Friday, November 21, 2014

Denkigai no Honya-san episode 4

ARG! I went to post the next Sailor Moon episodes but there are no screenies on said post. Like what the heck, I know I took them! Where did they go?! I am sure this is what I get for waiting for so long for everything. I should just post when anything gets done, not waiting for everything to be done. HOW DARE YOU SAILOR MOON!
 photo denkiepisode43_zps472fcf34.png
Why do I work here again?!
So I will post as much as I can before my eyelids threaten to droop on the floor. Remember how last time with Denkigai no Honya-san is was Christmas and New Year's Eve? Well now it is time for Valentine's Day in episode 4. The year passes fast when you are selling anime and mangas folks!
 photo denkiepisode42_zps9fa03930.png
You are literally the worst employee ever!
Episode Summary: Hio is ready to go into work, bright eyed and bushy tail for another mazing day. She walks out onto the sales floor on falls on her butt when she sees a stack of mangas that look….like a stack of mangas but are clearly representing some historical building I probably should know. Director walks by and explains that he wants everyone in the store to set up their own display with their own manga selections and compete to see which display has more sales. This sounds totally fair since everyone else in the store has theirs already set up and Hio is just now learning about the plan. Director takes Hio around the store to the different displays. Sommelier has his set up with a little sign of him with his spiel about picking out the perfect mangas for you. Sensei has done professional art on her posters. Fu Girl has a reasonable looking zombie display. When Hio walks over to look at it Fu Girl jumps out of the bookshelf and scares Hio. It is explained at first Fu Girl had Umio jump out and look like a zombie but Fu Girl was overwhelmed by Umio’s great zombieness and beat him to death. But not before he made his own shelf. Hio almost dies when she sees Director’s shelf. It is basically some blow up dolls of Hio advertising boy love. Director explains his shelf is winning. Umio’s shelf is full of random things and Hio listens to Umio explain it. She comes to the realization later with the girls at a restaurant all the manga she reads is mainstream while everyone else likes random things or uncommon things. Or at the very least have a genre. Is she just a nothing?! The other girls vow to help her and this means….taking her to the competitions store for a different perspective? Hio has a meltdown but the other girls are like you got to see how they are selling mangas to do a good job yourself. Sensei walks through the store throwing every single manga in her basket. If it looks slightly interesting she has to buy it. Because an innocent man serving jail time is worse than a guilty man going free. She talks about how some people know what genres work for them and for others stores must push them in the right direction. Suddenly Hio sees the light and the fog has lifted. Mangas that she has passed up before now look amazing. She runs back to her store to start working on her display. Director offers some mangas to go along with her selections even though she hasn’t read them yet. He offers to help with her display and she skips along, thinking he is being nice to her. Well fast forward to the next day and Director has made a poster of himself in his banana hammock and the books he suggested to Hio were hard yaoi. She protests a bit much as she did like them.
 photo denkiepisode44_zps9a78903e.png
The clothes I'm wearing I've bought it
Life moves on and Fu Girl hands Sensei and Hio some choco. Hio smiles back and hands some chocos out herself while Sensei loses her mind for not being girly enough to remember it is the most important day of the year Valentine’s Day! Sensei feels her girl power falling even more as she watches Fu Girl give Umio….zombie chocos. Fu Girl walks around the place like a crazy person on crack. She can’t find Sommelier. Turns out he is upstairs giving his special manga picking seminar. Everyone goes upstairs to watch and Sommelier is given so many chocos. Fu Girl gets sad as it is explained he always gets a lot of chocos on Valentine’s Day. Porn Book lady walks in being all crazy and yelling about the mangas Sommelier was suggesting to young people…but then she goes back to her porn book loving ways. She gives him some chocos as thanks and he recommends a very….hot looking book. Tears of wonderment for all. Sensei goes to the store after this event to buy some chocos but ends up losing all her points and getting energy drinks instead. Fu Girl panics more when she can’t find Sommelier. Turns out he already went home for the night. Fu Girl is sad and Director lets her go home early so she can catch up with him. Despite being able to see Sommelier in the crowd Fu Girl has tiny legs and struggles to keep up as the man walks through the dessert and moon and the ocean. She doesn’t catch up to him until she reaches his house. He lets her inside and he literally has 2 million mangas all over the place. He gives her some to read and she gets caught up in the moment, forgetting why she is there. She finally works up the nerve to give him a manga with the word choco in the title. She thanks him for all he has taught her and she hopes to learn more later. He seems touched but Fu Girl is sad on the way home as she didn’t give him her homemade chocolates like she planned. THE END!!!!
 photo denkiepisode45_zpsa959e8f1.png
Just like a prayer you voice can take me there!
Holidays come and go in anime. One day it’s summer, one day it is both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and then the next day it is the rest of January of boringness and Valentine’s Day. So clearly that means White Day and whatever they do for Spring will be in the next episode. Maybe Fu Girl will graduate. There is not time waste folks. Every episode must be full of holidays and events. Because everyday life is boring, especially at retail. Same thing day in and day out.
 photo denkiepisode413_zpsab1a1b77.png
Well except for this crazy store full of crazy people. Dang my spelling bad. Late at night with a computer with weird glare and a keyboard that I really don’t like. It is making me type words that I don’t mean to. Unless I wanted to say “well expect for this crazy store”. Many apologizes for anything misspelled or incorrect grammar. It all looks correct to me unless it doesn’t. But yes back to the crazy store. Hio is just walking into work ready to start her shift when things look a little crazy on her floor. I am not sure how she walked passed all the displays to get to the employee section but we will pretend it makes sense. As well as her picking out what building that manga stack was supposed to be. Look…well like nothingness to me but what do I know. XD
 photo denkiepisode414_zpsd246b4d6.png
You know, "FUN". Not work. FUN!
As Hio collapses on the ground because this amazing building means something super important to her Director comes by to explain things. He likes explaining things doesn’t he? Mainly because these are all his ideas of insanity so who better to explain them yes? So Director decided it would be fun to have a contest, to see who could make the best display and have the highest sales. This actually sounds fun…except I think Director just randomly came up with the idea. Like oh today is Tuesday and I think this would be cool so I will tell all the people who worked on Tuesday my plan so they can get started on their display and start racking up the cash. Then when people who didn’t work on Tuesday come in I will inform them of my random idea and they will be so impressed with it they won’t point out how unfair it is and that everyone should have been told at the same time so no one would have an advantage and blah blah.
 photo denkiepisode41_zpsb33ef571.png
I think I might have filed a lawsuit...
Since Hio is Hio this does not happen and she merely follows Director as he takes her around the different displays everyone has set up. Is Kameko not really a main character? She never really…does anything. Except hang out with Sommelier at his manga parties but Fu Girl likes him so….She didn’t have a display. She probably only works there to have cash for her camera collection. Traitor. Everyone else had displays that focused either on their personality or their preferences. I think if I walked into a store and saw Director’s display I would have run for the woods. File some sexual harassment charges Hio, those blow up dolls were gross. I too was expecting more from Fu Girl’s shelf but then she turned it up a bit with her screaming from the area. Like okay not shopping here anymore!
 photo denkiepisode415_zps0bf7583e.png
Not you Fu Girl!
But Sommelier, Sensei, and Umio all had normal and super professional looking shelves. Not overly flashy but filled with mangas they loved and wanted to share with others. I am sure that some people would just focus on sales but they were focused on really connecting the people with the beautiful manga of the world. INSERT ANGELS HERE. This made Hio a little sad. I am super convinced now that Hio is the newest employee besides Umio. Like hi let me show you the ropes of the store and pretend like I know things when really I have been here for 2 months. Silly girl. But yeah Hio really does feel like she is the lowest man on the totem pole. Umio might be the newest but she seems to be the least experience. She just walks into Books-A-Million and grabs whatever is on the ends cap. She doesn’t really know what she likes, she just reads what is popular. An empty shell of a person!
 photo denkiepisode49_zps98e9774f.png
Well at least someone sees the light...
Well the other girls see and hear Hio’s woe and decide to take her out for ideas. You know, to other businesses in the area. Akihabara isn’t that big folks. It goes up, not out. So I can see how everyone knows everyone and there is friendly competition. A lot of repeats at these stores but some store exclusives and the what not. That is why I am so surprised that Sensei was able to buy so much. X___X Like dang a lot of stores have the same stuff. But maybe some stores have the older things or more obscure titles. But dude I was jealous of all the shopping. I miss the shopping. :( I will just go back to doing the dishes and not catching up on anime posts now.
 photo denkiepisode46_zpsff5cd3ef.png
While Kameko the nonimportant and Fu Girl the figurine lover run off Sensei takes Hio around the store to show the girl how to do things. To let the mangas speak to her. It is easier to think of this scene like Aladdin (rest in peace Genie). Sensei is showing Hio a whole new world and it is the most magical thing ever. Hio sees the truth and is ready to make her shelf. She is so blinded by the truth she wanted to work for free CRAZY GIRL! Director shows up to look proud of Hio and give her a false sense of security. Like yes I am a lovely man giving you mangas as recommendations and showing you how to display things properly so people can be suckered into spending money. Hio is touched and dreams of having his slightly inappropriate babies. Then she arrives the next day at work to find Director displaying his penis in her display along with all the yaoi manga he tricked her into buying. Yeah folks tricked. So very tricked because Hio doesn’t have eyes. This subject is dropped though because apparently Hio liked it and that is all that matters in this realm. I might personally be upset though coming into the store and seeing someone in charge basically naked. Just…no.
 photo denkiepisode47_zps0f584437.png
Since nothing matters we never learn who wins this little competition. I am going to pretend Umio did though. We must not celebrate the best day ever in Japan…..Valentine’s Day. On to be a girl in a country where your feelings are to be kept inside yet society is like give chocos to every man you know on this holiday or you will feel shame. SHAME! Oh Sensei…being a tomboy is okay too. Although I roll my eyes for forgetting this holiday. It is sorta like when my brother’s claim to forget my birthday or have no money for Christmas. HOW COULD YOU MISS IT?!?!?! So yeah…Sensei experiences a lot of drama watching her girly points reach critical mass as she has no chocos for anyone, not her girlfriends or the boy she likes. Even Fu Girl with her creepy chocos are more romantic than she is. Umio never receives chocos from Sensei as she couldn’t even do the shameful thing and buy store bought chocos. Which I would probably prefer. Probably because I think everyone cooks like me and It be safer to have store bought anything.
 photo denkiepisode48_zps8a59cbf5.png
This was actually a nice gift...
There is no focus on if Hio gives Director choco. They already got their segment. Instead we get a lot of Fu Girl turning into a massive piling of twitching. I know she loves zombies but is this just a shy trait or something I am not understanding? She always seems like she is ready to run. Maybe that is part of zombie training, to suspect everyone and to take off running at a moment’s notice. I like how she made Sensei accidentally jealous with the choco of zombiness. That was pretty cute. I had a bit of eyerolling that she didn’t know that Sommelier was having a class or session or whatever it is called that day. Seems a bit odd but we shall roll with it and the fact that everyone wants Sommelier to have their giant babies and chocos. Porn Agent turned up again trying to be all creepy but it turns out she was just kidding when she blasted off everyone’s clothes with her super powers. She is one of them. Come experience the porn.
 photo denkiepisode412_zps56786f39.png
Nothing says Valentine's Day like wanking material.
Even though Fu Girl was 3 feet away from Sommelier at this event she lets him get away from her. And he leaves work before she does. WOE IS HER LIFE! Except when Director isn’t wearing banana hammocks he can be rather nice and lets her go home early. Not that it does any good since Sommelier has a 20 hour commute to work each and everyday apparently. Fu Girl barely made it to his house alive. I guess she doesn’t have his phone number? I thought to myself that Sommelier lived in scary conditions. That perhaps his place had no walls (and no windows) but just mountains of mangas keeping him protected from the elements. Fu Girl got taken in by this “cool” place before she got put back on track with handing out the Valentine’s Choco. Or you know…a book with half naked girls with Choco in the title. That is what I want to give the boy I like for Valentine’s Day….other half naked girls. But Sommelier was happy and it actually was different than what the other girls gave the man so Fu Girl could have been happen with being unique. But in Japan homemade chocos are the thing to do so Fu Girl is sad she couldn’t express her feelings properly. :( Maybe next time. Not next episode though of course. We got to move right along you know!


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