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Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo episode 4

Everyone is going to wake up tomorrow and see a ton of new posts to read from me. Of course that is if anyone has stuck it out with me that long. And I am sure people would like to have a post every day or every other let people know I am still alive and what not. But still....yay for fun tomorrow? Hopefully? Maybe I will try to catch up on more episodes before the husband comes home because CROSS YO FINGERS a new Pokemon game for me?
 photo crossangelepisode421_zps5c4bee10.png
Time for Ange to make lots and lots of friends.
But before that happens I must post on. Up now is the most vile anime I have ever stuck with because....I hate myself. Clearly. Worse than Queerrats. I can't stop watching this train wreck folks! Of course I am talking about Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo. Spoilers for episode 4 include deadly pranks and strips of fabric that defy gravity.
 photo crossangelepisode418_zps5b002514.png
The fact that Ange is still alive amazes me.
Episode Summary: Jill gathers Salia and some others to talk about the amazing turnaround from Ange. She has participated in three battles and has killed lots of dragons with a machine no one else really could use right. Salia is like….is she the one? Jill smiles and says that some operation will now begin. Salia thinks that will kill Ange and talks about how the other girls aren’t real happy with Ange due to obvious reasons. She wants an opportunity to ride this machine and do this mission. Jill tells Salia to focus on her own mission and Salia is assured nothing bad will happen to the machine. As Mei and Salia leave old Jasmine calls Jill out on being sneaky about something. After the next mission the girls arrive at the Bank de Normas to collect their money from the mission. It is all based on ranking and since Ange has a tendency of pushing people out of the way and being naturally amazing she has tons of cash while Zola’s hoes are counting pennies. Everyone is jealous and Ange doesn’t make anything better for herself by depositing all the money instead of spending it or gossiping about what she is going to spend the money on. All the girls go to the locker room to change from their skanky clothes to their lesser skanky clothes. Zola’s hoes have torn Ange’s outfit into shred. Instead of throwing a fit Ange puts on the outfit that is clearly not going to last long. Rosalie talks some crap so Ange cuts her uniform too and calls her a bitch before walking out like who cares about these assholes. Emma had been talking on the phone with her father as she apparently just took the job here dealing with all the Norma. She tries to act all big and bad, saying she has everything under control but then Ange walks out looking like a street walker and Emma is like X___X. She chases after Ange because apparently her cut up outfit is totally inappropriate but the one she wears in battle is fine. Ange is like bitch you are all like bugs so who cares who sees me naked. Emma tries to give her a talking to anyway and Ange half heartedly gives a salute.
 photo crossangelepisode414_zps12ce206e.png
Ange never does herself any favors.
In the locker room Rosalie is trying to sew her outfit back together since she doesn’t have the money to buy a new one. Chris tries to comfort her while Hilda stomps out. Chris and Rosalie know that Hilda is the most upset about losing Zola and that they need to get revenge for her. The pair (mostly Rosalie) try doing some low grade pranks on the girl including food throwing and drink drugging. Each time Ange is able to avoid the pranks. There is a bit of underwear issue too that ends up involving Ersha. Eventually Ange’s outfit falls apart and she has no choice but to buy a new one. She goes shopping at the same time Vivian was being all WOOHOO and buying a new weapon for herself. Ange is all business with the clothes while Jasmine the shop keeper tries telling Ange that Normas are allowed to decorate their machines as they will eventually be their coffins anyway. Jasmine tries to say other things but Ange doesn’t care and leaves. Salia brings the entire squad minus Ange together to talk about the pranks against Ange and how it needs to stop. Hilda comes in to defend her girls and basically implies Ange is sleeping with the Commander. Salia and her rule loving self isn’t happy with that comment and turns to fight the girl. Hilda ends up leaving with Rosalie and Chris and takes them to Zola’s old room. Hilda has bought it all and will now take care of the girls herself. And the business of getting Zola’s revenge. Vivian and Salia seem to share a room and are seen being extremely different with each other. Vivian dreams about buying things and wonders how Ange can’t dream of buying anything while Salia is studying on how to be a better leader. Vivian has another plan and decides to join Ange for lunch one day. She is going to give everyone little charms to put in their vehicles so it can bring them together as a team. Ange throws hers in the food and stomps away hurting Vivian’s feelings. That night after sexing up Chris and Rosalie Hilda gets her naked self up and thinks of Zola. She throws Zola’s eye out the window and sneaks into the hanger to do something to Ange’s machine. The next day some dragons appear and Salia gets her troops together. Ange finds a nail in her machine but brushes it off and keeps on trucking. She keeps on tricking all the way to the front of the formation not listening to Salia. Things are okay until a piece of fabric lodges in Ange’s machine and causes her to lose control. Hilda gets all smirky and asks Ange if she needs help. Ange crashes in the water wrestling a dragon and Salia goes to help her if only for the magical machine. She is called back to battle as Ange takes on water and things look super bad for her. When Ange does come to she is tied naked to a bed and there is a boy sleeping besides her. Oh I see. THE END!
 photo crossangelepisode415_zps10a61c2a.png
Someone come and rescue me even though I hate you all!
Why?! WHY! Why am I doing this to myself? There must be a lot of self hate going on at Case de Tenchi. I just don’t know. I guess I thought that last week there was going to be a toning down with the skin and boobies and harassment since Zola was dead and Jill was just….giving Ange her initiation. But I was wrong folks. Super wrong. This week was like OH NO! We barely had any naked girls last week. Sure Ange was laying in a bed all wearing bandaids but that doesn’t count. MORE NUDITY! But then we have to call out when people are only half naked. Like oh snap your boobies are showing. You know good and well you can only have your vagina showing. FOR SHAME!
 photo crossangelepisode417_zps47099d46.png
Oh now the machines are magical by themselves. I see.
I guess I should start at the beginning. If I have to. Because I like being a martyr. After Ange cried and peed herself in her first battle she manned up. Like let me watch Mulan about a million times and learn how to be amazing overnight. Battle three is under Ange’s nonexistent belt and she is racking up the kills. She sounds like the most amazing person on the team now. All thanks to her magical ring of power. It seems that Ange hasn’t realized what has happened yet. I hope deep down Jill does and isn’t saying anything but it doesn’t explain why the others haven’t noticed anything. It is one thing to get magically amazing over night in battle and it is another to have the machine change. Like hello it looks brand new and no one noticed that? I am not sure how Jill would know about the ring being amazing though since she is not a Princess and has never seen that ring before. Unless mom is a giant liar. That could be possible since mom was indeed a giant liar for good reason.
 photo crossangelepisode419_zps40a17746.png
I got my secrets old woman.
So yes Ange is amazing now. Jill seems to know that something…interesting is about to happen. Jill keeps this meeting pretty hush hush about Ange. It is not something that all Normas are going to know about. Salia and Mei seem to be in the know about how special the machine Ange flies is. This machine does have a name folks but I really don’t care. I am sure all the machines have a name but since Ange’s is the only one that is super special it wouldn’t matter learning it’s name since the others aren’t going to be brought up right? Now the way the conversation was going leads me to believe that perhaps this machine is going to be used to get the Normas their freedom. That there will be a special Norma who can pilot this thing and lead them all to the promise land of boobs and pudding. Only it sounds like the person piloting this might die. Or maybe Salia just thinks Ange will die and really wants to the job as the ultimate ruler follower. Maybe when all the girls start their pilotness they take a seat on this amazing machine, like the sorting hat, to see if they are the ones compatible with said machine. Jill manages to sell Salia a load of crap though. Just follow your duty and you will contribute to this grand plan in your own way. Jill seems to mean business and knows that there will be deaths. But if the end game is freeing all the Normas who were going to die anyway….perhaps it will be worth it to play the villain?
 photo crossangelepisode48_zps5394ce1a.png
Hero? Yeah I think not.
Ange has no idea that this conversation is going on or that she has been cast in the role as hero. I sorta like Ange’s attitude to a point. I don’t think pushing girls out of the way and stealing their money (basically) or putting them in danger is the right thing to do but….being better than everyone else I can get behind. Like I hate you all and I don’t want to be here so if I have to be here I am going to be the very best. Like no one ever was. She is going to catch them all….all those paychecks. Which I am sure eats away at the other girls. They trained their whole lives to be dragon bait and here is Ange with one Mulan song under her belt kicking their asses. That is the only kind of revenge Ange can afford at this point. Plus it doesn’t make her look that petty. I say that petty because of the whole putting your comrades in danger is a big no no, even if you hate them. Like if only for though the meat shield they will provide for Ange. But for the most part Ange is doing her job, what is asked of her and getting revenge at the same time which eats away at the other girls.
 photo crossangelepisode420_zps7b99a740.png
......This is worse than slavery. X___X Well besides the fact that slavery actually happened.
I hope that Ange and her magical machine do save the girls. Because this Norma world is a stupid one. Like super stupid all over the place. Lets start with what happened first. This world… hard for Normas. They are told from the start they are only alive to serve the Mana users by fighting dragons. This amazing mandatory career is often a short one with little benefits. It is either do it and die or don’t do it and die. Now after viewing this episode we learn that this payment system for Normas is a load of shit too. Like…..what is the point of paying them at all? What is the incentive? To keep them working and motivated? To keep a glimpse of hope alive in their sad little hearts? And if this world isn’t unfair enough for Normas part of their winnings in their mandatory job has to go towards things for this job. Like….fuel cost? You are MAKING me go out there and risk my life for these damn dragons and I have to pay for any damage or fuel I use? Pay for new suits?! I can see for paying for outside uniforms or different kinds of food but this is just…insane. Like Hunger Games insane. Also these wads of cash mean nothing when everything costs two wads of cash. What would happen if one girl didn’t earn enough money for fuel next time? Like oh so sad I can’t go out and die this week. :( Woe is me.
 photo crossangelepisode41_zps8fdd39c1.png
Who cares if I look naked? I do...all the time anyways!
Ange and her not caring about her money self didn’t impress her fellow troops. Like bish you are taking money out of our mouths and you aren’t even using it? Hilda, Rosalie, and Chris are on team we hate Ange because Zola is dead. I think they only bring up Miranda and Coco as more ammo against Ange. Like they really only care about Zola but to make Ange sound super evil we have to bring up the poor decisions that were the younger girls. But everything Ange does upsets them and I can almost understand their anger. Cutting up her uniform…not so bad in the grand scheme of things. Trying to make Ange spend her money on things she doesn’t really need to. But Ange is like eff you all and puts her ripped up outfit on. Like you can’t get to me and just to show you how much I don’t care…let me cut your uniform while you are wearing it. HAHA!
 photo crossangelepisode44_zpsacb8f504.png
....Have you seen these uniforms?!
This is the part of the episode where my eyes nearly rolled out of my head. Like my brain… just can’t handle the stupid that is this show. Emma is talking to her Dad about her job which lets us know she is a newbie in this position and perhaps we should be asking what happened to the past Mana user on site and what Emma did wrong to earn this awful position. While on the phone Ange and her ripped up outfit walk by and folks…..Emma freaks out. Emma freaks out because Ange is wearing a uniform that will cause issues and bring attention onto herself. This Norma loving place has standards to uphold. Because…….the Normas are wearing librarian clothes while piloting the machines and nun wear while walking around the halls or what not. Or or….strippers on the street corner are wearing more than what the girls are wearing while piloting the machines. I suppose Ange doesn’t look regulations ready in her ripped up outfit but lets not pretend she was showing more skin than usual. She was still wearing more than her borderline g-string suit while fighting dragons. So this moral outrage is lose upon me. Or maybe this is all for the viewers to laugh at. Like is this real life? Just….just no. In any event Ange doesn’t mention this irony, just talks about how they are all bugs so who cares if you see my nipples. Good attitude Ange.
 photo crossangelepisode410_zpsda06dbc2.png
It's all mine. Until one of us dies.
Hilda is one of the smarter girls when it comes to Zola’s hoes. Well they are now Hilda’s hoes. So Zola’s former hoes. She isn’t really against these pranks on Ange but she is thinking bigger. Chris and Rosalie take Hilda’s apparent nonaction as a sign that Hilda misses Zola much more than they do. That she was hoe number one and she is just so sad she can’t even pull off pranks. So that is why Chris and Rosalie are going to get revenge against Ange all on their own. You know…like exposing how skanky Ange’s underwear is. Because what kind of underwear can you wear with a thong suit?! Oh wait none at all? So wouldn’t skanky underwear be better than no underwear at all? Underwear that isn’t even Ange’s? Other pranks included trying to throw food on Ange and trying to get Ange to have the runs. Very juvenile stuff. In the real world this would be serious bullying. In Norma land I don’t think this comes close to having to deal with people getting eaten by dragons. Just saying you know…..
 photo crossangelepisode46_zps33531956.png
Have fun with your stickers and fancy weapons.
During all these pranks Ange’s walking around did fall apart. In the real world Ange’s boobies would be all out for everyone to see. In Norma Land when two pieces of fabric break apart that were once covering your chest…..they stay on your chest enough to cover the nipples. It is very magical stuff. I suppose Ange could have walked naked or tried to sew things together but she decided that it was going to bite the bullet and buy new clothes. I like how Vivian was there with her giant bag of cash. Maybe Ange is the smart one keeping it all in the bank. Unless keeping the money in the bank cost money. Because if not I would keep it there because these bitches might steal my cash. But yeah. Vivian is there buying a super weapon. Because supplying the girls with the best weapons possible would be silly. Might be effective and what not. There are other girls buying little charms and earrings and bras and Jasmine, the oldest Norma, tries to explain this is to supposed to boost morale. You know, decorating coffins and what not. It’s fun Ange. Money can’t buy you….much here. Like friendship and love. Ange is like peace out, don’t want to get caught up in your insanity. I do agree with Ange with how she handled this. In and out.
P photo crossangelepisode412_zpsb258c9f6.png
Eff your friendship keychains!
While Rosalie and Chris are drawing penises on Ange’s face while she sleeps and throwing water balloons at her Hilda has bigger plans. First she finds her own way to honor Zola. And it actually honors Zola. See while some girls were buying earrings and stickers for their machines Zola was buying upgrades to her room. Like in Pokemon. With Zola dead those things would just be thrown out because things have to be extra suck in this world. But Hilda didn’t want Zola’s hard work to go to waste and bought it all up. On a more creepy level she also informs Chris and Rosalie she will be taking care of them now. Like you are under my protection girls. All you need to do is let me molest you. Although Hilda gives off the vibe that the sexy times will be more consensual and not okay I let you orgasm but you are crying while doing so. There is also a scene where Salia tries to stop all this Ange bashing and pranking and Hilda takes one for the team. She wasn’t doing the pranks but she protected her girls from Salia’s righteous wrath. While I don’t think Ange deserves to die I am not going to be a dumbass like Ersha and say Ange is forgiven or being a complete moron like Vivian and attempt to give Ange a friendship keychain. Just…work with her and ignore her. Or you guys can pull weapons on each other. I am sure that will solve nothing.
 photo crossangelepisode416_zps143e4c83.png
All of this was completely necessary. Obviously.
The episode ends with Hilda showing everyone that she is either going to go big or go home. Like okay these tiny pranks on Ange aren’t working. So I am going to sabotage her machine and very well kill her. HAHA twirl the mustache because it is Movember. Or something like that. Now granted Ange doesn’t really do herself any favors by breaking formation. She really should be fined for that as it could cause someone else a death. But her machine was going to break down from having panties shoved in it anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter. Salia is like NOOOO my machine while Ange is all pissed off because she knows the truth. Like great what else can go wrong in my life where people value this machine over me? Oh you mean after she goes down in the water some random boy can rescue her and tie her naked to his bed? Yeah that sounds about mad. Stay tuned for the next episode of Ange’s life really sucks as it gets even more naked folks. Til then!

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