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Pandora Hearts Episode 13

I really don't know how I am going to blog any new Summer anime shows. XD Apparently some are coming out this week and I haven't even looked over the list! I can't even blog the shows I have now, let alone any new ones. X_X



But somehow I will manage. Or I will just blog the things I am really into and watch other shows without feeling the pressure to blog every single episode.

For now Pandora Hearts is still on my blogging list. Something about this show has my interest so I am not dropping it anytime soon. So enjoy my slightly late post. XD


Such an interesting dance.

Alice is still running around screaming that she is scared and is chasing after her old pet cat. Gilbert and Oz wake up in the home of the Cheshire Cat. Sharon starts talking through Oz’s shadow as that is her Chain’s special ability. She tells Oz and Gilbert that something happened to Break and it is lucky they even made it to the right place. The Cheshire Cat enters the room and tries to slice our heroes up. Gilbert then decides to freak the hell out. Apparently he is afraid of cats and the code name Cheshire Cat was obviously misleading to him. The Cheshire Cat explains that he locked Break up in the mirror with his own sad memories and that he doesn’t care about Gilbert, Break, and Oz. He only wants to get rid of Alice for the Will of the Abyss. Sharon’s Chain turns into a majestic unicorn from hell and fights the Cheshire Cat, allowing the boys to escape. Sharon through her Chain wants to question the Cheshire Cat about the events that happened 100 years ago but he decides to run away instead. Suddenly Echo is behind Sharon and everything is MOG serious.


Oh? No smirking now?!

Oz and Gilbert make it up a long stair case and see an Alice. Gilbert shoots her in the head explaining it wasn’t her. The Cheshire Cat explains it was a fragment of Alice’s memories. He also explains that this dimension is made up of Alice’s memories. The Cheshire Cat slices Gilbert up and he falls over the edge. The Cheshire Cat demands that Oz tell him why they are gathering up Alice’s memories. Oz says that he is only doing it because Alice asked him to and the Cheshire Cat freaks out. He said Alice herself erased her memories as her past was too painful to live with. Elsewhere in the house Alice meets up with the blond hair dude that plagues her thoughts. Oscar arrives for a Pandora meeting but it has been cancelled as Sharon’s dad is sick. He and another dude run into Vincent who is sleeping on the ground. Apparently he is new to having a Chain and his Chain puts him asleep all the time. Oscar questions why Vincent why he would keep Oz’s name out of the Grim report (caterpillar monster). Vincent rather keep his brother happy than tell Pandora everything.


Maybe these details would be important to Oz? Just a suggestion...

Oscar and Vicent end up playing chess and discussing the events that happened 100 years ago. How the Baskerville people were behind it and how they were the ones who had the 4 gates to begin with. That they planned to have the whole country fall into the Abyss and how Jack Bezarius was the one who stopped them all. Then the Baskerville people were quiet for the next 100 years until Oz came into the picture. Now Pandora wants to control the Will of the Abyss and to do so they need the fifth door that the Baskerville people have. When the questioning becomes a little too close to home, Vincent leaves but not before saying everything he does if for his brother’s sake. Elsewhere Gilbert has woken up in the memories of the past. He is chasing a memory Alice and thinks back to a conversation he had with Break. When Oz first came out of the Abyss Gilbert wanted to kill Alice and was pissed she looked like a little girl. Break said that he wasn’t allowed to kill her yet and wasn’t sure if her real form was the rabbit, that she might be a girl. Anyway Gilbert keeps on running through the memories and he finds the blond hair guy with the pocket watch. Only it is not Oz, it is Jack Bezarius. The end.


More dramatic moments being dramatic.

I have mixed feeling about this week’s episode. On one hand almost nothing happened. On the other hand the small things that did happen were necessary for the plot. If a lot had happen those small important details might have been lost. So…it is up in the air for me.


Look at me being wrong again.

Let’s start with the most important detail of this episode. The person who plagues Alice’s memories, has blond hair, and could be anyone. Well now we know who he is. His name is Jack Bezarius and he is Oz’s relative. I would say grandfather but since the incident happened a hundred years ago it might be closer to a great grandfather. The point is that it is not Oz, it is not Vincent, and it is not Oz’s dad. See how I am wrong all the time? I am not saying that to be cool XD.


Quick, close-up of his lips!

But yes we now know who this guy is. Or who he isn’t. He is also the hero mentioned in the earlier tale by Vincent and Uncle Oscar. Those crazy robed Baskerville people tried to suck the entire country into the Abyss a hundred years ago. They only got the capital until Jack somehow saved the day. So if he is such a hero why does he look so creepy? And why does Alice want to forget about him? MMM mysteries.


But you weren't scared of the huge caterpillar monster of doom?!

Gilbert is just a huge WTF. How many times was it mentioned that Alice and Break were kidnapped by the Cheshire Cat? Then it turns out he has a fear of cats and MOG he didn’t know it was a cat? Yeah you are made of fail Gilbert. I am glad you are not the big bad monster tough guy you were pretending to be but cats? Maybe Oz threw a cat in that barrel before he pushed Gilbert over the water fall.


But then he acts like he cares for Alice? Yeah that makes sense.

So after the Cheshire Cat fights our heroes a little bit and goes on and on how he wants to kill Alice for the Will of the Abyss….he decides to freak out when Oz explains why they are there. Because Alice doesn’t want her memories back and he is there to protect them! I mean, it’s not like he was going on and on about killing her for the Will of the Abyss. I must have been imagining that all.


Poor Alice needs a hug. But probably not from him.

But as for the dimension being created by Alice’s memory and that she forgot her memories on purpose I do believe that. I thought it was possible that Alice had her memories erased by the robed people or the Abyss itself but her erasing her own memories makes sense too. I think we will find out sooner rather than later why she erased them and then we will have to deal with a mopey Alice. Which is fine as long as the pace doesn’t go too fast and Alice’s emotions aren't ignored.


I don't think that sounds good for Oz...

Vincent is very creepy. Here he is talking to Uncle Oscar and whoever that other guy is and Echo is off doing something Sharon. It takes talent to be that conniving. But part of believes that he really does do everything for Gilbert. Not sure if he is doing those things to help his brother but I think all his motives focus on Gilbert. Creepy guy is creepy.


Massive unicorn fail.

Will Sharon bite the dust? XD I wouldn’t be crying any tears if she did. But I would be sad if Echo is the one who takes her out as she is super cute and shouldn’t have to do Vincent’s dirty work. Sharon’s Chain is a very special kind of unicorn. That is not the kind of unicorn I mean when I say things like cookies and rainbows and unicorns. That is more like a unicorn Satan would ride out of hell on. Do not want.


Gilbert demands to know more!

I think that is about everything. Alice spent most of the time running around after her pet cat from a hundred years ago. The plot is being talked about around our heroes and not to them. There are some important details about the robed people having the other gate and why the heck they would want to world to be destroyed by the Abyss. But any theory I come up with now will probably just prove to be false. So for now I will just note these details in my head and move on.

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