Friday, November 21, 2014

Nendoroids Rin and Len Kagamine Part 2

 photo NendroidsSept2014024_zps2926f7fe.jpg
We still have tons more poses to strike!
XD As the title states this is part 2 of the Rin and Len Nendoroid post. Since they are two nendoroids with similar poses and for all purposes...twins there was twice as many pictures taken of them. I felt the need to divide up the posts as to not kill anyone's screens with too many pictures. I might not know much about computers but real life camera pictures seem to take up more...whateverness than screenies. So enjoy part two of Christmas presents of 2013. One month before Christmas 2014 weee!
 photo NendroidsSept2014022_zps962cac8c.jpg
When Nendoroids point with one finger that finger tends to look super fat. Like look at my comically huge fingers. XD
 photo NendroidsSept2014023_zps3fea4b92.jpg
But then Len points with all his hands and they look proportional. XD Silly little Nendoroids. I think I like his pose better than his sisters.
 photo NendroidsSept2014026_zps60d926ff.jpg
These nendoroids are special as they have special poses they can only do together. You know, being twins and all.
 photo NendroidsSept2014027_zpsd6b5de0c.jpg
But when they do them alone they look a bit...odd. Like um what ya doing?
 photo NendroidsSept2014028_zps6b058516.jpg
But then you put them together and POOF they are instantly cute. I think I did a better job syncing these two up this time.
 photo NendroidsSept2014031_zpsa4b3255c.jpg
I didn't even attempt to take a pic of them alone on this pose.
 photo NendroidsSept2014032_zps6285463c.jpg
I think it took me about 20 minutes to get this pose all together. Yeah folks I am that special. Or am I?
 photo NendroidsSept2014033_zpsf1f5eec6.jpg
A close up of Rin and Len's hands. This pose was SUPER hard to do. Like everything had to be just right on the separate stands and when I had one set of hands together the other ones would fall apart and it was just a giant mess. Sorta like trying to do common core math when you grew up doing Common Sense Math. Like what am I doing wrong?!
 photo NendroidsSept2014036_zpsb6280992.jpg
Time to do another pose. This time with 100 percent less aggravation. XD Almost like Rin and Len are thanking the audience for listening to their concert.
 photo NendroidsSept2014037_zps08b56dbe.jpg
But when alone the pose is a little sad. Like leaving me hanging?
 photo NendroidsSept2014038_zps3caee1a2.jpg
I really like Len's pants verses Rin's though. But they are both incredibly cute Nendoroids. Thank you so much honey for these Christmas presents. Now I have to wait....a whole month to see my next Christmas presents. XD Haha....

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