Friday, November 21, 2014

Nendoroids Rin and Len Kagamine Part 1

 photo NendroidsSept2014001_zps8b196b53.jpg
Why did you wait so long to open us?
What is this? A Nendoroid post? How can this be? I thought Casa de Tenchi had been taken over by Duffy?! How can this be? Well it turns out that the husband gifted me with some nendoroids for Christmas....last year and I had been keeping them in the box because I thought I was going to get another cabinet to house the figurines. Well that didn't happen so I had to set free the nendoroids Rin and Len Kagamine. Who exactly are they? Well they are both vocaloids, a sorta....voice synthesizer system. My husband decided that they were a pair and needed to be bought together. As I have since learned these two aren't exactly twins.....just sharing the same soul or something like that. For my enjoyment and well being I will refer to them as twins because I can. I rebel folks. They are my present I can do what I want. So onward with the nendoroids shall we?
 photo NendroidsSept2014002_zpsdcf309d9.jpg
Don't you care about us?!
 photo NendroidsSept2014005_zpsc7dcb376.jpg
So much yellow on the box. X___X
 photo NendroidsSept2014006_zpsc141ca47.jpg
This box is quite yellow as well.
 photo NendroidsSept2014007_zpse3ef0c0a.jpg
We are certainly better together.
 photo NendroidsSept2014009_zps8f7ae8b2.jpg
The stands on their nendoroids are a bit different than usual.
 photo NendroidsSept2014010_zpsd0caa2b2.jpg
Since these nendoroids are twins a lot of the pieces are very similar. If you put nendoroids in places other than the boxes they come in make sure you separate these two. You know, if resell is important to you. The pieces are that similar.
 photo NendroidsSept2014011_zps1e60ec0f.jpg
Only one of their facial expressions are different from the other. But at least they have three different faces. No other real accessories though.
 photo NendroidsSept2014013_zpsd096b4e7.jpg
Trying to copy the basic poses from the boxes. Here is regular Rin all smiling for her audience of millions or one. Singing is fun!
 photo NendroidsSept2014014_zps78dec75a.jpg
Len is also ready to sing his heart out. I really like the headphones both of the twins have. Almost like a DJ look without being douchey you know? Everything is better in Japan of course.
 photo NendroidsSept2014015_zps9865d1cf.jpg
And a pic of us together. My husband had a grand idea of getting them both for me as a Christmas gift last year. Can't get one without the other!
 photo NendroidsSept2014017_zps2b477cdb.jpg
There are quite a few hand and arm pieces with these little nendoroids. They have to strike the classic vocaloid pose. Come, we shall sing and make beautiful music together. This pose was one of the easier ones to do with these two twins.
 photo NendroidsSept2014018_zps9e64261f.jpg
Dang I took these nendoroid pictures right next to each other. They look totally different with lightening don't they? Same pose and everything.
 photo NendroidsSept2014019_zps6219f198.jpg
Ah there is the light. Placing the twins on their stands in specific spots is important or they will not sync up like how it looks on the boxes. Even though I have a lot of Nendoroids I am not pro apparently. XD Can never get it exactly like the boxes. Just stretch your little arms a bit more to reach other!! You can do it. Stretch them all the way to the next post as this has become super pic heavy! You can do it!

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