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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal episode 10

 photo sailormoonepisode1019_zpscf65b033.png
Behold Sailor Moon and a technocolor....something.
SO SLEEPY! Like look at the clock, I might actually consider this the next day despite not going to sleep yet. But I said I would get all the things done that I thought were done and that included this screenieless Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal episode. Why look at all the posts I did tonight?! So clearly all the screenies will fail due to bandwidth because I am special yet? Oh wells. I tried anyway. Maybe there will be a post or two tomorrow. But now it is time for blankets and sleep. Enjoy Sailor Moon episode 10 what with ugly sweaters and randoms boys from past lives.
 photo sailormoonepisode1010_zpsa6894ede.png
Hit it Rapunzel!
Episode Summary: Luna is like lets go to the moon weeee! Only…we need to use our powers to get there on a specific day so by get ready I mean go to the arcade and talk about our plans in public. The other Scouts check out the book Moon For Dummies and wonder how they are going to get there. Minako acts like she is in the know, probably because she is. Everyone stops to look at Usagi who is playing video games with Naru and her other two nonimportant friends. Everyone is simply excited that a happy Usagi has returned. That night she looks at the sky and thinks about Mamoru and how she can’t wait to go to the Moon to remember her past life. The days go on and Usagi’s father comes home one night and gives her a new necklace charm for her Silver Crystal. She agrees that this gift was sorta for a boy. For a split second Usagi looks mature and what not….but then she starts fighting with her brother over a video game and she is spoiled Usagi again. Soon the night arrives where conditions are such that flying to the moon makes sense. Usagi is sad the travel is taking place in the park where she and Mamoru had a moment but she puts that aside to transform with the rest of her Scout friends. That energy and anime magic creates a self propelling bubble that flies them to the moon (and back). There is a dramatic moment where everyone is like MOG that is Earth and WOW that is the Moon. They land on said Moon and the bubble pops so….how will they get home? Anyway Luna shows them around the ruins, ruins that weren’t there when the astronauts landed or something. Luna takes them to the busted up palace and Minako acts like she knows all. They enter the old prayer room and Luna orders them all to remove the Sword in the Stone© that is randomly in the center of this room. All the girls struggle but Minako manages to remove the rusted thing. Instantly Queen Serenity appears in mini form to talk to her daughter in super formal terms. She is like oh that is the special sword you Scouts should use to protect Serenity. The Queen thanks Luna for getting them there in one piece and what not and explains while she is long dead she sealed her will within this sword to wait for them. Then Queen Serenity tells them….everything they already know. The Moon Kingdom was blessed with long life and with the Silver Crystal they were to protect and help the Earth grow. Serenity fell in love with Endymion when evil itself came and conquered Earth in hopes of conquering the Moon. Endymion was like eff the police and tried to fight them off but was killed. Serenity then killed herself in sorrow. Queen Serenity sealed the Evil away but apparently that was only a bandaid as the Evil is back. As payment for using the Crystal the Moon Kingdom was destroyed and by this time Earth has reset due to all the evil there. Queen Serenity says that only Usagi has the power to use the Crystal correctly and release the power to destroy the evil, not seal it. Queen Serenity seems concerned when she is told that part of the Crystal went into Mamoru. Then she is like oh that is just Usagi’s kind heart trying to save Mamoru. The Queen tells Usagi her heart is the reason why she was reborn and to be both the Princess and a normal girl in all of this. Then she poofs away and everyone bubbles back home with 2 details more than when they went. The Scouts watch the sunrise on Earth and talk about how the Moon was so different when they lived there and that is why they loved Earth. Usagi seems in better spirits and believes Mamoru is alive.
 photo sailormoonepisode1015_zps1c6d0515.png
You are not being sneaky enough!!!
Meanwhile in DarknessRUs Queen Beryl decides to go visit Queen Metalia. Kunzite leads the other Kings in the least sneaky mission ever to find out what is up with these maybe memories they have. Queen Beryl tells Queen Metalia that they can’t find the Crystal in Mamoru but she wants to keep him around as a love pet…I mean in case he might be useful. Queen Beryl is like we need to conquer the world now was the Princess and Silver Crystal are in the picture. Queen Beryl is also worried as she thinks the 4 Kings will regain their memories soon. What?! GASP! Then instantly all the Kings remember they are actually the knights of Endymion. Before they can do anything Queen Beryl is like haha so you all remember now? She starts to attack them and they get pissed, saying this wasn’t why they were reborn. Queen Beryl then brainwashes them into only obeying her. As the Scouts are told by Artemis and Luna at headquarters they think the enemy is in a certain spot in the world due to plate movement…everything goes insane on the monitor. Brainwashed Kunzite is leading the charge in Tokyo. He is going to freeze it over to the Evil Queen Metalia can move right on in. The Scout appear and everyone starts fighting to protect Usagi. Until Minako is like no we shouldn’t be fighting at all. Everyone is like why? Minako explains that these are Mamoru’s Knights and once when they followed Usagi to Earth they met these Knights and all fell in love with them. All the girls lose the will to fight as a Beryl voice over is like HAHA isn’t this tragic? Well Sailor Moon can still fight. After she does her speech she attacks….from space. She heals the entire city from ice and attacks the Knights. She almost heals them and the other Scout attack too but they escape. Usagi looks over the Earth while holding the locket to her chest. Back at EvilRUs Queen Beryl wakes up a drugged out looking Mamoru and declares him a puppet that will kill Sailor Moon and get the Crystal. He then is sent shopping at the set of Sinister as he shows up with Grandpa sweater near the arcade. THE END OF THE LONGEST SUMMARY EVER!
 photo sailormoonepisode1013_zps282e4e82.png
Well eff you Silver Crystal!
Seriously folks. I think that might have been my longest summary ever. And it isn’t it might be the longest summary ever for a show that had about 5 minutes of new material and 3483 minutes of things we already know. WHY AM I SO WORDY?!?!?!
 photo sailormoonepisode103_zps21ff60ad.png
Soon anyway. Because the enemy is going to keep Mamoru alive until we get back.
So when we last saw our Scouts Usagi had been crying in a glowing mess on the ground and the Scouts had come over to cheer themselves up by making her smile. After a group hug Luna is like…lets go to the Moon. What with the dramatic poses last time one would assume they were going to suit up with some stolen NASA gear and head out that moment. No folks. That is just silly. People can be dramatic for dramatics sakes. Luna is like oh you thought I meant now…no I mean later this month. We can go at the full moon. Because everyone knows the Moon actually disappears throughout the month, it doesn’t really depend on the relationship of the Earth between the Moon. It really does DISAPPEAR. So really they can’t go if it’s not there. XD I like how Ami checked out a book with random facts about the Moon like any of that was going to help them. Unless there was a chapter that the astronauts left out about the Moon Kingdom. Also this talk had to take place at the arcade, not under it because secrets are lame. I don’t think anyone was really concentrating on the topic anyway as they were busy looking at Usagi and being so happy that she was with her other friends and smiling. Things are better folks. Usagi will be fine.
 photo sailormoonepisode105_zps9b0e46cc.png
There is no way she could be mature or saving the world or something.
You know…since everyone believes that Mamoru is alive and not dead. They just assumed that Queen Beryl is keeping him alive because they know she loves Mamoru. Well maybe Minako knows that as she knows everything else and slowly releases this information at the moment that everyone remembers anyway. But yeah Usagi is not a crying mess because outdated info from the Moon is going to help her get Mamoru back. It is time to sit back and look stoic. Also hand your dad the super important Silver Crystal and allow him and a jewelry access to said important rock. Good thing Queen Beryl put the plans on backburner about looking in jewelry shops. X__X Seriously that was dangerous. But she gets back safe and sound and has a moment with it. Like yeah a boy sorta gave it to me…..Or you know…your Mom but whatever. Usagi’s Earth parents are like noooo she is going to get married to this boy we don’t know and she will be lost to us forever. How dare she grow up in such a short amount of time!!! Life is not fair! Or….Usagi is fighting over who gets to play her Pokemon game. Okay false alarm.
 photo sailormoonepisode106_zps8c819ea8.png
This was Luna.....doing something.
After a few nights of sleeping with her Crystal and broken pocket watch it was time to head to the park at night (because the Moon only comes out at night DUH!) and travel to the Moon. This is where a lot of anime magic came into play. You know, with a show that has talking cats for some unexplained reason. Luna was going to shake a bit and make a magical circle and use the transformation power of the Scouts to make a bubble AND travel to the Moon. Which is fine I guess but the bubble popped when they got to the Moon and they were already transformed you know. So how do they get back? Also how were they able to BREATH while on the Moon? Maybe it was different when there was stuff there but I am going to assume that using the Silver Crystal actually destroyed whatever previous atmosphere was there and the Scouts should have died instantly. But this is anime magic. Why am I asking such silly questions?
 photo sailormoonepisode108_zps80b74276.png
After ya'll did all the work I can handle the rest.
After they take the 5 minute flight to the Moon from Earth the Scouts quickly come across the ruins of the Moon Kingdom. The Moon Palace. Next to Moon Lake. Astronauts did a shotty job up there. Like okay boys grab a few photos, we are out of here! No one really had any feelings or emotions up to this point despite last episode everyone saying they got their past memories back. Clearly not as they are still remembering things. I guess it is all too soon for most of them although Minako could have shed a tear or too. Like guys…this was our home. All this pain and devastation, how it tortures me inside. Instead they acted pretty removed to the situation and followed the talking cat Luna (Artemis who?) as she led them past where the palace was and where the prayer room used to be. Everything else has fallen apart besides the pedestal that housed this old sword that probably should have rusted apart. It quickly turned into a scene from Disney World. Except this scene didn’t have a cute Duffy bear trying to remove the sword. XD
 photo sailormoonepisode109_zpsd3601ddb.png
MOM! Sorry you died but I need to save someone hot. Please help me!
Once the girls removed the sword (with no naked bits or fan service moments Cross Ange) POOF Queen Serenity in pint size form appeared. HELLO THERE QUEEN SERENITY! I see you think highly of yourself as you named your daughter after yourself. It just sounded….odd Queen Serenity saying Serenity’s name like Princess. So formal. Also I am going to push aside the whole idea that there was a computer system on the Moon and it could contain the human will of Queen Serenity like this is Johnny Depp movie. Because folks…they are on the moon without helmets. This is just par for the course. Since Queen Serenity popped up there was a bit more emotion from Usagi’s eyes. But as I texted my friend after watching this episode…the entire trip to the Moon was kinda useless. I mean…the Moon was destroyed 1,000 years ago. That is a bit outdated in terms of information. The Scouts and Usagi had remembered a great deal already and Queen Serenity just put the final pieces together for them (well most it turns out). But since Queen Serenity only sealed the creature away and didn’t kill it herself…..she really doesn’t know how to stop it, where it is, or how to get Mamoru back. She really only guessed why the Crystal lost some of it’s shininess. Like I am going to guess that you are a pure hearted person right now even though I don’t know you.
 photo sailormoonepisode1012_zpsf2882089.png
Well that was a new little tidbit.
Instead of anything useful it was just more of the same with a few new things sprinkled in. For some reason those born on the Moon were gifted with long life which they were to use to help watch and grow the Earth and it’s people. This is actually an important point though as this fact is what helped Queen Metalia turn to the Earth against the Moon. Get the Silver Crystal and you too can live long lives. Despite the Princess and the Scouts always dancing around in flowers and what not it turns out it wasn’t so lushy. It was like Princess Serenity was really named Rapunzel and she wanted to feel the grass and what not. Oh and to check out hottie Endymion. Then the EVIL from ….somewhere came and brainwashed every single person on Earth into attacking the Moon to steal the Silver Crystal. I think that maybe attacking the Moon directly might have been an easier move but I am not EVIL so what do I know. Another detail we got this episode was Endymion died while protecting Princess Serenity from every single person the Earth. Where the heck were the Scouts and Queen at this time? Oh just watching Princess Serenity off herself as she was consumed by grief. X___X Maybe it took time to power up the Silver Crystal. Or as it will probably turn out…Queen Serenity wasn’t supposed to be the one to use the Crystal as she couldn’t use it properly. I mean she could only seal the creature and the side effects were no more Kingdom for you. Sounds pretty dang steep if you ask me. Guess her heart wasn’t pure enough or something. There is no word on what happened to the Scouts during the battle. In the original anime it made a bit more sense on why everyone got sent to Earth. Like everyone was captured or killed and Queen Serenity used the last of her power to send them on purpose to Earth to be reincarnated. In this show I guess we are just to assume that.
 photo sailormoonepisode1011_zpsca8c743e.png
Except we all wanted to live on Earth with hot guys.
So yeah…everyone acted shocked at this not new information and the Queen assuming why a piece of the Crystal fell in Mamoru. Since she is a tiny hologram Queen Serenity and Usagi don’t get to hug things out. Instead Queen Serenity tells Usagi to be a Princess and normal girl. I might have freaked out at the idea that I am supposed to stop this EVIL that my older and more capable mother could only seal away. UNDER PRESSURE indeed. Usagi doesn’t ask much about her Mom or even her Dad. Doesn’t really cry when the transmission fails and first Mom is gone forever. She came to get answers and got…a few. Maybe. A good look at what could happen is Usagi doesn’t master this Silver Crystal pretty fast. I think that in reality land anyone would be upset at all this info. But Usagi is more worried about how to get Mamoru back. Can’t cry for you Mom, got a boyfriend to save. Well and Earth. The Scouts and I love Earth now because of the grass and trees and oceans. And since the Moon is a giant mess now…I guess this is home.
 photo sailormoonepisode1016_zps26046a3f.png
This evil lady LIED to us?! Also notice no girlfriends here.
While the Scouts and Usagi celebrate their return from Earth Queen Beryl decides to have a suspicious talk with Queen Metalia. And despite Kunzite being all who cares about memories last episode…well he is leading the charge now. I bet he was staring at Mamoru for weeks. SO LOVELY. The rest of the Kings follow his lead looking more and more concerned about why they feel things about this man and why they never noticed this random walkway before or why they never asked to see their great ruler before. Questions folks. Questions are important. Anyway Queen Beryl probably knew the Kings were out there and was putting on a show. Really there was no reason for her to talk to Queen Metalia anyway. Beryl wants to keep Mamoru for her own personal and sexual reasons and no matter what Metalia says she is going to do what she wants. Maybe she was just trying to cover her tracks, like oh maybe I can use him so let me keep him alive? Queen Metalia and her gassy self are like can we speed this along before the Scouts and Princess figure out things. Beryl laughs and mentions for the first time she needs to hurry before the Kings figure out their past. She has never mentioned it before and now that they are standing right there she just happens to mention it? SO SHOCKING! But not as shocking as the Kings getting part of their memories back on the spot. How they were Endyimon’s knights and what not. OH SNAP! We got to get away and save Mamoru and find Sailor Moon and…she’s standing right behind me isn’t she? Beryl and her claws attack the 4 awful King spies and everything is unfair! We weren’t reborn for this. One wonders…..where Beryl came from and where she found the 4 Kings to get them sorta on her side. But as they cry in pain she brainwashes them super good this time. Now they mean business.
 photo sailormoonepisode1017_zps8cbde6e1.png
Like immediate business. Like time to freeze all of Tokyo and the people in it so Queen Metalia doesn’t have to adjust to the temperature at all. I think they are at the North Pole. So she will be adjusted to everything when she floats on by. Bring Santa too while you are at it. Okay no Santa as my husband is like NO CHRISTMAS YET! But now that the Kings are all brainwashed for a common purpose and aren’t trying to make themselves look good individually they are going to work together and attack the Sailor Scouts. Like I said they should all the time. I am not sure why this battle was so even though. I guess the Scouts could be getting stronger with each battle but Kunzite was able to take on all the Scouts last episode. Like haha let me hold you off and look amazing while doing so. Now everyone is so equal they are fighting one on one. Because Sailor Moon is not supposed to do anything because she has the Silver Crystal. Even if she fought things would go better. 2 on 1 and what not. How will this end?
 photo sailormoonepisode1018_zps118400c4.png
And you couldn't tell them this...before?
Oh it will end with Minako, keeper of all the secrets ever, letting loose a super secret that probably shouldn’t be a secret anymore. Everyone keeps on getting their memories back. I thought that was what the trip to the Moon was all about. Clearly not. They are going to get their memories back one tiny inch at a time. Except Minako. Who has all the memories and knows why they shouldn’t be fighting at all. You know, how this all slipped her mind until right now. Why wouldn’t Minako tell the others about their prior love lives?! What if one Scout got in a lucky hit and killed the King she was fighting? Sorry guys, should have told you earlier that these are actually our boyfriends in a past life. Not much was actually seen so maybe they were just being the stalkers or everyone just exchanged glances while Serenity and Endymion had a real relationship. Like yeah we like those boys but we got to focus. But whatever, Minako says these are our past boyfriends and instead of being mad at Minako for not telling them the truth they all lose the will to fight because now things are getting ridiculous and sad.
 photo sailormoonepisode1020_zpsecd631a8.png
This is literally the worst sweater on the face of the planet and I think everyone owns one.
Oh ridiculous? Usagi doesn’t want to be left out. So she must make some dramatic speech about how they shouldn’t attack girls IN love. Like actively? Okay. Then…she flew into space and unthawed Tokyo. Yes folks she really did that. The space that they needed transformation power to safely maneuver that was already questionable. Now Sailor Moon can just breath in space and fly in space and use an attack to melt and heal everyone in Tokyo because folks. Girls are in love. This fires up the rest of the Scouts to fight back and at the first sign of things being a little difficult….all the Kings flee. Like really? I think I would have liked it better if their memories were trying to return and they left as if to fight it. Not that the Scouts became super strong at that moment. Le sigh. So while the Kings run away Beryl is like…oh yeah. My man Mamoru. Did you notice how the Kings remembered Mamoru and not really the girls? They sorta mentioned it before but only when they were around Mamoru did things click. I guess that would just make the Scouts said on who really loves them. But yes while the Kings are trying to kick butt Beryl has to make Mamoru worth saving or Metalia is going to start questioning her loyalty. It appeared to me that he woke up a blank slate. I think I would have preferred straight up brainwashing with Mamoru trying to fight it and losing. But I guess the end result is still the same: Mamoru returning to Earth in a Sinister sweater with the orders to kill Sailor Moon and get the Crystal back. If Usagi was in denial about Mamoru being a baddie when he was just being Tuxedo Mask…..yeah. I think Luna, the Scouts, and that other random talking cat are going to have their hands full with Usagi flinging herself in the arms of brainwashed evil. Is that stool still available? I think Usagi is going to need it…..


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