Friday, November 21, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy Birthday Mom?

 photo HappyBirthdayme2014001_zps661ae021.jpg
Dad always wraps presents really nicely. He should do it professionally.
Hello there lovely readers and people who like bears, presents, or birthdays. It is I Duffy the Disney Bear. Last month Mom had a birthday. I think most humans her age start saying things like 29 plus more numbers. Is that how old you are Mom? XD Even though Dad had to work on Mom's birthday he still tried to make her day special. Plus she got to celebrate it a bit early in September at Disney World so I don't think she can complain that much can she? She did have to wait for part two of her present though. Lets see what Mom got that day woohoo!
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014002_zps3769ca69.jpg
Dad wrapped this present August 18th and placed it on the dinning room table. I think he meant to torture Mom.
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014003_zpsc763051e.jpg
Dad put this Yu-gi-Oh card on Mom's present. She was tempted to open it.
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014004_zpse814e55d.jpg
B. D. Duffy is waiting for Mom to hurry up and open her present. But she has to wait until Dad comes home.
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014014_zps8ba11141.jpg
Finally Dad is home. Open it up Mom! HURRY HURRY!
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014015_zpsee706d9c.jpg
B.D. Duffy spies something familiar looking....
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014016_zps44d50f26.jpg
It's another Duffy!!!! Because Mom doesn't have enough Duffys weee!
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014017_zpsab6240c8.jpg
Other Duffys!! Yes even you passed out Valentine's Duffy. Come and meet the newest Duffy Mom has gotten.
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014013_zps11c81d34.jpg
Welcome to the family Tuffy. He has traveled really far to get here. He is only available at Hawaii. I hear that place is on fire! Good thing he escaped. XO But yes welcome to the family with your fun looking shirt and happy smile.
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014020_zps9446d224.jpg
After opening more presents and eating dinner we went to go see a movie that Mom was super excited about. Book of Life. She had been talking about it for weeks.
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014022_zps0e72bf81.jpg
For the movie Dad got Mom a snack. A very Disney like snack for a nonDisney movie. It was very tasty and doesn't smell like popcorn. Dad hates popcorn.
 photo HappyBirthdayme2014023_zps32e34114.jpg
Mom got lots of nice gifts for her birthday. I like Huffy the best though don't you?

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