!!! No? Okay. Just that she saw too much and has to die, we get it.
 photo crossangeepisode64_zps7cf80538.png
Poor dead Mana user. :( So sad....lets kill more Normas.
While Emma is upset at the idea of a poor innocent Mana user dying (while Normas die all around her) and Jill is like um bitch does it look like I care Ange is having a lot of not caring going on herself. At first I wasn’t too happy with Ange. But since I am a slacker and I take a lot of time to finish watching an episode and putting together my words I thought about it. I mean at first I did assume it was going to be hearts and rainbows. Like MOG someone from my former life cares about me and even though I am a Norma I get NORMAL love. Thank you Momoka for being the small ray of sunshine in my life of hell. Hugs of all. Thank goodness I was being slow on the friendships. I almost really talked to the other Normas. Now I don’t have to. Now clean my room.
 photo crossangeepisode68_zpsb34fbcd1.png
Err I might put that aside as Momoka is the only one who wants to be your friend.
Yeah none of that happened. Ange was like is this my life? Why is Jill making me watch this Mana User? Just because I know her and she came to see me and used to wait on me hand and foot why should I have to take care of her? Now my Norma Street Cred is worried. Because that is how Ange was acting, like Momoka being there is ruining her reputation. She was trying to put the Princess stuff behind her and now the girl is here and Ange is back at square one. Then I realized that was too much insanity. Ange is upset because Momoka LIED to her. The girl knew she was a Norma and kept it a secret for her. Instead of being happy that she was protected Ange chooses to focus on the fact that there were lies. That everyone allowed to her to spew her anti Norma rants while she was one herself. Sometimes lies can be done for the good of another but that person might not be happy with the lies. Like the trust is broken and perhaps Ange was doubting any of what they had was real. Which should be clear as Momoka was her SERVANT and hello is here right now.
 photo crossangeepisode67_zps3c8bba54.png
And then it was never brought up again. X____X
I am not sure how much more Momoka could have done to let Ange know she was on team Ange. Sure calling Ange by her Princess name wasn’t earning any points with the girl but Momoka was….well very cheerful and happy. She never gave any indication she was looking down at Ange now or then. You know since she knew Ange was a Norma from the start. She might also not be accepting that Ange is a Norma but neither did Ange at first. So that wouldn’t be a reason not to like the girl. Whatever small issues of trust Ange had against the girl…..Ange could have been nice to someone who broke in to come and see her. Granted Momoka didn’t know this was a one way ticket but I am sure Momoka was under investigation and this was no easy feat. Plus if Ange wasn’t so eager to ignore and act all put out by Momoka she might have learned more about what happened to her nation. I mean why would she believe Jill anyway? Momoka started to say something but Ange was like go to sleep Mana waster, folding clothes and what not. I am sure we will find out what happened to the nation one day, Ms. Dark Hair girl looking stoic in the opening. I thought that we would get more scenes with the palace and evil brother but the focus all turned into Ange so….
 photo crossangeepisode610_zps22995a57.png
Ange was looking for trouble.
Ange wasn’t happy Momoka was there from the start. But Momoka was really ruining her street cred by acting….well out of place. Everyone knew the girl was different and it was going to cause a scene. Personally I might have kept Momoka in a jail cell. The rest of the Normas have already been tainted by having Ange in their lives. We don’t need another Coco on our hands. But this girl actually uses Mana and isn’t Emma in Charge Lady. She treats Ange like she is special. All Normas know their place but Momoka is making Ange seem better than them. Obviously. I just think it is dangerous. I also thought it was eye rolling that Ange tried to sit with Hilda’s hoes at lunch. Like why not go over to Ersha and Vivian? I don’t know if Momoka would have been nice to them. She seems to think everyone who is a Norma is beneath her, like what she was taught at IHATENORMASCHOOL. But maybe Momoka could have seen the light (sooner) had Ange not been stupid and tried to sit at a full table with bitches that hate her. Go sit with the normal Normas who aren’t all about rape and sabotage. Of course they treated Ange badly which proved Momoka right when she was all hating on Normas calling them savages. And of course Momoka was going to defend Ange. Like err…she isn’t a Norma. And even if she was she isn’t like you. I suspect that this would have gone on a little longer had the girl not been starving death. It was entertaining to say the least.
 photo crossangeepisode611_zpsb4e69da2.png
Feel like smiling now Momoka?
Despite acting like Momoka was poop on the bottom of her shoe Ange gets Momoka some of the purchasable food (IE more edible than the free stuff) and gives the girl some cash to take care of any other expenses the girl may have during her short trip here. The amount of money one needs for services at this place changes all the time. Ange needed like a hug wad for one outfit but now Momoka only needs a few dollars for food for…however long she is here. Even though Ange is handing over the cash she isn’t…well happy. And Momoka can’t figure out why. Is Momoka just slow or is she in denial about things? Like look around. See that girl missing an arm and crying her eyes out? That is Ange’s future. That is every Norma’s future. Momoka doesn’t seem to care about the other Normas but Ange is her girl. And this is all horrible is it not? Perhaps Momoka really thought she was going to be the light in Ange’s life and bring back some of Ange’s regal past and thought the sweet girl would resurface, even if just for her. But Ange isn’t the nice girl she remembers and it is breaking her little heart. :( Where is her Ange?
 photo crossangeepisode612_zps5185eb90.png
Egg you animation!
Well since Momoka can’t fix any of the real issues in Ange’s life she goes for the things she can fix. I am not sure if she was using the money Ange gave her or Mana but Momoka was on redecorating kick. Ange will feel regal or more herself if her surroundings reflect that situation. And each time the girl does something nice Ange explodes. I am not sure if it is because this is further drawing attention to Ange or if Ange feels insulted that Momoka is placing pretty pillows and serving lovely meals in the face of dragons eating her face. Whatever it is Ange has exploded in anger. Not as much anger as I would have liked though. Ange just…gets aggressive. She doesn’t explain the real reason behind her anger and leaves people expecting to read her mind. Like let me stomp around and throw a hissy fit. That wasn’t the kind of Princess Ange was portrayed being but I guess it is possible she was spoiled. But clearly Momoka is trying to help the girl and means well. Can’t you just smile and put up with it for a few days?
 photo crossangeepisode613_zpsc79af3c5.png
Because none of you are bitches right?
Hilda, Rosalie, and Chris don’t care at all about Momoka. If this was anyone else they would probably be torturing or teasing the girl themselves. Like ew a person who does Mana and is dumb as rocks, lets make sure she hates life too. But since they hate Ange more it was all about making Ange feel awful about herself. You know, after Salia points out that Ersha has these giant boobies and that affects the girl’s shooting. Because no one else has huge boobies like that. But yeah Ange is practicing her shooting and Hilda and her hoes take the time to make Ange feel like crap. Of course if what they say is true about Ange none of this will get to her and they really should practice shooting so they can earn money and stop whining you know? But yeah Ange overhears them talk about how Momoka is going to be killed for knowing the dragon secret crap now and she won’t even going out feeling loved. Can’t Ange love a girl who risked it all for her? No? Because she sucks? Sounds like Ange to me. SMIRK SMIRK SMIRK!
 photo crossangeepisode614_zps4ec15b54.png
So Ange has always shown love in this way.....
Ange does have a heart though despite what the others girls think. How about they go from being Princess of an entire Empire to being raped on the table by a crazy person calling yo nothing? So when Momoka attempts to make small talk over awful dinner about how this is probably her last night there Ange knows she has to do something. I wonder if Momoka knows what is going to happen to her. I think she does when she is walking to the plane later but during this impromptu bathy time I don’t think she really knew. I think if she did know she was too happy once again being important to Ange. Like yes let me wash your back like old times. I think Ange was working in her mind what she needed to say to the girl. If she revealed how much she cared about Momoka the girl wasn’t going to go. So I guess she needed to be firm with her talking and what not. But I think whatever Ange said was going to have no affect on Momoka. Momoka is on Team Ange no matter what. While this Mama loving world seems to be all happy and skippy there still existed a caste system that left Momoka being a maid, doing everything for Ange. But while Ange had typical hatred towards Normas she showed Momoka a lot of love despite them not being equal. So when Momoka freaked out over breaking Ange’s doll at a young age Ange was like no we must care about Momoka. She is worth many more dolls! There is only one Momoka. So that stayed with Momoka and was probably a big reason why the girl risked coming to find the girl. Plus Momoka knew Ange was a Norma and that she was nice all along. HMMMM I bet the other girls would be like that too. So after this walk down memory lane Ange really did need to tell Momoka to run. That things were not going to end well and Momoka couldn’t get on the plane.
 photo crossangeepisode619_zps88603fa3.png
As expected Momoka was like I will stay by your side until the very last second. Which was that second as the alarm goes off for dragons. IS there ANY other team besides Ange’s? I have seen other older girls so where the heck are they? But Ange knows the alarm is for her and that she must leave Momoka forever. And Jill informs Ange of this, that by the time the mission is over Momoka will be back on the transport ship. Where she will be stabbed in the back and thrown out an open window. Hilda and her hoes made sure to rub it in Ange’s face as well. Like there is nothing she can do about it and someone else will die because of Ange. There is a bit of travel time to the dragons so Ange had time to think about how much of a dumbass Momoka was. This is translated into Momoka is a lovely girl who doesn’t deserve to die but since nothing can be done so all I can do is say Momoka is a dumbass. So as Momoka gets ready to board the plane Ange takes off like a crazy person and kills all the dragons. Not hogs them but KILLS them all. ALL OF THEM. Dedicated to you Momoka you dead girl you.
 photo crossangeepisode618_zps7249ed73.png
Okay. But I am still going to ignore you half the time okay.
Or not so dead girl. As Momoka gets ready to board her death ship she takes the time to say goodbye and thanks for the horrible memories. Emma looks sad because one dead Mana user is sadder than 32894372 dead Normas. But wait…what is that? It is Ange and 4 shopping bags full of all the money she has ever earned at this horrible place. Thank goodness she has never spent a dime except on her uniform. She runs up to Jill and is like I am buying that girl which of course incensed Emma. Her delicate sensibilities. You can’t BUY Mana users. We are certainly are worth more that stupid pieces of paper. But Jill is like….there is hope for Ange yet. She may be a bratty girl with no love for most people but once she figures out how to work a system she works it good. In a world where you have to pay for the fuel you use to fly to your death it is certainly not out of the question to buy someone marked for death thus useless anyway. Three cheers for Ange as she has gone up a few notches in everyone’s eyes. The most brownie points though is from Momoka. The girl had to know she was toast and Ange used all her money to save her life. This calls for a group hug. A normal hug?....A gentle reminder that your name is Ange and that while you might not show it you care deeply for me? Momoka will take that. Yay for friendship that doesn’t involve raping the other person. Ange isn’t that bad after all…I think. There is still more to this series so who knows.


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